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• Sep 11, 2021

Same Price as Marlow White but not good quality and lacking customer service
Delivery of uniform is incomplete. NO REFUNDS AND A RESTOCK/EXCHANGE FEE! Inaccurate time line on delivery and no streamline process for updating timeline. You WILL encounter a problem with them. DO NOT ORDER YOUR UNIFORM FROM THEM! Save yourself the trouble. Trousers run larger than normally other trousers of same size. PINS look off color.

Total Scam
This company is disingenuous. Their website does not indicate items that are on back order leading you to believe they are available. When you call customer service you get the run around and they do not tell you the truth. Horrible experience, order elsewhere!

COL(R) JROTC Instructor Chicago Public Schools
Very supportive...all correspondence is answered in a timely fashion. I am happy with what I have purchased so far. Keep up the customer service!

COL Cogdall

It is a scam!
This company is a scam. We ordered a jacket 46 Reg and it came out 46 Long. And they refused to refund our money since it’s their own fault to sent the wrong type. It fits like 46 Long but the tag says 46 Reg. Total scam!

Failed to Deliver
I ordered enlisted to officer jacket's shoulder conversion kit and the order did not reach me at all; I waited for more than three weeks. I requested a refund but they would not honor it
Failed to Deliver

The peoples at Salute Uniforms especially Melissa go out of their way to provide Excellent Customer Support. They took care of my issues in one day. I give them a Big HOOAH!. I will continue to use them for all my future needs.
James Wilson CW3

Ordered uniform items two weeks before a Commissioning ceremony. Unfortunately because of delays (they emailed that they did not have the uniform pant length available and we were not expecting the emal ->they NEVER called) we ended up having to one day overnight the uniform items (medals, cover, belt, buckle, officer cap band, and officer dress pants) to the HOTEL because of the delay. As you can imagine this was extremely expensive. All the uniform items were ordered for the United States Coast Guard and that detail was reflected in the order confirmation/invoice.

However, due to their mistake, they confused Marine Corps service dress pants for Coast Guard service dress pants. So they hemmed Marine Corps service dress pants for a Coast Guard officer.

This officer was unable to be in uniform for the commissioning ceremony due to their error. The entire cost of uniform items and one day shipping was over 300 dollars.

If the officer was active duty, not retired, it would not be a big deal. But this officer is retired and this ceremony was the only reason for the order for these items.

I would recommend ordering from this company only if you don't mind paying return shipping for the wrong item (they didn't provide return shipping for the item they sent that was not ordered), you don't mind checking your email after the fact for questions since they will not call, and you also do not have a deadline for your order.

This is a fledgling company that I think will not be in business long if they continue with current practices.

I am not sure how the other reviewers delt with the people at Salute Uniforms but I have been pleased with Stephanie in the way she responded to my email and the quickness in which the problem was settled. I will continue to use them for future needs.
Dennis Oliver USMCL

If you think this company is here to help you what so ever, you’re wrong. They produce inferior uniforms, have horrible customer service policies, and provide bad ordering advice on their site which will result in you ordering a uniform that will not fit and they will not take it back.


Review: I am Commanding Officer in the Air Force as an M0-
I looked up Uniforms4U as a way to order my uniform, thus knowing it would be appropriateMy needs are very specific as a Commander and I am also a decorated officerAnyone who orders a uniform and decorations usually orders them as an individual unless a unit commander, for example, order a patch for entire unit etc, etc
As a commander I have ordered from this company beforeThey have not always been very pleasant to me but I thought their "tailor" to be a fine personIt seems perhaps others who work in this establishment do not
I did not want to get this specific business in trouble-particularly one of the "tailors"- he was doing his job whereas whomever took my order did not complete the order
I placed an order on Saturday, April 27, at 6:08:PM and I paid $I still have not received my order (and today is 06/14/2013)This is the content of my order: order number is [redacted] PRODUCT ; USAF SENIOR FLIGHT SURGEON BADGE
service: usaf shirt chevrons sewing
I did not pay for the insurance to cover the bill, perhaps I should of-but suffice to say my bank account was billed right away after the order was placed and I assumed the order would proceed as indicated
I have needed a change of shirt for my uniform since before I placed this order, and I was looking forward to a more update, cooler shirt
I paid by credit cardBILLING INFORMATION-
This order is billed to:
[redacted] USCMDR [redacted],
Payment Status: PAID
Payment method: Credit card
Shipping carrier: USPS
Shipping method: Priority
This order will be shipped to:
[redacted] USCMDR [redacted] Colorado, [redacted],
I have checked back to the site several times now through the "contact form" on the site at:
I have also called the phone number of which was indicated on the charge from my bank accountI have called but the line does not go throughIt may be a fax line-I don't know, it may be an incorrect number
The reason I had mentioned I am discriminated against is because this issue of ordering my uniforms or any identifiable credentialing I go through as an officer has been very difficultI have filed a complaint with the in the past because of a similar issuePlease allow me to explain-
I have not been able to get a "compensation" error cleared with reporting elements as an M0-because as I am serving I was put into the wrong compensation areas, here in Air Force over three different timesEach instance presented over specific periods of timeI was put into the payment cycle (but received no compensation) as an E1, E4, and as a EAs I stated I am an M0-For this order relating to my uniform I asked for my Chevron, (which by the way I could only afford the inexpensive one) to be sewed on my uniformI did not have to do this, but I had to go through all three payment years (E1,E4,E9) as an M0-I deserve and I earned the right to wear my Air Force Chevron if I want too
I mentioned the discrimination because I have been told they "stole this uniform from me " and "they used it to wipe the floors" and other statements that have that are misrepresentations of who I am as Commander in the Military
This complaint relates to the complaint at last filing because I have not been able to clear up these types of misrepresentations for my duties as a M0-and as a GS-(as I am also a Federal Officer)As a physician/scientist after years of duty and my graduate studies not having a clean uniform and all of its representations
hurts my career path and potential work
If there has been a mthen I certainly understand, but I was billed already and the money collected and I have not received my shipmentI am a kind person at heart and I will wait for them to correct the mistake and ship my orderPlease understand I need the value of all of this to be interpreted clearly and I want a resolution
It is very disrespectful to me as an United States Commanding Officer if this was done with malice and discontentAll the more if this is an issue of hatredI earned all of my decorations and I respect my uniform and its value very muis displeasing that people can use these types of things, such as merchants and merchants products as manipulative tools.Desired Settlement: I would like my order completed and delivery of the orderI do not want a refundI want my order completed
Thank you for taking my complaint

MO-10? What, are you the President of the United States? As a GS-15 you make $136,659.00 per year and the $12.81 for shipping was a burden for you? The Air Force put you in the wrong compensation class? You have been discriminated against? By who, the USAF? The air force issues uniforms and you can buy them at the BX if you are active duty. Not having a clean uniform is the fault of the company and has hurt your "Career Path" and "Potential for work"? Are you really a General in the USAF or not? You made this whole thing up and any person with military experience knows it. You are not really a United States Commanding Officer and are not active duty or you would have purchased the items from the BX at half the price and been compensated in accordance with the regulations. Even an Airmen Basic gets that. I hope you realize that impersonating an Air Force officer is a Federal Crime. You jumped from Enlisted (airmen basic E1) to General in 3-years and "earned the right to wear my Air Force Chevron". This person is obviously a fake, has an axe to grind (maybe an ex-employee) and has made this whole thing up. I served in the USAF, I am a highly decorated Vietnam War Veteran, and on behalf of the United States Air Force and all involved, I apologize for the comments made by the person above who claims to be an MO-10 and GS 15 (The President is MO-10 and GS-15 is the highest paid General. Don't believe a word she said).

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