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Shottenkirk Toyota Weatherford

3131 Fort Worth Hwy, Weatherford, Texas, United States, 76087-8774

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• May 25, 2023

Bought a 2021 Tundra TRD PRO yesterday 5/24 from this dealer. Salesman was Travis Floyd and manager whom I have spoken with is Hunter. I was rushed to completed a review which I did at the salesman’s request yesterday prior to leaving with the truck. When I drove the truck and looked at it with the salesman the PCS warning light says off, but in settings was on. Travis stated the sensors were still behind the aftermarket grill that the previous owner had installed, and that he would make sure and have it addressed. I have tried to reach Travis yesterday after I left and today and he’s no where to be found. The manager states that because the vehicle is used that they are unwilling to make it right as promised by my salesman. Not only am I consulting my attorney, but I will also let everyone I know what a horrible experience this has been and each of you at SHOTTENKIRK should be ashamed of yourselves and your very SHADY business practices. I wouldn’t recommend this dealer to my worst enemy.

Not only are they dishonest in their sales pricing, but their sales managers become very confrontational and condescending when you point out how off their advertised price is compared to the one they're presenting you with at the dealership.

Long story short, walked into their dealership with a pre-approval in hand but shortly after, they had pushed to run our eligibility through their own lenders. They then proceeded to present us with a final price that was 37% over the advertised price!! They add a “mandatory” used car inspection and car protection program that mark up the car up by at least 29%.

Anyways, they made for the worst car shopping experience that I have ever had because not only did the sales manager insult me to my face (and I’m more than willing to let the owner know what the insults were), he got aggressive and diminishing. Trying to sell to me with the fact that it didn’t matter how high the price just rose up as long as he was giving me lower monthly payments. Any intelligent human being knows that a high price doesn’t automatically disappear just the payments are low. WE STILL HAVE TO PAY THE TOTAL COST IN THE LONG RUN!!

Word of advice Shottenkirk Toyota of Weatherford, when you advertise a car as having a “locked haggle free” price, then include all the unnecessary hidden fees to the price so we know what to expect. And finally, please stop insulting and intimidating your customers! We’re no longer in the 1980’s.


This dealership uses deceptive business practices. Detailed explanation/experience follows. So many reviews stating similar experiences. Please investigate.
(All numbers rounded) Online pricing/ "No Hassle Pricing" on multiple sites and on dealer's own website was stated as $13,719.00
Manager brings me the balance sheet breaking down the costs. Total is $18,506.00
Shottenkirk Care is $1,995.00
Pre-Owned Inspection is $1,350.00
Non-tax Fees are 225.77
Dealer Doc is $150.00
Tax is $1,066.00
I ask what $1,999.00 Shottenkirk Care fee is. Manager says this is a "service/warranty contract REQUIRED on all vehicles we sell". He also said it "COMES WITH all vehicles". He doesn't say it is optional. I say I do not want that service and that I do not want to pay for it. He says I "HAVE to get it".
I ask what the $1,350.00 Pre-owned Inspection fee is. Manager says it is what it cost him to get the car ready to sell. I tell him that sounds like a business expense that they can deduct from their taxes. I ask him to break down those costs for me. He prints out another page showing that it was simply maintenance on the vehicle like replacing filters, rotating tires, cleaning and detailing the vehicle. I tell him that is something that all dealers do to sell their cars. I told him he was passing along those business expenses on to me and that I shouldn't be paying for his costs of running a business.
He then tells me the reason customers pay these fees is because he paid list price $13,719.00 for the vehicle and that we the customers are getting the vehicles at wholesale prices and we pay for the services performed on the vehicle. I ask him to prove to me that he paid list price for the vehicle. He prints out another paper that shows they have a balance on the car of about $18,000.00 and that he is actually selling the car at a loss. None of this makes sense. The manager then proceeds to tell me that he can get rid of the $1,999.00 Shottenkirk Care fee if I buy the car. This was after repeatedly telling me that I could not get rid of the fee and that it automatically came with the vehicle. He was lying to me the whole time and was trying to deceive me every step of the way. He told me the internet price is not the actual price and that they use that price to bring people into the dealership. That is false advertising. I did not even get a chance to ask about the Non Tax Fee of $225.00 to find out what those charges actually are. Taxes and title are acceptable charges, but everything else is a scam. The manager repeatedly said the fees were required which is a total lie. They falsely advertise their vehicle prices and then they try and deceive you by telling you all these fees are "required". None of these are required and nobody is required to pay for any of these services. Please investigate.

Shottenkirk Toyota Weatherford Response • May 27, 2020

There are multiple locations on the website that ask the customer to contact the dealer for price, options, and other details. Further, there is language on the website that addresses the items that are not included in the pricing.

We regret that a mutually agreeable transaction could not be reached with this customer, despite everyone's best efforts to do so.

Customer Response • May 27, 2020

Complaint: ***

I am rejecting this response because: They are not addressing the lies told to me in person. Why did the manager say the fees were required and not optional? He repeatedly said the fees come with the vehicle and that they must be paid. Those are lies. The online pricing also says “No Hassle”. Yet it was a total hassle. The manager then told me he could remove one of the fees. How is that possible if he had repeatedly told me he could not. That proves he was lying to me. There are so many reviews stating the same deceptive practices. The manager is in charge and is also the one lying to me in person over and over. What is your excuse for that?



Shottenkirk Toyota lists, on its website, a 2016 Ford F 150 pickup for a sales price of $34,312.00. I visited the dealership today and made a full price offer. The salesperson brought the paperwork to me and it included a charge of $1,995 for a customer care package. I explained that I wished to purchase the truck for the full asking price that was listed on Shottenkirk's website and which had also been quoted to me in person, but that I did not wish to purchase the customer care package. The salesperson told me that Shottenkirk will not sell the vehicle for the asking price unless I also pay the additional $1,995 for the customer care package. He explained that the fee is a "dealer add-on" and that all dealers do it. I left the dealership and looked up the ad for the truck on Shottenkirk's website; the ad includes the following: "[a]ll prices plus tax, title, license and documentation fee of $150." There is no mention, anywhere, of the $1,995 mandatory customer care package. A link to to the Shottenkirk website is attached here: https://

Shottenkirk Toyota Weatherford Response • May 04, 2020

We had negotiated a deal with the customer. At the time of signing, the customer then wanted to re-negotiate certain pieces of the transaction. Unfortunately, we could not reach a mutually acceptable transaction.

We welcome the opportunity to work toward a deal to sell the vehicle to the customer.

I had spoken with the dealership several times for two issues. I live 2 1/2-3 hours away from the purchasing dealership. I had my vehicle at my local dealership to fix the problems. There was a cracked rim and faulty transmission. Both issues were fixed, evidently not! The transmission that was remanufactured and placed in my vehicle seems to be having the same issue as it did before I took it to the local dealership. I spoke to the dealership I purchased my vehicle from and told them of the problem again. A manager by the name of T I will say told me to bring my pickup in and they would make it right and swap them out. They are trying to get me into a new vehicle with almost double my current payment! No! Not happy, and when I tried to explain to another manager person that manager T told me they would make it work. Evidently head manager heard nothing of this. Either way I was lied to and had to drive 6 hours round trip to have nothing accomplished.

Shottenkirk Toyota Weatherford Response • Apr 21, 2020

I can locate no information for a vehicle sold to a customer by this name. Is it possible that the transaction is under a different name?

Customer Response • Apr 21, 2020

Complaint: *** Yes *** he is my dad:


Shottenkirk Toyota Weatherford Response • Apr 22, 2020

As a part of the original transaction a vehicle service contract was purchased by the customer. This contract would cover repairs to the vehicle if the customer is experiencing mechanical concerns. We will contact the customer to make arrangements to have the vehicle inspected by one of our technicians.

Customer Response • Apr 22, 2020

I have made arrangements to have it looked at by my local Toyota dealership.

Customer Response • Apr 23, 2020

I have made arrangements to have it looked at by my local Toyota dealership.

I went in to buy a used truck and was there for 5 hours and pressured into buying a new truck they said they didn't have any 2019 and was told I could not think about it or the deal would be over. I bought it at 6:00 pm and by 9:00 am when opened the very next day it was $2,000 less than what I payed. I believe they were misleading. I called the next day and was told nothing could be done. I called again on Monday to talk to General Manager and he was to call me back and I have never heard from anyone at Shottenkirk since that day Dec. 2, 2019. I left several messages with no reply. I will not do business there again.

We purchased a 2012 Ford Edge Limited from Shottenkirk Toyotat around May 29th of this year - 2019. We later found out that this is a Buy Back - Lemon Law car from California. - THIS WAS NOT DISCLOSED DURING THE SALE. This wall not disclosed until months later, when we tried to get the Registration tags.

Shottenkirk Toyota Weatherford Response • Dec 11, 2019

We have made multiple attempts to meet with the customer to discuss this matter. To date, those efforts have been fruitless. We desire to resolve the matter and welcome the customer to discuss possible resolutions.

While we are open to resolving the matter, the $5,000 proposal from the customer is declined.

We welcome the opportunity to have dialogue directly with the customer to reach a mutually agreeable resolution.

I live in Scottsdale, AZ and have been in the market for a BMW 640i convertible since the middle of August, 2019:

08/21 or 08/22
• Saw BMW on *** as well as Shottenkirk Toyota - Granbury’s website.
• No Hassle asking price was $46,123.
• Called Granbury to get information on car. Was told that the car had been moved back to Weatherford, TX, but still showed in inventory.
o They would track it down.
• They found the car at their dealership in Weatherford.
• *** was assigned as my e-salesperson.
o I live in Scottsdale, AZ, so this was an Internet transaction.
• Had a friend in Dallas test drive the car. All was good except small scratches and peeling leather on windshield pillar.
• Tried to negotiate better price on car and extended warranty (I requested).
• No reply from dealership so I called ***
• Was told by *** that there was no room in the car and that the dealership only made a couple hundred dollars on the warranty. I told him that I had to think about it.
• Called *** at home in the evening and told him that I would take the car.
• *** had some questions on Monday,
• FedEx’d the sales agreement to me on Monday. I received it Tuesday 08/28.
• I reviewed the document but didn't notice that the asking price was changed from $46,123 to $48,983, a difference of $2860.
• I signed the document and arranged to have cashiers checks overnighted to the dealership. I asked *** three times, to confirm that he was registering the car in Arizona. He indicated yes each time.
• The car was picked up from Shottenkirk
• The car was delivered to me in California on 09/01.
09/12, 09/13
• Retrieved mail from Arizona mailbox, returned to California.
• Shottenkirk had cut a check to me in the amount of 4,015.67 (on 09/09), a refund of the taxes and license fees they had charged.
o Apparently *** did not know that he couldn’t register the car in Arizona.
• I went online on 09/13 to see what I needed to do to register the car in Arizona. Part of the process was listing the purchase price of the vehicle. It was at that point when I noticed that the asking price of the car had changed.

09/14 (9:49AM)
• Called *** and explained that amount was different.
• *** indicated that he would have *** call back Monday because Saturdays are busy,

09/16 (2:25PM)
• No call from ***
• Sent a text to *** to get a status.
• No reply

09/17 (10:38AM)
• Texted ***.
• He replied that *** told him that it was Shottenkirk Care Package.
• I replied with “not sure what you mean? Is that a department at Shottenkirk?”
• I asked if I should call *** directly…no reply so I left a message for ***. No reply.

09/17 (12:22PM)
• Called Shottenkirk and asked that the sales manager call me back.
• *** called at 12:31PM.
• *** thought I was looking for a car. Talked about how prices were reduced all of the time by central office. They didn’t know when price would change. I explained that I bought the car and that I was invoiced for more than the asking price that appeared on *** and the Shottenkirk website.
• *** said he was going to transfer me to ***, but I said I wanted to escalate. *** indicated that he would have *** return my call.
• No call Tuesday.

09/18 (10:48AM)
• Left another message for ***. No call.

09/18 (2:18PM)
• Called to set up an appointment to talk with ***, referred to me by receptionist as the highest level at Shottenkirk since they didn’t have a general manager.
• Left a message with ***s assistant.
• No callback from assistant or Mr.

09/18 (3:17PM)
• Received a call from ***.
• I explained that $46,123 asking price for the car had been changed on the purchase agreement and that I hadn’t noticed the change at the time I signed the document. I explained that I had no idea where the new amount ($48,983) came from.
• He asked if anyone had gone over the paperwork with me over the phone. I indicated that they had not. He asked the same question two more times….same answer.
• I explained that the car was still listed on their website with a no hassle price of $46,123. I acknowledged that I missed the discrepancy on the sales agreement, but thought that he (Shottenkirk), should do the right thing and honor the advertised asking price.
• Mr. repeatedly said that he couldn’t believe I was raising this issue after a month [especially with a cash deal] and that “if everyone who thought they paid too much for their car came back at them, Shottenkirk wouldn’t be able to do business.”
o In fact, I attempted to contact him about the issue within two weeks, but because he didn’t return my calls for three days, we did not speak until 09/18, seventeen days after delivery.
• During the conversation, Mr. was able to reconcile the discrepancy and explained that the price difference was largely a $1,900 charge for Shottenkirk Customer Care (the same as *** had passed along through my salesman, ***).
• I explained to Mr. that no one had spoken with me about Customer Care during the sales process. He seemed surprised. He explained that Shottenkirk Customer Care was a product that would repair scratched wheels, door dings and warrant the transmission and air conditioner.
• I explained that the car was under factory warranty for another year and a half and that I had also purchased a 6-yeear extended Warranty through their dealership so adding another “warranty” on the car was insane.
• Again I reminded him that no one had talked to me about the product.
• I asked Mr., *** if I could cancel Shottenkirk’s Customer Care, to which he replied “no”. Mr. indicated that he would send me the information about the product. To date, I have received nothing.
• After much back and forth and repeated insinuations by Mr. that I was somehow trying to pull a fast one, I asked I paraphrased the conversation and asked him if what he was essentially saying was “you signed the contract so there is no more discussion”. He confirmed so I ended the call.
• I escalated to *** in their advertising group and sent copies of the website advertisement and the sales agreement. He indicated that he forwarded it to his manager. No response/contact since that time.

09/19 8:54AM
• Texted *** to see if he would check to see if there was second key to the car and an owner’s manual (not delivered with car).
• He replied “Yes sir!”

09/21, 09/24, 10/01
• Texted *** again to see about key and owners manual.
• No reply to date.

I fully acknowledge that I missed that Shottenkirk had changed the price of the car when the paperwork was FedEx’d for signatures. However, no one at this dealership spoke with me about Shottenkirk Customer Care during the entire sales process. Neither did they review the sales agreement with me over the phone. They simply added the [assumed] option to the published asking price for the car. This is a $1,900 useless expense for which I have still to receive any sort of information. I have also not received confirmation one way or the other, whether there is a second key and/or owners manual.

Shottenkirk Toyota Weatherford Response • Oct 17, 2019

On, or around, August 26, a Purchase Agreement was forwarded electronically to the customer. Subsequently, a Purchase Agreement was sent via FedEx to the customer. Those specific pricing details of the transaction were synonymous on those two documents. There were no inconsistencies in any pricing items for the transaction on these two documents.

Any pricing concerns could have been addressed by the customer at that time, prior to remitting payment to the dealership. The customer remitted payment to the dealership on, or around, the 29th of August.

The vehicle sold was a pre-owned unit. The dealership does not have any additional key, nor does it have an owners manual for the vehicle.

Shottenkirk Toyota Weatherford Response • Nov 11, 2019

As the customer had multiple opportunities to review the terms and conditions of the deal prior to remitting payment, we consider the transaction finalized.

Customer Response • Nov 12, 2019

Complaint: ***

I am rejecting this response because: Deceptive business practices. Dealership slipped in the additional cost of duplicative warranty, knowing full well that the car I purchased was under factory warranty for additional months and that I had purchased an extended warranty from Shottenkirk for over $3,000.


While working with sales representative, ***, the advertised vehicle price for a 2011 Toyota Land Cruiser was reduced. I informed *** of the price and he mentioned he would review it with his superiors. He came back and stated that the price was a mistake done by a new employee. I already had completed a credit application and was approved by the dealer's finance department through Toyota Finance and they would not honor their advertised price. Very misleading and not what you would expect from a reputable dealer. I expect Shottenkirk Toyota of Weatherford to do what is right and just.

Shottenkirk Toyota Weatherford Response • Oct 04, 2019

Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, we were unable to reach a deal with the customer on this transaction.

On 07/12/19 my husband and I leased 2 Toyota RAV4s. My husbands car was in stock and delivered with some repairs that needed to be made. We were told my car was on the truck and scheduled to be delivered that night and to come back Monday to pick it up. Well, on Monday they had no idea where the car was and assured me that it would be there no later than Thursday, because we were leaving on a 3 week vacation that Friday. On Thursday, they said there was a mix up and it would not arrive until the 25th and we could pick it up when we returned. We picked it up August 8th, 27 days into our first month of the lease. I requested that the lease start date be corrected to reflect the day we actually received it. They told us they could not do that and that even though we paid for a 36 month lease, we would only have the car for 35 months.

Shottenkirk Toyota Weatherford Response • Oct 01, 2019

Shottenkirk Toyota will make a customer accommodation per the customer's request.

Leased 2 RAV4s on 07/12/19. Car 1 was in stock and received that day, at which time I indicated some dings in the paint and the car only had one set of keys. I was told to bring the car back in on Monday and they would take care of the issues. Over the weekend I discovered that the navigation/apps console did not function. After 6 weeks, 2 of which they had the car sitting and avoiding my phone calls, they finally made the second key and told me the other issues were resolved. Lies, the nav console still does not work and the body work they did amounted to some touch up filler that fell off in a couple of days.

Shottenkirk Toyota Weatherford Response • Oct 15, 2019

This vehicle is new and covered under the manufacturer's warranty. Our technicians are available six days a week to repair the vehicle. We welcome the opportunity to address any concerns with the navigation system.Any potential claim under the "Lemon Law" would need to be facilitated through Toyota. The guidelines for this process are fairly specific and only applicable if the vehicle cannot be repaired after multiple attempts.

I purchased my vehicle from Durant Toyota on August 30, 2017. When I went back into the finance department "***" as they call him was the one to set up my loan. He added all he could to my loan as I requested not to have. I told him I did not want to have the extended warranty and he added it anyways stating he had to put it on there. He said the company they use are down in Houston so he had to do the extended warranty manually. I have been calling now for almost a month to get my warranty information. Him and I have text and he has informed me that he has cancelled it but when I ask for my copies of all documentation he refused to release it to me. I am irate that he is withholding my personal information.

Shottenkirk Toyota Weatherford Response

We spoke to the customer and made sure that she received all of the documents that she requested and also canceled all policies that wanted us to.

Customer Response

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.


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This website was reported to be associated with Shottenkirk Toyota Weatherford.

This website was reported to be associated with Shottenkirk Toyota Weatherford.

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