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Saturn of Syracuse, Inc

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Our Director of Service will contact Ms*** to make arrangements regarding her vehicle

I'm not sure why *** *** has rejected our responseIf he would provide more information, we would, then, be able to respond

We will send *** *** the gas card and apologize for the delayUnfortunately, it is not possible for us to review her APR once the paperwork is signed and the loan fundedShe would need to refinance the loan through a lending institution such as her credit union

Complaint: ***
I am rejecting this response because:
*** ***

We have made arrangements to repair the clutch on the vehicle at no chargeMr*** is going to contact us if he would like our collision center to work on the repairs caused by the accident, for which payment his insurance coverage will be responsible

*** *** brought her vehicle into our service department on August 24th to have the heat shield resecured, the washer fluid spray checked, the battery tested, and the front window trim resecuredAll items were addressed, including the replacement of the battery, except the washer fluid spray,
which was found to be in working order.She returned on September 12th stating that she was still experiencing a vibration when braking, and stating that she had been told by a *** *** that the heat shield needed to be replacedOur technician was unable to recreate the concern, found no abnoises or vibrations, and that the vehicle was operating as designed.If *** *** *eels that this is not the case, we request that she make an appointment to take a test-drive with our advisor or technician so that she can demonstrate the issue

We need Mr*** to contact our Service Director, *** *** **., in order to work out the arrangements

We apologize for the delay. The check has been cut and will be mailed today.*** ***Director of Customer Experience
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.

We have asked [redacted] to submit an estimate for the requested repairs which we will reimburse per her request.

We can only reiterate our offer--we will be happy to recheck the [redacted] sensor--the fact that is goes on/off intermittently perhaps indicates that the sensor is faulty. This would explain why the light was cleared when the vehicle was in for service, only to have it light again the next day. Unfortunately, these are sensitive instruments for which there is no definitive test to see if there is an issue with the sensor beyond experience.We feel the offer of a 50% reduction of the cost for the tire rotation and balance is fair as this work was requested and performed. These services are not covered by the vehicle warranty.The secretary has already been spoken to and apologized for her behavior. We do not allow our employees to use or to be subjected to profane or abusive language.

[redacted] checked off the boxes to request the tire rotation and balance of his vehicle on the Night Drop sheet. His signature at the bottom is his authorization of this service.While he did make a note that he wanted to be called, there was no specification that this work should not be completed on...

his vehicle prior to his, additional, verbal authorization.As [redacted] in checking the boxes and signing his form, authorized the tire rotation and balance, we performed the work. When he brought the matter of his expecting to further, verbally, authorize the work, our manager offered him a discount of 50% at which point [redacted] became verbally abusive and declined the discount. The Tire Pressure Monitor System light was reset when [redacted] picked up the vehicle and there were no issues found. At this time of year, [redacted] lights may be triggered by variations in temperature and a number other factors. We will be happy to check [redacted]s TPMS for additional issues, at no charge, if he will agree to treat our employees with respect during this process. The offer of a 50% discount for the tire rotation and balance still stands.

The repairs to the vehicle have been completed and the vehicle is on it's way to the customer.

Our General Sales Manager is working directly with [redacted] to remedy the situation and arrange for compensation.
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted]1, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.

From** [redacted] [mailto:j[redacted]] Sent: Friday, July 29, 2016 2:26 PM To: <[email protected]> Subject: Re: You have a New Message...

from Serving Connecticut Regarding Complaint #[redacted]   im picking up the estimate up tonight after I get out of work and I will message it to you'

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because: I was told by your company that the reason my tire light was on was because of keys in my glove box that blocked signal to the tpms and that they cleared the light also the light comes on every time you start the car and move it while long periods of driving it will go out and then come back on! I did not ok the service I did not give the go ahead so why would you have a box that says check box if you want a call and price before any work is performed if you are not going to call me and tell me how much it was going to coast ? So no I will not accept anything less than a full refund 

We apologize if we omitted providing [redacted] with a receipt for the return of his daughter's vehicle, one will be emailed to him today, however, unfortunately, the return of the vehicle does not terminate tax liability.We did provide [redacted] with the license plates for the vehicle and it is...

these that needed to be turned in to the Department of Motor Vehicles in order to terminate the registration of the vehicle. Until these plates are returned, the town of [redacted] will continue to assess taxes on it. This is how all towns handle property tax assessment for motor vehicles--by the registration.At this point, [redacted] would need to negotiate with both the tax assessor's office and Hyundai Motor Finance directly in order to resolve the outstanding tax bill. If he takes the receipt to the tax assessor's office, they should be willing to amend his tax bill--although property tax bills are assessed as of ownership on October 1st of each year so he may need to pay some amount for the period from October through December of 2016. Once he has determined the correct amount with the town of [redacted], he would then be able to provide proof to HMF to resolve their charges.

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because:
[redacted] Per Hyundai’s own admission in their most recent rebuttal, the vehicle in question was in fact returned to them.  At that time, and as I have previously stated, the license plates were not returned to my daughter, [redacted].  As Hyundai has stated, license plates that are not returned to the lessee upon return of the vehicle are thereafter destroyed by their own DMV Department.  Thus, Hyundai’s own negligence in failing to return the plates to my daughter and then destroying the plates has created the incorrect personal property tax liability, which is the reason of this claim.   In order to resolve this matter, I would request that Hyundai contact the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles to advise that the license plates in question were inadvertently destroyed by their company and to furnish to the Town of [redacted] the necessary documents pertaining to the end of lease vehicle turn in.  After receipt of this documentation, The Town of [redacted] will correct the tax liability of Hyundai Motor Finance.  Only then, will I receive a corrected personal property tax bill from Hyundai Motor Finance. Again, only Hyundai can rectify this situation as the paperwork required by the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles can only come from them due to their own negligence in destroying the license plates from the returned leased vehicle.  I will not continue volleying your problem back and forth. [redacted] Tax Assessors office lists Hyundai as the owner. Hyundai must correct the problem. I will only pay, when correctly billed, the personal property tax incurred from October 1, 2016 to December 1, 2016 which is my obligation. Please be advised that I will also seek reimbursement from Hyundai if any additional time, i.e., lost work days, together with any attorneys’ fees (if required in the future), is needed to rectify Hyundai’s negligence.

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