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Schafer's Muffler & Brakes

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 Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because:on 08/04/2015: I brought my [redacted] to Schafer's Auto Center for brakes AND oil change - please see attached documents (not just brakes)
within 48 hrs as documented by my repair bills and [redacted] triage -- not "a week or two later" as Mike S[redacted] lies/alleges in his response -- the car failson 08/06/2015: during the first drive of the car since Schafer's Auto Center did service on the car, the "Mass Air Flow Sensor" failed at highway (45+ mph) speeds on RT. [redacted] in Cinnaminson, NJ  at roughly 7PM as I was trying to merge
on 08/06/2015: after total failure of engine, [redacted] towed the vehicle to [redacted] in Maple Shape, NJ - the dealer that has traditionally serviced the car - that evening
on 08/07/2015: [redacted] diagnosed the issue as a failed MAF (Mass Air Flow Sensor) and cited the causes as "REPLACED MAF SENSOR AND AIR FILTER (FOUND DEBRIS IN MAF SENSOR DUE TO AFTERMARKET AIR FILTER)" - please see attached documents
on 09/03/2015: see attached docs, I continued to try to resolve the issue with Schafer Auto and Might Auto to no avail.  The following week, "Paul" from Mighty Auto called me on my personal phone number to discuss.
Since that time, I have been in repeated attempted contact with both Schafer's Auto Center and Might Auto Parts (Schafer's parts vendor).  I had accepted Might Auto Parts offer to compensate $493.00 of the attached repair bill.  However, since that time, Mike Schafer himself as well as his staff (Saturday manager as well as someone named "Jen") along with the Mighty Auto Part's representative have made it impossible for me to actually "get" the so called called off-set.  In fact, Mighty has sent me all the way to Schafer's location to sign "documents" that are never present, available or Mike S[redacted] is not around to facilitate.  The last conversation from Mighty Auto was scary, worrisome and unproductive.  I have tried multiple times since 11/15 to complete whatever is needed to be done with these bullies, but have only received the run-around, no call backs and no opportunity to be made whole.
It is now 12/01/2015.  I have been patiently and professionally trying to resolve this concern.  I am happy with the service done on my brakes, but as the attached photos of the parts damaged (and replaced btw) by Schafer's Auto demonstrate, I am still owed the agreed upon expense I had to suffer due to Schafer/Mighty Auto failures.  I look forward to ending this debacle as soon as Mike S[redacted] and [redacted] from [redacted] complete compensating me for undue expenses allow me to move on without fear of harassment.

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sans-serif;">From: of Metro Washington DC<[email protected]>Date: Tue, Dec 1, 2015 at 8:31 AMSubject: Fwd: id#[redacted]To: [redacted] <[redacted]>
---------- Forwarded message ----------From: Michael S[redacted] <[redacted]>Date: Mon, Nov 30, 2015 at 12:03 PMSubject: id#[redacted]To: [email protected] morning [redacted],I will start from the beginning.  [redacted] came in 8/4/2015 for brakes.  We saw he needed a air filter. After replacing the air filter he said a week or two later he said the car cut out driving.  He towed it to the dealer and they said there was a sensor bad that was caused by the aftermarket air filter.  After speaking with mike I told him I would contact the air filter manufacture.  After calling my rep. he said we will find out what we needed to do.   the manufacture called me 2 weeks later and said we need to send the air filter back to them for testing.  I called Mike and told him this.  He said he did not want to give me the air filter.  I told him we need to test it and there is not another option.  He finally said ok and dropped off the air filter on 10/8/2015. I told mike it could take a couple weeks.  I was notified 2 weeks ago around 11/15/15 that the manufacture messed up and they would pay for his bill from the dealer.  I am not sure what else needs to be done to make him happy.-- Thank youMichael S[redacted]Schafer's Auto Center[redacted]Philadelphia pa [redacted][redacted]

Review: I had brought an exhaust here to have a new one made not only did they never return my calls they made me drive there 4 times through out my old exhaust and now I have an illegal functioning vehicle as a result and I am out the money spent going through the problems with the owner refuses to make the situation any better and continued to lie to my face and take no responsibility for placing the wrong order or not placing the order not calling me back lying to me about ordering the new pipe and then trying to get me to let them work on my truck after they clearly just robbed my exhaust and assumed i'd be stuck paying for the services they never rendered. this is not the first time somebody has been screwed from this shop either giving them a used tire or welding a beer can up to fix some ones exhaust . they are hack jobs criminals and thieves.Desired Settlement: I want my old exhaust back and a written apology and or to be compensated for my lost or thrown out exhaust.



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From: SCHAFERSAUTO1 <[email protected]>

Date: Thu, May 15, 2014 at 1:28 PM

Subject: Complant ID [redacted]

To: [email protected]

Cc: [redacted]

My Name is Mike Schafer. I am the manager of Schafer's Muffler and Brake Center. A few weeks ago [redacted] came in and dropped off a pice of exhaust to me. It was broken and missing 3-6 inches and missing a flange. [redacted] wanted me to make a new pipe (custom) I told [redacted] I called [redacted] the next day and told him I can not make the pipe because it was missing a large section of it and he did not know exactly how much was missing. I also told him I that I can not make a flange and I would need to just order a new pipe. I asked him for year make model and engine size. He told me what he had, I ordered the pipe and told him it was in (it took 2 days to get). When he came down to the shop he said it does not fi. I asked him for the year make model again he told me a different application (the engine size was different) The pipe he needed now had 3 options depending on the lengh of truck (called wheel base) I asked he what was the lengtwhat he told me was not a option for that truck. He wanted me to order the pipe anyway I told him no the parts store can charge me delivery and restocking fees. He got very mad and started cursing at us. He stormed out and never called back. I through out the old rusted pipe 4 days later. He then called the next day after I though it out and wanted it back. I told him I no longer have it. I thought that when he never showed up for it he did not want it. There was no charges to the customer. Ever



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Review: [redacted]

I am rejecting this response because:


[redacted]. That is not the way it went down he lied about everything he said he was alone I have a witness to everything he said. Said you could order pipe for next day didn't happen you lost the pipe I brought in both sections you are an it i've been a mechanic for 15 years you dumb [redacted]. you run a poor business with a bad attitude and took no responsibility for ordering the wrong pipe cause you lost the other connecting piece. Also told me to my face you could have new said pipe on saturday and completely lied to my face you knew CLEARLY I SAID I WILL BE BACK FOR MY PIPE MULTIPLE TIMES YOU WERE SUPPOSE TO ORDER THE NEW PIPE NEVER DID THEN TRIED TO TAKE A DOWN PAYMENT FOR NEW SAID EXHAUST YOU .... I will be writing multiple articles on my blog thanks buddy

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Address: 1924 S. Columbus Blvd., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States, 19148


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