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Initial Business Response /* (1000, 8, 2016/03/16) */
Customer reported problems with Toner on 04/09/and was issued RMA *** for a replacement as it was within the day warranty grace period for returns for an exchangeWhen sent the Returns information it clearly stated in the "Product
Return Procedure"
4.RMA numbers are only valid for daysIf we do not receive your return within the day time frame then your return is void and we will not honor the RMA.(no exceptions)
Unfortunately our Vendors only give us a limited time frame to deal with any defective cartridges customers may receiveAt the start of this event the customer was well within that time and had been given directions to follow in order for us to correct the situation
The customers return was finally received on 02/17/over months after the return procedures and instructions were sent to the customer to resolve this matter and was notified that the due to the extreme lateness of the return on the customers part we could no longer honor the exchange
The customer had claimed the package was late due to the carrier but when checking all tracking information there was no notes or evidence of a "return to sender" or "refused package" on the online tracking information which lists these types of actions for internal and customer records
Once notified that we could no longer take any action the customer requested back the defective merchandiseWe now attempted to "return to sender" the package but were unable to do so and had offered to ship back the requested merchandise for a reduces shipping fee of $$is much cheaper then what the customer would have to pay when shipping the package back to themselves normally and much less then if we were able to return to sender the package as we initially attemptedHowever as the customer was unsatisfied with having to pay for the return shipping cost of the requested package we decided to ship back the requested merchandise at our own expense
All correspondence back and forth between the customer and us is saved and available to be sent to the for further review if needed
Initial Consumer Rebuttal /* (3000, 10, 2016/03/17) */
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
The business is refusing to provide the product that was paid forThey shipped a defective product and refused to give us what we paid for and giving us more than a run around
They intentionally refused the shipment the first time and now they are claiming it is outside the day period
Please stick to the factsThis business does not care to give adequate service as indicated by its response
They had no problem taking the money for the toner and have plenty problems providing the advertised product and/or a product that is not defective
We are a tax preparation firm that is licensed by the government and if we were to provide such service for a fee we would be fined and even lose our license
I suggest that this business have the same treatment as they should be licensed and they are responsible for conducting business and not for wasting our time and stealing our money
They took the payment and shipped a defective productWhen we notified them they refused to pay for the shipment to ship it backWhen we shipped it back they refused the shipmentWhen we shipped it back again, they claimed the original day period applied even though they wasted our time with multiple contacts via phone and email
This is a horrible business we would never recommend for fear that others may receive similar service
As a business, they are obligated to either give us a working product that was already paid for before all of this happenedIf they do not wish to give us the product we paid for, they should pay us for wasting our money we used to pay for shipping per their own advice and instruction
They are making simple things complicated intentionally because they do not really care about providing the service and/or products they are in business for
I suggest that they close down the business since this is so simple yet so impossible for them to do, their business, and provide a product that the customer has paid forAs of today, Thursday, March 17, 2016, we still do not have the product that was paid forInstead they shipped a defective product which is really a trash equivalent
I hope and pray that there are significant improvements going forward
Thanks for your time and support
Final Consumer Response /* (4200, 16, 2016/04/06) */
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Hello Reader,
There was no resolution provided by this company almost year later
They just take our money and do not give us product
When we ship it back they say they refuse shipment and force you to ship it back which will more than likely let them say they can not accept it because of their day policy
When we report them to, they are still dishonest and do not follow laws nor ethics for providing what we paid forWe would not choose to buy something that will have to be disposed of
If they were genuinely concerned they would not just send a portion of the email that already received when I made the initial complaint
Instead of being reputable and decent, they choose to make little to no effort even in defending their position for shipping us trash instead of what we paid forI really feel that they would not appreciate if they had to get trash when they were advertised a product that they paid for upfront
We wish for them to please refund us our purchase and our fees for shipping back and forth per their instruction
This company is in great need of review and audits as this is may be a common practice for them, evident how they are not sensitive to common sense, law and ethics in doing business
I hope they are reviewed by every organization possible and internally to uncover the terrible practices before they are shut down
We still wish to get our money back for not receiving what we paid forThey are worse than a robber on the street since they operate under the guise of a business and claim they are only stick to policies instead of providing the product they took our money for
Please understand that this will never be acceptable and we still want either the product we paid or our money backThis is in addition to the fees that you had us pay to ship back these items to you (not once but) twice
Please someone else assist and/or escalate this matter as we are still out of our monies and product that we paid for
It does not make any sense to us nor will it make any sense to advertise a product and then take payment and instead of simply mailing us the product, they choose to send us trashAfter they send us the trash that they instruct us to pay shipping to ship back the product for them to refuse itAfter they refuse it, they instruct us to ship it backBoth times shipping costs more than the product purchasedMoreover, they wanted us to pay to ship it back as well, which would be an additional third shipping charge, again for more than the product purchased
The reason for the complaint is to stop this from happening to others and to document it so that they will not keep getting away with crappy business practices and crappy customer service
We only want our money back since it is illegal to take money for a purchase that never happenedThey are in violation of law and ethicsWe have since learned and not ordered from this company againWe also do not plan to order from companies like this in the case they closed down and start a new company under a different name with the similar practices
Thanks for your time and support in this and all matters
Thanks for reading
Best wishes and Regard,
*** ***, Enrolled Agent
Final Business Response /* (4000, 14, 2016/04/06) */
***Document Attached***
In the event of a defective ink or toner product we have procedures that all customers must go through in order to help resolve the situationAll companies have return procedures from Walmart to Gap to AmazonIf you do not follow the procedures returns are not accepted
The issued RMA number was valid for daysIf the package was received a "little" after days we would have still accepted and processed the returnHowever as it was received over months after and that is the issue that stopped the returns processThe customer has stated many times that we refused the first package that they sent back to us but have not provided any evidence of that refusalA refused package even when returned to the sender does not take more months to be resent and received
There was no evidence on any of the FedEx tracking numbers located on their package or on the FedEx website that was associated with those tracking numbers which is where such actions get updated of the refusal that the customer keeps mentioningIf we had seen the evidence on the FedEx website tracking information about a package refusal coming to the return address presented on the return procedures that were issued in the Returns Merchandise Authorization email we sent we might still have been open to thinking about honoring the return if the return was received in a timely fashion(Not months later)
At this time if the customer can provide the refusal evidence of the package that was sent to our return address that was presented to them in the RMA information email (Original RMA information that was sent to customer will be provided in the attached files) We will only consent to refunding the purchase *** of the order

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