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Schumacher Clinical Partners

P.O.Box 731584, Dallas, Texas, United States, 75373

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• May 23, 2023

Sudden bill for brief emergency room care
I visited Mount Sinai Emergency room services at Hialeah, Dade , FL, 4/17/23, mainly to verify if I had any clog in a calf strain, and because it was my regular place of assistance when I got my checks etc. Until 4/17/23 everything was fine with MSMC. I arrived, was tested for blood pressure by a nurse, and waited by the "doctor" by 10-15 minutes, sitting at a hallway. At the same hallway the doctor saw my calf, told me to walk a little bit and told me that everything was fine, normal. he sent me home. No more tests, nothing at all. The only test was the pressure test, and no information about the doctor, or if he was a contractor, or subcontractor, his name, nothing at all. Now I received a bill about emergencies services received, and the hospital said they don't have nothing to do with that. Now, the hospital billed me and EMBCC also billed me. Nobody alerted me about that EMBCC and I never asked them for services at all. I just visited a Hospital, the Hospital I gave my confidence, and now an unknow company to me, billed me for services I didn't know I received. I checked reviews about EMBCC and are really worrisome. A lot of bad reviews.

I went into the hospital on July 22. I have insurance with Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield. I was in A-Fib and was taken to the hospital. This hospital is in my network. For some odd reason we were required to have a hospitalist, but we come to find out they were not in network. I was not alerted of that ahead of time and had no choice to the matter. I then got a bill for $2510.00 a couple days ago. I do not think this is right. I could not choose this and don't feel I should have to pay for it. I called this company and they just said well we are not in your network so you have to pay for it. Invoice #XXXXXXXX

Desired Outcome

Other (requires explanation) I don't want to be responsible for this bill. We met our deductible and should be paid through the insurance, because again we had no choice on the matter.

Schumacher Clinical Partners Response • Oct 25, 2019

Good morning my name is Kassandra I am working your account through our company EMBCC. After reviewing the account, I do see the insurance has denied the claims for "THIS SERVICE EQUIPMENT DRUG IS NOT COVERED UNDER THE PATIENT S CURRENT BENEFIT PLAN". Normally when you go to the facility in these conditions the facility may be in network with the insurance, but the physicians may not be. However, I do see you called into our office on 10/23/19 and stated that the claims are being reprocessed by insurance. With that being done I can place the accounts on hold for an additional 45 days and this will prevent any collections activity. This will give it time for the insurance to reprocess and make payment. After the reprocess has finished and there are any new balances your billing cycle will start fresh and we will contact you first before sending your account to collections. I hope this solves your issues for the time being, again any further balances we will contact you with a new statement. I apologize for any inconvenience this may be causing you, if you have further questions or concerns feel free to contact our office at 888-703-3301. Thank you and have a great day.

My ex wife sought emergency room care for her son. I was divorced from her prior to services sought, yet a collection is on my credit report for $30.
I contacted the original biller two years ago, and provided them a statement and my divorce paperwork from the court showing that I was not married to *** or providing a medical insurance coverage for her.

Desired Outcome

Please seek to have this collection removed from my credit report and have the primary responsibility assigned to *** of

Schumacher Clinical Partners Response • Sep 19, 2019

Good morning my name is Kassandra I am the one working your account through our company EMBCC. I was unable to locate an account, if you can provide more information. Such as an account/invoice number or patient's information such as name, date of birth or social. I am happy to assist you on getting this issue resolved just need a little more information if that's possible. Thank you for your patients. You can also feel free to contact us at 888-703-3301.

I don't have a bill with this company
February 12,2019

Desired Outcome

Except this issue to be removed from my credit and refunded to me for my inconvenience.

Schumacher Clinical Partners Response • Jun 12, 2019

Good afternoon, my name is *** I am handling your account on behalf of the complaint that was submitted. Unfortunately at this time I am unable to locate a bill as I need more information on you. If you are able to provide a date of birth for me I can see if I can locate a bill. Unfortunately your name is to common in our data base and I am unable to locate an account at this time. Thank you for your patience.

I received treatment and was billed through Delmarva Emerg Phy. They are out of network. My insurance company requested additional info to pay the company at my out of network agreement. They submitted incomplete info and then are entitled to bill me at full price. I explained to them I recently recovered from cancer and I have a lot of medical bills and technically the amount due here is not my fault. I agreed to pay them a small amount monthly and have not missed a payment. I keep receiving final notices and today was told the payment is not acceptable and this will go to collections. This company is wrong all the way and it's fraud.

Desired Outcome

Billing Adjustment I would like the bill to be adjusted to the out of network amount due less my payments and I will pay the amount. Worst unhappy case keep accepting my payments.

Schumacher Clinical Partners Response • Jun 13, 2019

Good afternoon, my name is Kassandra I will be working your account through EMBCC. After reviewing your account I did get approval to offer you a 75% prompt pay discount for a onetime payment of 340.00. Now this will be to settle the account. If that is not possible for you we can continue the budget plan for 25.00 a month. Please contact our office with your decision at 888.703.3301. Feel free to ask for myself. Thank you for your patience and look forward to hearing from you.

Customer Response • Jun 14, 2019

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
If the company had submitted the correct documentation I would have been responsible for 30% of the bill. This balance due is not due to my error or fault but rather the company for not complying. I am prepared to make a final one time payment for 30% of the balance. I will also file a complaint with my local attorney general in response to these business practices as this is unethical.

Disputed since 8/8/18 as no treatment/consult received from doctor they keep trying to bill me for.
06/11/18- Invoice #26XXXXXXXXX is now in collections due to a charge for a doctor disputed immediately upon receipt. All other charges I did pay cash for as a self pay.

As I was not examined, consult with or receive treatment, by any doctor during this visit I do not owe for a doctor visit or time.

I have been disputing this charge since 08/08/18 as soon as this bill appeared 2 months after paying all other bills in full.

Numerous phone calls finally got me to a manager, Alex *** under a different company name, Clark Schillinger Emergency Group PC, answering phone as Schumaker Patient Advocacy Department, all with the same mailing address of PO Box XXXXXX, Dallas, TX as this Belle Chasse Emergency Group.

Although a discount from $690 to $345 to $200 was "given" me after months of disputing this false charge, they have now turned this over to collections.

As no doctor charges are owed by me which needed to be discounted 2 months after the xray and hospital visit I want this removed from my account and collections.

It would be different if I had been examined or seen by a doctor, but as none examined or consulted with me, I simply do not owe any more for this visit than I already paid in full and this is a fraudulent charge and the entire amount needs to be removed and waived, not discounted and placed in collections.

Desired Outcome

I need the Schumacher Clinical Partners, Schumacher Patient Advocacy Dept./Medarx, and any other business they are billing me under or associated with (Belle Chasse Emergency Group) with the same mailing address for billings to remove these charges from account #26XXXXXXXXX and stop all collection actions immediately and correct my credit report.

Schumacher Clinical Partners Response • Mar 28, 2019

Good afternoon, after further review account was reviewed and care was appropriate. A discount was applied for the patient which brought the balance to 200.00. At this point charges do stand as is. Thank you.

I just found out I was billed for $1200+ on Dec 11, 2018 when I LIVE IN WASHINGTON STATE since 2017! Apparently they DONT check information to make sure its authentic and not someone else! Now I have to fight this claim and try to fix my credit! *** this place!

Having been displaced, along with my elderly parents, from Panama City FL by Hurricane Michael I was in Alabama and had to visit Andalusia Health ER for severe stomach pain XX-XX-XX & 10-23-18. Received a *** from Moore Emergency Group LLC with the heading Schumacher Clinical Partners for 2nd visit ER Dr. dated XX-XX-XX of $1374.00 which I paid by check since I am uninsured. My father Phillip, who has Medicare, was at the same facility for a shoulder injury on 10-15-18. He received a Medicare statement dated XX-XX-XX with the same charge of $1374.00 but the correct charge was listed as $96.23. I then received a *** from Moore dated XX-XX-XX for my 1st visit ER Dr.s of $2028.00. The Medicare correction for this charge makes it $142. The total correct charge for my 2 ER visits is $238.23. After filing a complaint with against Schumacher I received a *** dated 1-2-19 for $2028 with the heading EMBCC Patient Services instead of Schumacher. I received another *** of $2028 from Moore/EMBCC dated X-XX-XX with their threat to begin collection activities.
Product_Or_Service: Emergency Health Care
Account_Number: Invoices 19XXXXXXXXX

Desired Outcome

Refund I want a refund $1135.77 from Moore Emergency Group LLC.


Desired Outcome


Made an agreement to pay $25.00, now they are saying I have to pay more or they will send to collections
On July 18, 2018 I received a medical bill from the above listed entity (Account #50XFXXXXXXXX, amount $260.22 I called their customer service and made an agreement for me to pay $25 a month due by the 3rd of the month, because I am on disability and only make $1077 a month, this amount I have to pay my bills and buy food with. I paid $25 on July 18, XXXX XXXXXZ authorization code) and I again paid $25 August 1, 2018 (by their email site). This morning my phone rang but then hung up. I called the number back and it was these people. I asked why were they calling because I had already paid them and it had already cleared the bank. The lady then went on to say well I don't see an agreement in the notes and we can only do it for 26.and some change I told her, no, I already made an agreement for $25 because it was all I could afford, plus I had already made a budget with that amount because the person on the line told me yes for that amount. Then the lady that called today said let me clear this with my supervisor after a 4 minute wait she came back on and said, the supervisor said no, to the $25 it had to be $26 (and some change) or they would send it to a collection agency. which I immediately voiced that that was not fair, that I am making an attempt in good faith to pay this bill off, and also I made an agreement to pay $25 in good faith with the company on July 18, 2018.

Desired Outcome

That this company honor my verbal agreement with them that was made in good faith on July 18, 2018, for payment for $25 a month, and not to send the bill to collections (unless I just don't pay it).

Schumacher Clinical Partners Response • Aug 07, 2018

After reviewing the account we have approved the 25.00 for 9 months. I have already set the account to 25.00. I called and spoke with fiancé' *** and advised Ms. can continue making 25.00 monthly payments. We consider the concern closed.

Customer Response • Aug 08, 2018

(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)

On July 02, 2018 I had gone to have a rash on my arms and neck looked at by Cortland Convenient Care at 1129 Commons Ave, Cortland, New York XXXXX. I'm currently a teacher in Japan and had been home visiting my family when the rash had occurred. Due to the fact that I'm living outside the United States I don't belong to a U.S. insurance provider. Despite this, the staff at Cortland Convenient Care agreed to see me as their patient. After roughly 15 minutes of some basic testing, the doctor informed me that she didn't know the source of my rash, but that the treatment for it would be through taking some steroid pills and using some over the counter creams. It is now more than 2 weeks later and neither the pills nor creams that were recommended have effectively treated my rash.
On top of this, a couple of days ago my father received a bill for my short visit to the clinic, again roughly 15 minutes, from Schumacher Clinical Partners for $501.00. The invoice number for this bill is: 25XXXXXXXXX. I understand that being in a situation where I don't have insurance in the U.S. would mean that I would have to pay a higher amount for medical services than those who do have it; however, $501 for a 15 minute visit would mean that I'm paying roughly $2,000 an hour. $2,000 an hour for a medical service that didn't effectively solve my health issue. This outrageous charge is absolutely unreasonable.

Desired Outcome

Billing Adjustment I would like to have my bill reassessed by Schumacher Clinical Partners, and brought to a reasonable amount.

Schumacher Clinical Partners Response • Jul 26, 2018

Schumacher has received the concern and have called and emailed Mr..
Good Morning,
My name is Nicole with Schumacher Clinical Partners and I am reaching out to resolve the billing concern. I understand your frustration behind the charge, however, the billing is based off the coding and not the time frame of the visit. I have reviewed your invoice and do not see any contact from yourself. If you can call me at XXX-XXX-XXXX and ask for myself, I will be more than happy to assist you with payment options. I hope to hear from you soon.

Thank you for your time,
Nicole Moses
Patient Appeals Representative

4849 Greenville Ave, Suite 400 Dallas, Texas XXXXX

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Customer Response • Jul 27, 2018

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I called Ms. Moses back at the number she'd left me in the email she'd sent. After stating that I was returning Ms. Mose's call, the staff at the office then asked for my reference number. Once I'd given the lady the number, she said that I needed to be forwarded to another department at X-XXX-XXX-XXXX. I talked with a gentleman there I believe by the name of Dustin. After he asked for my phone number, he then said that his department hadn't received my information yet and that they should receive it from the main office by Monday so to give a call back then. Ms. Moses stated that the amount owed falls under some kind of coding and not the time frame of the visit. I would like to know how that amount of money was decided and under what kind of coding determined that massive bill. Especially after the clinic's bill for $158.96 has already been paid. This additional $501 is a mystery to me as to what it's for exactly.

Schumacher Clinical Partners Response • Aug 01, 2018

At this time Schumacher is waiting for Mr. to return my call at XXX-XXX-XXXX. I have left two voicemails and two emails.
Good Evening,
My name is Nicole with Schumacher Clinical Partners and I am reaching out to resolve the billing concern. I understand your frustration behind the charge, however, the billing is based off the coding and not the time frame of the visit. I have reviewed your invoice and do not see any contact from yourself. If you can call me at XXX-XXX-XXXX and ask for myself, I will be more than happy to assist you with payment options. I have left two voicemails and when calling please ask for me (Nicole Moses). I have left instructions on your account as well to make sure any agent forwards you to me. I hope to hear from you soon.

Thank you for your time,

Nicole Moses
Patient Appeals Representative

4849 Greenville Ave, Suite 400 Dallas, Texas XXXXX

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In Feb. of 2016 I made payment arrangements of 105.75$ for 12 months! All payments were taken directly from my checking account. March 2, 2018 should have been the last payment. On April 2, 2018 another 105.75 was withdrawn from my account. I called the company to get my money reimbursed and I'm being told by an operator that my case has been escalated to the (whatever) department that looks at the claims, but so far nothing as to when I will get my money back! I've called at least once a week but I cannot even talk to the person who is handling my case. There is no way to find out when I will be reimbursed! They are rude and the lady that I talked to today hung up on me when I asked for the address of the business. I want my money back.
Product_Or_Service: medical bill repayment overpayment

Desired Outcome

Refund refund of my money in a timely manner!

I thought this was resolved and it is back again.
My original complaint was 12/12/16 - -
My wife went to the Ochsner Baptist Hospital Emergency Room and saw a doctor from this group. They billed us for a few minutes with on of their doctors for $1,924.00. They did not file with my insurance and they had my wrong address where they sent the bill. I found out about this bill when threatened to be turned over to a collation agency. The only number listed for them in New Orleans is an 800 number to a call center in GA. They give their address at the local hospital where we went. Can't find a local person, local number or local location for this company. I'm not sure how to resolve this issue.

Now a collection agency has contacted me again with the same issue.

Desired Outcome

I was never billed and my insurance company was never contacted by this company. When it can up in 2016 I was told that they filed with the insurance company and resolved this issue. I've never seen a bill from them.

I went to JRMC, Pine bluff Arkansas walk in clinic 10/21/2017 to get a written prescription for only some amoxicillin for antibiotics for tooth abscsus since those cannot be uplifted over the counter. A nurse came check my mouth to make sure that what I needed it for and wrote me the antibiotics. Two weeks after two bills came for me one from Jrmc for $150 and other from schunacher clinical partners for $716.
I call jrmc as asked why the two bills and why so high charge for writing a mere prescription and they told me the $150 charge is for the hospital routine testing and the 716 I needed to call shemacher clinical partners.

I paid jrmc and call Schumacher and disputed the bill in January and they told me to give the 45 days to resolved it. . I called after 45dayd they has no info to give me but still sent me the bill for 666 taking my insurance discount. I call them again today march 12,2018. And ask abojt the dispute and after a long wait the preventative is to tell me that they give me a half percent discount and I have to pay by april 21. How they cannot take away the charge fully.

This is u fair cause they charging so much for a written prescription which I had to purchase with me own money. They didn't perform any medical or surgery on me so why the high fee.
Account_Number: 04xXXXXXXXX

Desired Outcome

Billing Adjustment Not be charge anymore money simce my insurance already paid $50 . which can coverwritten prescription.

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