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We apologize that the customer is
experiencing any disappointment while trying to use the protection plan they
purchased from us*** (*** is known as their parent company) is a
third party company and we have, for many years, experienced a vast amount of
approved claims through this third party companyOur customer’s are usually
very happy with the outcome of their reported claim and based on the price they
paid for the coverage our sales associates and sales managers would have no
reason not to boast about the extreme value the protection plan carries
I was able to review the ***
account for this customer, and it does appear to match what the customer has
advised in this complaint. When the
customer said they didn’t know when or how the stain occurred, ***’s agent
offered the option of keeping the claim open for hours, to be amended. The customer refused the offer, the claim was
closed as it was not called in as a verifiable accident.
In an extreme effort to make this
right for the customer we do have a few options to offer the customer-
unfortunately this set is no longer available, so exchanging the table is not a
viable option.
credit on table top and base only at 100% of purchase price-$this would
fulfill the one-time option for replacement so there would be no GPP credit, we
will waive delivery fee and removal of table will be done at time of delivery
We can offer a discount of the table if the customer wishes to keep this table
in the homeThis would be a concession to keep of 20% of table top and base
only-$which would keep the warranty intact or $with no warranty. Refund can go back to *** *** or be a Bob’s
can offer a 100% reselection credit on Table only and 60% credit on chairs ($271.94+$345.76)
this would fulfill the one-time option for replacement so there would be no GPP
credit, we will waive delivery fee and removal of table and chairs will be done
at time of delivery
Please have customer review these
options and advise which one would best serve their needs and we will create
the paperwork
Tracy S***
Bobs Discount Furniture
Corporate Customer Care Liaison
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***According to previous email from Bobs they were apologizing for furniture deliveryThis complaint was not regarding furniture deliver but about their word of giving me a credit of $towards the purchase of furniture from Bobs due to being compensated for having to stay home on three different days waiting for delivery of furnitureIm not sure why they did not keep there work and think that I would have taken a credit of $to buy new furniture and then they would take a couch that was defectedWhat happened if I used my credit two years later? Would they take the couch then? I was also told that my refund check would go out the next business day which would have been Monday of this weekI informed Jaime the customer manager that I would have a family of seven sitting on a floor since I have no couches and that I need that check ASAP I also informed her that the customer service was horrible and unacceptableAllowing children to sit on a floor for something that was not my fault but there faultWhen this complaint was established I asked them to pull the phone call from my last contact with their representative informing me of the credit we were to receive and also ALLOWING us to keep the couch for being inconveniencedI was told that would take a while and then they dropped the subjectI am STILL waiting for the check to come and my children are still sitting on a floor
I would like to know when I will receive my check?
*** ***
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me
I will check my mail today and over the weekend, because NO I haven't gotten it yet If I don't get it by Monday, I will call customer service at the store to stop payment at that time Hold off for now on the stop payment Thank you
*** ***

Afternoon ***,
cannot apologize to you enough, I have been in this business for several years
and I have never seen any type of damages like thisI completely understand
why you escalated your concerns so highly and I thank you for sending me these
photosI assure you that we will be following up on the service results you
were provided with and we undoubtedly owe you an option for recourse
can offer you a store credit for the price you originally paid for both
loveseats and your chairWith this store credit you can shop in any of our
showrooms and select a different furniture setWe will cover the cost of the
new delivery for your new items and we will also provide you store credit for
the monies you paid towards “Goof Proof” on the two loveseats and chairPlease
respond to me and let me know if this is a resolution you find satisfactory and
I will move forward with processing this credit for you
you for your time and extreme patience with us and I do hope that you will give
us the opportunity to earn your trust back in our business and I apologize
again for the lack of care and empathy you have received while trying to get
these concerns resolved ***
*** ** ***
Discount Furniture
Care Corporate Liaison

Complaint: ***
Thank-you for thinking outside of the box. I would like to go with option two with the following stipulations added. I do not believe any of these stipulations are unreasonable
- Replacement order needs to be in by 10/312014. This is a longer window then the one you provided. If the new piece is not in by then or there is damages and a new piece needs to be ordered, bobs provides me with a full refund of the entire couch, takes the couch "as is" no additional charges, and provides a $bobs card. I ask for this stipulation now because I can see myself being in the same situation as before and want my options known to me now and not have to worry about it in OctoberI don't want to "haggle" anymore over this couch I ask for the couch be returned in "as is" condition because I want to feel like I can sit on and enjoy the couch. Things happen, such as accidental spills and pets and I don't want to have to worry that Bob's will be charging me for this. I put this stipulation in because currently I am afraid to sit on my new couch for fear I will have to deal with Bob's trying to get discounts out of the furniture
- If/when the new chaise comes in Bob's accepts the temporary chaise in "As is" condition no additional charges. This is for same reason as above. I have no intention of intentionally doing damage to the couch, I just don't want to have to walk on eggshells or feel like I need a slip cover the whole time
- The temporary chase gets delivered as soon as possible, which I expect to be under two weeks
If the company is unable to accept these conditions of barring me from responsibility for damage to the couch, and the ability to refund me in whole, plus gift card I choose option but modified. Also, I will reject any offer relating to wear and tear and still prefer option if that was a potential counter offer. Instead of a $gift card I request it be $for option
I look forward to hearing back from you

Good Afternoon,
Please pass on our apologies to *** *** for the
inconvenience the delivery team’s negligence has caused and may continue to
cause to her and her familyWe assure her that his property claim has been
correctly filed with the third party trucking company involved
As *** *** property claim is being handled by the trucking
company that caused the damages, she can expect follow up from that third party
and not Bobs Discount Furniture directlyPer our contractual agreements with
this trucking company they are owed a fair chance to process resolution on
their claim prior to Bobs Discount Furniture asserting ourselves into a
situation where it is most likely unnecessary
I have sent a message on her behalf to our Delivery Managers and
the trucking company involved in this claim to get clarification on the details
They have informed me that while they
do not accept the responsibility for the damages, they have made an offer in
good faith to the customer for a portion of the reported damages We hope that this customer will consider this
Kind Regards,
Tracy S***
Bobs Discount Furniture
Customer Care Corporate Liaison

Good Afternoon ***,
class="MsoNormal" "margin: 0in 0in 10pt;">I apologize that you feel so
disappointed by the service that you have received thus farI assure you that
our customers are the most important part of our business and the information
you have received from our staff is factualI apologize in advance that this
response is going to be long winded however the information you are asking for
is extremely detailed in its nature and I feel you deserve the appropriate
response that you have escalated your concern to the to obtain.
When merchandise is initially
written into our computer (time of sale), our inventory system runs a check on
stockYou are scheduled for your delivery date based off of what our inventory
system presents at this time for availabilityIn your case it was scheduled
for as your sofa and chair showed in stock within our ** distribution
A few days prior to your actual
delivery date your merchandise is picked from the racks in our ** distribution
center and loaded to a transfer truck that will travel from ** to a
subcontracted trucking company’s depot location in **; in your specific order
our records indicate that this loading process occurred on As a
business we complete about 3,deliveries a day and regretfully there is not
enough man power to ensure that every single item is opened, looked at, and
repackaged before it makes its transit to our trucking companies’ possession
In reality checking every item could cause more chance for damage and we must
place a certain amount of confidence in our manufacturer’s abilities to
properly package their products for transit and saleOver the course of more
than two decades in business we maintain a 97% completion rate for merchandise
arriving in good conditionI am so sorry that your chair was part of the
failed 3% on the initial delivery date and I assure you, as you were informed
we tried our very best to avoid you having to deal with that occurrence at all
When we are made aware of an item
being damaged during transit we will try and get a replacement in good
condition out to the trucking depot as soon as possible to avoid displeasing
our customerThere is a very small window of time in between the item arriving
to be unloaded and reloaded from a transfer truck to a delivery truck and this
also depends on the timing of when the trucking company initially notices that
the item may have suffered damage and opens the packaging to confirm such
thoughtsIn example, some transfer trucks (usually wheelers) work overnight
and arrive at these depots somewhere close to midnightWe wouldn’t have been
informed of the located damage on your chair until we opened the following
morning leaving us with less than a day to get a replacement chair on another
transfer truck for your scheduled delivery dateIf the transfer truck doesn’t
make it in time or cannot be unloaded in time to be reloaded to the delivery
truck your sofa was already on (along with at least ten other customer’s
furnishings) it will not make it out for delivery
Throughout each business day our
trucking companies are continually releasing what we call “return trailers”A
“return trailer” is a transfer truck that is built and managed to hold what we
would consider trash merchandise as well as returning merchandise from customer’s
homes (along the lines of a customer receiving a replacement sofa because
theirs suffered a manufacturing defect within warranty)These trailers will
also contain merchandise that we have sent down that will not be delivered to
customers within that same delivery dateThe trucking companies do not
commonly have space for storage so they will not hold inventory for an extended
period of time and our inventory must remain accounted for at all timesThe
replacement chair that was sent down for you was sent back on a return trailer
containing trash and used furniture on the same day it arrived to that depot
We also take many safety precautions with these trailers to avoid any type of
contamination occurring within our warehouse therefore the merchandise
returning on these trainers is not factored into our inventory count for new
sales for obvious reasons
When we rescheduled your chair
delivery for our computer told us the chair was available and we saw
no reason as to why your chair would not ship as verified for delivery on
Please know that your rescheduled delivery is viewed as a “new sale”
to our inventory systemThis means that your chair would follow the same exact
process as I have outlined above to get to youOn when we went to
physically load your chair to a transfer truck for shipment we were met with shock and disappointment that
our computer miscalculated the stock it told us we had available to ship for
new merchandiseWhen our department was made aware of this inaccuracy we
relayed this unfortunate information to you
At this point we were at the mercy
of waiting on a replenishment container shipment for our overseas vendorOur
inventory system told us that we wouldn’t be receiving this container shipment
until the October timeframe you were quotedWhen we are waiting on a container
shipment because our inventory has been completely depleted (or completely
locked to another customers order) our system automatically populates the worst
case scenario factoring in time for the reality of our business which is time
for an actual container ship making its way across the ocean, through united
states customs, onto a Vendor’s wheeler transfer truck, and into the yard of
our ** distribution center where it is finally off loaded and checked into our
Our records
indicate that as of yesterday (8.17.2014) we called you to advise you that we
now show stock in our ** distribution center and can schedule your chair for
deliveryThis means that one of two things occurredWe either received our
replenishment container much earlier than expected or the multitude of customers
who had this particular chair logistically reserved to their order for this
past weekend’s tax free sales in the state of ***, canceled these
orders which freed up previously accounted for inventory and made it possibly
to schedule your sales orderBecause your sales order wasn’t rescheduled due
to the far out October arrival we anticipated there wasn’t any merchandise
locked to your order and our system read your sales order again as a new sale
*** I am
so sorry again that your specific chair has experienced so many transit and
inventory concernsBobs Discount Furniture prides itself on providing our
customers with the best quality merchandise for the best price point possible
and we always look to rectify our mistakes prior to discussing a further
apologyWe still want very much to deliver you the chair you originally
selected to match your sofaPlease contact us at ###-###-#### ( Mon-Sat: 630a
-8:00p) or you may contact your retail location directly by dialing ###-###-####
and pressing the number one (1) on your phone’s key pad after you have heard
Bob’s voiceWe are eager to hear from you at your earliest convenience to
schedule a delivery date for your chairIf you still remain unsatisfied after
we have made our failure right by you (by delivering your chair) we can then
revisit your account to determine a reasonable offer as a further apology to you
in the form of a Bobs Discount Furniture Gift CardWhile I genuinely hope this
doesn’t happen it is within your control to cancel the sale of the chair and receive
a monetary refund for the chair and any differences in delivery and Goof Proof
Plus charges this chair refund may have on your order while just the cost of
the sofa remains
*** ** ***
Discount Furniture
Care Corporate Liaison

Good Afternoon,
class="MsoNormal" "margin: 0in 0in 10pt;">Please pass my apologies to this customer for the
frustration she has experienced while reporting her claim to the ***
companyPlease assure her that we at Bobs have made a valid effort to ensure
she receives the quality service she was promised from our sales personWe
currently have one of our factory trained service technician’s scheduled to her
residence to resolve her concern
I have spoken with the *** company today (4.17.2014)
and the customer’s claim was not denied due to the fact the she reported scratches
on the woodThe Goof Proof Protection plan does cover scratches to wood as
long as the scratch has penetrated the surface of the wood itselfThe ***
company honors claims for damage as long as the damage has resulted from a one
time accidental occurrence and this customer reported that the scratches on her
product were present from sliding the chairs under the tableThis type of
damage would be considered wear and tear and Bobs is able to help her
service this type of claimAs the customer’s merchandise is currently outside
of it’s manufacturing warranty period through Bobs it is not in the customer’s
best interest to offer a cancelation of her five year protection plan
The time of sale is a very exciting time, not only for the
customer, but also for our sales person and I am certain our intentions during
this time were not to mislead our customerOur Goof Proof Plan is an extremely
valuable investment when used appropriately and just like any other protection
plan purchased for automobiles or electronics there are certain exclusions that
must be followed in order to keep the plan fair for all consumers alikeAs I was
not present at the time of sale it is rather tough to comment on the alleged
information the customer states she was provided by our sales personI can
state that if the customer recollects being told scratches on wood are covered,
they most certainly areHaving been in this business for several years I believe
most of our industry refers to the term ‘scratch’ as a damage that penetrates
the substrate of the product’s finishWe are genuinely very sorry if there was
a miscommunication on our end at the time of saleWe recommend that the
customer contact us (Bobs Customer Care ###-###-####) prior to the ***
company in the future, this way we can help to educate her more on the
parameters of her protection plan and aide in removing the opportunity for unnecessary
frustration she may have after receiving a denial result from ***
I apologize again that this customer has experienced any disappointment
while seeking to get her concerns resolvedWe at Bobs Discount Furniture are
making a conscious effort to provide this customer resolution for her concerns because
we truly do care about our customers
Warm Regards,
*** ** ***
Bobs Discount Furniture
Customer Care Corporate Liaison

Good Morning,
size="3">I called as *** requested and spoke with him yesterday
(1.05.2015) regarding this complaint
I have sincerely apologized to *** for lack of care and
empathy his concerns were continually met with and thank *** for taking the
time to escalate his concerns so that we can address the obvious coaching
concerns that have been presented to us
*** and I were able to agree on a satisfactory
resolution for further accommodation which has since been processed and confirmed
with our customer
Thank you for providing the opportunity to make it right,
*** ** ***
Customer Care Corporate Management
Bobs Discount Furniture

Dear Ms***,Upon receipt of your complaint a representative from our Consumer Liaison team reviewed your account and attempted to contact you but received your voicemailAfter thoroughly researching your account, the representative has processed the necessary
paperwork to allow the even exchange of your bedPlease contact our customer care center for additional details.Thank you,*** **

Good Afternoon
We are very sorry for any confusion or
miscommunication this
customer is experiencing using the warranty for the merchandise purchased from
Bob’s. I see that this purchase was delivered
on and at the time of purchase, the customer purchased the option of
*** ***
Through Bob’s this customer was covered for a period of one
year for manufacturing defects.
Manufacturing defects must either be verified through a Bob’s technician
visit and report or through the customer submitting photos which are then
reviewed by a staff trained specifically in that area.
The other side of this warranty is through a third party
company, *** *** covers the
merchandise for accidental damages.
Accidental damage must be reported within thirty days of occurrence and
the customer must be able to provide the necessary details to clearly indicate
that this damage occurred through a single accident or incident and not through
everyday use, misuse or abuse of the merchandise.
We did offer this customer
a Best Effort Service on 8.21.14. We
sent our technician to the home free of charge to see if he could repair any of
the concerns the customer was experiencing.
He did find there to be substantial damage although he tried to touch up
the table for the customer, the other damages were unrepairable and were not of
a manufacturing nature. As we have
already offered the Best Effort Service and the pieces are not covered under
the manufacturing warranty that expired in March of we have no other
options available.
Kindest Regards,
Tracy S***
Corporate Liaison
Bob’s Discount Furniture

Complaint: ***
I am rejecting this response because: going to purchase anything from Bob's again due to the reason of there faulty furniture that it is being soldThe purchase that was made I didn't expect for it to break with the use of sleeping on it after only 1/yearsThere was no physical damage done to the frame or headboard. Bob's salesman pushed a protection plan on the consumers were the mark up is between 50% and up profit where the salesman is making anywhere between to 15% in commission like I said I don't plan on making any more purchases with Bob's. I am totally disappointed that with Bob's.
I am never
*** ***
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID *** and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me
*** *** *** *** *** ***
We appreciate the quick response and understand that furniture production is an uncontrollable circumstanceWe agree to having the delivery charge refunded and will continue to wait on the furnitureWe will be calling today to verify the deliveryWe would also like to have the goof proof charge taken off of our purchaseAfter a long discussion we just feel that in the chance of damaged furniture it may become to stressful to deal with
We would like to thank Bobs for refunding our delivery charge and dropping the *** ***

Good Afternoon,
We apologize that the customer is experiencing any disappointment while trying
to use the protection plan they purchased from usGuardian (Crypton is known
as their parent company) is a third party company and we have, for many years,
experienced a vast amount of approved claims through this third party company
Our customer’s are usually very happy with the outcome of their reported claim
and based on the price they paid for the coverage our sales associates and
sales managers would have no reason not to boast about the extreme value the
protection plan carries
We provide a general flyer at the time of sale that very clearly indicates
there are some exclusion(s) to the protection plan and the document further
encourages the consumer to read their full plan documents for the list of
exclusionsAs the manager of the plan, Guardian is responsible for sending the
consumer the plan documentsShould the customer decide that they would like to
review the complete plan documents as the flyer suggests and they don’t have
these documents, we assume (as any retailer would) that the customer would then
try and obtain said documents for reviewHad we been made aware of the need
for these terms and conditions we most certainly would have provided them upon
any requestAs it is not typically a document we provide we literally have no
way of knowing whether the consumer has received the complete plan or not and
we see no reason not to trust that Guardian is continually sending these
documents as many claims for coverage are routinely approved
Our records indicate that this merchandise was delivered to the
customer on 03/27/and the first report for any structural concern came to
us on 02/07/This is nearly a full year past the warranty expiration date
through Bobs Discount FurnitureEven though the bed was out of warranty we did
attempt to repair this merchandise at no cost to our customer by sending the
technician out on 02/13/Upon our technician finding that the merchandise
was unrepairable we regretfully have no other recourse to offer this customer
directlyWe have serviced this merchandise and exchanged it only once before for
cosmetic issues that were evident from the original delivery in We were
not made aware of any defect concerns within this customer’s guarantee period
thru Bobs Discount Furniture and have completed an attempt to repair this
merchandise at no charge to the customer
We are regretfully unable to overturn the choices made by a third party company
and in order for a claim to be approved under the ‘Goof Proof’ protection an
occurrence of accident must be reportedThis is clearly indicated and
expressed on the written verbiage provided to our customers at this time of
saleAs this customer reported it to Guardian:
“Customer states her son was
getting up out of the bed and the frame broke where rail connects to it”
The occurrence of “getting out of any piece of furniture” cannot
be deemed an accidental occurrence‘Goof Proof’, as its name depicts offers
coverage for occurrences of accidental damage only
The customer’s claim was denied due to there being no accidental occurrence
of damage reported and this denial reason does line up with the policies of the
‘Goof Proof’ protection planIt is not uncommon that many protection plans do
not cover such instances like wear and tear; this merchandise has been
receiving use for many years
While Bobs Discount Furniture truly wishes that we could help
every customer who has a concern we remain regretful that we have no further
recourse to offer this customer at this time
*** ** ***
Discount Furniture
Customer Care Liaison

Good Afternoon
Due to the intricate nature of this
complaint, we have
reached out to the customer directly to discuss our offer of resolution. We are waiting for the customer to reach back
out to discuss our options and will reply back to the mediation service
once discussed.
Tracy S***
Corporate Liaison
Bob’s Discount Furniture

Good Afternoon,
class="MsoNormal" "margin: 0in 0in 10pt;">We certainly apologize for what this customer has had
to go through to get this situation rectified.
Looking into the account I did find the customer had already spoken with
one of our representatives who had set the customer up for a reselection credit
for the damaged pieces. This customer
has already used this credit for his new selection and is scheduled for
delivery on 2/15/16. We believe that Bob's Discount Furniture
has taken care of this customer’s concerns at this time
Kindest Regards,
Tracy S***
Bobs Discount Furniture
Customer Care Corporate Liaison

Good Morning
"line-height: 115%Verdana","sans-serif"">Please pass on our sincerest apologies for the
inconvenience the multiple deliveries and incorrect product continues to cause
our customerWe can certainly understand the customer’s frustration and
acknowledge the reasons why the customer feels they are owed something
additional after their concerns have been resolved
Bob’s prides itself on providing quality service and the best value product for
the priceOur primary focus is on making the concern we caused right so that
our customer is satisfied with the product that they have purchased from us
We currently have an exchange scheduled for the customer on to resolve
the remaining concerns with this merchandise
At this time we are looking forward to completely resolving this customer’s
concern on We will refund this customer’s delivery fee to the
original method of payment, Wells Fargo.
If this customer accepts this offer, which is outside of our
policy guidelines, it will be the only offer of compensation we would be able
to make Please see attached copy of
delivery fee refund for approval
Kind Regards,
Tracy S***
Bobs Discount Furniture
Corporate Customer Care Liaison

Good Afternoon ***,
class="MsoNormal" "margin: 0in 0in 10pt;">I am very sorry to learn of your disappointment with your sectional
I assure you that Bobs Discount Furniture cares very much to satisfy our
customers concerns and we stand behind the quality of our productsThe two
technician’s that visited your home from Bobs Discount Furniture reported that
the tearing on your sectional and the lumping of the material are related to
the sectional being battered during the use it receives within its current
environmentWe are willing to make an extreme exception as a courtesy to you
in this case and provide two options for resolution, should any replacement
item provided to you experience damages caused by the environment Bobs Discount
Furniture will not offer to take responsible or ownership for such damages
Bobs Discount Furniture warranties your merchandise against manufacturing
defects as deemed by our factory trained techniciansThe *** *** Plan, as
it name denotes, is for protection against many one time accidental occurrences
of damage and is managed thru a third party company called *** *** ***
At this time we can offer you two options for resolution, I have
listed these below for your review:
Option #1:
One time even exchange of the *** sectionalWe will take
away the current model you have and deliver a factory fresh model on the same
Option #2:
One time store credit to reselect to a different set (the credit
will be based off the original price you paid for the sectional)If you select
this option we will also include a store credit for the storage ottoman you
purchased to match as a one time courtesyWe will take away the current model
you have and deliver a factory fresh model of your new selection on the same
Please let us know how you would like to proceed from this
*** ** ***
Bobs Discount Furniture
*** *** *** ***

Good Afternoon,
class="MsoNormal" "margin: 0in 0in 10pt;">After reading this complaint I am truly embarrassed by the behavior
our delivery team displayed while in our customers homeI assure *** and his
wife that intentionally deceiving our customers is not considered acceptable
behavior by Bobs Discount Furniture and I have personally made our Delivery
Managers aware of ***’s complaint so that we can take the appropriate steps
to ensure this type of scenario never happens to one of our valued customers
againI am also sorry for the lack of care *** feels he was met with while
initially reporting his concern to our Customer Care officeOur records
reflect that we have processed a monetary refund of the charged delivery fee
back to *** as a form of our apology for this disappointment
I thank *** for taking the time to write this complaint so
that we have the best knowledge available to us to improve our delivery

Good Morning,
Regretfully I cannot see the “attachment” that ***
states she has enclosedI can verify that her account shows an update as of
yesterday (9.11.2014) with a reselection credit for her living room set
This update carries a much higher value to our customer and
much higher cost to our company than the original offer I providedAt this
point in time ***’s concern should be closed as resolved
*** * ***
Discount Furniture
Care Corporate Liaison

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