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Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: [redacted] ***'s so called "report" is nonsense It's full of lies and inconsistenciesThe Owner has completely mischaracterized the situation by focusing on things like cups, dirty sheets, and bed bugs (we never said a word about bedbugs and have no issue here)We did not vacate a $per night property to have people sleep on air mattresses in my sisters bedroom home because of cups or dirty sheetsWe vacated [redacted] because the kitchen cabinets and drawers were full of roaches and fecesThe ***'s own cleaner ( [redacted] ) said pest control needed to be calledThe following videos and photos are indisputable evidence: Video of cockroaches in kitchen: of pest droppings in kitchen drawers: of maid identifying roach droppings: photos: [redacted] ***'s is either incredibly delusional or incredibly dishonestThe fact that HomeAway sided with the [redacted] means nothing as seen in the HomeAway reviews/complaintsHomeAway siding with owners and providing terrible customer service is the status quo.Regards, [redacted]

Complaint: ***
I am rejecting this response because:I never mentioned bedbugs to *** or AmexIf Amex included bedbugs as part of my complaint it was an error by Amex.*** continues his arm waving and deceptionThe fact that two pest companies confirmed there was no “infestation” is irrelevantHe still has not addressed our singular issue - roaches and feces in his kitchenEverything else is not materialive paid a retainer for an attorney to sue lair and *** ***I’m perfectly comfortable spending 10x the cost of the rental on attorney fees to provide the truth and show *** is a fraud.
*** ***

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because:
[redacted]'s so called "report" is nonsense.  It's full of lies and inconsistencies. The Owner has completely mischaracterized the situation by focusing on things like cups, dirty sheets, and bed bugs (we never said a word about bedbugs and have no issue here). We did not vacate a $2000 per night property to have 18 people sleep on air mattresses in my sisters 3 bedroom home because of cups or dirty sheets. We vacated [redacted] because the kitchen cabinets and drawers were full of roaches and feces. The [redacted]'s own cleaner ([redacted]) said pest control needed to be called. The following videos and photos are indisputable evidence: Video of cockroaches in kitchen: Video of pest droppings in kitchen drawers: of maid identifying roach droppings: photos:[redacted]'s is either incredibly delusional or incredibly dishonest. The fact that HomeAway sided with the [redacted] means nothing as seen in the HomeAway reviews/complaints. HomeAway siding with owners and providing terrible customer service is the status quo.Regards,

[redacted] is lying again. My previous report proves he is grossly exaggerating and will stop at nothing to harass me. And yes bed bugs were said the be the reason they abandoned the house per the Amex report (below). Regardless, two independent pest companies both confirmed the house had zero signs of infestations. As the previous/post tenants to the [redacted]'s have stated - there were no issues. But I guess everyone else is wrong and [redacted] is right. Perhaps he's a narcissist I dont know but the fact that he is so relentless vs all other tenants statements and pest control companies is alarming to say the least.  So sorry he feels the non-stop need to complain and harass. I'd argue he's the pest. Below is the copy/paste of [redacted]s complaint to AMEX ... but I guess AMEX is lying too. I kindly request that you tell him the case is closed (like HomeAway did).  [redacted]The Cardmember requests a replacement for goods or services that were not as described by your Establishment, or Credit for the goods or services as the Cardmember is dissatisfied with the quality. Cockroaches in cabinet, bed has bedbugs and they cannot put in bed since floor is messy/linens are not cleaned. Provide order details, billing authorization,proof of delivery(if any), itemization, return/refund policy.

Timeline of events: This contains 26 pages of evidence and statements clearly showing the [redacted]’s were lying and or grossly exaggerating their ‘claims.’ 5/25/17: [redacted] sent me a reservation request without asking any questions or conducting any due diligence. This was our only...

communication. I accepted his request within 1 minute of his reservation request. Again he did not ask one question as the snapshot below clearly shows. Very few people do that. When spending this amount of money he should have come back to see the house himself. Lot of people do that, but he did nothing. He accepted the terms of my contract as you can see below as well. The contract clearly states there are no refunds unless I can re-rent the house. 8/31/17:  I emailed [redacted] the welcome note. 9/1/17: [redacted] (owner of the cleaning company) went to inspect the house at 9:55am before the tenant arrived (time stamped image below of [redacted]). She said it was completely clean.. Here is her email stating the events that took place both before the [redacted]’s arrival and that evening when [redacted] called furious saying the house was not clean. It was. She was lying through teeth. 9/1/17 Tenant checked in at 3:03pm.  9/1/17 [redacted] called me at 5:28pm to tell me she had problems with the house. I was at my son’s 7yr old birthday dinner and asked her to send me a text with the issues and I would address them. I asked for her to please give me 1 hour with my son but let her know everything would be fixed. I called the cleaners to get over there asap.  9/1/17: I called [redacted] at 5:36pm to let her know I was having the cleaners come back out to fix all of her cleaning issues with the house9/1/17:  At 6:39pm [redacted] called me and asked for an update on the cleaners arrival. I told her the cleaners would be there in 30 minutes and she said ‘if they are not right around the corner then don’t bother. Have them come tomorrow morning.’ I said okay. The cleaners did not get the message and showed up at the house that evening anyway. Per [redacted] and [redacted] the owners of the cleaning company, [redacted] told the cleaners they had to rewash all the sheets in the house because they had wrinkles in them – the sheets were not dirty as she had stated in writing to me. The cleaners complied and were told to rewash all loads on normal wash vs quick wash bc [redacted] told them quick wash was gross.  The cleaners had to rewash all the sheets that they had already put through the washer on ‘quick wash.’ [redacted] also said the folded towels were wet. They were not wet (see email from cleaner below). Here is the text from my cleaner to [redacted] the owner of the cleaning co as well as the cleaners written statement about the condition of the house upon her return Friday evening 9/1/17.  If the typing is too small to read, either zoom in Microsoft Word to 150% or refer to the actual email that I have forwarded to HomeAway Payments as well. 9/1/17: At 11:57pm [redacted] emailed me saying they found roaches in the house and that I needed to call them immediately. I was asleep. At 12:01am 9/2/17 they called and emailed me again saying I was being unresponsive (4 minutes after the original call) and that they demanded a full refund and were moving out the next morning.  She said it was a ‘health hazard’ (she’s a lawyer and that was her ‘legal strategy’ to break the lease).  She was grossly exaggerating as she did about everything in the house. At this point there was no point trying to help her. She was going to leave the house no [redacted]er what and was digging through every nook and cranny of my 5777 square foot house looking for anything to show it was a health hazard. She clearly found a  single roach in one bowl in the lower shelf below the cooktop where the downdraft is located. There were no other roaches identified in the house but she insisted the house was infested and it was a health hazard. I am providing you with emails from the tenants that checked out the week before her and two weeks before her stay … as well as emails from friends and family members that have stayed at the house with me since 9/2/17 when the [redacted] family departed.  All are available by phone and/or email if needed. 8/24-27/2017: [redacted] stayed at the house 5 days prior to [redacted]’s arrival on September 1st. [redacted] occupied every room in the house for 3 nights. He has confirmed there were no roaches or bedbugs in the house during his stay.  There were 14 guests.8/17-20/2017: [redacted] stayed at the house and occupied every bed in the house for 3 nights. He stayed at the house 11 days prior to the [redacted]’s arrival. He has also confirmed there we no roaches or bedbugs in the house during his stay. He confirmed there were plenty of tableware for 18 guests. [redacted], and [redacted] came over in the afternoon and evening of 9/2/17 with their families and confirmed they never saw a single roach or other pest during the day/evening of 9/2. This was the same day the [redacted]’s said the house was infested with roaches (the day the [redacted]’s abandoned the house). We were in the kitchen cooking with the children all evening and there was nothing – no pests anywhere in the house.[redacted] and his toddler stayed w me at the house from 9/2-4 and 9/8-10 and together we saw a total of two roaches during the entire time he was staying at the house. I’ve been living at the house since 9/2 and have only seen the same two roaches [redacted] saw. That is not infested. That is part of life in Texas in the summer. To further my stance that the house is not a health hazard or invested with roaches and bed bugs as the [redacted]’s claim, I called two of the largest pest control companies in Austin to assess my house for pests. [redacted] pest control came out on Friday 9/8/17 to assess the ‘infested ‘ house that the [redacted]’s falsely claimed. [redacted] did not find a single roach, feces, or body part  in the house and their professional assessment (attached below) is that the house is pest free and not a health hazard.  [redacted] has been servicing this house monthly since 2012. There has never been one request for infestation treatment during that time. [redacted] does not check for bed bugs. [redacted] has been servicing this house for +5 years. [redacted] also came over inspect the entire house on 9/8/17. [redacted] found no signs of roach infestation or bed bugs as the tenant was claiming to get out of their lease agreement.  [redacted] pulled the sheets of every bed in the house and they saw zero evidence of bed bug infestation. Both companies are available to confirm the written statements if needed.To further my stance even further, I called the alarm company to come over and inspect my attic for pests or hazards of any kind. [redacted] found no signs of pests inside the house and in the attic.  Here is the email from [redacted] at [redacted].My 2 cents on the situation… The house backs up to several acres of Bull Creek Greenbelt (wild land) and it is to be expected that there could be a fly, moth, roach, ant, etc in the house being its proximity to the Greenbelt (it’s the backyard!) That is not ‘infested’ or a ‘health hazard’ as the [redacted]’s claim.  The cover picture and the summary of the house on VRBO/HomeAway clearly shows the house is on a hill with wild land down the slope of the hill to the Bull Creek Greenbelt (which is stated in the description of the property on [redacted] should have performed some due diligence at a minimum before booking the property especially considering the amount he spent. But he did not. He sent me a reservation request without asking me any questions at all as the screenshots above clearly show. This cannot be my fault for his rushed decision and lack of due diligence.  I have stated all the facts that prove well beyond reasonable doubt that the house was safe to live in and the [redacted]’s were looking for any way out of the contract. The bottom line is that they didn’t like the age of the house – that is what the cleaning company told me that [redacted] said – it wasn’t dirty -  its just an older house as the pictures on VRBO clearly show. If they would have conducted any due diligence or just come over the see the house first before booking (like lots of people do) then perhaps we wouldn’t be in this situation. At the end of the day who should be penalized here? I don’t see how I could possibly be at fault and penalized a great deal of money because they did not do their proper due diligence.  I cant re-book past days. Its gone and so is the money that was paid to me for the stay. I kindly request all funds be returned to me based on the included FACTS that:1) Our contract that states no refunds. They agreed to terms by checking VRBO box when they made payment. The house cannot be booked unless the box is checked agreeing to the terms of the contract. 2) [redacted] and [redacted]’s lack of due diligence before booking3) Their outright lies regarding the condition of the house     - It was clean and all sheets washed. There were no wet towels as she claimed        See email from the cleaning company (attached). She’s willing to testify.      - There is no infestation of pests. There was no health hazard.      - [redacted] said ‘there were barely enough glasses for 6 people’ in the kitchen.        There are over 40 cups and glasses. I have witnesses that came w me to the         house after the [redacted]’s left on Saturday as proof I didn’t buy more glassware         before taking this picture. Also the exterior cameras have recordings        throughout the day showing nobody came in earlier to bring more glassware        before our arrival. [redacted] later backtracked on this and said she didn’t mean all        glasses, just wine glasses. Well there were 8 children and 6 adults at the house        including one pregnant lady per [redacted]’s written communications with me -  there        are 10 wine glasses. That is plenty for a group of 6 adults.     These are all the cups and glasses in the kitchen during the [redacted]’s stay.  [redacted]’s reply to me after I said she was lying about the glasses comment. She backtracked and said she didn’t mean ‘glasses’ she meant ‘wine glasses.’ She’s a fraud. 4) There were no bedbugs, nor mention of bedbugs in any emails or texts to me. She       only stated that to AMEX in order to make the house seem unlivable (she is a       lawyer) .  She was lying again as [redacted] clearly stated. Zero signs of bedbugs       anywhere. 5) The house was not a health hazard due to the 1 roach in the picture they       sent. It’s a 5777 sq foot house that backs up to 17 acres of wild land! That is not       infested or a health risk.  [redacted] and [redacted] confirmed the house is not       infested with any pests. They found zero roaches in the house. Zero. 6) I have 64 reviews. My avg rating is 4.9 out of 5. The previous tenant (checked out       5 days before [redacted]’s arrival) had no such issues and said the stay was fantastic.  Further, the day the [redacted]’s checked out 9/2/17 I checked in with 3 other families (statements above) and nobody saw any signs of roaches or pest issues anywhere that day.  I have been open and transparent about everything and gone out of my way to confirm from the two previous tenants to the [redacted]’s stay as well as get confirmation from two top pest control companies in Austin that there is no health hazard and no infestation of pests of any kind. (I sent all email communications to HomeAway Payments).  They are proven liars and gross exaggerators (evidence above) and probably planted some of the ‘evidence’ and will say and do anything to get their money back. They wanted out of the house and were willing to do anything to get their money back.  And they threatened me with legal action throughout their rant and rage. Its worth noting that they did not write me a bad review on my webpage. Why not? Well because they know I could sue them if they did – its all lies and gross exaggerations on their end. But they did file a complaint with VRBO asking for my site to be taken down. HomeAway / VRBO closed this case and said my account was in good standing.   Here is VRBO saying the case is closed and my account is in good standing.One last thing, look at these reviews by [redacted]. On 9/4/17 (after his stay at my property) he went back two years to give past vacation rentals he stayed at 5 star reviews. He had never given a review before but now all of a sudden he’s going back two years to give outstanding reviews. These lawyers are sneaky and clearly have premeditated intentions just like they did at my house. Thank you for your time and I look forward to putting this issue behind us. You may contact me or any of my witnesses at any time. [redacted]

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