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Silver Bells Paw Print

109 Leonard Ln, Elgin, South Carolina, United States, 29045-8365

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• Feb 02, 2021

Awesome experience
I purchased a shih tzu puppy and I am extremely happy with my experience. Sandra was very nice and took all my emails and 100+ phone calls. She was quick to call or text me back and sent me weekly photos of my puppy so I could watch her grow. When I arrived to pick her up I was impressed with how clean the place was and all her dogs were so happy and had the best personalities. She was not in a rush to get our money and get us out of there. We got to meet our puppy parents and she showed us around. The dogs were not in cages. I highly recommend her for your next purchase. We will be returning.

• Jun 23, 2020

I asked for and was told I purchased a pure bread Shih Tzu puppy. I was given papers saying so. My dog has grown a few months and is in fact a Poodle mix. I requested to be given a partial refund due to the fact that this was not the beed I agreed to purchase and I will have to get another dog. I have not heard back other than to return the dog. I did not want to return it due to the fact that I had already had to put $700 into vet bills for the dog I was sold.
Product_Or_Service: Puppy

Desired Outcome

Billing Adjustment I would like $850 refunded back to me.

Silver Bells Paw Print Response • Jun 28, 2020

K.S. put a deposit down on a puppy on 3/10/20 after seeing pictures of the puppy and parents. the puppy was advertised on a national site and on facebook. She picked the puppy up on 4/4/20 and saw the puppy and both parents in my home. She never stated anything looked wrong with this puppy and was extremely happy. I followed up several days later to make sure Everyone had settled in with the puppy and there were no problems. There were none. I do not own a poodle or any mixed breed with poodle in it. After telling her this, she stated then its some kind of "other" mix breed. She is going off of an off handed comment made by her vet and no real proof or DNA test. See her email. My vet examined this puppy prior to her picking it up and never said it looked like anything but a shih tzu. She was provided a health exam and records on puppy from my vet stating it was a shih tzu. I trust my vet. She also has seen both the parents to this puppy and they are registered shih Tzu prior to purchasing. I purchase my dogs from reliable and ethical breeders and I even own the grandparents to this puppy. I do not breed the flat faced shih tzu due to its breathing problems, some of my puppies do have a nose. I have asked for her vet records, phone number or name and have not been provided them. see attached email. this alone voids my contract with her. My contract and refund policy are both attached that she signed. She had 48 hours from time of pickup to have puppy examined and if anything was wrong with puppy, it was to be returned to me with a letter from your vet and all paperwork returned to me and I would replace puppy. If you refuse replacement puppy, contract is void and there is no refund. If not checked in this time period, the contract is null and void. She did not contact me in this time period. She has contacted me two and a half months later after seeing me run an ad helping a friend to sell her puppies. Ad is attached. My friend lives in MO not SC. I have no access to her dogs or any other poodle. I stand behind all my puppies; I have been in business since 1987 and this is my first complaint. Even though there is a contract, I have offered to give her all her money back if she returns the dog to me with its paperwork and she refuses to do this. She is asking for half of her money back ($850). This is not half and a lie. She is trying to take advantage of me. She paid $1500 half is $750 see contract. You cannot buy a mixed poodle, poodle or registered shih tzu for $750 See ads attached. My contract states that I do not do refunds many times but I've offered a refund to her on return of dog and paperwork just to make my client happy. See attached emails. She has stated that she has had to do training, grooming, vet expense, buy a harness, etc. these are all things I do not cover in my contract and as a dog owner of a long hair breed, you will have to do. At one point she says she wants money back to buy another dog but wants to keep this one also. That's not fair. I work very hard to find my puppies forever homes and from her emails she is very unhappy with her purchase since she is doing grooming, shots, food and training. All parts of dog ownership. My contract signed by her clearly states:
Seller does not warrant or give any type of guarantee verbal or written on coat, color, size, championship, temperament, personality, trainability, fertility or previous DNA out of my control.
If puppy is not examined by a vet within 48 hours of purchase contract is Null and Void. I have not been provided any vet records as asked for. Exam is at purchasers' expense. See email
We must receive all paperwork from your vet, a letter from vet and dog/puppy must be returned to us with all paperwork including any registration paperwork and my vet must exam the puppy/dog and he must be in agreement with said findings.
Failure to provide paperwork from vet voids this contract. Contract is voided see email dated June 7, 2020 asking for vet information and none has been provided to date
We do not pay or reimburse any type of veterinarian costs or fees.
No Cash Refunds
Seller does not guarantee/warranty the puppy against genetic conditions that are not life threatening. A long nose is not life threatening.
We do not cover behavioral problems or training.
Buyer releases seller from any and all obligations of payment for any medical expenses incurred from purchase date.
All our puppies are sold as a pet with a spray/neuter contract unless breeding rights are purchased. We will enforce the spray/neuter contract.
Purchaser has read the contract and agrees with all terms and conditions of contract and has been provided a copy. They understand that there are no warranties expressed, written or implied on the purchase of this animal.
ALL Costs associated with Any legal actions, dispute or litigation regarding the purchase or return
of an animal is at buyers' expense. Initialed on contract by KS

I will be filing suit for return of the animal, harassment, fraud and defamation of character toward myself and business if ks continues to threaten me as per email dated June 8, 2020 at her expense

My refund policy included with invoice states we do not give a refund for any reason. There are no warranties expressed, written or implied on the purchase of this animal. copy attached.

I am under no obligation to refund her anything, exchange or take the dog back after this long of a time period. l feel that she is unhappy, and I have offered her a full refund when I didn't have to. She has declined. That's all I feel I can do for her.

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Address: 109 Leonard Ln, Elgin, South Carolina, United States, 29045-8365


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