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SDL Plumbing

1612 Bruce Way, Seagoville, Texas, United States, 75159

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• Jun 09, 2021

Awful customer service
The customer service is absolutely awful. I spoke to an agent and she was so rude. I do not understand how this company is still in service . Horrific! trash workers

• Oct 23, 2020

SDL Plumbing is a local plumbing company that called for an emergency that happened with my water heater.
They came out that day and stayed late to replace my water heater.
Prompt scheduling a and very prompt service. Very reasonable priced too!
Would recommend SDL Plumbing to anyone that needs any plumbing service!!!

• Jul 09, 2020

One of the WORST companies we have EVER come across. Starting from one of the most ARROGANT and rude plumbers "Gary" who behaved rudely in front of our entire family including young kids (who does that in this civilized world??) to absolutely rubbish service (NONE of the issues were taken care of and instead blamed us, as homeowners....seriously?) to absolutely FALSE documentation that was submitted to the home warranty company. How can American Home Shield, that charges hundreds of dollars a year to the customer, hire an absolutely FRAUD and unethical company like SDL Plumbing in this day and age? Is no one concerned about their reputation and customer service? Like to post NEGATIVE reviews but unfortunately this website still makes you place ONE star. Absolutely HORRIBLE.

This company is dishonest and a complete ripoff. Josh from SDL Plumbing sent out by American Home Shield for a slab leak and quoted me $7400-$8400 for the repair that he insisted could only be repaired by tunneling from the outside. Josh assured me that he would approve the claim with AHS even if I did not go with SDL Plumbing. This did not happen and what Josh reported back to them was inconsistent with what he told me.
I also had two of my own plumbers come out to diagnose the repair. Both informed me that the repair would be done from inside the house by breaking through the concrete. Even though two outside licensed plumbers stated they can do the repair from inside by accessing through concrete and it would be covered under the my contract, American Home Shield denied the claim because THEIR service contractor, SDL Plumbing, stated they would not do it that way.
Both os these companies are scam artists.

Like others giving reviews, I have American Home Shield. We had issues with our electric water heater. It is 9 years old, and our hot water was running out sooner than usual. We had drained the unit for sediment and after that, the drip pan under the unit had water in it. SDL Plumbing came out and told us the water heater needed to be replaced. The work order said: "Electric W/H in closet is leaking from tank and will need to be replaced." I talked to Justin in depth and nothing else was mentioned that needed to be done. Later on a rep from AHS called and said SDL said they needed to make several modifications to make it work, plus a hefty priced permit (we knew we had to had one with the city, but with THEM???) to the tune of $636.00.

I just had another plumbing company come out today. (someone I called on my own) I asked the technician if he needed to do all the things SDL had listed. He said NO. This man also told me even though the heater is older, we may only need to replace thermostat elements and tapping off the drain "faucet." That would cost only $419. He also gave me a quote on replacing the unit itself. This guy was very honest with me and gave me options up front - IN WRITING.

We've had AHS since 2006 and never had issues before, but we are seriously thinking about dropping them after our contract is over. There are complaints with this plumbing company from this page since 2016. AHS should have never put them on their list to begin with.

I will never do business with SDL Plumbing Inc - ever again. Their dishonesty is astounding and frankly, immoral. I'm surprised they're still in business.

This company was sent out by American Home Shield, and like everyone else stated they are a ripof! Our hot water heater relief valve was leaking, so we need a new hot water heater. They wanted to charge us an additional $1136. Similar to what someone else stated, they inflated part cost 10x the actual cost. If homeshield dispatch this company...REFUSE them and have them send another company! I think I'm gonna call Fox News, report them and see if they will investigate!

I have two toilets back to back that we're both clogged. I've only been living here a few months and have not flushed anything but toilet paper. I called my home warranty company and they sent someone out the next day. The first plumber that came out tried to tell me that my house did not have a clean out and it would cost me a few hundred dollars to have him bring some men and a big machine out to access the pipes from my roof. I told him no, and went outside and found the clean out myself. I called them back and they did not seem concerned about the gross misinformation but said someone would be right back out in the morning. So I took the day off work waiting for them, no one called. I called them around noon and asked when someone would be here. At this point it's been 3 days since I have had a functioning toilet. They said that my timeframe was 2 PM to 6 PM, but no one informed me of this. At 6 PM a man called and said his car had broken down and he was waiting for help. I called the company several times before I got them to send someone else out and buy this time it was around 9 PM. The man that came out was complaining and grumpy, I tried to avoid him. He finally knocked on the door and told me that a baby wipe had caused the clog. One baby wipe. He then proceeded to lecture me about flushing wipes down the toilet, in which I told him I had not. I was also very surprised that one wipe would clog the whole system. But he told me that I had flushed it and if they had to come back out for another baby wipe that I would be charged full price regardless of my warranty. So in addition to the first plumber trying to scam me, the second Plumber no showing, and the third blaming me for the problem, I was told that any further issues would be on my dime regardless of my pricey warranty, which is very concerning knowing that it is very likely that there are more wipes in the system that will eventually cause a stoppage. This is a very dishonest and incompetent company. They should not have a license to practice.

This is the worst company around. They came out and I have Home warranty and they said I would have to pay $349 just for him to pin point where the leak is at and I already told him where is was located. I give this Company a zero rating.

Beware of this company. Based on my experience, they were dispatched by American Home Shield and told me the problem was a very complex fix (leaking shutoff valve to a water supply for fridge.) and that they would need to cut out sheet rock, etc. and that they would need to get an approval from the warranty company. He said he could do the work for $430.00 (Averee was the technicians name) and said they would get back to me as everything should be covered with no issues. They do this work all the time.

Found out from AHS that when he left they said there was mold all in the walls, etc. Oddly enough it was off for over a week as we had almost $20K in wood floors installed with no issues, but the the turning it on an off caused a drip with the valve so I just had a line running into the sink till someone could be dispatched. No mold or anything. Pure fabrication. They also said it was noted in my home inspection and when I asked what page of the inspection, they couldn't tell me....IT WAS ALL A LIE.

They sent out an alternate company afterward who diagnosed the problem and replaced the valve in less than 10 minutes with a $17 part with no need to cut sheet rock, etc. for the valve replacement. Turns out they knew the company and when I referenced that another company came out and never returned and filed a false claim, he said "Was it SDL Plumbing?", I responded "How did you know?" and he said he just left another job that they did the same thing.

It sounds like they they have a few plumbers going around collecting the $75.00 trade fee and have found a way to keep their contract with AHS despite all the negative reviews and feedback.

I'm also filing a Better Business Review Review as well, as they are taking advantage of consumers on large scale based on all the other feedback. They need to be investigated in more detail.

You may also want to check out the many YELP REVIEWS on them:

Very disappointed. They installed a new faucet in my kitchen, which became loose within weeks of installation. Also, when they were here, the technician asked if he could install a faucet that has one handle/sprayer vs the 2 it originally had, because "it would be easier" for him, I told him that he could, and he couldn't even get it right! Horrible experience.

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. Customer service is VERY RUDE and they over charge you for materials that you can buy yourself. American home shield told me I can get a permit for my water heater through the city and it only cost $40.00 SDL wants to charge me $150.00 and they told me they will me they will not install the water heater without them getting the permit. Then they want to charge me $200 for a drain pan that I can also purchase myself. Then the customer service person hung up the phone on me. I WILL NOT BE USING THEM AND WILL ADVISE American Home Shield of the bas service

American Home Shield sent out SDL to fix a leaking refrigerator and a stuck garage disposal. SDL arived on time and got both jobs done quickly. No issues.

I had a horrible experience with this company and would not recommend them to anyone. What should have been a simple repair is costing me money to correct their error and get the original problem fixed correctly. My warranty company, American Home Shield, dispatched them out to unclog my disposal and kitchen sink. Two plumbers came out, checked out the problem, determined that disposal was ok but line outside stopped up. They spent quite a while with machinery both inside and outside my home. At one time advising that they had to get larger equipment to do the job. After some time elapsed, one of the plumbers comes to he door to say that they'd have to go on top of roof to clear stoppage. He went on to say that SDL would charge $700 plus dollars to go on roof because AHS would not authorize. I made a call the next day, November 3rd, for a recall because mud and other goo was now coming into my sink, although it wasn't prior to their visit. Additionally, a foul smell is now coming from my dishwater, again something that wasn't happening before their visit. I was told by SDL that they would not come back out primarily because their technician indicated he didn't do any of the things I described; basically calling me a liar. Subsequently I had to hire another plumbing company who has cleared the clog, without going on my roof. Not sure if his was simply a ploy to get more money or what. Finally, my suggestion would be NOT to use SDL.

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Address: 1612 Bruce Way, Seagoville, Texas, United States, 75159


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