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Sessco Construction Reviews (4) I have reviewed the offer made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below [Provide details of why you are not satisfied with this resolution.] Regards, [redacted] As of today 11/10/14, I have not received a check from Greg Sessions the owner of Sessco ConstructionPlease contact Mr [redacted] and update me on when I can expect the $check Thank you, [redacted]
I have reviewed the offer made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint.  For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.
[Provide details of why you are not satisfied with this resolution.]
As of today 11/10/14, I have not received a check from Greg Sessions the owner of Sessco Construction. Please contact Mr. [redacted] and update me on when I can expect the $200.00 check.
Thank you,

Dear [redacted],
My name is [redacted]. I am the owner of Sessco Construction, LLC. I have been in the...

residential construction field since 1976. I have a 5 star rating with Home Advisor and have received multiple awards from [redacted] for customer service. I also have a list of customers who will vouch for my integrity and honesty along with the quality of my work. 
I am responding to the complaint received on 10/07/2014. I will try to describe the numerous events that have plagued this relationship from the very beginning. I should have trusted my instinct and listened to that little voice in my head that told me to leave this one alone but I went ahead and agreed to move forward with the project. 
I was generous enough to accompany [redacted] on multiple trips to help them pick out a door at [redacted] and finally at [redacted] but soon found out that it was very difficult to assist [redacted] (always in charge) in this process because of the endless and practically impossible criteria that was added to each choice that was made. I finally gave up and told them that when they made a decision to let me know. 
On April 4, 2013, I received an email from [redacted] stating that they had made a decision and that it would take an additional 20 days to receive this door from [redacted], a [redacted] brand. I had nothing to do with the order other than telling them which way the door would open and basic measurements. (All of which were correct). When the door arrived, I offered to pick the door up and deliver it to their house. Upon delivery, I noticed that the door did not have any exterior trim installed on the door jambs. ( most doors come with exterior door trim called "brick molding" that helps keep the door square and it also is installed in factory conditions which are perfect. It also is very helpful in the correct positioning of the door during installation). Once again, I reluctantly told them that I could install the door and install the missing molding also. They agreed to go with my choice of a PVC molding because of its permanence and low maintenance.  The only problem with this type of product was that it was prone to shrink and might open up slightly at the joints where it was mitered in cold weather. Everything was good. 
When the old door was removed, it was revealed that the sub floor was rotted from water damage ( a common problem).  When the rotted subfloor was removed, a bigger problem was evident.  The band board and sill plate were damaged and needed replacement. We removed the damaged wood and repaired the problem with new treated exterior lumber. The new door was installed and new [redacted] siding had to be installed because the old siding around the door had water damage also. Now the problem was that we could not use the same siding because it was discontinued. There was a similar [redacted] product, but the finish wasn't the same as the old and there was no exact match to be found. I looked at several places but no luck.  I suggested another product called "Hardie Plank" which is a wood fiber/ concrete product with a similar profile. I told them that after it was painted, it would not be that noticeable and they gave me the go ahead. After installation, there was controversy on this issue also. They didn't like the way that looked.  Well, after a while, he contacts me again and says that he wants to change the siding to [redacted] and that there was some at [redacted] with the smooth finish. I went there but he was mistaken and there was no smooth siding and that it had been some time since they had stocked any. I finally gave up and I told [redacted] that if he could find the product he wanted, I would install it.  He never found any. They had to accept the siding that was there. I installed that siding twice. 
He also mentioned that the molding had a gap in it and the door trim had not been caulked. 
All of these issues could be satisfactorily remedied by proper caulking which was going to be done by the painters that were right behind after the install. I understand that they were delayed because of some technical issue brought up by Mrs. Lane. 
I came back and reinstalled new molding on the top of the door (at no cost) and repositioned the side moldings to change the fit, ever so slightly. 
I failed to mention the fact that the door didn't come with a screen door.  Another mistake in the ordering process. I did tell them that I would not warranty the screen because they were so flimsy  and very hard to maintain. I had much experience with this type of screen when I was an award winning  customer service representative with [redacted]. 
Another issue rose out of the screen door install. They said that the screen door did not fit the door jamb on the other side of the doors when the screen was open. They also said that the screen door would allow bugs to crawl in by way of the weep holes that allow water to escape the threshold tracks. (A factory design that I had nothing to do with)  I went back and replaced the side moldings because I didn't think that the moldings would withstand another adjustment. No charge.  The door closed just fine and I adjusted the striker plate to make sure there was no issues with latching or opening.  When I left the last time, the job was approved by [redacted] and he thanked me for my work. The complaint of them having to shove the door to close it is highly exaggerated and any extra effort to close could be explained by the weather strips around the door jambs being new and springy. Please keep in mind that each one of these complaints was minor in comparison and would probably not be an issue with most customers. 
The last time I heard from [redacted] was the issue with the weather stripping. There are 3 rows of "fins" on the bottom of the door. Sometimes after multiple closings, one of these fins may have split. I have seen this happen on many doors just like this one. It is very minor. Not something a normal person would report. There are 2 more to seal the door from drafts. When the "factory rep" showed up to look at the door, of course he's going to pick out "something" to explain how this "defect" could be explained. So he says that for "optimal" conditions the door is out of square 1/8" (in 81"). The house could have settled that much or who knows if that's exactly what was said. 1/8" in that amount of space is certainly not an issue with the door closing properly. There was no draft or air leaking when the door was shut. Like I said, [redacted] acknowledged on my last visit that everything was satisfactory and thanked me for responding to the request. 
I have a standard warranty on all my jobs which is 1 year on workmanship and manufacturers warranties apply in that period. I do not honor manufacturers warranties unless I am compensated by the manufacturer for the correction after that period. The Lane's claim is beyond the 1 year period by several months. 
I will be glad to refund a portion of the desired settlement in the amount of $200.00.  This will be the only offer I will agree to.  She cannot make any other claims against SESSCO CONSTRUCTION, LLC in any form at any later date. If she agrees to these conditions, I will have a legal contract drawn up by my lawyer and sent to her and has to be singed by her and her husband. I have been very professional and courteous with these people. I think they have tried to take advantage of my easy going demeanor.  I have a good reputation and plan on keeping it. 
I am also attaching all the emails that I have available to me regarding these claims. Please note the dates. 

Review: Contractor installed a new patio French door. Issues about the quality of the door fit and finish. Contractor came back and did more work on the door, however the door continues to have issue. The door frame is not square. The bottom weather strip does not fit, so thebottom door jam is too high. The contractor is not responding to our requests to come back and address these problems.Desired Settlement: Out concern now is that the contractor may not have the skill to install this door correctly, so the door closes locks without a big push and the door fits and is square so the screen door fits and sides back and forth without any issues. We would like a return of $500.00 from the total amount paid of $1,500.00.



Dear [redacted],

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