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Sargento Foods, Inc.

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• Jul 10, 2021

Mold before it's time
I have been a fan of Sargento slices and shreds for at least 20 years. Great flavors and so convenient! However in the last few years I have noticed that the cheese slices and less often the shreds have been getting moldy before it's time in unopened packages and definitely molding quickly a few days after opening. I keep my fridge extra cold and I try and get all air out of the pkg before sealing as well as putting back into the fridge as soon as I remove what is needed from the pkg.
My frustration level is growing and my wallet is paying the price. I am beginning to look at and try other vendors. I hope you can work your scientific magic to make the pre cut and preshreds last, at least in unopen packages. Thanks!

• Jan 18, 2021

Read newspaper through slice of cheese, almost.
Sargento has changed their 10 slice Pepper Jack cheese package from 8 oz to 7.5 oz. To compensate they slice a couple of slices half thickness and skillfully hide them through the pack. If they would put them together one could use the two together. The half thickness slices break into pieces when you try to separate them. You are not fooling anyone with the reduced weight of thinner slices. I guess I will have to go with the cheaper product since they aren't trying to fool the public. This is the second package like this I have gone through.

• Oct 17, 2020

Cheese slices sticking together
I have been purchasing Sargento MUENSTER cheese for a long period of time but now, I find that the paper deviders from the slices, are shorter each time. I have had problems trying to pull one slice off. The papers in between need to be bigger to the end so you can get them apart in one place. If you need to increase the price of the product, I would gladly pay more for the paper dividers. If you do not solve this problem in the near future, I will be forced not buying this product again.
Sorry for my English... Thank you

• Oct 17, 2020

Disappointed with moldy cheese
I purchased the Sargento Ultra Thin Mild Cheddar Slices recently. Today, I was going to use on sandwiches and there was mold on the edges of the cheese! The expiration date is not until November 20. This does not reflect Sargento's usual quality and I am very disappointed although my dogs were happy as they got the cheese!

• Sep 11, 2020

Cheese slices sticking together
Have been purchasing Sargento cheese forever but the past 3/4/5 months I have had problems with the reduced fat cheddar cheese slices sticking together and making a mess when trying to pull one off. The papers in between need to be bigger and/or the slices thicker so you can get them apart in one place. Took photos but am not able to load them.

Overall I love all the cheese products.

At late I have experience two incidents of molding 2 weeks before it's exp. date. It was purchased at Walmart Butler, MO.64730 My number is 8168059909

I would, at the very least, be reimbursed my cost. Thank you in advance for your support.

D. A. Myers III
6697 NW COUNTY RD. 1002
BUTLER, MO. 64730


Please put paper back in the cheese slices... without the paper dividers the cheese slices break apart when trying to seperate them! Very frustrating... plus they look awful if you're arranging them on a serving platter. I would gladly pay more for the paper dividers. Love the quality of Sargento products... upgrade the packaging. Thank you!

On 4/11/17, Ms. [redacted] called Sargento and told us that she had 8 packages of Sargento cheese that she thought might be involved in our recall that was issued in February.  We told her we’ll need the UPC bar code numbers and package freshness dates to determine if her cheese was...

affected by the recall.  She said she didn’t have that information with her and said she’d take pictures of the packages and call us the next day. On 4/18/17, Ms. [redacted] called Sargento and told us she has 13 packages of Sargento cheese.  Two packages were Sargento Sliced Tomato & Basil Jack Cheese with a February 28, 2017 code date.  That cheese with a March 3, 2017 was affected by the recall, but the packages she had weren’t affected.  The other packages she described were also not affected by the recall. Although none of her cheese was affected by the recall, we sent her 2 coupons, each valued at up to $4.99. Ms. [redacted] told you on 4/18/17 that she bought 16 packages of Sargento cheese. Ms. [redacted]’s story has changed several times.  None of the cheese she bought was affected by our recall.  We believe that our compensation of 2 coupons each valued at up to $4.99 is fair.  [redacted]
Senior Consumer Affairs ManagerSargento Foods [email protected]

Review: I had purchased two packages of their parmesan cheese at a local Meijer store here in Michigan. When I went to use one of the bags, I noticed mold on the cheese. I looked at the other bag and this too had mold. I called Sargento several days ago to voice my concern. I was told that something must have happened in either the temperature control or perhaps there was a hole in the bag. She assured me I would receive a replacement coupon. Not only did I not receive a coupon, I received an accusatory letter from [redacted] (Consumer Affairs Manager) saying she is surprised I have found it necessary to contact them 8 times reporting problems with the cheese packaging and that it is unusual for one person to experience this number of problems. (Perhaps other customers just return the item to the store for a refund, I don't know) She then told me to send the "unopened packages" to them. They were opened--and I would think it would be a health issue to mail that stuff back to them. Also, with the amount of cheese I purchase from Sargento, I don't think complaining 8 times over the years is that big a deal. Sargento is my preferred choice of cheese, but if they wish to treat me like I am trying to rip them off, I will no longer buy from them and advise others of the same. It is not my fault that the product got moldy before the expiration date.Desired Settlement: I would like replacement coupons for the moldy cheese.



When [redacted] contacted Sargento, our

representative confirmed with her that the packages of Sargento cheese

were unopened and she agreed to send them to us using the postage-paid

envelope we sent her. In her report to you, [redacted]

denied telling our representative that the packages were unopened, but

our telephone recording confirms that she did tell us twice during the

conversation that the packages were unopened.

We’ll follow up with [redacted], mailing her one

coupon for the future purchase of a Sargento Foods product. If you

have any questions, please let me know. Thank you.

Consumer Affairs Manager

Sargento Foods Inc.



[redacted] continues to report that she didn’t tell our representative that the packages were unopened. As I reported in my last e-mail, our telephone recording confirms that she told us twice during her conversation with us that the packages were unopened.

I have mailed [redacted] an additional coupon for the future purchase of a Sargento Foods product. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you.

Consumer Affairs Manager

Sargento Foods Inc.



[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response. If you wish, you may update it before sending it.]

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me. Perhaps in the future, Sargento should not be so quick to judge a consumer's complaints about their product. There are many people that choose to simply return the product to the store. I believe the manufacturer of the product should be notified. With the amount of money I spend (or perhaps used to spend) on Sargento, I am offended by their thinking that I am making this stuff up about their moldy products.

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