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Scala Brothers Masonry Inc

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I have a written contract, dated 04-13-2013, with [redacted] of SCALA BROTHERS MASONRY, INC. to build three sets of stairs and a walkway at my home. The total price is 8450.00. I paid him 5825.00 for a deposit and materials. The remainder was due upon completion. I advised him of several issues with the work that was being done. This was before anything was completed. The stairs from my driveway were not built on a proper footing or to code. He built them directly onto dirt. Two of the steps are not the same size as the remaining steps. He did not measure correctly and decided, upon himself, to build the steps different sizes. He informed me after he built them, that I would not be able to install a railing on the set of stairs. I am required to have a railing. The mortar was mixed improperly and is not adhering to the stone and is also cracking. The walkway also has issues. He pitched it toward my home instead of away from the home to avoid issues with water. The wrong type of drain was put under the walkway and will not drain water from my gutter. The pavers to the walkway were installed by two people and had two different patterns. I advised him the pattern should be consistent. The bottom of my old front stairs were never torn out as it states on the contract. He built directly on top of it. The stairs were not built to center my door and a railing will not fit on the left side. The footing to the other stoop was also never removed as it states on the contract. It is also not centered to the door. I asked him why such poor workmanship was done and he responded by telling me that some of the work was done by his younger brother that he was training. [redacted] informed me everything would be repaired by himself. He came and tore up some of the walkway and parts of all the stairs. Nothing has been repaired or is finished. He has not returned and refuses to answer any of my telephone calls. He left the materials all over my yard and my driveway causing a hazard.Desired Settlement[redacted] told me he would repair everything and I expected him to do so. I expected him to remove all of my existing stairs before any of his work was ever done. This is stated in the contract. [redacted] seems to have no intention of contacting me. None of the work that he has done is usable and none of the material is reusable. I would like him to refund me in full, so I can have this redone properly.Business Response This response is in regards to [redacted] at [redacted] and his [redacted] seemed happy with the choice of stone and the work that was done before they went on vacation. There was some questions and concerns that were brought up by [redacted]'s [redacted] while they were away. I held off putting finishing the project till they came home, I meet up with them on sunday to discuss the concerns. I changed a few things to meet there needs without question, even though they said that they liked it before they left. Then the following day as I am in the middle of the changes [redacted] came home , he was insulting unreasonable and veryaggressive. He charged my worker and got in his face as well as mine itwas very uncomfortable , I thought that he was going to throw a punch. He was too unstable to come back on the property. This is the first time ive been in this situation. As far as giving them money back , considering they said they liked it and then wanted me to change it at my expense was simply unfair. We are a 3rd generation company going back to my [redacted]grandfather . We have been very busy in the last two yrs. I wish thissituation didn't happen however some people think that they can just push you around and its o.k.Thanks[redacted] Bros MasonryFinal Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)Prior to leaving on vacation the only work that had been started was the stairs coming from the driveway up to the walkway and demolition. While on vacation my [redacted] did send picture updates on a daily basis. The reason for this is that we had hesitation on his work ethic since over the past week and half [redacted] didn't show up till 10-12PM on most days or didn't show up at all (not related to weather). Once [redacted] realized the work he was doing wasn't up to code or what we had agreed upon he decide to stop working on the job July 17, 2013 Wednesday. Yes, July 21, 2013 Sunday we met with [redacted] and went over the many complaints we had regarding his work. [redacted] stated to my [redacted] and myself that he apologized for the stairs being different sizes then stated it was very hot, it must have been an oversite. Some of the steps are over 9inches tall. Please see original compliant and answer questions from the compliant. Yes, I was upset when I came home on July 22, 2013. I arrived home to see the stairs going into my home half taken off at our request because the stairs were not centered to my home and wasn't large enough to fit a railing like previously requested. The base wasn't built properly or up to code, mortar wasn't adhering to any of the stone and was cracking. When I asked [redacted] questions regarding the work he would respond in a condescending ways. [redacted] got very upset when I asked his worker how long he has been doing masonry? [redacted] instructed me not to ask his workers questions. At no point while he was at my home did I charge his worker, yes I did ask him questions because my neighbors had seen his [redacted] doing masonry work at our home (referring to his [redacted]). [redacted] sent my [redacted] a tx message for her to contact him stating "[redacted] is angry, he said talk to you however, I think that you should call me thanks". My [redacted] immediately called him. [redacted] told her that I was angry with the front stairs going into the house, he never told my [redacted] that he felt that I was aggressive only that I was angry. At no point did I use vulgar language with him or his staff. While on the phone with my [redacted] he told me to stop talking and put his hand in my face. [redacted] or his staff were not afraid of me they stayed half hour after our conversation and picked up. Then on July 23, 2013 [redacted] came to our house, didn't work, picked up his belongings. At no point did [redacted] attempt to contact us to inform us that he would not be returning to our home. In fact he didn't return 6 tx messages or multiple phone calls requesting to come up with a resolution. He simply didn't return and took all of our hard earned money. [redacted] stated that his company is a 3rd generation company, [redacted] doesn't work with his [redacted], his [redacted] or any other masonry. In fact [redacted] is currently training his [redacted] to be a mason at our expense. We don't have stairs into our home all three sets were taken down and no walkway. We no longer have $5,825.00 to repair our stairs. Our home is unsafe.

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Description: Landscape Masonry

Address: 28 Green St, Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, United States, 01545-4703


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