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Paid out for shipping both ways for defective and an incorrect items. $63.37 and received nothing but frustration.I still have paid out $41.32 for normal shipping on defective and wrong orders. I should not be out any money. At very least I should get store credit for the shipping I paid. I even paid $25.05 extra since I chose a faster delivery on second pair of glasses for $35.00 rather than $9.95. And those were defective as well/So I am truly out of pocket for the amount of $63.37 with nothing to show for it for defective (hat & 2 glasses) and wrong order (4 gig watch rather than 8 gig). Just seems wrong to be out of pocket at no fault of my own,Desired Settlementshould either be refunded the or get store credit for the amount of $63.37 I paid for all shipping costs for defective and incorrect items. I have nothing but bad experience and money form my pocket.Business Response /[redacted]/Our interaction with the customer has proven to be very complicated and confused interspersed with several long and confusing email communications from him where we struggled to figure out what he was getting at. The customer initially contacted us for advice for a hat camera he was interested in. He wanted to know if it would fit an XXL hat size. We informed the customer that the item would probably not accommodate a person with a very large head. Later that day the customer went online to our website and placed an order for the product anyway... along with another item. After receipt of the products the customer complained that the camera angle was not good and that he considered it defective. (note: we have checked out the item subsequently and determined that the angle of the camera was not defective. Its ok for a normal sized head but when used on an XXL head would not point in the right direction). The customer was issued a Return Merchandise Authorization number so he could return the products. He also sent back the other item he received (sunglasses with a camera) claiming they too were defective and requesting a replacement for this item.Before we had gotten the items back so we could check them out we received another order from the customer for the same item he was in the process of returning for replacement (the sunglasses with built in camera)... plus, an additional item. These products were sent as requested.When the customer received the items from his second order he called us again to complain that the second pair of sunglasses with camera were also defective. (Note: we have received the item back and determined that it is not defective). Additionally, he informed us that other product in that order was sent with the wrong flash memory size. We offered to replace the item with the correct memory size but by this time the customer had decided he wanted to send all the items back for a refund.At the same time we had already sent a set of sunglasses with camera to replace the item from his original order which he had claimed were defective. The customer told us he did not want the replacement item anymore and so we advised him to simply refuse the delivery to avoid the cost of sending the item back.Once we had received all the products back we issued the customer a full refund. In doing so we waived all the required restocking fees on the hat camera and sunglasses with camera which we did not find to be defective after all once we got them back. We do not consider the customer's request to cover all the costs of shipping ($63.37) reasonable since the products were not defective as claimed. However, in the case where we mistakenly sent the customer a product with the wrong memory size we are willing to offer a store credit of $17.50. Please note that the restocking fees we have already waived as an offering of goodwill amount to more than what the customer is claiming for shipping reimbursement.Consumer Response /[redacted]/The company is being dishonest. The camera in the camera hat did in fact work. However the camera angle faced straight up to the ceiling when it was to film what is in front of you. I was very clear about this and the angle being wrong is the reason it was defective. The sunglasses did not behave as in instructions. There was to be a red light in standby mode but turned blue instead, And could not get it in record mode. I called tech support and we went over the instructions. And tech support declared that the glasses were defective. The second pair ordered acted in the same way. They need to work out the bugs in there products before selling them. The second pair also had an error when hooking the usb to computer. Stating the device had malfunctioned and could not be recognized. To me that is defective. The camera watch I purchased was not defective. They simply sent the wrong watch. I ordered a 8GB watch and they sent a 4GB watch. I did send several emails and they ignored me for the most part. After 10 emails they finally responded and then ignored all other emails till I threatened legal action if they did not refund my money. For the items to be shipped to me and the shipping cost to return I spent $63.37. I only got frustration and defective, poorly made merchandise. And at no fault of my own I have no product and stuck with all shipping to and from. I would advise anyone out there to stay away from this company. They are dishonest as I read their response. There are much better companies who are honest and sell quality products. This company does not sell quality products and have cost me headaches and very much money!Final Business Response /[redacted]/We have already given Mr. [redacted] a complete refund for all various products he has ordered and returned. In doing so we have taken the extra step of waiving all restocking fees such returns would normally incur. We did not find the products defective as claimed.As per the terms of sale Mr. [redacted] agreed to while checking out on our website shipping is not refundable.Final Consumer Response /[redacted]/(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)Items were defective and there is no restock fee for defective items. I am still out 63.37. I have no products. Again they were defective. Even their tech support said they were defective as I spoke to them. We went though the instructions completely and could not make them work. Would never buy anything from them again. I feel cheated.

Purchased product ($114.85) May 2015 from Security and Self Defense Store - defective. Sent it back, but they will not send my refund.Purchased a Telephone Call Recorder (Add Memory: 8 GB Micro SD Card (+ $24.95), total $114.85) in May 2015 from Security and Self Defense Store - it was defective. On June 11, 2015, the Security and Self Defense Store sent a replacement. Received replacement July 2015, unfortunately this one stopped working after just 4 months. Realized the product was not going to be sufficient, and called to request a full refund Nov 2015. Sent the unit back to the business as requested (USPS Tracking Number: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX). Unfortunately, due to a post-office electronic processing error, have been waiting several months for the post office to verify delivery, and am hoping have confirmation soon. It has been almost one year, but have not received a refund and have not been able to contact anyone at the Security and Self Defense Store after the defective replacement unit was sent out.Desired SettlementSince your products were defective, can you please send a refund to my credit card for the original price of the defective Telephone Call Recorder (Add Memory: 8 GB Micro SD Card (+ $24.95), total $114.85)?Business Response Based on our records the customer received all his funds back.The customer ordered his item May 15, 2015. We sent a replacement (as indicated in the customer's complaint) which the customer had use of for about 6 months and then reported that the second unit had stopped working. In cases like these we do not issue refunds for products past 60 days from purchase. However, we do offer repair or replacement for a full year.The return package was not marked with a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number as required. Without a properly issued RMA we are unable to process packages effectively... we do our best to help out but cannot guarantee results. However, we did find the package and tested it to see if it needed repair or replacement. Before we had finished testing the product the customer had issued a complaint with his credit card company Jan 7, 2016. After that complaint was issued the funds were transferred from our account to the customer's credit card company and presumably restored to his personal account by his credit card company that same day. We cannot control how his credit card company reports these matters to such a customer.Again, based on our records the customer received all his funds back.Consumer Response Thank you for your rapid response. I agree with your response - the total disputed amount has been refunded to the credit card. Was able to get everything worked out and verified with the credit card company for the current billing statement. Thank you again for working to resolve this dispute!Final Consumer Response

I purchased a camera from Security & Self defense in Cary N.C. on 10-1-2014. I had the device for approx. (5) weeks and had difficulty in getting the item to operate. When attempting to play back the recording, the video nor audio was intelligible. I contacted the company with the problem and instructions were given for return/refund(I paid the return shipping). Their website does state a re-stocking fee for devices that are returned in WORKING ORDER. I had tried this on several occasions and found it to be DEFECTIVE i.e. NOT in working order. I contacted the company on 11-24-2014 with no resolution. I would NOT have returned a working device knowing I would forfeit a portion of the purchase cost due to an understood re-stocking fee.Product_Or_Service: DVR micro cameraOrder_Number: XXXXXXXXDesired SettlementFULL refund.Business Response /[redacted]/The customer contacted us via email on a Sunday 11/9/14 requesting a refund. We sent an email to him issuing a Return Merchandise Authorization on Monday (we are not open on weekends). He claims he did not receive the email so we sent it again the next day and recommended he check his spam or junk mail folder.We received the device back from the customer and tested it. It appeared to be in good working order and has been returned to inventory as a refurbished unit. Based on these results we issued a refund minus the cost of shipping and a small restocking fee.The customer called on 11/24/14 to complain about the restocking fees.We do not know why the customer was unable to get the device to work properly. These units work with all standard Windows environments using default drivers. We tested it on a Windows 7 machine , it will also work on XP. We never got to the point of discussing which OS the customer was using before he decided to return the item for a refund. The device requires a micro SD card to record, save files etc. The customer did not purchase a memory card from us, choosing rather to provide his own. The device should work with any SD card regardless of where it is purchased. This probably was not the reason for the difference in results.

I expected this well known company to do right. I go the short end. I want to inform others not to use this company.After some research, I ordered a Car Dash Cam from Their web site had a lot of good information and the Dash Cam was well presented. They offer a 60 Day Return and a Warranty. They present themselves as a Accredited member. I ordered their SKU# CCDVR32. This unit cost $94.90 plus $9.95 for shipping. My order number was XXXXXXXX. The unit came with well written instruction that I followed. They also provided in the instructions a contact number if there was a problem.I installed my new Dash Cam as per the instructions. The unit would not function as advertised. I called the phone number provided and we went through all of procedures on the phone, only to find out I had a defective Dash Cam. I was given a return authorization and a shipping label via email. Clear procedures to follow.About a week later I sent an email to the company asking about the status of my replacement Dash Cam. I was informed my retuned Dash Cam had gone to the wrong address. I informed the responding person that I followed the instructions given via an email and the provided shipping label. A few days later my new (replaced Dash Cam) arrived. I noticed the internal instruction where a bit different but followed them as well. After the completed instillation this unit again would not work. I called the company but could only leave a message. I wrote an email explaining how the Dash Cam was getting power from my auto power source through to power cable they provide for the camera. It showed a blue light indicating the power was on, but no camera on or signs of operation of any kind. In my email I decided this was not going to work and I simply asked for a full refund. I received an email back and I was given another return authorization. I had to email again to ask for a shipping label. About another week goes by and I emailed asking about my refund. I was informed I should see a refund very soon. A couple of days go by and I see a refund of only $71.17. When I asked in an email why the difference, I was informed it was a restocking charge. I was dealing with a representative located in the Atlanta, GA. The contact number I noted was XXX-XXX-XXXX. I noticed in a phone call from her to me, she was very harsh and seemed to be put out by the problems going on. Not a good company rep for this product.When I got the email about the restocking charge and being short of the refund I expected, I went to the company web site and wrote a complaint. That was over a week ago and I have not heard anything from this company.I'm writing this note to inform the public this is not a good company to do any business with. Signed 7/27/2016[redacted]Desired SettlementI did my research and lost $23.73 plus the shipping cost for a product I thought would work. Now this company will not respond.Business Response When dealing with customers over the phone we can only assess the merchandise based on the information the customer gives us. Sometimes this creates a situation where the unit "sounds" like it may be defective and needs to be returned and replaced. When we get the actual unit back in hand we test it to determine whether or not it is indeed defective.In this particular case we spent some time testing out the replacement unit prior to sending it to the customer. The customer said they had the same problem getting the replacement unit to work. So, we instructed the customer to return it to us for a refund.When we received the second item back from the customer from the customer we tested it and found it to be in good working order. Therefore the customer's refund was made minus the cost of shipping and with a restocking fee applied. We apologize that sometimes our sales representatives are not always able to address complex or frustrating situations with good cheer. We will make this complaint available to the representative in question for their consideration in future customer interactions.In light of this we have issued a follow up refund for the complete amount.Consumer Response This company has done what their advertisements say in their return policy. It took a heavy arm to make it happen. I am satisfied and this case can be closed. I believe this process was well done.Thanks

Complaint This product is terrible. It does not work as advertised and this company refuses to refund my money. He using loopholes to deny me a cash refundI purchased a dash cam ccdvr32-sasds from security and self defense store. Upon arrival, I opened the flimsy, cellophane package and inspected the item. The item did not work at all as advertised. I decided to return the product for a money refund. I was then told the item must be returned in the original package and I could get an exchange for the same item or store credit. I don't want another piece of junk from this company. I want my money back. The return policy is worded to defeat a customer's complaints. The original package is meant, by design, to self destruct when one opens the it, thus voiding the the return policy. The item I received is in Chinese language and is not compatible with my computer. The product was advertised that it would work with my computer. I believe this product is a counterfeit. I don't have the original package but the item is still new and unused and can be returned but this guy won't refund my money. I feel that he has stolen my money.Desired SettlementI want a full refund of $69.95 dollars to be returned to me and then part ways from this person.Business Response /[redacted]/We sent the customer instructions for making their return 9/25/15. If they had misplaced or thrown out the packaging it would have been so much easier if they had simply called us first to see if it would be OK to send back without the bag.In this case, the customer may simply return the product with all the parts manuals etc. as per the return instructions we sent via email.The product was sent in a zip lock type retail bag. We understand that the package has to be opened in order to get the product out. However, for future reference it is always best to keep the original packaging of newly purchased products you might wish to return.Note: We do not consider instructing customers that items be returned be in their original packaging to be an unreasonable requirement and it will continue to be a part of our return policy.Consumer Response /[redacted]/I am relieved to hear the seller is not opposed to returns being in a different package. I am hoping to have my money 69.95 returned and not store credit.Final Business Response /[redacted]/Please use the return information previously supplied by email including the RMA number issued. If you have misplaced the information let us know and we will send it to you again.Final Consumer Response /[redacted]/(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)

Purchased a Telephone Call Recorder, paid $79.95 but was only refunded $59.96. Was charged a 25% re-stocking fee. Not unacceptable, want full refund. We purchased a Telephone Call Recorder that we paid $79.95 for. We received the product fine, followed the instructions hooking it up - didn't work. We than disconnected the machine and re-hooked it up 2 more times - still did not work. Contacted the company and explained the problems we were having. After going back and forth with the company they asked us to send the machine back and they would sent a new one to us. When they received the product they claim it worked fine when IT DID NOT. The company then suggested a refund instead of an exchange - we agreed. But the company only refunded a portion of the cost of the machine. They charged us a 25% re-stocking fee - NOT ACCEPTABLE!! We paid %79.95 for the product, we returned their product in good condition and with NO damage - we want the full refund. We do not expect the shipping back but we do want the full cost of this machine refunded. This company only refunded us $59.96 for an item they charged us $79.95 for - not acceptable. I will be sure to warn others about their shady business practices and not to do business with this company. I could see this company charging us for damage of the returned item if there had been damage to this Call Recorder but we returned this item in good condition with NO damage!! Charging 25% to walk over and place it back on the shelf to sell to someone else as new is ridiculous. We want a FULL REFUND. This company still owes us $19.99 in a refund and we want it immediately!!Desired SettlementI want the full amount of the cost of this Telephone Call Recorder refunded to us - they still owe us $19.99 in a refund. I do not find paying a 25% re-stocking fee is in anyway fair since this item was returned to them in good condition and with NO damage. This is a shady company with questionable practices and they need to clean up their act.Business Response /[redacted]/We do not have record of an order from [redacted]. However, we do have a recent order and return of one of these units from a [redacted] who we presume is a relative or husband. We assume that is the order we are addressing here.The customer claimed that the product did not work so we issued a Return Merchandise Authorization so they could send it back for refund. When we received the unit we checked it out and found it to be in good working order. We attempted to contact the customer about this via phone and email but did not hear back from them. So, we issued a refund minus the cost of shipping and a small restocking fee as per the terms on our site.Note: We tried to troubleshoot the problem with the customer via email but they were not very receptive to our attempts to help out. We would like to attach a PDF of our tech support communication via email. Consumer Response /[redacted]/The company is OUT RIGHT lying - I was contacted by emails and I responded back to their emails EVERYTIME. I never received any phone calls from them nor did my husband [redacted]. We followed the instructions for hook-up when we received this product and even re-hooked it up numerous times when it would not work. I was the one who CONTACTED THE COMPANY BY EMAIL FIRST telling them the product did not work and I have every email I sent and they send back in my records to proof this. THE PRODUCT DID NOT WORK - totally amazing when it was returned it suddenly worked. I have NO PROOF this product worked except for their say so. THE PRODUCT DID NOT WORK here and we did everything we were suppose to do correctly when hooking it up AND WE MAKE SURE THE PRODUCT WAS RETURNED IN EXCELLENT CONDITION - I WANT A FULL REFUND!!!!!!!!Final Consumer Response /[redacted]/(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)The company is lying - the product was junk and IT DID NOT WORK - period!!!!! I have no doubt the product DID work once they got it back but I have no proof of it except their say so the product was not working. The company is not trust worthy and anyone should beware of doing any business with them. I will make sure everyone I know stays away from this company unless they want to get screwed over and lose money. A full refund is the only solution - their 25 percent restocking fee is absolutely ridiculous. AND THEY DID NOT PAY ANY SHIPPING TO SEND THE PRODUCT BACK - I PAID THE SHIPPING SO THERE IS ANOTHER LIE FROM THIS UNTRUSTWORTHY COMPANY!!!!!! I have all the emails where I promptly answered any emails they send to me and will be happy to provide them to proof even more lies on this company's part. This company is one of the worst places I have ever had the displeasure of doing business with.Final Business Response /[redacted]/We try our best to communicate with customers who have problems and/or want to return products. Breakdowns in communications do happen but they are not premeditated. We have already submitted a PDF version of our email correspondence with the customer.We do not know the reasons why the product did not work with the customer's home phone setup. Our attempts to troubleshoot the reason(s) with the customer were not fruitful as you can see from the email correspondence previously attached.The product was returned in excellent condition as the customer has stated. We tested it and found it to be in good working order. It was refurbished and returned to our sales inventory. As a result a refund was issued minus the cost of shipping and a small restocking fee.

Product arrived without all the parts SD Adapter missingProduct had battery inserted dated 12.15.2001Product will not chargePurchased on line 3.16.2016Arrived without an SD adapter card so unable to insert SD disk....had to go buy another one to replace the missing part.Battery was already inserted in back of camera and obviously dead as it wouldn't charge and is dated 12.15.2001Technical support verified they failed to included correct SD adapter card and until could not work without it.Called and left message to response. Left email same day 3.23.16 no response. Called again several hours later response.Order # [redacted] Car dash camera plus 32 GB SD card, SKU CCDVR32-SASDADesired SettlementI want a full refund credited to my credit card number that the item was charged to.Business Response We apologize that the shipment did not include the necessary adapter. We would gladly have sent one to the customer but never got the opportunity to get one out to her before she decided to return the entire unit. The device is not meant to operate as a battery powered device, its meant to be powered by the cigarette lighter adapter as per the enclosed instructions. When we received the product we tested it and found it was in good working order (albeit without the adapter).The customer left 2 voice messages on March 23, 2016 and we returned the call leaving a message that an email would follow with the Return Merchandise Authorization #. We sent the email that evening with specifics on how and where to send the product for refund. We have issued a complete refund to the customer. Consumer Response I have received a credit on my credit card as of 3.31.16 of $52.46. But this is not what they emailed me that they would refund. I can forward the email to you that stated a full refund would be made. This would be $129.85. Therefore the company's statement that they have issued a full refund is false.Also how could the camera be tested without an SD card? And why would you ship a battery that is dated back to 2001?Final Consumer Response I have received all my money back now as of April 1st. It apparently took Citi Bank longer to post it than was expected.Final Business Response We issued the full refund but had to do it in more than one transaction. This was to correct a clerical error made by our refund department. The first portion of the refund was issued March 31 2016 and the balance of the refund was issued April 1 2016 the morning before our first response to the complaint. The customer did receive a full refund as originally stated.In answer to the other supplemental questions:We tested the unit using the necessary adapter which we would have gladly sent the customer if they had let us know about the missing item prior to filing this complaint.Also, we don't manufacture these items so we don't control the date printed on the battery label. However, we did test it and it works when used in the manner intended.

Purchased a security clock from the company in September the product arrived not working with a broken screen. I returned the item with there RMA number of XXXXXXXXFrom: Security & Self Defense Store (mailto:[redacted] Sent: Tuesday, September 17, XXXX X:XX PMTo: '[redacted]'Subject: RE: Hello [redacted], Order Status Changed - [redacted], Using the following Return Authorization number you can return your item to the following address: Security & Self Defense StoreRMA # XXXXXXXXXXXX [redacted] FL XXXXX The return package must be labeled with the Return Authorization number to ensure the return is credited to your account. A copy of your receipt from us must also be included in the package. Returns without the proper documentation will be returned to the customer. You may use the receipt you received via email.Item went to the post office October 1st with RMA number on front of package. Now they are telling me they never received the item and that I need a tracking number a little to late to tell me I need a tracking number I no longer have the item it was mailed to them the way they originally told me to mail it. Now I need my money back.Product_Or_Service: Digital Clock Spy Camera DVR With Motion ActivatioOrder_Number: [redacted]Desired Settlement$114.85 refunded to my accountBusiness Response /[redacted]/The reason we have not issued a refund is that we have not yet received back the merchandise the customer claims is defective. Our refund procedure is that we need to get the unit back to confirm the customer's claim that it is defective before replacement or refund. The customer was issued a Return Merchandise Authorization number from us which included a recommendation that she use a shipping method with tracking available. We have asked her if she could give us the tracking info (included on the postal receipt) as a way of verifying her package was sent and/or delivered. She does not have the tracking info. When or if we receive the returned merchandise we will be happy to issue a refund. The return is still in our files marked as pending until the merchandise arrives.Copies of our email correspondence with the customer are available.Final Consumer Response /[redacted]/The merchandise was returned months ago via usps. I do not trust this company how does a package just go missing in the mail.Final Business Response /[redacted]/Talked with customer on phone. Explained how she could find the tracking information for the package she sent on the receipt from the USPS.Hopefully the customer will be able to find what happened to the package so we can move forward with processing the return.

Complaint3 communications to company have gone unanswered regarding refund process; letter sent 1/14; email 4/7 and by phone 4/28.Ordered SKU #CCXXX-XXX for $89.90 (total includes shipping) on 11/19/13 using internet site. Item did not work properly. Mailed back to them with letter dated 1/14/14 asking for a refund to the credit card I used, which was within their required 90 day return policy. No answer. Followed up with an email to their contact on 4/7/14 of how to return with an RMA (specified on website, don't know what that is). No answer. I called them on 4/28/XX XXX-XXX-XXXX and got voice mail, so I left a message. No return call. None of my communications have been answered. No refund to the credit card I used. It is now past the 90 days they require to refund a purchase. I am requesting a full refund and explanation. Desired Settlement$79.95, which is the cost of the item minus the shipping charge. Business Response /[redacted]/We have issued the desired refund to the customer.Note: the customer did not go through the required Return Authorization process as per the agreement posted on or website. We don't have any record of having received a package at the proper address.However, because we have apparently failed to communicate with the customer properly we have elected to take her word for it and issue the refund.Consumer Response /[redacted]/Thank you, I appreciate your response. For the return, I used the address on the purchase order for the return along with a cover letter including my name, address, phone number. I appreciate your service. Final Consumer Response /[redacted]/

The phone recorder never worked correctly from the beginning. I wasn't aware of it til I had it for 8mo though.I bought this phone recorder on Feb 19th, 2014. I hooked it up to the phone once received it and assumed it was going to work. Then when I needed it (June 6th, 2014) and took the SD card out and put in my computer to listen to the recordings, it would not work. The computer prompt me to format card. I emailed about it and they told me it was an sd card issue. I put another card in it, and it did the same thing... Then the recorder stopped working itself. This device obviously never worked from the beginning and I paid $84.90 for it.I did some research on it and it comes from china (cheap!) and most places sell them for $39-$49, so not only did I get something that does not work, I got ripped off also!!I sent it back 3wks ago with the RMA they gave me in an email, but never received a replacement. However, I'd rather have my full $84.90 back!!!Desired SettlementI want a full refund of $84.90 for something that never worked anyways.Business Response /[redacted]/In our terms of sale we give customer's 60 days to return their item for refund or exchange. We also offer a 1 year warranty for repair or replacement.When we received Mr. [redacted]'s request for a refund we informed him that the 60 day window of opportunity to get a refund for or exchange his item had long since passed [redacted] Mr.[redacted]'s own complaint indicates it was 8 months). However, we also informed him that we would happily repair or replace the item if it was not working properly. We consider our response to be a fair and reasonable one given both the terms of sale and the amount of time that Mr. [redacted] had the item in his possession.Mr. [redacted] returned the item which inspected and checked over. We replaced the power adapter and returned the item to Mr. [redacted]. It took us about 14 days to fully process the return and subsequent replacement. We consider this to be a reasonable amount of time to turn around a return like this. We also inform our customers in advance that this is what to expect.Buying cheap direct from China usually does not give you the kind of product support we offer. Even if you purchase on Amazon or eBay you don't get more than 30 days to return plus you don't get a 1 year warranty on stuff that's priced dirt cheap. Consumer Response /[redacted]/I received this back on Friday but was busy over the holiday weekend and didn't have the chance to try it out. Just plugged it in and hooked into the phone line, and it will not record at all. Once I click over onto the volume menu, it will not do anything at all and won't even turn off. it has to be unplugged and plugged back in. But it will still not record any phone conversations like it is supposed to do. I was not lying when I said this device will not work. I will video it to prove it!Fyi, I was guesstimating 8 months... but Feb til June is only 4 months. I did not try to use the sd card until I had it that long... that is not my fault. I emailed you several times to troubleshoot the issues, and none of it worked. You sent the same device to me knowing that it doesn't work...Final Business Response /[redacted]/The customer placed their order Tue 2/11/14.The customer requested technical support 6/6/14. The problem appeared to be related to a memory card that became corrupted when she attempted to copy the files from the device to her computer. Up until that time the customer was able to record and listen to the files on the device. Copies of the emails from the customer are attached as PDF.In the note accompanying the package containing the returned item the customer also indicated that the memory card seemed to have problems after her internet went down during a storm. This may have contributed to the card being corrupted although we cannot know for sure.7/7/14 The customer requested a refund7/8/14 We told the customer her item was no longer eligible for a refund since the 60 return period had long since passed. At that time we also told her we would gladly repair or replace the unit since it was under our 1 year warranty.8/26/14 we received the complaint that we had not offered her a refund.We received the unit back from the customer and checked it out. To keep matters simple and get back to the customer we actually sent an entirely new unit. The replacement unit was thoroughly checked before it was sent.9/3/14 we received the customer's follow up to this complaint stating that the replacement was also not working properly.9/5/14 we informed the customer they could send the replacement unit back so we could check it out. We told the customer that we had sent out an entirely new unit which was checked out by one of our tech people. It seemed very odd to us that this second unit was not working which is why we have requested she send it back in.We have not heard back from the customer and are waiting on the returned item. We have responded to the customer in a manner that honors our 1 year warranty for our products. We will continue to stand behind our products and help our customers successfully use them. Once again, customers have 60 days to return items for refund or exchange. After that we will repair or replace for up to 1 year.

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Shady, yet now dead: once upon a time this website was reported to be associated with Security and Self Defense Store, but after several inspections we’ve come to the conclusion that this domain is no longer active.

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