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Initial Business Response /* (1000, 16, 2016/09/28) */
Rec'd course package in Dec
Course fee $*** paid
Scheduled for in class Jan
Attended in class in Jan from 10am-3pm (hrs not 8hrs as indicated in complaint)
*** put us off all winter
saying she was not comfortable or ready to drive
When she finally called it was only wks before she was eligible to take her road test (her eight(8) month mark was almost done) Aug
We tried to book several lessons with her and her refusing every one offered so we informed *** that she wouldn't be completed on schedule due to her unwillingness to drive all winter
Never was *** ever told that she would have to drive on Mon & Wed 10-
She contradicts herself saying that we would only give her Mom & Wed 10-but yet says we refused to come before 11:30am and that I wouldn't work past 8pm or on wknds
We never told her she would have to go to *** to meet the instructorOur instructor works with students from the *** and if needed *** area students as well, in which the instructor travels to the studentSo again this is an untruth from ***
We can give a list of many business people who see me out with my students seven(7) days a wk from 8am-9pmI go out of my way for my studentsUnfortunately, in this type of business you can never please everyone
*** says that once she knew she would not get her road test in Sept (which schools have no control over the road test bookings with SNB)as there are a lot of driving schools that book as well as individuals whom have not taken courses who also book road tests
Now *** decided to wait until Dec then ask for a refund .when she could have taken that time to book her driving and her road test by Sept
All students are told at registration what the cancellation/refund policy is: Cancellation of a lesson requires a min of hrs notice or be subject to a $** cancellation feeSame fee applies for a scheduled lesson that is a no-showRefunds can be done up to seven (7) business days prior to course start dateNo refunds will be given after this time
*** was fully aware of our cancellation/refund policy
Conclusion: We here at Dornan Driving School work tirelessly to see that our students receive the best trainingOur objective here at the school is to ensure our students leave us having obtained the knowledge and skills necessary to (1) pass their road test, (2) once having obtained their drivers permit that they put their newly acquired knowledge and skills to work for them ensuring safety is #priority
That *** was in no way willing to work with us to get her training completed
That she filed a complaint against me that has no truth in it simply because she wanted a refund
We feel that we gave *** every opportunity to complete her driving portion of the courseShe completed hrs of theory, It was her decision to not complete her course in full
We don't believe that any refund is warranted to *** as she was aware of the Schools policies from the beginning and the fact she felt it necessary to lodge accusations against us to try to get her money ***.***
Initial Consumer Rebuttal /* (3000, 18, 2016/09/29) */
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I absolute do not accept this response
To starts this off, as he did at first, he has me mixed up with another clientAll information provided is alone all incorrectI was never contacted by the company so I see no way of me being able to deny going to drive? I had to call & when I did they had all my dates we're wrong from when I started & my test date
They did mention they called me & I advised it was not me as this was the first time I spoke to them since my in class
Can you prove you've called me numerous times? ***
Refuse to go driving in winter? I've had my owe vehicle since I got my beginners and i've been driving just fine rain or shine, snow or not, so that claim is outrageous & again must be the person you ACTUALLY called that was not me
*** ***
I was told by *** himself I needed to go at the time he could go at as that's all he had available, so that means I need to miss work because the company has to many students and not enough drivers? How fair is that, when you pay for a service the COMPANY makes time for the student NOT the student that has to go out of there way and miss work to accommodate the company
And yes *** you did tell me on the phone when we had our one and only conversation that I needed to go to *** or half way to meet your other instructorDeny it all you want you even told this to my motherBut props to you for trying to cover yourself on that oneNice try
*** ? ** ***$ ***? It's not even worth the money for everything I had to go through with you
I can prove you've never called meNever once I denied going to drive because you NEVER called***? ***
*** ***$***$ ***
*** *** ***
***? ***
Final Business Response /* (**00, 46, 2016/12/21) */
We were under the impression from the last correspondence from your dept that *** was not accepting anything we had proposed to bring this issue to a closeYou now say *** wants to refund if $*** vice finishing the in car driving to get her insurance rebateWe had also said that *** must remove her comments off of *** *** as well as anything else posted to social media as well as discontinue running down the school and my person as it is defamation of characterWe will mail out a cheque to *** in the amount of $*** and she will remove all comments posted to social media and this will conclude business with ***
Office: (***)***
Cell: (***)***
Toll Free: (***)***
Final Consumer Response /* (***0, 48, 2016/12/22) */
(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)
Once I receive my money *** I will do whatever It It your askingNothing until as I think I've been waiting long enough for a resolution

The following is the response to this *** complaintWe received an email from *** *** on November 24, requesting refund for a course she paid for one year ago but stated she was unable to get in touchWe feel she obviously did not try very hard to get a hold of us in that One year period, and she never left any messages nor did she ever come by the officeShe also stated in her complaint she’s looking for a refund as pursuing this course is no longer viable, but yet she had over a year to complete the course but did not*** *** pick up course package to be completed prior to attending a five hour in class day It is our opinion that *** *** had ample opportunity over the past year and a bit to complete the course had she had really intended on it from the beginning as we have had several courses that everyone that she could have participated in.
December 1, we received a complaint from *** *** that was sent to the Revdex.comHer complaint stated the following, I quote, “ September I paid for lessons including a course and hours of drivingThe course was never given nor the lessons received, but was given but no classes were provided.” Our response to miss *** statement is she was booked for the at home program and picked up the course packageShe was shown exactly what was to be done along with a detailed instruction sheetThe course was held and she was a no-show as she apparently decided to go to work insteadOver the course of the next year she had many opportunities to complete for programAt no time did *** *** contact us to reschedule or visit our office to return our program and request a refund Unfortunately every year as we near the Christmas holidays we received many calls from people wanting their money returned to them regardless whether they have done the course, partially completed or or no-shows for the course, because they are short on cash for Christmas and feel this is the easy way to get money.
To conclude, we feel that *** *** is not entitled to a refund due to the length of time as well as the ample opportunities she had over the past year of it to complete the programIt would be the same situation if she were to apply for a course at *** *** ***, pay for it and not show up and then a year later send them an email saying she wants her money back because she says they never gave the course or the training but she never contacted them or went to the school in that whole year that she was saying she could not get a hold of themBusinesses cannot run if they are made to constantly re-find clients who do not do their part and just think they can call after year and get their money returned with they have not fulfilled their partSchools would be forced into bankruptcy no time

Hello ***My apologies for being tardy in a responseI have been very sick (Crohn’s Disease) and I am now just able to get back at our responseI will get this to you ASAPAgain my apologies.Best Regards,*** ***for*** ***Owner/OperatorDornan Driving
SchoolOffice: ***Cell:(***Toll Free:(855)702-

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