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Review: This company was contacted to re-upholster and recover a specific seat/saddle for a motorcycle I own. As per their instructions I filled out a detailed form indicating what was to be done including mandatory photos. The original seat itself must be removed and shipped directly to the company in order for them to perform the work. There were several calls made from me asking many questions regarding other important details with respect to the finished product. My conversations were with one person whom I assume is the receptionist who takes the orders and provides answers to my queries. I was satisfied with pretty much all the information however one concern I did have was for a control mechanism in my original seat that provides a comfort feature and I informed them I do NOT want this to be removed or altered in any way....just covered. In fact I made at least three calls before shipping and before the work began and was assured the seat would remain "original" with exception of the new covering. Satisfied the work was being done correctly I finally took delivery of the recovered seat a few days ago only to discover the mechanism was completely removed. I immediately contacted Russell Cycle to demand an answer to why they removed it and they said this is a "standard" procedure for this type of seat. In fact whatever I asked they fiercely defended their reasons saying they could not perform the work unless it is removed etc. After hearing them explain this I challenged them with why this was not part of the original understanding and my instructions were to not tamper with it. In other words my calls and concerns over this were completely ignored before the work began. I managed to speak with the owner ([redacted]) and he too defends the receptionist who is supposed to accurately process the order. I am now stuck with what I have and demand either the seat be done again properly. I clearly was not told this removal would be necessary and left me wihout the option to place the order.Desired Settlement: I feel I am entitled to a fair monetary compensation from the original price I paid without being further inconvenienced having to return the rebuilt seat back as they are demanding, if I do this I would be forced to pay expensive shipping fees and only futher aggravate the situation.



This is in response to the complaint filed against our company and the reasoning for our actions. The nature of our product is a "Custom" built Day-Long touring saddle per customer and their motorcycle. Every new seat starts with the customer submitting the online order form through our website. Our website contains "all" of the information regarding our product and what is necessary for the seat order. The customer who filed this complaint, submitted the required order form through our website on February 13, 2014 to begin the new seat build process. In the completed order form the customer attached the required photos, plus a picture of a seat we had built and stated "that he wanted his seat to look just like the photo". Once the order was scheduled, we received one email from the customer and one phone call regarding his order, not several as he states. During the phone conversation prior to the new seat build, it was explained to him in full detail the nature of our seat design and he understood the process, plus what he had ordered. He ordered a full "Day-Long" touring saddle and not just a recover as he states. When the customer called on March 25, 2014 to complain regarding his new seat, he was extremely rude and was screaming profanities through the phone. At that time, he was told by the owner, that if he was not satisfied with our product, he could return it, under our warranty and receive a refund. The customer called back on March 27, 2014, screaming profanities, asking where his refund is and why hadn't I been fired like he asked. Again the customer was told to follow the instructions of our buy back warranty and return his seat for the refund. The customer never sent his seat back, as required under our warranty for us to either properly repair as he requested or replace. We have tried to be more then reasonable with this customer to resolve his complaint, but as of this date, he continues to keep our product, but demanding a refund. Our warranty is clearly stated on our website and a copy is sent with every seat we ship.



I am rejecting this response because:

Let me be absolutely clear about profanities....please have this company pull ALL of my telephone conversations to see that any complaint against Russell Day Long is a fabricated lie and they have defaulted this to me...I assure you if they were honest they will make the tapes available as they are admitting guilt as they keep mentioning something that never took place, it is just convenient for them to make up a bully story by avoiding criticism. However my biggest accusation was the receptionist who was responsible for my order by mishandling the details and not accepting responsibility for her shortcomings due to her incompetance. I had talked to her boss (the owner) as I asked him how his receptionist could have made this error especially after I made several references to leave this part in place. I also have transcripts and emails of most of my instructions regarding the customization but I DID make reference more than once to omit the removal of the mechanism and everything else was just fine. When the reference was made to the photo I sent it was the exact COLOR and STITCHING pattern I selected using a stock photo...not to be confused with mine. Because they will not admit to the error they choose to cover up with excuses and a legitimate business would never allow this to happen. Their "offer" to return the seat in completely unrealistic as it would be an enormous expense to me as well as a great inconvenience and it is well known they would never be able to transform the seat back to original unless they purchased a brand new one from the dealer. It is truly a blow to the industry that does specialization rather than make sure their customers are satisfied when they are paying a premium for this service they feel they can avoid the responsibility when they make a mistake.

Therefore once again I am seeking a fair compensation from this company for the mutilated seat in the way of a refund.



In response to the rejection:

To this date the customer has not supplied us with copies of the emails he states he sent and the only one we have is requesting stitching color. The picture he attached to his order is of a completed Russell Saddle and not of a stock seat like he states. Our refund policy is clearly stated on our website! We retain all original covers and stock foam removed from the seat for a period of 8months for "Buy Back" purposes. The office manager followed all details of the order submitted by the customer. Customer has not yet requested the paperwork required for a refund and the seat has to be returned to us. NO EXCEPTIONS! This is our final response to the customer for this complaint.

Thank you,

[redacted], Owner

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