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S.H. Express Tire Shop

8991 Grissom Rd, San Antonio, Texas, United States, 78251-2815

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My 2008 Ford F-150 engine went out ,bought a refurbished engine and all parts needed to install the engine, had it ship to the shop (express tire) was coated a price of $1140,,after over three weeks of run a round, they call me Monday evening it was ready for pickup,I know something was wrong with the truck the moment I saw it,just didn’t know what it was at the time, first they changed me for parts that was in the installation kit I bought plus a engine mount and cover that was needed because they put a different engine from the one I bought in my truck ,older defective engine,the remove all the original parts from my truck and replaced older parts, transmission everything all my parts, and changed me $1743 up from $1140,my new engine plus kit was $3170 if the old core not return its another $477 plus the transmission and all the other parts they stole,that’s $ 5390 and another $4000 plus of stolen parts

S.H. Express Tire Shop Response • Aug 17, 2020

to whom it mat concern:

my name is *** a I spoke to *** about his f150 and gave him an estimate for the repairs. I told him this was just an estimate the truck in question had a very bad knock and worn out engine. he had the motor shipped to the shop and there was it no other parts were delivered here. after removing the motor we advised him of other parts he was going to need motor mount,water pump,spark plugs ect....I also told him it would take a while for us to finish the job. when he came to pick it up he saw and listen to the motor and said everthing sounds and looks good. the next day he stopped by and said his ac wasnt working and I adviced him we never checked the ac when he brought it in that wasnt one of the services he asked for. then the next day he called and said someone stole his transmission. I told him we dont do bussisess like that. I tried to to talk to him and ask him what was the problem and he would not talk to me. when we finished that truck we road tested it EVERTHING WORKED FINE AND TRANS SHIFTED NORMAL. WHEN HE PICKED IT UP AND DROVE IT HOME HE NEVER CALLED ME LATER THAT DAY OR THE NEXT MORNIMG TO TELL ME THERE WAS A PROBLEM WITH THE TRANS UNIT. we stride to make our customers happy and do what we can to save them money and be effieciant

I tried calling *** back after he called me but didnt answer me. I wanted him to stop by the shop so we can talk and he never answered me back

Customer Response • Aug 20, 2020

Complaint: ***

I am rejecting this response because:

Regards, All lies the same day I pick the truck up I took it back about the knocking in the engine, I ask him about the ac before I took the truck, I did not drive the truck the next day, they stole the new engine I bought and put an old defective one in, they also replace my transmission and all the original parts from my truck, the leak in the transmission, nocking in the new engine, and no ac that's why I check the truck and found out the took everything ,on Monday the 08/17/20 I return to the shop to make sure they ship the original engine that was replace ,I was at the shop for about two hours no one spoke to me about my truck ,not *** or anybody else, I felt threaten the whole time I was there

Beyond disappointed with this place. After paying, husband dropped off car to have work done. Mechanic stated it would be done in about 3 hours and they would start work right away. All work was paid for in advance by the way (over $700) Car was dropped off at 10:30a.m. Noone bothered to call us regarding the car and my husband always had to call and check for 5:30p.m car still was not done ( 6 hrs since car was dropped off and twice the amount of time we were told at this point) mechanic said car needed another 2 and a half hours. We drive to the place at 7:30p.m. to find out it is closed and the car is still inside! Noone called to let us know what was going one. We never gave them permission to keep car overnight. Place closed at 7pm yet mechanic said it would be ready past that time?! Worse customer service ever! We are so mad right now- have tried to call numerous times but all we get is an answering machine. If you want to trust these guys for small stuff then the risk is yours but I wouldn't trust them with anything after this! Just horrible!

Owner took 3 months to replace transmission and the used car part he installed is bad the synchronization is bad and the clutch pops out of gear and I have paid 600 for this part and the part it self is around 300 to 375. And now my car over heats due to them breaking the radiator and the starter does not work and the owner refuses to fix. I already paid 470 for labor

S.H. Express Tire Shop Response • Oct 08, 2018

My name is S *** owner of the S&H Express Tire shop.

The transmission has 30 days warranty thru the vendor. (part only)

Costumer never contacted me that he had issues with the car, he just left and contacted

The vehicle was here for three moths due to a bad transmission. When the owner came in for the first time he requested to change the clutch on the vehicle due to been stuck in third gear. When we looked more in depth in the car we found that the transmission was bad the forks on the inside were broken. I called the costumer to let him know that changing the clutch was not going to fix his original issue, and that he was going to need a different transmission. I looked for several days to try to find a transmission for his vehicle but nobody had the correct one, and the costumer was notified that the transmission was no where to be found locally. The only transmission that was found it was in Houston, TX. I informed the costumer that there was a transmission, but he would had to go get it to do the work faster, but he refused. Also we try to rebuild the transmission but it had too much damage to be repair. The car was stuck in my lift for three months due to costumer not wanting to go get the transmission and due to that I lost money. Eventually I had to hire someone to go pick up the transmission to Houston, TX. After the transmission was put on, my technician noted that the starter was bad and the radiator had a cracked. Technician spoke to the customer about the starter and radiator and customer had told him that he had electrical issues with the starter and was already aware of the radiator leak.

At this point I would like to get storage fee for at least 45 days, (each day $25) due to, that the car was stuck in my lift, and I lost a lot of business.

Customer Response • Oct 08, 2018

Complaint: ***

I am rejecting this response because:
The mechanic not once ever called me and I’ve always called him about the car every Tuesday and Thursday about the car he tells me every time that the transmission is being rebuild and that it would take about 10 business days from 06/26/18 when I made a payment upfront for the transmission I have the receipt when I made it I wouldn’t want to take the car to them after waiting 3 months. And then after waiting that long he tells me we are just gonna put a used transmission in never mentioned anything about where he is gonna get it from or how and just lets me know at the very last minute and I have took the starter and got it tested and is good and the radiator leak or crack was due to them installing the transmission

S.H. Express Tire Shop Response • Oct 17, 2018

ones again we told the costumer about the issue on the *** is hard to get parts for this car in particular the transmission we spend to much time locking for it the car is working right he starter is good his radiator was bad he knows we work on the transmission area nothing close to the radiator his is not transmission he was upset because he was trying to get a discount because the time and we told him why we did good work on his car that is why we want storage fee his car is running good

They installed a used engine for my Ford F-150 and I have paid 2,800 and made many calls because my truck is not working properly and no return calls, I went over and talked to owner eloy and he says he will not fix my truck . before installing a used engine eloy the owner said he has a 6 month warranty

S.H. Express Tire Shop Response • Mar 19, 2018

My name is ***

regard this situation

the customer had and issue with the engine that was on probably January 2017 he didn’t have the full amount

for the repairs he give me 1500 dollar to get the engine I bought the engine on may 2017 that’s wen the warranty star

I call the company we’re a get the engine from and I explain the situation and they told me the warranty it’s expired it’s

more been more then 6 months I wish I can help the customer it’s not up to me .

I try to help the customer on a different way I told him that I can help him with labor on the next repair I offer him tha ti help because hi is a regular customer and he just treated me everybody nows the warranty on a used parts star wen wen we made the purchase

S.H. Express Tire Shop Response • Mar 26, 2018

Like I say 2017 we purchase the engine he didn’t have all the money to pick up the truck that’s why the truck espend all is hat time on the shop that’s why the warranty it’s over thru the place we’re we got the engine

lime I sad we offer to help the customer because he was a regular customer

I still offers the help

Customer Response • Mar 27, 2018

Complaint: ***

I am rejecting this response because:On Monday I picked up my truck and I talked to the owner Eloy and he offered to buy my truck for $2700 and after carefully reviewing my options , I would rather sell my truck for $4500 , so if he wants to buy my truck it's going to be $4500 or best offer


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Address: 8991 Grissom Rd, San Antonio, Texas, United States, 78251-2815


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