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Sandra W Johnson Law

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The Technician that came out to install the door did not ask me about the garage door opener nor did he say the switch was not workingHe only told me that the sensors were not working and that he could replace them for $I asked him if the unit itself worked and he said yesI went to the wall mounted remote and pressed the button and it turned on and the metal hook attached moved toward the door about inches then went back to the unitI told him I would replace the sensors if that's what's wrong with itHe told me that I can buy them at any hardware store or with the manufacturerThe wires were not placed behind the original bracketsThe holes from the existing brackets were placed in a different position and the wires were over the brackets and not under like the technician with GDRC didWhen I talked to *** he said, "How were we suppose to know the garage door opener was working?" I told him that even it was working and I had not connected to the door because the door was hanging off the hinges and was damaged and I did not want the Contractor that was working with me to try and turn it on and cause more damage to the door and railsHe told me I should have told him the unit was workingI did not hire GDRC to work on my garage door openerThe service I solicited was for the garage door itself and not the openerHis company took almost weeks to do the work for me the first time including the cancellation last minute; therefore, I did not want to wait weeks that I did not have for him to send me someone to fix the openerI had no idea at the time that I hired another company that the damage was in fact done by his comapnyOnce the technician arrived, he told me that the damage was caused by the brackets being placed over the existing wires by the other technician, as stated in my previous emailThen I told him his company created the problem and his technician was trying to get more money from me knowing he cut the wiresSo the comment made by *** about the garage door opener not working in the first place is incorrectHis technician knew it was working because I turned it on while he was there and he told me, "it's only the sensors that are not working so the opener will not bring the door down since there's no safety sensors to prevent the door from coming down on someone, like a small child that is standing in the wayThat's what keeps accidents from happeningI can connect it after I install the new sensors but it will cost you and additional $95." I told him no that I would take care of it myself not knowing that he had cut the wiresI told *** that even if I had known about the problem and called him to right his wrong he wouldn't have own up to it just like he had not admitted on the phoneHe denied that his technicians would ever do something like that because they know what they are doing and he's not paying my bill, all the while yelling at me on the phone

In response to Mrs***'s complaint, she called yesterday to let me know that she had another company come out to repair her electric opener that was not workingWe installed the door on Jun the 6th and the technician explained to me he tried to get the opener to work at that time and discovered
the safety eyes were not working nor the down limit switch was working, which he showed herHe said its an old opener (years plus ) and the wires were originally behind the bracketMrs *** asked that we pay for the repairs to the wires that she had done by another companyI asked her why she didn't call us first and she said that she was in a hurry and didn't think we could get there as quickI offered several times to let us come out during the conversation and she insisted no, someone is already taken care of it I told her that its not to pay for a repair another company does without being given the opportunity to address the problem ourselves and do the repairAgain she said she was in a hurry and didn't think we could get there as quickI said I'm sorry but I cant pay for the repair another company has done just because you were in a hurryShe still insisted we pay for it because she thinks we pinched the wireNot to mention why was it not working the first time we were out there?

In July of GDRC was contacted my Mrs*** to inquire about installing a Solor gate operator at her home.At first visit and consultation, our representative spoke with Mrs*** about the fact that her dual gate systemwould need to be equipped with matched dual swing actuator operators
directly powered by electrical power source. Most of her home and surrounding property, (Including area of concern) were covered with heavy trees, vines and foliage not condusiveto the use of Solar applicationIn order to proceed we would need to have an electrical drop made at sight of gate operatorinstallShe did not want to do this because of expense or personnel reasonsSolor gate systems must have adequate sunlight be able to reach solor panel in order to re-charge battery system dailyAfter informing her this was not the mostefficient approach, she insisted that we use a solor systemGDRC installed as requested.Homeowners self-educate via the Internet and form opinions on what they see and wantAt GDRC we access, inform and reccommend equipment solutionsHowever, Mrs***, for reasons un-known to GDRC insisted on solor, against ouradviceWe installed a Solor, dual swing gate operator as instructedAll solor systems are ran through daily sunlight chargedbatteries equipped and supplied with the systemWithout the daily ability to re-charge, the system will run from it's batterysource until batteries have drained and need replacingThis process kept repeating itself at Mrs***'s residenceEachtime this occured, GDRC would re-visit, re-place the two battery system (which we would have to charge for) and encourageMrs*** to have an electrical drop performed that would allow her system to run un-interruptedShe would not! Mrs.Thornton called our office on several occasions to let us know that her gate was not functioning properly(Batteries drainedand system would not function)Each time, we would reccommend the permanent solution to her issueAs time passed,Mrs*** would get irritated with our converstions and reccommendations and turned to other providers for assistance.(GDRC company warranty policy plainly states that if other companies tamper with our equipment, this immediatelyvoids our installation warranty.) GDRC does not have any idea how many others have attempted to work on this system.In September, Mrs*** re-contacted our officeIn an attempt to service our customer, I personally returned to her hometo take a look at the systemAt this time, I could see that she had spoken to others that had offered the same reccommendationof installing direct power to her unitShe now had power source at the equipmentHowever, after junction box install, she did not contact GDRC to have her system properly wired to control box and transformer Other providers had tampered with the operator control box and installed new wrong voltage transformer within which had compromised and burned up her control board.GDRC ordered a new control board and new (proper) transformer that she did not pay forWe returned and installed new componentsfor her and system was running fine when we leftGDRC has made additional service calls and replaced batteries on several occasions in an attempt to service our customerMrs*** refuses to discuss any additional charges and now has filed complaint with the Revdex.comAt this juncture she owes GDRC moneyIn addition, she is asking that we reimburse her monies to assist in paying those who sabotaged her systemwhile voiding her warranty with usWe have tried to speak with her to discuss and resolveShe offered her position while we listened.As soon as we started speaking, she politely hung up the phoneGDRC has purposely re-engaged with our client per her request over the last month or so to try and resolveHer gate operators were working well on GDRC dime when we leftWe cannot speak to her issues with othersthat she envolved in her gate resolve, who no less also wanted to be paid for their servicesWe would still like her to pay her balance with heroriginal provider that has made her whole.Sincerely,GDRC Door & Gate

When GDRC initially came to my home to install the gate system, they were the ones that wanted to install a solar systemI did tell them that I did not have an accessable outdoor plug at that space prior to them coming to my home but there were always plugs on the outside wall next to the gateThey came out to install the gate and they came prepared to install a solar system prior to ever seeing my properhow could they say a solar system would or would not work???Why didn't they assess the home, come with equip to pull the plug from inside and/or equip to install a solar system. Until the moment a few weeks ago, that the "manager" was at my home, I had never heard anyone at GDRC say that a Solar Panel would not work! I did have electricity access directly inside my home; I have plugs on that wall that the gate is installed onThat option was never offered to meI suspicion that the "installer" that has come to my home, countless times, could not do electrical , or he did not want to go to the troubleIn fact, all of the countless times that the "installer" came to my home, he said that the Solar Panelwould work "if it was up higher" and he did not want to climb a ladder and move it up on the roofIt was placed between homes, at the bottom of the 2nd stoat the top of the 1st story, and both houses are 2+ story tallthe solar panel was place in the center of the house at this level so, knowing what I know now-that it takes "hours of direct sunlight" to charge that solar panel-per the "managers" statement that I am replying to, there is no way that this solar panel would have worked-why would he install it where he did? He is the professional Gate guy! If he had installed it at roof level it would have easily been exposed to the amt of sun the manager just stated it needed. While I apprecitate the Manager's thought that I did a bunch of research on this subject, it is not trueWhat I did, is try and find a reputable installer to come and do what they do-install a gate opener that worksIf they had told me that the solar panel would not work, I would not have told them to install it anyway!!! If I had heart trouble, I would go to a cardiologist and do what they recomend-I would not say no, I dont want a pace maker-I want a stent and hope that worksMr "manager's" response and his position does not make sense. After throwing so much money at this gate opener, and it never working, having to call my handy man to get my car out of the back yard b/c they were not coming for a week, yes I did call someone elseAnd yes-when he said I needed electircity-I told him to run itI do not believe that he ruined anything because he is a reputable Gate person and installs LiftmasterMr "Manager" stated that "Liftmaster never had product problems" but as soon as he replaced it there was something else wrong and they had to replace that part as wellCurrently, my key pad does not work-the manager tried to tell me that his "installer" did not do that-eset the key padNow why wouldn't he do that??? Agian,his response does not make sense The installer did do itHe called me, asked me what code to put in, that he needed my email to send the invoice and then immediately called my backThe "Installer" said he was instructed to collevt from me "immediately"! I called the "manager" to start communication about this conflictHe wants me to pay "at laest part" of the bill-ha! It is my thought that they owe me all the money for all the "batteries" thet installed, the $ I had to pay to te electrician, AS WELL AS THE 954$ + LABOR FOR THE ARM I HAD TO REPLACE B/C I COULD NOT GET MY CAR OUTThis would be roughly $dollars954$ for the arm, 204$-294$ time visits, plus the 580$ the gate person that was professional installer for the electricity. If this is not acceptable, then I would like to have a full refund for parts and labor and have all the GDRC, Liftmaste equipment, including the Solar panel, removed from my propercourse they would write me a check-cashiers check at the time they STARTED the removal. The "Manager" tried to say "if I had paid my bill then maybe I would have had a gate that worked"! I paid "Mr Manager" I paid and I paid and I paid!!! I am not paying any more!

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