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When the customer called to book the party, she scheduled for a maximum number of players of for an arcade party and added on a laser tag mission to this party. The party provided for arcade play time with credits per child, tickets per child to spend at the redemption
counter, and fountain drinks as well as paper products and a party room and party host. The base price of the party for players and the pricing per person was discussed as we always do but we don’t know if she mentioned her budget or not. However, we discussed the per person pricing for everything she wanted to include. She added on a laser tag mission to the base party and the reservationist even remembers attempting to sway her from booking it not because of her budget but because the customer originally wanted to only schedule the party for an hour and a half. All the details were discussed and we then sent her a confirmation via email that is attached that is very clear what the pricing is for the base of players then an additional amount for more players for the party and is clear that it is $per person for a game of laser tag for guests of the party. We normally encourage customers to schedule for the maximum number of players and the “maximum” number of players she scheduled for was so if she did say she was scheduling for the whole class we thought was the maximum numberThe customer responded to the confirmation that had all these details and didn’t mention any issue with the pricing quoted. She initially scheduled for then increased the number to children by the day of the party. We did not talk to her specifically that the additional players were additional cost at that time but her notice to us to increase was on the same email trail as the original pricing sent to her. When she increased originally to players we accommodated her with additional space in the laser tag mission and even moved her to a larger room to help ensure there was plenty of space in the room. When she requested that we cut the pizzas into smaller pieces which we don’t normally do, we accommodated that request that day (after saying we would provide her with a pizza cutter) with the manager ensuring it happened that day for her so they were cut to her request. She had balloons on her party charges which we left off her bill by accident on the day of the party so this resulted in undercharging her by $20. There were no “add-ons” to the party at any time other than the additional children playing and her husband playing. The price on the confirmation sent to the customer is $after the $deposit is taken off so the party was really $with children included and that pricing is clear in the confirmation. The day of the party, the additional children were added on at $per person for the arcade party plus $per person for the additional laser tag mission exactly per the details of the confirmation. They received additional credits per person of play time in the arcade (an $per person value), drinks, and tickets per child for all these additional. We are perplexed on why the customer thought that having an additional children would result in no additional cost. It’s an increase of more than 53% in the number of children attending from the first budget we sent. We were able to accommodate the increase in number of children but had no idea that the customer thought they would be free since we’d previously discussed the price per person on the phone when she booked then followed up with a written confirmation that required her reply so we knew we were all on the same page. We always send details of all charges in writing when a party is booked to ensure if there was any misunderstanding that we didn’t know about that the customer has everything exactly as it will be charged and we always require a response. We’re not clear on if the customer is saying she didn’t know the price per person when she gave us her credit to reserve but, again, that’s why we follow up in writing and require a response to the confirmation before the party begins to try to ensure there is no misunderstanding on the cost or other details of the party. Had she not replied to the written confirmation she would have been required to pay for the party at the beginning of the party to ensure we were all on the same page. There is always at least one person in the laser tag arena any time a game is played and most often people. We’re not sure on that particular day if there was a second person but an assistant manager that has been with Lazer Kraze for over years was their briefer and was definitely in the laser tag arena with the party the entire time. He remembers specifically the dad asked him about playing and he told them he would be charged $to play in the laser tag mission since he was not already a paid participant in the party. They were charged only $to play and not the $the customer has requested. When the customer contacted us before submitting her complaint we offered to refund this $as a courtesy before we knew for sure they knew they would be charged but she didn’t respond. We have reviewed the security video we printed two copies of the bill and the party coach is seen taking one out to the customer. We can’t tell from this if the customer kept it or left it on the payment clipboard but it was presented to the customer for payment before she gave him her credit card the same as we do for every party. We didn’t try to hide anything before the party or afterward and while we understand that she was busy with her guests leaving we didn’t pressure her for payment at any point and she could have taken time to review it after her guests left. However, she was made aware of all possible charges prior to incurring any charges and she replied via email that the confirmation “looks good”. As to the customer’s previous party at Lazer Kraze, we found that she had a party for her son in December 2014. This was a laser tag party (vsan arcade party) that was a lower price per person than an arcade party with a laser tag mission added on like the party this month. The base price at Lazer Kraze is the same as it was then in December of for a laser tag party. She only had children play laser tag from what we can see in our records compared with the she had for this party in October so comparing pricing between a different party and a different number of children doesn’t work. For the party she reserved for originally, changed it to prior to the party date then we only charged her the base price for that day so apparently only had players that day. We apologize that she thought we were not “forthcoming” when we called her to discuss her charges after the party. We discussed that she had so many more children and it was the per person charge that increased her bill. This per person charge for the party and for the added laser tag mission were discussed on the phone when she booked and we followed up with the written confirmation email that she replied to. We even let her know then that we had missed charging her for the balloons but were not attempting to collect this. We are very sorry that her party costs increased but it wasn’t that we were hiding anything as she has insinuated, we put it in writing to ensure the pricing was clear and she had indicated she agreed with the pricing we sent to her. Attached :1) Copy of the receipt from the party of which an original was given to the customer but which she must have given back to us since she said she didn’t have it. 2) Confirmation sent to customer of all details and her approval email reply.3) Additional communication with customer via email about pizzas and change of number of players.4) Confirmation sent to customer for party. Please let me know if there is anything else you need from us. Robin W***Owner###-###-####

Review: Seal Pro says they use the highest quality material and they guarantee their work.By the next day the cracks in the drive way opened back up and the top coat sealant they used started coming up.When I called them and left messages they didnt return my call.They charged me more for higher quality material and used low grade material.The work quality and workman ship stinks.They have bad work ethic and dont produce or do the repairs they say they are going to do.There is no integrity with this company and I would not recommend them to anyone.Their card says they have been in business for 20 years and guarantees their work; but dont believe it or them for that matter.Desired Settlement: Refund in cash or repair the driveway correctly.

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