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Scottish Inn

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I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find that this resolution
is satisfactory to me.
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Initial Business Response /* (1000, 14, 2016/05/13) */
Our rates starts from plus taxAnd it goes up to plus taxWe had advertised for the rate plus tax but it's for limited roomsIf that rooms are sold them the rates are plus tax that is $ So we had not charged him
more priceAnd I apologize for the inconvenience

[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response. If you wish, you may update it before sending it.]
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find that
this resolution is satisfactory to me.
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Terribly sorry for the late response letter to the, But I wanted to assure you that we have already processed a full-refund to [redacted], and have already spoken to him several weeks ago about this matter. If there is any other things that you may need from me you may contact me via email...

at Scottishinnspa@[redacted].com.Thank You,Sunny P

Review: I booked a room for 4 days with the Scottish Inn because the advertisement said the rooms were newly renovated and the owners only took over the motel two years ago. When I checked in, we opened the room and the carpet looked the same as the old owners had when I grew up in Sparta, over 30 years ago. The carpet had numerous stains from wall to wall. I was so disgusted that I was afraid to even pull back the sheets. The chair in the sitting area also had stains on it as well. This room was so disgusting that I did not even want to pull back the sheets on the bed. I decided that I did not want the room and the owner tried to show me other rooms to change to, but every room was exactly the same. Advertising a newly renovated room is a complete lie for this business to be conducting. Then I told the owner I want my money back and I will not stay there. He charged me $50.00 because of the first night stay and did refund me the rest of the money, but I should have received a full refund. If I did not call to cancel the first night I can understand of charging me for the one night stay, but I did show up and check in and the room was nasty, so I feel I should have had the full refund.Desired Settlement: I feel I should have my remaining $50.00 dollar refund returned to me and also this business should be reported to other customers that this business is nasty, rude customer service and should not be a part of the

Review: check into scottish inn [redacted] the room had a strong smell of unrine. the phone didnt work the first two days I was there I got lock inside the room I couldnt get out and the phone wasnt working to call the front desk for help I call on my cell phone for help I was very scare because there were no other way out to of the femele house keeping came and unlock the door [redacted] never came this was around 12:00pm that friday evening that night round 7:00pm the [redacted] came knocking on the door claiming that someone had been calling the front desk hanging up from my room I told him no one has been calling the phone dont work he got mad and loud the phone do work so I when to the office the lady at the front claim that someone had been calling every minute since 3:00 pm hanging up I told her that I had been gone since 12:45pm and had just return she then said that it must be something wrong with the phone after I told her that the phone was not working I told her that[redacted] seem to be anrgy she said oh he just drunk.the phone wasnt working and there knew it instead of saying we doing repair and checking to see is the phone working the lie like someone calling every minute since 3:00pm to 7:00pm hang upDesired Settlement: apology and dont make up something because of your negligence make repair for safety because my life could have been in danger when locked inside the room





This is in response to ID # [redacted], a complaint submitted on 9/6/2013.

As you must know that in the hotel business we come across issues time to time. In this case, I would simply ask you to read the complaint itself. Often it happens that when a customer is not happy for some reason, they tend to call agencies such as yours to hurt business. [redacted] did not inform anyone upon checking in that the room smelled of urine. Personally I would not stay at a hotel even for 5 minutes if the room smelled like urine. [redacted] decision to stay communicates to me that she was satisfied with the room. She claims that she was locked IN for 2 days at the same time she claims she had been out since 12:45 pm until evening....... Upon checking out, [redacted] was looking to stay another couple of days for free at our hotel. She claimed that the phone didn't work yet it was working just fine when the maintenance man checked it within minutes of her claim. [redacted] repeatedly complained in hopes of refund and/or free stay at the hotel. [redacted] was very upset when she was told she had no claims to ask for a refund or longer stay at our hotel. Another thing, It is not our policy to tolerate drinking on the job by our employees nor is it our policy to share issues as such with our customers. In fact, I would not think any hotel employee would share with a customer that their employee is drunk. [redacted], over the years in business we have come across normal issues and it is our policy to do our best to make our guest stay very comfortable. Unfortunately, we do not refund nor do we allow guest to stay for free based on false claims as this. I am sorry to say [redacted] did not have a good experience upon checking out of the hotel, but it was not due to any negligence on the part of the hotel or its employees. If you should have any questions, you may reach me at [redacted].


Review: On fri 5/30 I reserved a room through at the establishment Scottish Inn. It was in close proximity to where I was volunteering that day for an LPGA event. To my understanding, I was reserving the room. I subsequently entered the establishment at 10:30 am (to with I was required to be buzzed in to the office) to inquire as to when check in time was. The owner stated 3:00pm. I informed him I would be there much later and I left the property not comfortable with the cleanliness of the facility and the smell of mold. As a physician, I do not wish to stay in any place with mold spores. Within an hour, I called to cancel my reservation. The owner went into a tirade and said that he already charged my[redacted] account and NO REFUNDS. The gentlemen is not from this country and his rhythm of speech was very fast and strained. I attempted to argue my point that I did not utilize his services, did not check in at 3:00 pm and would like my money refunded, but got nowhere. I ended the conversation and later that evening stayed at the [redacted] for an additional $87.00. The fee at the Scottish Inn $84.54. The owner was unprofessional in his manner, did not wish to converse. I called my credit card company dispute department @[redacted] who experienced the same with this gentlemen. This should be noted for future people who use his business. He also called my cell phone on two occasions that evening 12:07 and 1:33 am. I did not answer.Desired Settlement: 50% of the room fee or $43.00. That would be fair. I understand he has a business.

I booked a room online for the Scottish its not an inn. its a motel. I was in line at front desk waiting to check in and the couple in front of us were trying to get a refund. they payed for several nights and the night before in their room they have roaches. and didn't want to stay any longer but the manager wouldn't give them their money back. I got my turn to check in and really didn't want to stay in a roach motel. so I asked to cancel my reservation, since I went through [redacted] he said I had to call them to get permission. so I went out to the car, I was late for a meeting went to meeting, on brake call [redacted] and they called the inn and first time no answer, second time they tried he answered and told them no he wouldn't cancel. so I went back over at lunch and in line again another person trying to leave and get money back for same reason, I got up there and said why did you say no you told me to go through them and I wasted over an hour on the phone and you said no. he denied it and said they wouldn't cancel I ended up loosing [redacted] on a room I didn't sleep in and I went somewhere else. I would love if a health inspector went their and shut them their anyway to get my money back. thanks for any help with this matter....[redacted]Order_Number: XXXXXXXXXXXXXDesired Settlementfull refund for the one night they charged me for when I asked to cancel and didn't stay one should have to sleep in a motel with roaches.....they should be shut down,Business Response Contact Name and Title: [redacted]Contact Phone: XXX-XXX-XXXXContact Email: [redacted]Hello,My name is [redacted] and I am the owner of the Scottish Inns. [redacted] had a reservation with us through [redacted] on [redacted] 2015. As stated on our website, the check-in time is 3pm and after. [redacted] wanted to check in at around [redacted] at which point the rooms were still occupied and/or being cleaned as the check out time is [redacted] or before. So we told him to come back later and we would call him when the room was ready. He called us back around a half an hour later and said he wanted to cancel the reservation. Since he made the reservation online, there is a policy in Travelocity that you have to cancel 24 hours before the arrival. If you cancel the day of, there will be a charge for that night. So then he came back, saying that he'd be back later on and for us to hold the room for him. He never showed up again so I don't understand how he can make the claim that we have roaches in our motel when he never entered the room. Also, we had a health inspection recently done on [redacted] 2015 and we passed [redacted] flying colors. You can call the Health Department of Sturbridge to confirm this and for any additional information on the cleanliness of our motel. The Scottish Inns is a franchise that requires two inspections a year from their representatives and we recently, in August, had that type of inspection as well which we also easily passed. We also have just recently renovated the entire property. We also have a camera system outside and in the lobby as well if you need any evidence if he stayed in the room or not. Also, the reviews on my website show no complaints, only positive comments and we rank in the top 5 of motels in Sturbridge. Almost every comment he made was false just to get a refund and we will take further action against him for the lies he has told. If you desire to come to my property and inspect it yourself, you are more than welcome to.Thank You,[redacted]Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)first of all I m a woman and I look like a woman, I didn't go back and say to hold room for me. he is lying. and he might of just had health inspection after he bombed the hotel for roaches ....but that didn't solve the issue. I called [redacted] and they called him while I was on the phone and he said no he wouldn't give the money back even though we tried to cancel after hearing about the roaches and it was early, so he had plenty of time to rent the room. he is a lier and . no one has a bad review on his site because if you try to put a bad review it will not publish it. he is a bad businessman taking my money for something I didn't use.

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