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Sabby Beauty

5105 Monroe Rd, Charlotte, North Carolina, United States, 28205-7825

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The product I ordered online does not match the product I recieved.

I ordered a numbing cream through her site which is the exact product I was looking for. I also ordered, through another company, the same product. The product I recieved from SABBY BEAUTY, had no label on the box or the product tube itself! The product that came from the other website is exactly as described and pictured.

I emailed her regarding this issue and she says she private labels this product, BUT DID NOT HAVE TIME TO. She also stated she would not refund even though she sent something I did not intend on purchasing. Had I known I would be sent a plain white box with a plain white tube containing who knows what I would not have ordered it. Her product descriptions are obviously deceptive and she lacks in care for her customer concerns.

Attached is a picture of what I ordered from her website. What I recieved was blank white boxes and tubes.

Desired Outcome

All I would like is a refund from SABBY BEAUTY for her false product sale and advertisement.

Sabby Beauty Response • Mar 09, 2020

The customer received the products she ordered, it just wasn't in the same box. I have communicated to *** that I had a family emergency and was out of the office. I did not have time to update the website. *** complained about the box, I explained to her that it's the same product just in a different box. I have never had any complaint about my products. I told *** to try the product out it's the same thing. I just had a family emergency and haven't had a chance to update everything. I am a small business not a large company. I do not feel that *** Hamptons complaint is grounds for a refund.

Customer Response • Mar 09, 2020

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Her website does NOT show in any way that she "private labels" the product as she is claiming. I WILL NOT AS A BUSINESS OWNER MYSELF USE A PRODUCT ON MY CLIENTS WITHOUT KNOWING WHAT IS IN A MYSTERY TUBE. NO LABELING NO PRODUCT INFORMATION PUTS ME IN A VERY BAD POSITION IF I WERE TO USE IT AND AN ISSUE ARISES WITH MY CLIENT. SABBY BEAUTY, should be concerned with this issue as she is running a business that is selling someone a product that the customer, I, CLEARLY did not order.


Sabby Beauty Response • Mar 10, 2020

I spoke to *** before shipping to tell her about the white box it comes in now until I have time to put the new labels on it. I haven't had an issue with them before this is the first time anyone has ever had an issue. Sicoe numb doesn't come with ingredients or instructions in English at all that was my whole purpose of getting new labels created for this product. I do not wish to speak further about this matter.

My complaint pertains to Sabby Beauty also known as Sabby Nail and Lash Co.
I paid in full, in faith that I would get the services I paid for but I did not. I trusted her to hold up her legal obligation, I did business with her based on a referral and she neglected the fulfillment of our verbal contract and it is highly unacceptable. I am a very busy woman who has paid $400 to Shabby Beauty as a down payment for Lash Extension Training and $1600 to Sabby Beauty / Sabby Nail & Lash co. for Micro-Blading Training. She only completed half of the Lash Extension Training with me although I received a paper saying she certifies me, even though I have not had the chance to complete training on a live model and I haven't completed for Micro-Blading Training on a live model as well.
She rescheduled training several times and did not honor the last scheduled completion date by terminating my opportunity to complete late the night before our scheduled date. I was never given the courtesy of a phone call, I received a cancelation txt instead.

After investing $2000 in her business I'm highly disappointed and quite livid that she not only waited till the night before to cancel, but that she see this as an acceptable business practice is not ok. Shabby Beauty / Sabby Nail & Lash Co. does not have a tattoo license, yet she micro-blades clients, does Nails, Lashes and Training for all the above, as she stated to me, on hundreds of clients from her home. She is taking people's money teaching out of her home illegally. She does not Honor her own business policies, nor can she legally certify anyone in the fields she advertises.
Product_Or_Service: Micro -Blading &Eye Lash Extention Training

Desired Outcome

Refund After investing $2000 in her business I'm highly disappointed and quite livid that you'd not only wait the night before but that you see your business practice as ok when it isn't not. I would like a refund my money since she did not complete training.

Sabby Beauty Response • Jan 10, 2019

contacted me for training with sabbynailandlashco on 9-7-18. *** agreed to train with me on the dates of 9-17, 9-25 & 9-27-2018 she registered for a 3 day lash & brow Training. We completed two days of training on 9-17 & 9-25 where on both days *** was late the first day she texted me to let me know the second day she showed up 30 mins late with out letting me know but because of the kind person I am I did not terminate her training session then. She was also FaceTiming her girlfriend the whole time during training & I had to tell her several times to put her phone away. *** also left early both days saying that she had to go somewhere with her girlfriend. We agreed for her to complete her training on 9-27 in which she texted me on 9-24 saying she had to work on 9-27 & she was off the following day in which I was not available She said she will have to let me know when She has another day off. Because Her schedule is pretty jam packed. The next time I heard from *** was on October 7th she texted me at 9:43pm asking if I can train her the following day. WHICH IS WAY TOO SHORT OF A NOTICE FOR ANYONE TO AGREE TO. Again I have proof of all of this & have attached the messages. I called *** that night to remind her of my policies regarding rescheduling her training & she had 60 days to complete & to let her know That contacting me the night before will not guarantee a date. She couldn't give me another date she would be available at that time. The next time I heard from *** was on October 22 asking what my schedule looks like for the next two weeks. I texted *** back later that night letting her know that I was booked up for the next two weeks, I told her that I had a few things I needed to speak to her about & asked her when would be a good time for me to call her tomorrow. *** never responded. On November 7th *** called me to reschedule her last Training date & wanted to know my availability, I was busy at the moment so I told her I would call her when I was free but instead I texted her at 9:48 pm on November 7th apologizing for the late response & I told her I was available on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday of the following week and I asked her had she been practicing. *** said Hey no worries....I will have to check my Schedule and get back to you tomorrow. I haven't practiced as much as I would have liked to. But I am eager to get this completed. *** DID NOT get back to me on which of the days I offered her would work for her & the next time *** contacted me was on Friday December 28th stating she was off on 1-2-19 & 1-9-19. I was on vacation for my sons birthday on January 1st but responded to her with Hello I am out of town until the 3rd & the 9th I'm preparing to for a business trip. Are you able to give me some dates further out? Over the next few weeks other than that I can give you my availability for you to chose from but it can't be rescheduled I'd like to get this done ASAP. It's been so long I don't even remember what we have left & you told me you haven't been practicing. I was hoping to have you in sooner. I texted *** letting her know I was going to try to get her in on 1-9-19, & than I agreed to get her in on 1-9-19 from 9-11 or 12 for lash Training as she requested via text. I decided not to move forward with her training & terminate her training on January 8th because of the lack of respect, lack of consideration, lack of willingness to make herself available for months to complete her training, I felt she had been taking full advantage of my kindness & disregarded my policies, for lying to me stating that she was supposed to do the brow training on 1-9-19 not lash Training EVEN after I screenshot her our conversation & agreement to do lash Training on 1-9-19. On 1-4-19 when *** scheduled her lash training she never stated that she wanted to do brow Training but wanted to do lash Training on 1-9-19. She then told me she was available on 1-14 & 1-17 in which I told her I was going to be out of town on 1-14 actually for more training for myself & on January 17th I have a lash Training & was not available. I told *** that I did not feel comfortable with her working on Live Models because she had not been practicing. I emailed *** explaining that It is a liability issue. That is why all of my Training classes are on consecutive days. In her case I accommodated her schedule to train on 9-17, 9-25 & 9-27. *** failed to attend her last training on 9-27 because she said she had to work. On 1-8-19 I texted *** at 8:22pm stating that I have a partner for expansion & I'll have to discus this with them being that it's been quite a few months since Training they are not happy about the timing & running into busy season, conflicting schedules etc.... *** texted me back : I work for myself and I am coming out of my busy season as well. We all have businesses that we are working to create, like taking college courses, you may intend to complete by a certain time. But life does happen. I am available and ready to complete. THIS IS NOT A LEGITIMATE EXCUSE AS TO WHY SHE HAD NOT COMPLETED HER TRAINING WITHIN 60 OF HER LAST SCHEDULED TRAINING DATE ON 9-27-18!!
*** FAILED TO MAKE HERSELF AVAILABLE FOR TRAINING. I WAS AVAILABLE ON THE DATES WE ORIGINALLY DECIDED ON, & I offered her dates To Complete her last Training. *** chose to make her training a last priority. I have NEVER RESCHEDULED HER. I gave *** more than enough time to complete her training. *** did not take her training serious. My policy states that I have the right to refuse service at anytime & deposits & classes are non refundable. WHICH IS ALL ON MY BOOKING SITE & *** READ IT BEFORE SCHEDULING!
I am allowed to teach continuing education without a teachers license which is what eye lash extensions is considered per the NC cosmetic arts board. I do not give a license to any of my students I give a certificate to certify them in my application &/or technique & company Training course. I told *** she will have to get an esthetician's or cosmetology license to work in a salon. ALL OF THIS CAN BE VERIFIED. In the state of North Carolina I do not have to have a tattoo license or permit to train anyone to do brows. I am permitted in another state where I was trained. I advised *** that after training she will need to contact her local health department to apply for a Tattoo permit. I do not work from home, I am a licensed Esthetician & nail tech & have been for almost 10years. I have had a full service salon in Jacksonville, Nc & have worked in several nail salons & spas across NC including in ***, NC, ***, *** & other places. I am currently traveling to work in different salons Training & doing services that I am permitted & licensed to do. I am in the process of expanding into the *** area our new salon studio is under construction. I have never had a complaint like this against myself or my company. *** was made aware of ALL OF THE REQUIREMENTS & understood very well before ever committing to train with me. I have attached my policy that I had listed on my booking site that *** read & was verbally told before training with me. I have also attached text messages of the conversation between myself & *** that will prove that all of her allegations are false. I am saddened at how evil people can be to want to destroy someone's reputation & business with false allegations & lies. I refuse to give *** a refund. As I was very professional with her & she was provided with a full kit valuing over $700 alone. My time was put in & on the date she canceled 9-27 I was unable to fill so I lost money because of her cancellation. This is unacceptable & absurd no company will allow a student to violate company policies & take advantage of them like she has, no one would be as accommodating as I was to her either. Most trainers allow students to schedule their training dates & do not allow them to reschedule at all if they do not show up they forfeit their deposit & all monies paid. I am an honest person & I tried working with *** over the last 3 almost 4 months. I even had to file a police report against her for threatening me. This is a complete nightmare!! Police report is not available at the moment but I will post it as soon as it is available online. Please see the attached pictures of messages with *** current phone number & pictures of my policy as my proof. I just noticed that I can not upload all of our messages so I have emailed the the rest directly I am only able to upload 10 so I chose the most important ones.

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Address: 5105 Monroe Rd, Charlotte, North Carolina, United States, 28205-7825


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