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Royal Fireside Hearth & Patio

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Business in question does not return phone calls. I would like to know if issues are under warranty.I am writing this letter to address a few concerns I have for my [redacted] 1700-V insert. The first issue is the cracks and disintegrating firebox. The second issue is the replacement parts. I believe all these are under warranty.These are the dates and sequence of events. February 6, 2013 - My husband purchased an [redacted] 1700-V insert from Royal FiresideFebruary 18, 2013 - [redacted] a vendor recommended by Royal Fireside picked up woodstove insert from store and installed the unitFebruary 23, 2013 - Stove was inspected by the Town of [redacted] Massachusetts.December, 2013 - The fan inside the woodstove began rattling and later on the woodstove. I called Royal Fireside and left a message as to whether the rattling was normal. July, 2014 - I started to empty the ashes and noticed that an air tube appeared slightly displaced from its original location.August 8, 2014 - I called and left a message for a cleaning from [redacted]August 11, 2014 - I called and left a message for a cleaning from [redacted]August 12, 2014 - I called Royal Fireside to make an appointment for an inspection of the air tube which appears to be out of place, rattling of the fan and rattling of the wood stove. I was told Royal Fireside would do cleaning of the stove as well.August 13, 2014 - [redacted] returned my call, and I said Royal Fireside would do the cleaning after all.October 13, 2014 - Royal Fireside employee inspected the stove and said three of the four air tubes must be replaced. I was told we had over fired our stove. Upon the employee's suggestion I ordered a thermometer and a wood moisture meter. The employee tested the fan and did not hear any rattling. At the time, the wood stove was not in use. I was told that Royal Fireside would call the manufacture about our current situation. The employee says Royal Fireside does not do cleaning.October 13, 2014 - I called [redacted] to schedule a cleaning.October 24, 2014 - I made a call to Royal Fireside and inquired about the manufacturers decision. I was told the owner of Royal Fireside was still making calls to the manufacturer.November 4, 2014 - I called Royal Fireside and talked to [redacted] to ask of the manufacturers' opinion. He said that since we over burned our stove, we were responsible for the repairs. I said I am not satisfied. [redacted] said he will talk to the manufacturer again, and I should here from him on Friday. The wood stove unit now rattles but not the fan. November 13, 2014 - I called [redacted] to inquire about the manufacturer's decision. He said the manufacturer is not responsible for any defects. I stated I do not want to do the repairs since not all concerns were not addressed.January 2, 2015 - A small section of the right baffle board fell off. This is about the time I noticed seeing a light of top and outside of the firebox.Janauary 5, 2015 - Upon the cleaning and inspection performed by [redacted] of [redacted] I was instructed to replace parts immediately. I followed the instructions written by [redacted].January 5, 2015 - I called [redacted] to get a replacement part or to get answers about a problem with their products. The person who answered the phone said I must talk to my dealer.January 6, 2015 - I called Royal Fireside to place an order of parts. The reception wrote down a list and said [redacted] would return my call to give a price.January 8, 2015 - I called Royal Fireside to talk to [redacted] I was told [redacted] was with another client, and he will return my call.January 8, 2015 - My husband ordered the parts on www.[redacted].comJanuary 15, 2015 - Parts and arrived from www.[redacted].com. It was immediately installed.January 20, 2015 - I noticed the cracks and disintegrating parts in the firebox.Desired SettlementDepending on the condition I would like to have the stove replaced or repaired. The warranty which appears in the owners manual is quite different from The warranty in our owners manual is very difficult to read.Business Response Contact Name and Title: [redacted]Contact Phone: XXX-XXX-XXXXContact Email: [redacted]@verizon.netStore representative went to Ms. [redacted]'s residence and spoke with her. Stove was running so store representative was not able to check out the issues. Ms. [redacted] agreed that once stove is not in use, store representative will go back out and check out issues.Consumer Response [redacted] the owner of Royal Fireside came over to my house on 2/12/2015 to look at the stove. He would like to do repairs in March when the weather is warmer. The repairs will take days, and I will not be able use the stove during that time. With the current frigid temperatures, I will need the stove running.Final Business Response Hi [redacted]: The page that [redacted] sent over was just a one pager found on Enviro's web site but that still states the same thing as the actual manual If you look on the right hand side under "Exclusions", 2nd item down "Damages caused from over-firing due to incorrect setup or tampering" I have attached acopy of it for your review.Let me know if you need anything else.[redacted]Final Consumer Response Dear [redacted],I can not see the website's warranty [redacted] was referring to.Thank you,[redacted]

Purchased an Enviro EF-3i pellet stove in 2011...After 2 days the stove wasnt working..[redacted] came out and had said whomever installed the unit had incorrectly installed a top plate that had come loose and fallen into fire..Told me we were lucky a fire hadnt started in the house..Over the duration of 6 months;technicians had to be called several times to figure out why the stove wasnt running correctly..Each time a "bandaid" was put on;but the problem was NEVER resolved. I had asked that the stove be replaced with another;as this one seemed to have a problem no technician could resolve..My requests were denied..It is now 2 years later and problems still exist. If this unit was 10 years old,I could see it needing repairs.Eventually the warranty will run out;then what will happen? I am ABSOLTULY disgusted with service and respect from this establishmentProduct_Or_Service: wood pellet stove insertOrder_Number: receipt onlyAccount_Number: receipt onlyDesired SettlementFor my unit to be replaced by a QUALIFIED installer and to get service from a different company..I would hate to see this happen to another customerBusiness Response I would like to begin by saying, at no time did a technician from this company tell this customer his stove was installed incorrectly or that he was "lucky" he didn't have a fire. That did not happen. The customer's stove was installed 12/13/11. The customer called 1/13/12 to say his stove started to make a vibrating noise and high pitch squeal. A plate was reinstalled and magnets were readjusted. Problem solved. On 2/22/12 customer called to say he had a build up of pellets. Asked customer what kind of pellets he was burning, as this can have a significant impact on the operation of the stove. Explained this to customer. On 5/4/12 customer called again stating pellets were building up. [redacted] went to home, stove working fine, customer stated he would call back if any more problems arose. On 1/10/13 customer called to say he had black soot and pellets were not burning. Our technician went to the home cleaned pipes and stove, again schooled customer on the pellet quality affecting the effectiveness of the stove. On 11/21/13 customer called and stated his auger was not dropping pellets and the stove was shutting off. Our technician went to the home again and to clean all the saw dust from the low grade pellets being used and replaced a bushing. This customer has been difficult and angry from early on. When calling the office the customer has not only raised his voice to anyone answering the phone, but has also used vulgar language. Customer refuses to purchase quality pellets to burn in his stove and seems to feel this is the fault of Royal Fireside. I don't feel this customer can be made "happy" and perhaps seeking business elsewhere is the best idea. Since there is nothing wrong with this stove, it will not be replaced.Final Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)[redacted] DID return to my house days after initial installation..He laughed when he had seen that the top plate had fallen into the burn pot and said we were lucky it had not caused a fire..I did not realize at the time that I would have to document EVERY service call.I THOUGHT I was dealing with a competent company.[redacted] apologized and installed plate correctly.I use pellets that the installer had recommended for use in this type of stove.Again; I just did not want to see this poor quality of customer service happen to someone else.I will have my stove serviced by a quality company as soon as warranty runs out

I purchased a replacement gas heating stove from this store a month ago. The wrong stove was delivered, unassembled, missing the remote assembly unit. I required a B vent unit and this was direct vent. The blower plug was too short and would require a new electric source. To use as a direct vent stove in the desired location would have required relining the chimney. The store refused to pick up the unit after multiple phone calls. Two days ago I got help to return this unit to store. The stove cost $2559., I paid $250. deposit by check, $2150.19 by credit card. We were refunded $1919.25 losing $481. My time and money were wasted , [redacted] was rude and obviously does not know his product line.Product_Or_Service: gas heating stoveAccount_Number: invoice # [redacted]Desired SettlementThe invoice states "restocking charge of 25% on all returned items " which is the $481. This is not acceptable to me.My wonderful plumber ([redacted] in Webster, Ma, )has since installed a heating unit as well as physically helping to return the unuseable stove.Business Response Customer initially came into the store to inquire about gas stoves. The salesman spoke to the customer at length, then supplied the customer with brochures for various gas stoves. The customer called and stated they wanted to purchase a Tuscon Stove. Royal Fireside ordered the stove from Hearsthone. When Royal Fireside received the stove it was delivered to the customer. Hearthstone actually sent Royal Fireside a Stowe stove in error. The customer called Royal Fireside when this was discovered. Royal Fireside contacted Hearthstone about the error. The correct stove was sent and Royal Fireside then retrieved the Stowe stove and replaced it with the Tuscon stove. Royal Fireside waived all delivery charges. The customer was informed at time of sale and subsequent to sale, that Royal Fireside does not do the installation, but we were happy to send a plumber to give an estimate for the installation. We received a call from the customer stating he thought the plumber wanted too much money and he was going to obtain his own plumber. The next call we received from the customer stated his plumber would do the installation for less money, however he wanted Royal Fireside to pay for the installation. The customer was reminded of the invoice he received at the point of sale which states "DELIVERY AND INSTALLATION NOT INCLUDED IN OUR PRICES. ALL SPECIAL ORDERS ARE FINAL. FREE STANDING AND INSERT STOVES ARE SUPPLEMENTARY HEAT SOURCES ONLY. RESTOCKING CHARGE OF 25% ON RETURNED ITEMS. ITEMS MUST BE IN ORIGINAL PACKAGING. NO RETURNS ON ELECTRICAL PARTS OR GAS STOVE PARTS. The customer next called and stated he wished to return the stove and asked Royal Fireside to retrieve the stove immediately. We informed the customer this was not possible immediately because we were extremely busy at the time with service calls etc. The customer next called and stated he would bring the stove back. We told the customer that would be fine. We did not charge the customer for the delivery. We also allowed the customer to return the stove, even though it was a special order. We feel we have done all we could to satisfy this customer, even though this customer has been at times extremely hostile and belligerent in our store. We only withheld the 25% restocking fee stated on the invoice. Final Consumer Response [redacted], my partner accompanied me to royal fireside to return the stove. We were both upset about the whole situation. [redacted] has yet to address the fact that we were sold a stove we could not use. It was missing a part It was unassembled.I am requesting a full refund.[redacted]Final Business Response The customer name on this complaint is [redacted], however, this office dealt with a gentleman, whose relationship to the customer is unknown, which is why the reply states he, not she. The gentlemen we dealt with did come in with the customer and was the person who called the store each time and accompanied the customer on the visit to the store to return the stove. This gentleman was berating and argumentative and told the salesman he was going to "use my drill sergeant voice" when he was unhappy with our policy, which was clearly outlined.

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