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Initial Business Response /* (1000, 10, 2015/04/29) */
Charges for the application provided have been credited and closed out

Initial Business Response /* (1000, 10, 2016/06/29) */
Contact Name and Title: *** *** Sales MGR
Contact Phone: XXX XXX XXXX
Contact Email: ***
After rigorously reviewing the account in question we, Scotts Lawn Service have found no record of Mr.** canceling his
account before the Feb16th application was completedAll phone numbers placed and received are captured and recorded to our computer systemAfter doing a phone number search of our system Scotts Lawn Service was unable to find any incoming calls from Mr* prior to the Febuary applicationAs a matter of fact the only call placed on this account was from Scotts calling Mr* and leaving him a message making MrW aware that his property was about to be serviced
In regards to the open balanceOn Febuary Scotts Lawn Service received a payment in the amount of $from Mr* check #*** invoice #XXXXXX dated 02/16/showing that Mr.** did pay for the application in questionThe unpaid balance that has been turned over to collections is the $application provided on January 13th Invoice #XXXXXXTo show we do apprecitate Mr*'s past business with Scotts Lawn Service we will extend our offer of only collecting half of the open balance $and close the account as satisfied if paid by 07/14/
Scotts Lawn Service Management

Initial Business Response /* (1000, 5, 2015/09/30) */
To whom it may concern,
There was a misunderstanding between Scotts and Mrs [redacted]. We, Scotts Lawn Service had thought Mrs [redacted] wanted to put her account on hold until the cooler weather came in the fall. The account was put on hold from...

late March until late September. Once the hold expired a service ticket was printed, Mrs [redacted] was left a phone message and the property was serviced. After the property was serviced Mrs [redacted] called in upset saying that she did not want to put the account on hold and that she wanted to cancel. Our Office Manager apologized for the misunderstanding, credited the account and then canceled Mrs [redacted] service. Mrs [redacted] has a zero balance and the account is final canceled.
Scotts Management
Initial Consumer Rebuttal /* (3000, 7, 2015/10/01) */
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
If they thought I had put my account "on hold" then why did they continue to contact me repeatedly to solicit my services to hear my repeated answer that I DO NOT WANT ANY FURTHER SERVICE. They kept calling so I kept blocking the numbers they used. Why would you keep trying to solicit my service if you knew/assumed that my service was "on hold"?
Nice try but I don't accept their explanation. In any case, this matter is resolved with me filing my complaint and not being charged for the unwanted service. The only remaining part of the resolution is for them NOT TO CAL ME FOR ANY REASON.
Final Business Response /* (4000, 9, 2015/10/06) */
All calls are recorded for quality and training purposes and after reviewing incoming calls from Mrs. [redacted] we did find that Mrs. [redacted] DID NOT cancel her service. Mrs [redacted] requested to put her services on hold until Sept. However, as a one time curtesy Scotts LawnService did credit Mrs. [redacted] account giving Mrs. [redacted] a zero balance. Scotts LawnService also final canceled Mrs. [redacted] account adding her to our do not call list. Scott's LawnService considers this matter closed and satisfied.
Scott's LawnService Management
PS. There is always two sides of the story to consider. Thank You.

We used Scotts Lawn Care for our house in Bentonville Ar and we paid for services for our front and back yard and they never treated our back yard and we were given the run around. The owner has supposed to have called me back it's now been over a week.. When I call he is never around and I refuse to speak with the lady in billing she is rude and hangs up. The Company is not reliable and they are disorganized and in the end owe me over 100 dollars because I paid for front and backyard services for spraying. The owner is ducking and dodging my calls. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY THEY STEAL YOU MONEY AND NEVER CALL YOU BACK WHEN YOU HAVE AN ISSUE.

Initial Business Response /* (1000, 16, 2015/07/30) */
Mrs. [redacted],
In regards to Case# XXXXXXXX complaint by [redacted] I feel confident saying that Mr. [redacted]'s account with us was handled by Scotts Lawn Service in an appropriate manner. Mr. [redacted] has accused Scotts Lawn...

Service of offering him a special of 3 months of service for $50.00. As the Marketing Manager of Scotts Lawn Service I can assure you Scotts did not offer anything of the sort, Scotts Lawn Service charges per application with no contract and a guarantee. Mr. [redacted] is well aware that Scotts Lawn Service charges per application, Let me explain. On X-XX-XXXX Mr. [redacted] was provided an estimate in writing at his home by [redacted] showing our services to be performed every 4 to 6 weeks at $50.00 per application, on X-XX-XX Mr. [redacted] was mailed a letter offering him 50% off the last application if he took our services at $50.00 per application every 4 to 6 weeks. On X-X-XXXX Mr. [redacted] was called by Kristen (sales rep) reminding him of the original estimate that was provided on 3-13-2014, which had been saved to our computer system for marketing purposes. Kristen asked Mr. [redacted] if he would like to activate his account at the original price starting his 2015 services. Mr. [redacted] said yes.
In addition to the original estimate provided, the reminder letter sent, the phone quote provided at the time Mr. [redacted] activated services, on X-X-XXXX as part of our policy to protect ourselves from situations like this Scotts Lawn Service mailed Mr. [redacted] a confirmation letter (provided in an attatched pdf) showing $50.00 per application with a prepay offer of $329.00 for the 2015 season. Mr. [redacted] was provided an application for the months of April, May and June which on each application as part of our policy received a hand call with a message left prior to the services being rendered. Also, on each application Mr. [redacted] was left a bill showing the cost of that paticular application as rounds are numbered, plus any past due amounts from the previous services provided.
Mr. [redacted] has paid his account in full, $150.00 for three applications at $50.00 dollars a piece and his account #XXXXXX has been canceled with a final balance of zero. After reviewing Mr. [redacted]'s account as well as his complaint with the, I believe Mr. [redacted] was provided detailed and accurate information verbally and in writing. Mr. [redacted] was also called before each application and was left a seperate bill per application with his current and past due balance. Mr. [redacted] had many opportunities to discuss any concerns and or cancel his services prior to each application being provided and chose not to.
I am requesting that this complaint with The is closed out as satisfied and our rating is returned to an A rating. Any further documentation will be provided upon your request.
Thank you,
Scotts Lawn Service
Marketing Manager
Initial Consumer Rebuttal /* (3000, 18, 2015/07/31) */
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Mr. [redacted], Is correct about the estimate in 2014. However I did not want the service from Scott's because Tru Green offered a better deal. I purchased a one year deal with Tru green for $300. I did not feel that Tru Green was very good so I did not renew with them after the year. A Scott's representative (female) called me and asked if I was interested in their service I responded with I don't want to spend money on a lawn service because I just finished with Tru green and my lawn didn't look any different. She told me how about a 3 month trial for what my understanding was $50. Which then turned into $50 per month for 3 month. Why would I spend $150 for 3 months when I can get 12 months for $300. That math doesn't make any sense. Anyways I paid them and it's time to move on. Obviously I am not the only one who Scott's Lawn Service has done this to just read their Yelp reviews.
Final Business Response /* (4000, 20, 2015/08/04) */
Mr. [redacted],
With all due respect you keep mentioning our competitor TruGree which prior to my 5 years of employment with Scotts I spent 13 years with TruGreen. Both companies charge per application. Trugreen offered you a prepay discount for 2014 services in the amount of $300.00. Scotts mailed you a prepay discount for 2015 services in the amount of $329.00 so as you can see both companies have very similar pricing.
In regards to your initial complaint its very obvious that at some point in your conversation with my sales representative there was a misunderstanding, which I will work with my reps to be more clear. However, as part of Scotts policy to prevent matters such as this I mailed you a confirmation letter showing $50.00 per application with a prepay offer of $329.00 for the year of 2015 allowing ample time for you to cancel services before the first application. Also, as part of Scotts policy we hand called you before each visit making you aware we were coming to service the property. My Scotts Technician also left you a bill per service showing a charge per application. I feel we gave you many opportunities to stop the services via mail, phone and invoices left behind prior to your concerns escalating to this level.
Scotts would like to apologize for any inconvience this matter has caused you and we do appreciate you making a payment in full giving you a zero balance. Your account with Scotts has been canceled and we would like to offer you half off towards one visit on a complete program if any future services are needed.
Thank you,
Scotts Lawn Service
Marketing Manager

Review: Scotts Lawn Service were hired to provide a service to my lawn for the season Spring through Fall of 2015. The service was damaging to my lawn as they did not provide any of the weed or pest control substances that were agreed to. I called them from July through September to complain but to no avail. I cancelled the service with them in August and treated my lawn myself. They started to call me weekly to ask for payment. I told them I needed to speak to a manager as I had been complaining weekly for sometime about problems. Their response was to have someone call me but no one did. After a month of repeatedly trying to contact them in this regard I paid them half of the remaining bill but told them that until I get customer service to call me and correct the problem I was withholding payment. This went on for a few more weeks until finally a manager called me. He came out to my place and promised to correct the problem if I stayed with Scotts Lawn Service. I agreed but he did not correct the problem and two weeks later on Sept 30th I was sent to Collections Agency called American Profit Recovery for the remainder of the contract owed of $65.50 and with no resolution on my complaint.

Broken Promises, Failed Pest Control and Weed Control Application, no response to my calls over many weeks starting in July and now being sent to Collections .Desired Settlement: Due to very bad service and failure to respond to my complaints over Weeds and Grub Pests I want a refund for the last 4 service billings of $65.50 each.

Review: I ordered service from Scotts Lawn Service, I was dissatisfied with the service when I called to cancel they told me my balance was $150. I paid $75 expecting my balance to be $75 and then they send me a bill in excess of $200 and I told them I was unhappy with the service and I wanted to cancel the service. When I got the service they told me I could cancel at anytime without penalty and my service would be $30 a treatment. After 3 treatments my lawn did not improve. I would like to have them stop sending me bills and contacting me for serviceDesired Settlement: Leave me alone

Review: I was contacted by Scotts Lawn care regarding collection of an oversue invoice, I immediately called the office and told [redacted] that I did not sign up for Lawn service, I live in a property that already pay lawn service through my homeowners association. [redacted] provided my information to a manager who informed me the sales person fraudulently entered new customers in the system that never signed up for service. The manager assured me that my bill would be zeroed out and I was not responsible for the bill based on the fraud by the sales member who has been fired. My concern is I still continue to receive harassing calls about the overdue amounts they claim I owe. The representative I spoke with today wanted to know when I was going to pay this bill. I have never received lawn treatment, nor signed up for lawn treatment with Scott's.Desired Settlement: I would like to no further contact by this business and assurances that this issue has not been negatively reported in any of the three credit reporting agencies.

Review: In March of last year during a regular service the Scott's technician applied too much chemical in multiple areas of my front lawn causing the grass to die. The service manager came to my house (3/23/12) and wrote on the service form that they will repair the area where the damaged occured. They seeded the area in fall of 2012, but the area has not shown any growth of grass just a lot of weeds and there are still a multiple bare spots on my lawn. I continued with their service untill now because every time they would promise that soon I will see an improvement with my lawn. I tried on numerous occassions to get this resolved and I keep getting the run around. After two yaers of Scott's service my lawn looks worse then ever before.Desired Settlement: To repair the damaged area and to wait until the area is fixed before I pay the bill. Not to bill me until the area is fixed.



The small area that Mrs. [redacted] is complaining about is from March 2012, a year and a half ago. Since that time the managers have been out to her property many times and the lawn is fine. There aren't any bare spots. For the past year and a half she has been receiving her normally scheduled fertilizers and the weeds were sprayed on her lawn and she has been paying for them. Now all of a sudden she is refusing to pay her bill and is complaining about something from so long ago to get out of paying her most recent bill. Also, she is no longer one of our customers, her husband called on Sept. 11, 2013 to cancel their account. Mrs is still responsible for her last bill.



I am rejecting this response because: I gave them several opportunities to fix the lawn. My property is large and the areas in question are now covered with crab grass and weeds. Twice they showed up when I wasn’t there so I couldn't show them the areas that still has not grown grass. They claim to not see it, but as experts they should notice that their service was below standard. When my lawn is fixed I will pay the $106.96 balance. I recently canceled their service to not incur more cost until this claim is resolved.





I went out today and looked at the lawn at the [redacted]'s residence and it looks absolutely fine. All of the grass has grown in and it just needs the routine fertilizing that we do. My two managers have been out in the past and said the same thing. There is nothing wrong with this lawn and the money is owed to me.

Review: The company came out and fertilized my grass without my permission and are trying to charge me for it.Desired Settlement: Waive the $55 fee. Already canceled service going forward.



see attached

Review: We did not want to use Scott's lawn service this year and they showed up to conduct the first application. When I called to tell them I never authorized their service. Their response to me was even though we have no contract with you, we call to leave you a message and it's at that time you have to call to cancel because we roll it over from year to year. That is absolutely crazy to me and just a bad business practice. He also told me that it is part of the speech when we first sign up so he can't say for sure as he wasn't one of the parties in the conversation but it's a part of their practice. I then said to him, we never got the machine message and you can't arbitrarily service a customer without permission especially without a contract. Another point is that in the last two years that we've had service, I have prepaid before the end of March, which should be another sign. Regardless of that, you cannot provide service to a customer without consent. When we hung up, he said we' ll be sending you to collections through a lawyer for this first service. Again, absolutely disgusting behavior. Sincerely disappointed.Desired Settlement: I would like a refund for the first service they performed that was not authorized.



On 4/3/2012 we provided the complainant with a written estimate for her home in [redacted], New Jersey. This very first document that our company presented to the complainant states clearly on the estimate the following: “For your convenience, we will schedule your up—coming services each year to avoid service interruption. If you wish to modify or stop your service, simply contact us by mail or phone”

Complainant accepted our proposal of services. On 4/4/2012 at 2:08 pm we verbally confirmed those services and explicitly told her “services continue from year to year unless you notify us”. She agreed to the pricing and service rollover terms that we verbally presented to her and a confirmation letter was mailed to her summarizing the service agreement, including the rollover.

Since that day; every invoice, statement, prepay letter, EVERY bit of correspondence she ever received from Scotts LawnService states somewhere on the form that service continues from year to year. We make every effort possible to communicate our procedures to our clients.

Complainant’s statement of problem indicates that we are to somehow interpret her lack of pre-payment as an indication that she didn't want services in 2014. How am I supposed to make that assumption? I have lots of clients who pre-pay one year but don’t pre-pay the next. The prepayment is a choice, not an obligation, and when somebody doesn't prepay we don’t interpret that as a cancellation of services. Only 15% of our clients prepay in a given year, if I were to follow the complainant's logic than I should cancel the other 85%. If she got the pre-pay letter, and didn’t want services for 2014, don't you think she should have called us? The letter states clearly the rollover policy and invites the client to contact us should they wish to terminate.

On 4/15/2014 our representative informed the complainant of our collections policy. He is just passing on information, doing his job, and I don't consider him informing the client of our policies “disgusting behavior”. Hardly.

It is unfortunate that this circumstance has arisen, and Scotts Lawn Service regrets having caused any inconvenience to the complainant. However, the fact remains that the complainant understood and agreed to the rollover policy when we initially confirmed the service agreement, the complainant received lawn care services from our company on 4/5/2014 and will receive benefit from said services, and that we politely request payment for services rendered.

Feel free to contact me should you need any additional information related to this matter.

[redacted] Co-Owner & General Manager Scotts Lawn Service of Monmouth & Ocean

Review: I have cancelled my Scott's service because the back lawn in my property was not being treated even though I was paying for the square footage to be treated. After calling and complaining about how my back lawn was looking, Scott's assured me they would take care of it. Two applications later, there was no resolution. The back lawn continued to look poor, with the specific issues I raised not taken care of. I have since hired a new lawn service, and after a single treatment, all the crab grass and weeds in the back yard died, further validating the fact that Scott's clearly was not treating the back yard, as those issues would not have persisted if they were.

Because Scott's clearly did not care about doing their job, I cancelled my service. I was assured that I would love what Scott's would do to my lawn or my money back. That was completely untrue. I called Scott's to tell them that I would not be paying for the last service, as they were not treated my back yard, so they did not deserved to by paid. I was paying for the back yard for 3 different applications, and did not get those services. Now I am being badgered 3 times a week by phone, and weekly by email to pay the last bill, even after I talked to a customer rep and they said the bill was going to be forgiven. Please handle this issue so I can move on, without the annoying phone calls. They did not perform their duty, so I am not going to pay as if they did. As it is, I wasted money for the past 2 years to get a service I wasn't receiving.Desired Settlement: I would like Scott's to stop trying to collect payment on a bill that I have been told by customer service would be forgiven since Scott's did not complete the service that I had been paying for. I would like them to stop contacting me asking for payment.

Review: We contacted franchise for Scotts Lawn in [redacted] NJ. They came out and provided an estimate for the yearly cost. The state of the lawn was fantastic except for the backyard which had some bare spots. After 7 months of several treatments for over $1400, the lawn not only did not look better but it looked worse. They promised our backyard would look great by end of the summer. Complained 4 times on the phone to the branch manager and several technicians on the phone about the state of the lawn. They suggested additional treatments that were not in the original estimates. Another $800 of treatments that made the lawn look progressively worse over the next 2 months. Called them several times to get resolution, all we got was more offers for more treatments.

We decided to stop they last payment of the bill until the services promised are fulfilled. We got several calls from branch asking for payment. We continued re-iterating that the services promised were not delivered and fulfilled.

On 10/3 we received a call from branch again. The Owner got on the phone with my wife about the situation and he proceded to scream on the phone and insulted my wife, called her a low-life and a b[redacted]h. My wife told him that he was being verbally abusive, and that he was trying to get paid for services that he did not provide. My wife got off the phone ann he proceeded to call again, and cursed our my wife again. He admitted to being a crook, and told my wife "I know I'm a crook but I pay my bills". My wife said that she would have the services provided by this franchise investigated by the corporate office.

He was verbally abusive to my wife and beyond unprofessional on the customers concerns (essentially ignoring everything we had to complain about for months).Desired Settlement: We will not pay the outstanding bill on services we never received. This company/branch has lied to us, and has failed to provide promised/contracted services. What's worse has insulted my wife and family.

We are contemplating legal action for harassment and verbal abuse from [redacted] (branch Owner).



see attached

Review: Have contracted with Scotts for several years to spray lawn. 1 TIME in spring and 2 times in fall. They played the bait and switch and sprayed twice in the spring when I specifically explained them not to. In particular since the service they claimed and never backed up with same amount of weeds. OVERCHARGE me for $51 and say they are sending it to collections.Desired Settlement: I have payed for first treatment which I authorized. I will not pay for anything else. They are to desist from contacting me further and consider the matter CLOSED.

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Description: Lawn Maintenance, Landscaping Services (NAICS: 561730)

Address: 8170 Nursery Road, Lusby, Maryland, United States, 20657


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