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Royal Gate Dodge Chrysler Jeep of Columbia Inc

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Initial Business Response /* (1000, 5, 2015/06/09) */
Royal Gate DCJR of Columbia is sorry for the confusion concerning Ms***'s vehicle repairsThe wheel replacement and body repairs were completed by our sister store in Ellisville, MOand when the vehicle was returned to our location in
Columbia, IL we were told that all repairs were completedWe assumed an alignment had been performedIt was our mistake that we did not double check the vehicle before calling and releasing the vehicle to Ms***
Ms*** brought the alignment issue to our attention the morning after she picked up her car, Friday 5/and we agreed to perform the alignment that dayThe alignment was covered under the scope of the original repairs and there was no reason we had to supplement the insurance company for the alignmentThe alignment was performed 5/However, at that time Ms*** also told us the "traction control light was on"The traction control light diagnosis was what we had to get permission from *** to perform and that is where the delay in returning the vehicle to Ms*** the second time came fromAfter *** approved diagnosis on Monday, June 1, we performed the alignment and found the traction control light was related to a steering angle sensor that was reading that the steering wheel was out of position (because the alignment had not been performed)We recalibrated the sensor and the traction control light went off The vehicle was ready for Ms*** to pick up on Monday June There were no additional charges related to the traction control lightMs*** did pay for the alignment but that was because she was paid for this to be done in the original estimate for repairs and we had not billed her for it in our first bill
Again, we apologize for the additional trip and inconvenienceIf Ms*** incurred any rental car expense due to us keeping the vehicle over the weekend, we are willing to reimburse her for those chargesWe offered a rental car to her on Saturday 5/but she said she could not come to our location to pick it up and we did not have enough personnel to deliver a car to her
*** ***
Service Manager

Tell us why here...To our knowledge and understanding Mr*** is completely satisfied with the conclusion of this transactionWe did run an additional inquiry to negotiate a better interest rate for Mr***We did re-contract Mr*** at a lower rate for the inconvenience of
coming back to the dealership multiple timesShould there be any other information needed please don't hesitate to contact us

The warranty Mrs*** purchased is good anywhereIf in fact Mrs *** is not confident in the fact the her tires are below the covered tread depth she is welcome to get another opinionThe tire warranty is not a Royal Gate Dodge exclusive warrantyShould you need any further assistance please

Initial Business Response /* (1000, 5, 2015/11/23) */
We have updated all of our systems to reflect contact is no longer permittedWe can not however remove the credit inquiry because the customer did apply for a car loan there for the inquiry is legitimate

Initial Business Response /* (1000, 6, 2015/09/18) */
The complaint received is conflicting, *** *** stated that the paperwork arrived at her house with her name firstThen states she received it a few days later and she was the only one on the paperwork*** *** came and signed with her
brother to purchase a vehicleWe did explain to *** that she was first on the loan and that she would be equally responsible for the loanIt wouldn't have changed the responsibility of her position on this loan if she were a cosigner as she is stating or a joint signerShe expressed to us at the time of sale that she just could not be the only one on the loan and that brother had to be on the loan as wellWe did exactly what *** wanted*** and her brother obviously had every opportunity to read before signing any documentation to buy the vehicleIf the contract was not the way they wanted it then they would have had the chance to not sign and walk away

This is the first we have been made aware of the fact that Mr*** wasn't pleased or unaware of his extended service contractWe have included for all to review a copy of the service contract in questionYou will see that Mr*** was aware that he purchased the contract by way of his
signature in the lower left hand cornerIf at this time Mr*** still wishes to cancel the extended service contract we will be more than happy to assist. He will just need to come in to the dealership complete and sign a cancellation formShould there be any further questions please don't hesitate

Please accept this response to Ms***'s complaint/ Ms*** purchased a Chevrolet Tahoe Vin# *** on September 10th The fact that the vehicle was a Lemon buy Back was in fact disclosed by way of Car Fax and Ms*** signed the Car Fax acknowledging this factPlease see
attached the signed copy of the Car FaxShould there be any further information needed please don't hesitate to let us know

Complaint* ***
I am rejecting this response because: there is still the issue of my tires being in the green on 8/and now in the red and cannot be covered If tires were properly checked on 8/as I requested, the tires most likely would have been covered under warranty and my point checklist and paperwork shows nothing wrong with tires, when I have been having low air pressure since before 8/and that was the reason for bringing in my car
If someone made a mistake in your shop, that is your problem and you need to pay for the tires or refund the amount of the warranty
*** ***

Initial Business Response /* (1000, 7, 2015/05/04) */
We explained to Mr. [redacted] that we selected the wrong box in error it was suppose to be Comprehensive because it still qualified as a new vehicle, that would have been the correct selection. In error we selected Hi Tech. He was not willing to...

except the change therefor we canceled the warranty immediately. We explained to Mr. [redacted] the cancellation period is 6-8 weeks, which is noted on the cancellation form as well. We did follow up to see the status of the refund and the check was mailed.
Initial Consumer Rebuttal /* (2000, 9, 2015/05/05) */
(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)
I accept the response and trust they are mailing a check. However, if a check is not received in 2 weeks from today, in the full amount of $3581.00 to my lien holder, I will be reopening this case and be proceeding with further options.
For the record: I did not cancel the warranty because of any "mistake" on your part. I cancelled it because [redacted] S lied about the coverage. I talked to the service manager and my local dealership to uncover that all [redacted]'s claims were bogus and warranty claims could be denied by your dealership as Royal Gate holds the funds (for reinvestment purposes) and controls the outcome of what they pay out, no matter where the vehicle is serviced. I just so happened to find out the coverage I was "sold" was completely different from what [redacted] S had claimed it be after I had to drive all the back to Royal Gate to cancel the contract. I have a hard time believe this is all even legal under the law and to what extent the state and/or lending banks are aware of how Royal Gate is using the funds on these "Extended warranties".
I will keep tabs on the funds to be received. Thank you.

Initial Business Response /* (1000, 5, 2015/08/11) */
Royal Gate is sorry for the inconvenience Ms. [redacted] experienced on May 9, 2015. It is not our policy to make promises we can not fulfill but due to unforeseen circumstances (short staffed due to a technician calling off sick that day) we were...

unable to meet Ms. [redacted]' expectation of getting her vehicle finished within the 2-3 hour time frame our scheduler gave her. We have entered a credit of $50.00 in our computer system for Ms. [redacted] to use toward future service visits at Royal Gate DCJR of Columbia, IL. Her first 6 tire rotations and oil changes are also free because of a service contract the dealership purchased for her on March 20, 2015.

I am the new Service manager here @ Royal Gate Dodge in Columbia, IL. My name is [redacted].  I would like to first extend an apology to Mr. [redacted] for the lack of communication and follow up on his initial concern and visit. I would next like to offer for Mr. [redacted] to come by our...

department and meet myself and our new staff as we have rehired to move this department in a positive direction for our customers experience. And last be able to discuss his concerns face to face and resolve them in a timely manner to his satisfaction. My contact info is [redacted] or email @  [redacted][email protected] .  I hope this will reinstate Mr. [redacted]'s trust and confidence in our service department here at Royal Gate Dodge Columbia, thanks.

Dear [redacted],I want to apologize on behalf of Royal Gate Dodge that you had to make several attempts to be removed from our mailing list. I have personally notified the managers of your request. If you should need to contact Royal Gate Dodge in the future, pleae do not hesitate to contact...


Initial Business Response /* (1000, 9, 2016/01/06) */
I wanted to give you an update on taking care of the repair issues for [redacted].
Our Service Mgr. [redacted] stated that [redacted] had to cancel her appointment on 1-4-16 because she had to work.
[redacted] spoke with [redacted] today and she is bringing her Jeep...

back in on 1-15-16 and dropping it off in the morning. Royal Gate is giving her a free rental car. Royal Gate has also committed to replace both bumpers and as well as we are repairing the paint damage which was a factory defect. I know our team will stay on top of this situation and will be personally followed by our Service Mgr. [redacted]

In response to the complaint from Ms. [redacted], we (Royal Gate) have done everything within our power to make things right in this case. We have had the Chrysler engineering group help with the electrical issues of her lights and finally got them repaired once a fix was available through Chrysler...

which ended up being a computer reprogram for timing of the lights. This was a fix that was at the manufacturer level and not the dealer level. As far as the cosmetic and body repairs. We have exhausted all resources to make things right. We have had multiple repairs and part replacements of the fuel door. The repairs that were done in poor quality we have had redone and even had Ms. [redacted] approve of them in front of one of the owners [redacted], Service director [redacted] , and service manager [redacted]. We took the liberty of comparing the fuel door fitment and alignment and leakage to other "brand new" Renegades on the lot, and they all fit the same way as Ms. [redacted]'s. They are designed as a shield, not a water tight door, therefore have a drain at the bottom of the opening. As far as the "rocker" repair, we fully admitted damage to the mounting bracket for the fender flare which is part of the rocker panel. We sent to a professional body shop with a very good reputation to perform the repairs as Ms. [redacted] requested we not use our own body shop. They performed the repair in accordance with the insurance repair guidelines and made it look as good as new as possible. This panel is underneath the vehicle and has sealers, undercoats, paint and other materials added to it during the process of building the car at the factory, it was repaired accordingly. We have spent over $9,000.00 in the last 6 months trying to please and satisfy Ms. [redacted] on her body concerns. We are to the point now where we have video taped the vehicle the last few times to verify the repairs were done professionally. We have owned up to any and all mistakes, we have been very diligent and generous in trying to correct any concerns she has had. We are to the point now where we are very apprehensive to even allow the vehicle on the lot for fear of being blamed for any and all damage that is currently on the vehicle. Ms. [redacted] also currently has a case started with Chrysler trying to get them to buy her vehicle back. We do apologize for any and all mistakes made during the process of addressing her concerns, but we do stand behind the fact that everyone of those concerns have been addressed and repaired professionally.

Mr. [redacted] purchased a 2011 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Cargo Van Vin# [redacted] on or about 12/18/2015. Mr.[redacted] contacted Royal Gate Dodge on or about 01/25/2016 in regards to said compliant. [redacted] in our service department did advise Mr. [redacted] that he should go to Mercedes-Benz to have said vehicle...

diagnosed. Once Mr.[redacted] contacted Royal Gate Dodge with the diagnosis from Mercedes-Benz We explained to Mr. [redacted] that the required repair would not be covered under the warranty that came with said vehicle. The warranty on the Buyers Guide that Mr. [redacted] received with the purchase of said vehicle states that Royal Gate Dodge will cover 100% parts and 100% labor on internal lubricated parts of the engine and transmission only. As a result Royal Gate Dodge was unable to cover the repair as it was not internal lubricated parts. Please let us know if we are able to be of further assistance.

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because:Royal gate has not done everything in their power to have my vehicle repaired correctly. They have cut corners and avoided the situation. I have never approved any repairs that were done on my vehicle. I immediately called [redacted] and sent her a text message letting her know I was not happy with the results. She told me [redacted] would be in contact with me to get it resolved. I included a screen shot of the conversations I had with her over text. She told me multiple times he would be in contact with me and he never called. I called him multiple times and never got a response. I also included photos of the rocker bracket damage. There is a photo of the initial damage, the first "repair" and the final " repair". none of which are repaired correctly. the bracket is still bent and there is no clear coat over the base color. As well as a photo of the fuel door that does not sit flush with the vehicle like it is supposed to. Also I do not have a case open with Chrysler to buy the vehicle back, I have a case open with Chrysler tying to get these issues resolved.
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.

On behalf of Royal Gate Dodge we appreciate Angela's business. We apologize for this matter not being taken care of immediately. I have personally gone into our Chrysler system and opted her out from receiving any mailers. If I can be of help in the future, please...

do not hesitate to contact me. [redacted][redacted]

Please accept this correspondence as a response to Mr. [redacted]’s complaint filed with your office. While Mr. [redacted] may in fact have a 7yr / 100,000 mile manufacturer warranty Chrysler will not cover the following: • fire or accident;• abuse or negligence;• misuse — for example, driving over...

curbs oroverloading;• tampering with the emission systems, or with a partthat could affect the emission systems;• use of used parts, even if they were originallysupplied by Chrysler (however, authorizedChrysler or MOPAR remanufactured partsare covered);Our recommendation would be to further pursue a claim with Mr. [redacted]’s  insurance company for vandalism. We can’t understand why it wouldn’t be covered when Mr. [redacted] clearly admits it was vandalism. If his insurance declines to cover the act of vandalism then unfortunately it would be the customers responsibility.   Regards,[redacted]Director of Finance

Initial Business Response /* (1000, 5, 2015/11/23) */
We have canceled all products per customers request. We also verified as to whether Wells Fargo received the refunds and they only received the $14xx.xx portion. We requested another check for the other items and a check was overnighted. We...

apologize for the delay and inconvenience.
Initial Consumer Rebuttal /* (2000, 7, 2015/11/27) */
(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)

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