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The ad stated "one owner,clean car fax, ...just serviced,needs nothing,runs 100%", My car will not shift out of 1st gear until warm.When I test drove it, I thought it was weird that they were warming it up, it was a warn nice day out. Now I know why they warmed it up, it drives perfectly when warm! The day I bought it and tried to drive it away, it would not shift out of first. I pulled it aside less that a block and called the Salesman [redacted] and told him about it, he said that the owner ([redacted]) would get back to me. He never has and I have sent many e-mails to [redacted] and only get light hearted responses that [redacted] will get back me and he has never called me or responded once. I have spent lots of money repairing the car. I know that the car was not serviced like he stated because even the air filter was very dirty and had lots of leaves, pine needles, and dust/dirt. worse of all when I went to change the oil, the oil pan was broken and they epoxied it so it completely covered the oil plug! I had to order a new oil pan and had to buy a oil evacuator in order to change the oil for now. it sucks the oil out of the dipstick. I had the transmission issue since the day I took delivery and nothing has been said or done to do anything about it. I also asked for the Car Fax and the Service Record and received nothing. when I finally said that I was going to take action, they stopped answering my e-mails. I still need to fix the won't shift when cold issue, I'm tired of sitting on the side of the road or driving around the work parking lot or my neighborhood to get it warm so I can drive to work or home. Once it is warm it runs fine.I purchased the car on April 19th, 2014 I bought it for $6800.00 and $298.00 dealer fee. The link to the car is: http://www.selectimports.[redacted]_Springfield_MA_XXXXXXXXX.veh2004 VW [redacted] Wagon 1.9 TDI Tiptronic transmissionVIN: [redacted]WXXXXXXDesired SettlementI have hundreds into the car and the transmission will need a relay set for the transmission (Tiptronic control) that will cost at over $500.00. I am requesting a $800.00 refund to pay for all of the necessary repairs. I have all of my receipts and the e-mails between me and the salesman [redacted] if needed.Business Response my resolution is he never returned to us with the vehicle or made any real complaints to us about problems until 30 days after sale. at no time during the making of the deal did we refuse him to have a mechanic check out vehicle before he actually purchased it. when asked how he would like us to resolve the issues he was having he made a complaint to your organization instead of telling us what he would like for us to do. by no means was he ignored or did he call us and discuss any of it. so since he did not have car checked out by a mechanic sooner or chose not to mention all the problems he was having until 30 day after sale. but he never gave us a call or chance to talk (on the phone) about a resolution before making this complaint I feel I am not liable.I have attached all the emails between [redacted] and select imports that I had in my computer. also I have attached the bill of sale in file. On may XX XXXX [redacted] bought a 2004 vw diesel [redacted] wagon withXXXXXX we negotiated a price of 6800.00 and $289 documentation fee which at the time [redacted] didn't understand to much about (in training) the price was as the car sat there when [redacted] looked it over and test drove the car. the car passed [redacted] and it wasn't until 30 days after he bought the car did he express all these problems [redacted] was having with car then 39 days before expressing more problems and that he would like something done. I then responded to him what he would like to do us to buy him parts? have it fixed? or what and select imports got this complaint from the I mean at this point he was out of warranty by the time he really said anything to us and the car had passed [redacted] if he had any doubts he could of had a mechanic check out car before he bought it we gave him that option we give it to all our customers we will bring it to or drop of at specified mechanic and they get the report or brought one here. [redacted] had drivin the car many times and had no problems . also at no time had we stopped responding to his emails also had not received one phone call from [redacted] about any of this so I don't know where he got select imports not responding back to him? sorry it took me a minute to respond [redacted]Select Imports Consumer Response The issue is that it will not shift out of first gear until it is warmed up, from day 1. They were notified twice within the 30 day warranty period. When I test drove it, it ran for about 30 minutes while we waited for a friend of the owner's to drop off a license plate. It was warmed up and drove perfectly and it always does one it is warned up. On the day of deliver, I started it up and drove off the lot and it would not ship our of first gear. It is a very busy street and the car would only go 20 MPH maximum speed. I pulled it over and called [redacted] he said that he would tell [redacted] who was out of town. It warmed up a little bit and started to shift, otherwise, I would have left it there and called my ride back. When I dropped of the $289.00 dealer fee about 10 days later, [redacted] was still away on business but I reminded [redacted] that there was a issue, [redacted] was always nice and always said that he would let [redacted] know. [redacted] has never called me back, ever. After some research, I found out that it is a common VW Tiptronic transmission issue and requires the shifting relays to be replace, this is what I am hoping that [redacted] honors the warranty and repairs the problem. It has been intermittent and varies with the weather, right now it is cold in and requires a complete warm up in order to drive it, otherwise it will not shift, some cold mornings it takes 3-4 miles on the side streets before I can drive it. I have requested the Carfax many times and they simply will not produce it. You can read from the initial complaint that there was evidence that the car was never serviced except from the dealership who auctioned it off. I recently noticed that there is evidence that the transmission was taken our of the car and taken apart. There is a messy bead of silicone that is obviously not as factory built. I'm sure that the Carfax will show transmission problems, If you have an account the [redacted] is "[redacted]WXXXXXX" BTW, I live about 50 miles west of Springfield.[redacted] MA XXXXXFinal Consumer Response Sorry, busy day. My agreement with [redacted] was $6800.00 and I took care of the rust and the broken tail light, I never agreed to no warranty. I don't even think that "no warranty" is legal. I cleaned up the rust temporarily this weekend, the car will need new fenders which I will have to pay for next year. The tail lights also cost me over $200 to fix. The oil pan alone will cost me more than he is offering, not to mention the $1200 I paid for the transmission repair. He is much too low and I have put in way too much. I am dropping it off to a mechanic tomorrow because of the glow plug issue now that it is cold out again.[redacted],Yes, it cleared late last week. Please close the complaint. Thank you for your help.[redacted]

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