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I authorized [redacted]s carpentry to perform a dormer repair on my house in Southborough on 11/8/12. I asked [redacted] who is the [redacted] of the business when he could start. He kept telling us a couple of weeks and continued to push the job off until the week of January 21st 2013. He requested a $500 deposit. He told me that he was going to borrow some staging from his [redacted] who owns/works for a roofing company. He came to the house and set up the staging. He contacted me via text letting me know that he could not start the work due to weather. He notified me that he noticed a rotted corner board over my garage. I authorized the repair while he waited for the weather to turn to work on the dormer. After two weeks he said that the staging would not work and he would have to rent a boom lift. He said that he would look into how much it would cost to rent a lift. We spoke over the phone and I explained to him that I wanted an invoice for the small wood rot repair he did and put in writing what credit I had left from the $500 deposit. I was very clear that I was disappointed that he waited so long to do the repair in the first place and brought the wrong equipment. I said that since the dormer repair was not done I should not be billed for that component of the job. I asked him to send me an invoice reflecting our conversation. [redacted] sent an email/invoice on 2/24/13 acknowledging I indeed had a credit of $183.15. Here is a copy of his email:repair of corner board over left garage door invoice. materials. 1 piece of 1x 6 x 12 azack $ 44.86 1 tube of white silicone paintable caulking $ 6.99 12 ft of protecto wrap $ 10.00 stainless nails $ 2.50 aluminum flashing $ 2.50 total materials $ 66.85 labor 2 men at $ 50.00 hr each. x 2.5 hrs = $ 250.00 plus $ 66.85 materials = $ 316.85 minus $ 500.00 recieved =$ 183.15 to be applyed to spring dormer work. sent you 2pics of work thank you [redacted]After receiving that email I did not hear back from [redacted] regarding when he would come back to repair the dormer or about any pricing regarding the rental of a lift. I contacted him via email on 5/8/13 asking when he was planning on repairing the dormer? He replied back that he could get there in 3-4 weeks. He still did not have any lift equipment pricing. I waited 4 weeks and then decided to contact [redacted] via phone. I explained to him that this has gone on long enough and I needed to know when he could do the job and how much the lift would cost. He said that he would have a sales rep from the rental company come by the house the next day and he would get right back to me. I did not hear back from [redacted]. After being very frustrated with my dormer still leaking during rain storms I decided to contact another carpentry company. I found a reputable, licensed, fully insured company to do the job. They explained to me that scaffolding or a lift were absolutely not necessary for the work to be completed. They were able to do the repair off of ladders and roof jacks in less than one business day. We have had 3 major rain falls in the last week and I am happy to say that their repair has worked. I wish I had contacted them 7 months ago. I left [redacted] a voicemail on 6/13/13 requesting the $183.15 be refunded to me. He did not return my phone call. I called him again today 6/18/13 and left him another message. I then decided to send him an email letting him know that I have been trying to get in touch with him about receiving my credit. He responded back via email letting me know that he now needs to adjust his invoice for the rental, set up and removal of the staging and that I owe him $366.85. Not only do I find this to be extremely unprofessional but also ridiculous to attempt to "adjust" an invoice 4 1/2 months later. I believe that I was mislead by [redacted] and his business practices are unethical. I am reaching out to the to intervene so I can simply retrieve the $183.15 that [redacted] has already agreed is a credit to me when he sent the email on 2/24/13. Thank you in advance for your assistance with this matter.Sincerely,[redacted]Product_Or_Service: Dormer repairOrder_Number: n/aAccount_Number: n/aDesired SettlementTo be refunded the credit of $183.15Business' Initial Response Hi [redacted] here is the copy of the email I sent [redacted] after he told me he was hiring someone else to do the work. he gave me the news the day before I heard back from the lift companies. I don't know if you are familiar with lift rental companies but for a machine that is as big as the machine I would of used,they get 1000.00 a day and rent to companies that keep them for months. so they are more prone to drag their feet in coming to evaluate a 2 or 3 day rental.its too bad they don't have a homeowner non paying business far as I am concerned I would not of charged him for the staging based on future spring dormer work. I have no control of when companies come to evaluate prices and machines. any more than the weather. since [redacted] prematurely pulled the plug its only reasonable I get paid for my labor and staging rental. I try-ed to be nice and do him a favor by even attempting to fix his dormer in the miserable winter of 2012. but due to his concerns of leaking dormers I showed up as soon as I could to fix the dormer that was of most concern to him , witch was also the highest of all 3. but as you know there must be a middle ground so I am willing to settle for eliminating the staging rental of $ 300.00 and only charging him $ 250.00 for labor to set staging. and minus the $ 183.15 and I should expect a check for $ 66.85..I think that is fair.. thank you[redacted] From* [redacted]To* [redacted] I had 2 rental companies go to your house since the last time we chatted, unfortunately they are very busy and I did not have an answer for you when I received your message. non of them want the liability for the damage the machines will do to your for the 183.15 balance . I staged your house in the winter. due to your concern of leaking dormers and try-ed to save you money by not charging you for a lift . unfortunately due to bad winter conditions and safety reasons I pulled the staging.and waited for spring and the assessment on the lift. I am now adjusting my bill to include the staging rental and labor.staging rental $ 300.00labor to set up and remove $ 250.00so I will expect a check within 48 hrs for the sum of $ 366.85 thats minus the $ 183.15 Thank you and hope all is well[redacted]s carpentry Consumer's Final Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)I do not accept this response. The company said they would not charge me for the staging set up and stated I had a $183.15 credit. It is not my fault he put me off for so long and decided to set up staging when he did. The only reason I did not continue with the company because they would not respond and never contacted me in the spring like they said they would. I waited long enough while my home continued to be damaged during rain storms. I gave them every opportunity. I simply want the $183.15 credit that is owed. His email regarding the staging rental was brought up only after he realized that he was not getting any future work from me. I find that very unprofessional. I am all for finding middle ground but in regards to me writing a check after the way I was treated as a customer...No. I am not being unreasonable, asking for damages or pain and suffering. Simply the credit that was already stated I had.Thank you.[redacted]Business' Final Response, As I stated when I spoke to you regarding the balance the homeowner states I owe him, I reduced the bill $300.00 dollars leaving a $66 dollar balance owed to me.I think that's more than meeting half way but I am willing to dismiss the $66 dollars owed to me and call it even just to resolve this complaint.It's very sad that this matter was handled by homeowner in this way. Unfortunately the weather held me up; even as I set up 4 tiers of staging in the snow to get to his dormer. I just could not repair the dormer safely due to ice and snow on the roof. In the future I will make sure every customer will receive a detailed contract. even ones I have had for 27 yrs. I will no long work on good faith as I have in the past.

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