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Dear Ms. [redacted],
Thank you for reaching out to us with your questions and concerns. I would like to take this opportunity to clarify these concerns. The term of your lease was 6-27-2016 to 7-21-2017 which is just over a year with us. You were late on your rent 7 months of the  term....

We allow a 5 day grace period to all of our tenants before the first $25.00 late fee is applied to the account. We reach out to the tenants at this point in an attempt to receive payment before rent is late again. Next, we allow another 10 days before the second late fee of $50.00 will be added to the account. There were 5 months in total that the rent on this account was not paid until after the second late fee was assessed.
I personally spoke with you about this, you informed me that you always pay your portion and that your roommate was the one that was always late thus you were tired of covering her portion. We only accept one check and we do not get involved in who owes what this is between the tenants.
When you moved in you received a deposit special of $500.00, we only allow this special if you do not have pets throughout the duration of the leasing term. If you would like to add on a pet at any point in time you must bring your deposit up to the monthly rent amount. Then you may pay the additional pet deposit and monthly pet rent. This is the standard operating procedure for any tenant adding a pet that came in on the agreement that there would be no pets in the unit. Your rental amount per month was $1,021.00, the pet deposit was $200.00 plus $10.00 for pet rent. Your deposit at the time was $500.00. To add the cat on to the lease, it would have been exactly, $521.00 to bring the deposit up to the correct amount then $210.00 to add the pet on to the lease. You would have needed a total of $731.00 to legally add said pet to your account. Our deposits and pet deposits are fully refundable so long as we receive the unit at the end of the term in the condition it was received with no pet damage. At the time your roommate came in to add the cat on January 14th 2017 the account was past due $296.00. Your roommate then gave us the $210.00 towards rent and wrote another check for $86.00 to settle up the account. Unfortunately, we cannot accept payment for a pet add on when the account is past due. This was non-refundable because it was added to the past due balance of your account, again all deposits are refundable.
The mass email to inform tenants to schedule their desired move out time was sent out on June 16, 2017, we did not hear from either party before July 11, 2017 thus you were notified of a default time. Then we received an e-mail from you the same day asking how much you owed for the month since it would be pro-rated. It did take some time to get back with you on the pro-rated amount as myself and my co-workers were out of the office a lot for turn. Rent is due on the first, your pro-rated amount should have been inquired about before the 1st, why there was a delay until the 11th we are unsure.
The very next e-mail was sent to us on your move out date, please see below;
“Hello –
I’ve sent multiple emails with no response, but I wanted to send again to let your team know that although the move-out inspection email asked if 1PM was a good time.. It likely won’t be ideal for the purpose of a move-out inspection.
Your team is more than welcome to arrive at 1PM, but our move-in date to our new place is also today.. So we have to move out and move in on the same day. The apartment won’t be vacant of people/belongings until later this evening which would make it hard to do a full inspection.
Just a heads up.
Thank you!”
There were no attempts to schedule this for another day or time. We do not allow tenants to move out past their move out date because it interferes with our extensively planned for turn schedule. Therefore, if you hold over in a unit it is $100.00 per day that you hold over in the unit. When you demanded that we allow you more time on the phone, we then informed you that if you could not complete the inspection on the agreed upon date what the consequences would be. You then said you would not pay those fees and we would have the keys on Monday, then you hung up. With all due respect, you cannot demand extension of possession when you are contractually obligated to vacate. Please review this excerpt from your lease:
Page 8, Item 15: Holdover Rents. Holdover tenancy constitutes breach of this Lease. You must remove all personal belongings from the Premises before We consider you to have vacated the Premises. In the event you remain in the premises after the expiration of the term or any renewal thereof without having executed a new written Lease, such holding over will not constitute a renewal or extension of this Lease. We may elect to treat You as one who has not moved at the end of Your term, and be entitled to all remedies against You provided by law in that situation or We may, at Our discretion, elect to construe such holding over as a tenancy from month to month, subject to all the terms and conditions of this Lease. Failure to vacate the Premises by the expiration of the lease term will result in a holdover charge of $100 per day, in addition to consequential damages and expenses caused by such holdover, such as hotel and moving expenses of future tenants, the increased cost of turnover work and could include the entire next term’s rental income (and other damages) if such holdover caused a breach of contract of the future tenant’s lease.
We may not have been available to do the move out inspection through the weekend but our contractors were working at the property every day through our turn period (7 days a week) adhering to the tight schedule. We have plenty of tenants that transition between new and old units, same day, with no problem. This takes proper planning and scheduling, which is a sole responsibility to you the tenant to coordinate according to your individual needs. We more often have tenants that must hold over in a hotel and have things stored in a storage space for several days with the understanding that they must as it is the agreed upon end of term of lease date and cannot be negotiated.
When the move out inspection of your unit was completed there were numerous items left in the unit including: 10+ boxes filled with Christmas decorations, every closet was filled with trash and random items left behind, refrigerator was filled with spoiled items, numerous alcohol bottles littered atop the cabinetry etc. The unit was in very poor condition a whole despite the extra 4 days allotted to vacate and clean the premises. We have supporting documents and a plethora of photos to support our analysis though both parties of the lease waived their right to be present at the move out inspection.
On the last page of your lease it reads “ Upon termination or expiration of the Lease, return any remaining security deposit to: “Your Roommate”, thus legally we have to send all correspondence upon termination to the aforementioned agreed upon designated contact.  On the last page of your lease it reads “ Upon termination or expiration of the Lease, return any remaining security deposit to: “Your Roommate”, thus legally we have to send all correspondence upon termination to the aforementioned agreed upon designated contact.   In conclusion, we do our absolute best to cater to the tenants as much as possible. Our owners have policies and regulations that me must adhere to. My sincerest apologies that we could not make any exceptions, the day of is just too late to work with. We wish you all the best in your future endeavors. Thank you so much, have a wonderful day. Respectfully,    Ashley B[redacted], AgentLeasing | Rental Maintenance Coordinator Hallmark Rentals & Management, Inc.

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