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Sclamo's Appliance & Furniture, Inc.

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To Whom This May Concern:In previous conversation I was advised to write a letter etc. regarding Sclamos Store located at [redacted]. I purchased box spring and mattress for myself and 2 additional mattress on July 29, 09. I was unable to sleep on mattress, because it was divide by 2 box springs the hump in the middle was very uncomfortable. The bed was exchanged. In Sept 20, 10 the mattress had a sagging in middle, I weigh 110 lbs at that time. I am the only one who sleeps in the bed and no overnight guests. They exchanged it complaining that nothing was wrong with the mattress. I have not been able to sleep on mattress because the same sagging has happened again. I called [redacted], he was not very pleasant and said he wasn't doing anything (i.e. nothing wrong with last one was his remark). He referred me to another # saying it was mgf., not sure what that place was. They were rude, said they wouldn't replace either because the warranty was broken when Sclamos replaced the previous mattress, they didn't replace box spring.I feel that they have taken advantage of me, and have refused to replace mattress. I will take a firm one if we can work something out, also it should be a complete exchange according to them if the set is broken so is warranty. Please contact me at [redacted].Thank you, [redacted]Dream WorldOrthopedic mattress1633CFR (fire proof) MarquisBusiness Response The original mattress set was bought in July of 09. It wasn't a high end unit but it was of very good quality. It was NOT an entry level set by any stretch. As with many mattresses today, this one had a very thick pillow top to it. The "pillow top" on a mattress is simply an extra layer or two, or three in some cases that is layered on top of the supporting foundation. This give the mattress a plush feel to it but has nothing to do with the underlying support system.It is normal for the "pillow top" to compress from the person's body weight. I have this same issue with my [redacted] mattress at home. That's why at least once or twice a month we rotate it so that it wears evenly. This compression is normal and is not considered a defect by the manufacturer. When [redacted] began complaining the first time we did, as an accommodation, give her the benefit of the doubt. We exchanged the mattress with a brand new one of the same exact make and model. I'm not sure the exact time frame that transpired before she called complaining about the same issue, but she did contact us again with a complaint. By that time we had sent her original mattress back to the manufacturer who determined that there was no defect in it. The "sag" she was complaining about was a simple body impression in the pillow top. The support system of coils and such underneath were in perfect condition. They reported to us they even cut the unit open to inspect it to be sure. They also informed us at that time that although they would cover the first one under warranty they would not do so again if it were for the same problem.Considering this, we wanted the customer to be happy so we agreed to take the unit back (knowing the manufacturer was NOT going to take it back from us) but, we stipulated that she should pick out a higher level unit with an even greater density coil count. We would give her full credit, all she would have to pay would be the difference in price between the two.So, full circle....... she has had this mattress now for about 4 years. The owner has offered to re-extend his original offer of upgrade. If [redacted] would like to go with a different mattress, a higher quality unit with a greater coil count we will give her full credit for the old one. She will only be required to pay the difference. He has even agreed to waive any delivery and / or pick up charges on the new one.The only stipulation is this. These units are covered by a Manufacturers warranty only. Sclamos is an acting agent when we sell these, just as it is when we sell a Whirlpool washer for example. Once the product is in the home of the customer it is up to the factory to correct any defects. Quite frequently we will, especially if problems are noted at delivery or shortly thereafter, take responsibility ourselves to correct a problem. Beyond that it is up to the factory to determine if and when and item gets replaced due to manufacturing defects. For this reason, If [redacted] experiences the same type of problems down the road she will be required to deal directly with the factory to settle her problem. We can not afford to keep exchanging mattresses for her.If this is acceptable to her have her come into the store with her original bill of sale and we will have some one happy to work with her to pick out a new, hopefully, more suitable mattress.[redacted], thanks for contacting me on this.Sincerely, [redacted]Business Response [redacted] did come in to the store to look at mattresses. The idea was to have her upgrade to a better quality product with a higher coil count (higher coil count means more support). She came in and wanted to purchase a mattress of lower cost and quality. Our associate explained to her that our offer to her was for her to upgrade to a better product not go down. That she could purchase one of equal value (money wise) or higher but not go down.We have many different types of mattress available with all different levels of support. We also have some very affordable "memory foam" mattress (think Tempurpedic) that are considered the absolute best type of support for people with back issues.[redacted] has declined any of these options. At this point I'm not sure what we can do for her. As we discussed earlier, the manufacturers position on her unit that she returned originally was that there was nothing wrong with it.I'll review this case with the owner one more time to see if he has any other accommodation that we can offer her, but truthfully, I'm not sure what we can do, especially considering the age of her unit. I'll get back in touch with you in the next couple of days when I know more.Thanks,[redacted] Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)I went to Scalmos to see if they had anything compatible to the $699.00 bed that was purchased through them. I looked at several beds and they do no have much of a selection, regarding what I want to replace it. They don't not even have any types of mattress that are the same type I already have. The bed they offer are pillow tops, , that's not what was purchased originally. They also offer foam that again is not what I originally ordered . I believe that due to the position they have put me in they have nothing to offer me regarding the same type of bed regular mattress. The other mattress did have a direct sinking hole in the mattress regardless of what they claim. I was given 100.00 mattress for the return if the other one leaving the balance at @599.00 instead of $699.00 I believe the only other way to resolve this matter is to refund the money they do not have the mattress top that is the same, therefore I am not sure what to do . Also that bed wasn't used for a year because I couldn't sleep in it I use another mattress in a different room.Business Response Hi [redacted], I"m not sure what else we can offer [redacted]. We're simply not going to do a refund on an item that was purchased over three years ago. Currently we have 16 different mattresses on display of various types, firmness ratings, etc. To say we have nothing to offer is simply not the case. Almost all better quality mattresses today will have some type of "pillow top" to increase comfort. This has nothing to do with the support as that is largely a factor of the coil count.We have a number of non pillow top units, (mostly lower end and not what she needs) but we do have one higher grade unit that would serve her well. It has an extra firm rating with a foam encased 660 count coil support system. This unit is only $498. If she chose this unit which is less money than her original purchase we would return the balance due to her in the form of a store credit which could be applied to any other item in our store, furniture or appliance.We also have the Memory Foam units. These types of mattresses are recognized to be among the best for people with back issues. My wife has scoliosis and has been told by her chiropractor that this is the best thing for her. The next mattress that I purchase for myself will be of this type. The best one we have is $699 (comparable to the one [redacted] sells at $999). This is exactly what she paid for her first one so there would be no balance due at all. So again, to re-cap. The best offer that we can give [redacted] is a full store credit that she can apply to any mattress that we have at least $499 and up. Any difference in price will be returned to her in the form of a store credit, or if she selects something of higher value she would need to pay the difference.[redacted], thanks for you help on this one.Sincerely, [redacted].Consumer Response [redacted] I spoke with today the results of the mattress are worse with the new mattress.I purchased another mattress set that included another $100.00 [redacted] informed me that the mattress would not sag, unfortunately the set is worse than the old one. [redacted] came out on the 13 of dec with [redacted] to see the hole naturally she will say she doesn't see anything,she wants her job. I feel it was a biased decision. They refuse to come get the bed I have slept in it 4 times, my grandsons slept over the other night. The next morning I came down to find [redacted] sleeping on the floor and the other one on the couch that's not good they are13 n 15 if they can't sleep in it that's pretty bad children can sleep anywhere. Sclamos refuses to come get the bed and they told me I need to deal with the manufacturer they are not dealing with me and are not exchanging the mattress. I need a stove that I could swap for the bed frankly they are a lower end place and they do not back up anything they sell. I would just like to get the bed I wanted in the beginning and they said they would give me the difference in cashI notified the manufacturer a d sclamos needs to call them and they still have not called them the protocol is they call manufacturer and they get In touch but they have still not called. Please let me know what to do now thank you[redacted]

Dryer repair service call was $65 and the problem was not fixed. A second visit was set up with an estimate of $99 to complete the repair. When repair was completed the cost was $206 for a part that costs less than $50 and ten minutes of work. Waste of $270 - could have bought a new dryer instead...Product_Or_Service: Dryer RepairDesired SettlementPartial refund of $155Initial Business [redacted] Contact Name and Title: [redacted] / [redacted]Contact Phone: XXX XXX-XXXXContact Email: [redacted]@sclamos.comThe $65 is a standard fee that covers the [redacted] techs trip time and initial diagnostics to find the problem. Most [redacted] companies get upwards of $90 or more for this.Our [redacted] manager did confirm however that the job was quoted at $99 to complete the repair including the parts and labor to install (tax not included). Somehow this was not communicated properly to the actual technician who completed the work. The job should have been billed at $49.95 for parts, $50 for the labor, and $3.12 for the tax, Total $103.07. If Ms [redacted] accepts, I will have our book keeper mail Ms [redacted] a refund check in the amount of $103.18 ($206.25 amount paid - $103.07 correct amount). I apologize to Ms [redacted] for the mix up in the billing and for her inconvenience.

I went to sclamos and had numerous issues with them and the products, when going down to try and resolve issue the [redacted] was very rude and and yellingi originally went into sclamos [redacted] st worcester ma to purchase a refrigerator on December 21 2013. I found a used refrigerator totaling [redacted] with delivery and removal also included 90 day warranty, had the fridge delivered on december 24 2013. About 2 weeks later I started hearing a banging noise, contacted sclamos and they sent out tech who said the fridge had a bad compressor and needed a new fridge. Went down to sclamos and picked out a new fridge Jan 2014. Had refrigerator delivered and 3 weeks later fridge was making banging noise and was compressor. contacted sclamos and spoke to manager [redacted] Who told me I can take store credit or get another fridge, so I decided for them to come and pick up fridge and I take store credit. The delivery men came to get fridge and couldn't get fridge out of my place and was going to have to have someone else to come and get fridge. [redacted] the [redacted] allowed me to use my store credit even tho the fridge was not out of my place yet and that not being my fault. I Decided I would use my store credit towards brand new couch set thinking nothing could go wrong with something being brand new. I Went into store on March 5th 2013 and purchased a set of couches totaling [redacted] including [redacted] delivery which was going to take 3 weeks. I made it clear to the employee [redacted] helping me and my sister that I wanted the Brown and tan set, she pointed at the chair of that style and said this color correct and I said yes. We went back to counter and she did paperwork on my purchase writing down my info, she wrote on my receipt model numbers and sofa loveseat set and thats it and told me when the set comes in in 3 weeks they will call me to set up delivery to my home. Finally I received a call and set up delivery for Friday March 22 2013. The delivery men came and originally having trouble with couches, so my neighbor said he would help them get couches in because they just had couches in and knew how to get them in. he opened plastic on couch outside and I saw that the couches were not the correct color so I told the delivery guys and they ended up bringing them back to store because those were not the couch I asked for. I contacted Store and spoke to [redacted] who told me I ordered those couches and thats what the receipt indicated. The receipt Never indicated color it only had model numbers in which [redacted] was the one who entered that information in and knew I wanted brown set, I asked to speak to [redacted] and was told he would be in till monday and to come talk to him then. I went into store on Monday March 24th 2014 with my sister and my son. I Spoke to [redacted] and was explaining my complaint and trying to see what we could to to resolve issue. immediately he became rude and raising his voice at me telling me as a consumer im supposed to check model numbers in which I had no access to. He told me its my fault and her word over mine and if that employee was to have died in a car accident that day that there is no proving that I ordered a different set. He said that the only thing he could do was to Charge me a 20% restocking fee for a mistake that was his employees, and charge me another [redacted] delivery charge costing me way more money that I cannot afford so my sister said to him that theres no way thats happening because this was not my mistake so he said I will give you a refund but you are being charged 20% restocking fee and the original delivery charge and again my sister said no and he got into her face nose to nose and started yelling at her telling her [redacted] happens and thats all he can do. I left store and went to other location and explained to [redacted] and brother how I was treated, he calmed me down and said he will take care of it and will help me figure it all out took my info and said he would call me by that Wednesday March 26 2014 . He never called and I gave him a few days more untilled he called. By April 2 2014 I still didn't receive call so I called Desired Settlementi have not received refund and they keep giving me the run around saying the bookkeeper is not there... I am very upset that I have had to wait so long, I am also pregnant and have nothing to sit on or have the money to go else where because they are giving me a hard time about refund Business Response After reviewing the information we have decided to issue a full refund to the customer. When the clerk wrote up the sale the color and style were not indicated on the receipt which is normal practice. Although the clerk states that she thought the customer requested the color that was delivered. There is no way to verify one way or the other. For this reason we will assume the customer is correct and wanted the other color.A partial refund of [redacted] was mailed on 4/3/14. The balance due of [redacted] will be mailed this week.

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