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SameDay Auto Finance, L.L.C.

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• Mar 24, 2021

Glad I'm done!
So I get approved by Same Day Auto only to get the most subpar service ever. The representatives are rude and act like calling them are a problem. I found out I couldn't pay my car loan early (or half before and the rest on my due date) because any payment within a certain time limit would just be applied to the principle and not the payment itself, Fine, whatever. Then I ended up having a situation with my finances and needed help paying my note due to COVID. I had an organization who needed a letter to confirm my account with them because the site looks so fake, thrown together and crappy they didn't believe they were a real business. All they had to do was draft up a letter dating my payments, the due date of the payments and amount and I could have gotten assistance and have it sent in 2days. The rep assured me he'd have it ready and would email it to me by the end of the day. You think he followed through? NOPE! Called and left messages left and right pleading for them to just send a simple letter. No call back, no email and no response whatsoever. So I managed to somehow get it paid but I'm late the following month and then ALL OF A SUDDEN, I get a call from Nicole Miller complaining about me being late. Mind you, I had NEVER received a phone call from them about being late and the latest I paid was no more than a few days or a week after my payment was due IF THAT! Literally only twice before my finances took a dive was I late but she insisted that they had called me the times I was (which was a lie) and left messages (they did not) So then, she brings up how I was making on time payments even during the pandemic, like I was exempt from having misfortunes. I was adamant with her about me NEVER receiving any calls and I told her how I found it funny that I'd finally received a call from them a MONTH or so later after needing them to send a simple letter to help me with my car note. She then tries to get smug about me not paying on time and offered some type of "hardship assistance" to help but I was blessed to get the payment before needing the "help" The final piss off was when I paid off the loan (THANK GOD) but I paid the total balance online. I decided to call them to make sure the payment went through only to find out I had a remaining, get this y'all, $1.87, left to pay because the site doesn't include the entire payoff amount...That's right people $1.87 couldn't be included with the rest of my loan because..well they did really have a good reason or ANY reason at all as to why and they charged me the debit fee to pay that. I am sooo happy I am done with this finance company and their rudeness. I just know one thing, they better report my payoff to my credit on time like they were quick to report those late payments. I know THAT! Good luck to anyone with them. Haven't seen a good review about them yet and I see why.

Good afternoon SameDay Auto Finance does report to all three major credit bureaus I reviewed Mr [redacted] ' complaint, Mrhis file in our offices, and the system settings on his account to confirm that we were/are reporting on his account Today, I pulled a credit report which reflects the history on the account since inception and the correct current status of his account with SameDayAs I am unaware of the source or date of the reports Mr [redacted] is referencing, I cannot comment further.Mr [redacted] or are free to contact me to discuss further.Respectfully, [redacted]
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.
*** ***

We have reviewed the substance of Ms***'s complaint and will agree with her terms for suggested settlement We will manually adjust her account to reflect the account as paid in full, without any late payment for the month of July Due to potentially lags in the consumer
reporting agency databases, the reporting changes may not immediately reflect in Ms***'s account and may take up to one-month.Respectfully,*** ***Chief Compliance Officer - SameDay Auto Finance, LLC

Today I called Same Day Auto Finance to request an extension. They were very rude. By the way I'm calling a week in advance (Before bill due) to let them know I was laid off. I spoke with Nicole Miller, who identified herself as a manager. She was heartless and rude. I explained I was recently unemployed as of a few days ago and that I only needed this month. Well she says per policy they need a new job offer letter. Which doesn't make sense. As if I were able to find a job that easily I wouldn't require the extension. She acted as if I were asking her personally. I have always paid my car note early. Every single month and I was explaining I wouldn't request this unless I was in dire need.(which I am) . she acted very cold and was really whatever about it. She was offended when I asked to speak too someone else. I was transferred to Kevin Athron. Who started the conversation with 'I'm aware of what's going on. He didnt miss a stride in backing miss miller up. He didnt hear me out nor try to work with me. He was yelling at me. 'are you listening to what I'm saying' I asked was he the main boss. He wouldn't give me any info. I kept asking probing questions as too whom is over him. And he disconnected the call. I called back immediately and got Nicole Miller a supervisor as she identified as earlier. I asked for the corporate information and she refused. Her reasoning was she felt I was ride too her. earlier..I then said. So you are denying me the corporate she said Kevin a. Is not the owner. She told me it is public information and basically since she felt I was rude she would not release the info. They did not assist. They really didn't care.

Good afternoon.  SameDay Auto Finance does report to all three major credit bureaus.  I reviewed Mr. [redacted]' complaint, Mr. his file in our offices, and the system settings on his account to confirm that we were/are reporting on his account.  Today, I pulled a credit report which...

reflects the history on the account since inception and the correct current status of his account with SameDay. As I am unaware of the source or date of the reports Mr. [redacted] is referencing, I cannot comment further.Mr. [redacted] or are free to contact me to discuss further.Respectfully,[redacted]

Review: I purchased a vehicle from a place and had an accident during the expiration date of my insurance. The car was also wrecked during this time frame and I ran past due on one payment. During the time frame of me wrecking the car and trying to make a payment the financial institute manager has been harassing me. I understand collections for car loans are aggressive but this guy has been yelling at me hanging the phone up in my face, sending the sheriff to my place of work every other day talking to my manager and making a scene in the lobby at my job, and he has been leaving voicemails with profanity and threats. I have never in my life experienced a company cursing at me and threatening me beyond collecting a debt. This place is very disrespectful and very harassing and brutal. He even has texted me crazy text messages as well and other people I have used as a reference. Please contact me at ###-###-#### about what I can do about this because his disrespect and profanity towards me and my family and professional references are extremely nasty and cruel. I also forgot to add in there that when I tried to make a payment he denied my payments on the wrecked vehicle but he is harassing me about a totaled vehicle. I tried to make a payment to him but he would not accept the payment and he has lied plenty of times over the phone about products and services, and insurance claims, and tried to get me to lie on a police report to say the car was stolen.Desired Settlement: I just want someone else to help me with my situation. Since I did not have insurance and had a accident that totaled the vehicle I would like to settle or for them to let me file bankruptcy so they can leave me alone because they are extremely disrespectful and They continue to come to my place of employment on purpose and call my job on purpose asking for my manager and telling her my personal information and debts. That is not legal at all.


Sameday Auto Finance (Sameday) received the complaint made by [redacted]. Sameday does have a relationship with [redacted]. Mr.[redacted] borrowed money to purchase a car fmanced by my client. Mr .• [redacted] failed to pay as agreed. When Sameday's in house collectionefforts failed to result in Mr. [redacted] making payments, Sameday assignedthe car out for repossession.The [redacted] that Mr. [redacted] complains of is not an employee ofSameday. Mr. [redacted] works for the third party collection agency that theaccount was assigned. After review of the situation with Mr. [redacted],scompany, Sarneday does not believe that the alleged actions took place ascomplained about by Mr. [redacted]. Further, had Mr. [redacted] responded toSameday's attempts to resolve his payment issue or made payment timely,he could have avoided this situation all together.Sameday, however, does not condone the alleged actions of Mr. [redacted]. Itis the policy of Sameday to work with only vendors who hold themselves outto the highest standards in the collection industry. Based on its pastrelationship with Mr. [redacted]'s company and assurances that there will beno reoccurrence of this type of claim, Same day will continue to use thecompany. However, if it is determined the company is using unfaircollection practices Sameday will terminate its relationship with thiscompany.Thank you for the opportunity to respond to this complaint and should haveany further questions, please feel free to contact me on this matter.Sincerely,

Very rude staff (Brent Samuels) and a lot of miscommunication with the dealerships. The collection person acts like he's the owner of the company. Very bad company and rude unprofessional staff, pretty sure they hate their job.

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