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Siegrist Anne E Dds

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Review: I went to [redacted] due to tooth aches. I had just got dental insurance so I finally went to a destist about my problems. She discovered a tooth that should either have a root canal and then a crown, 4 cavitites, and gum diesease. She expressed that I needed to do something immediately with the tooth that needed a root canal or pulling and then needed to do a procedure to get rid of the sweeling of my gums. I decided to get the tooth pulled for $35.00 instead of paying over $1,000.00 to do the root cancel and crown. She also did a poer wash cleaning of my gums. She informed me that after those 2 procedures that I had reached my insurance limit for 2012. We decided that we would wait until 2013 to fill the 4 cavities, which I was more than ok with. About 2 week later [redacted] called me and stated that she had contacted my insurance company and asked if I had anymore coverage available for 2012, and just wanted to make sure. SHe informed me that my insurnace told her that I had $300.00 left in coverage in 2012. She told me that she could fill 2 out of the 4 cavitites and that it would be under the $300.00 and wouldn't cost me anything. I believed and trusted her when she stated it wouldn't cost me anything, so I made the appointment to get 2 cavities filled due to it not costing me anything.

When I arrived, before I even sat in the chair, I stated to her and her assistant "So this isn't going to cost me anything right?" Both of their responsed, in tandum, was "oh no!" I had both cavities filled and went on my way. A month later, I recieved a bill for $334.00. I called [redacted] and asked why I would receive a bill, after she stated I wouldn't have to pay anything. She immediately got upset with me and started yelling at me stating that "it's called patient responsibility and that I was paying the bill". She also said that "it wasn't her fault that my insurance company denied it or that my coverage was reached for 2012." She hung up on me. I called her back immediately and she wasn't available. A let a few weeks go by in hopes that she would see where I was coming from, but she sent me another bill.

I called her 4 times over 2 weeks and she was either unavailable or there was no answer. I left one voicemail stating I needed to dates of my procedures to make a better business claim. She never called me back to give me those answers. She called me once at 8:30pm, but I was already sleeping. She called me today (12/11/12) when I was working and I called her back. I immediatley stated that I wanted this to get resolved in an adult manor, and that we needed to try to come to some sort of agreement. Her immediate response was "you can blackmail me, you can get a lawyer, you can file a better business claim, but she was never reducing the bill, erasing the bill, or doing anything besides making me pay it". I went into the whole story again to remind her that the ONLY reason I came back to her to get the 2 cavities filled was because SHE called my insurance company and then told me that they said that I had $300.00 in coverage, I came back to her because she said she would keep it under the $300 and that it wasn't going to cost me ANYTHING. She stated that I called her and complained about pain and said that I had to get the procedure done. At this point, I was so furious that she was now lying about the situation. She hung up on me after stating that all I wanted to do was slander her and black mail her.Desired Settlement: I do not want to slander or blackmail [redacted]. I told her that I did not want to burn the bridge with her. But her outrageous lies about what really happened and the fact that she takes no responsibility for what she has done, has made me file this claim.

She is the one that went to my insurance company. I NEVER asked her to call them to see if I had anymore coverage for 2012. She is the one that wanted more money from me and called my insurance company. She told me 3 different times that the 2 cavitites would not cost me anything. It is not my fault that she was wrong. The only reason why I didn't wait until 2013 to get cavitites filled, was because she said I could get 2 out of the 4 filled without it costing me a dime. I took the fact that she worked with insurance companies on a daily basis, that this was true. I do not feel that I should have to pay her anything, due to her saying it wouldn't cost me anything. She states that she is taking me to collections and that she is getting a lawyer. I do not think that this is fair to ruin my great credit. She needs to take some responsibility for contacting my insurance company and telling me it wasn't going to cost me anything.



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Address: 224 W Calumet St, Appleton, Wisconsin, United States, 54915


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