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Silver Lakes Plumbing

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Initial Business Response /* (1000, 12, 2016/04/06) */
To whom it may concern: this is in reference to a complaint filed against Silver Lakes Plumbing in Helendale, CA XXXXX by *** *** for work completed at her residence of XXXXX Bluegrass also in Helendale CA on 2/3/and 3/3/We
were contacted by *** *** Property Manager for said residence about a cartridge problem and handle*** *** was assigned to the job and rebuilt the cartridge in questionHe noted and told *** *** at the time that the handle was in bad shape and recommended changing it out but was told by Ms*** to do whatever just to fix it and the new owners could deal with it after the house sold in the future....Mr*** did what he was instructed to doHe did however note on the invoice to Ms*** that he recommended changing shower valve as it was pitted very bad inside and also recommended changing the gate valve at the meter to a ball valve as it was in very bad shape and rusted badlyWorking on the cartridge did take a few hours and the invoice/bill was for this repairMs*** was happy at the time of completion and voiced it to Mr***As for the claim of Mr*** smelling like marijuana when he entered the home....Mr*** does smoke a vapor devise as he is trying to quit smoking and depending on the tobacco being used can smell sweet and this particular appointment was scheduled right after he had lunch that dayAs stated by Ms*** when I was approached about him smelling like marijuana I informed her that our techs are very much aware when they are hired that we can at a given time to a random drug test if we feel the need and they know the consequences of a positive testingI did also state that Mr*** would never jeopardize his job as he is a single parent with three children and this job pays for his rent and essentials for daily needs of his familyShe got upset when I mentioned this to her....Mr*** is a great employee who will go above and beyond what is needed to get a job done properly to include working very late at night and weekends if needed to complete a job and satisfy the customerAfter this incident occurred I instructed Mr*** to not smoke the vapor device during working hoursMs*** did ask to speak to *** *** the owner of Silver Lakes Plumbing and I did give the info to Mr***I apologize for the fact that he has not spoken with her over this matter but there have been some matters going on in his personal life that have needed dealing with and therefore I as his Office Manager not his receptionist am running the office for him to include the daily work scheduleAfter the handle did finally break as Mr*** knew it would even after he repaired it but as stated had informed Ms*** it would be better to replace and she refused at the time we sent over *** *** as Ms*** did not want Mr*** to come backMr*** was sent back on 3/3/to check out the problem and assessed that it needed to be replacedUnfortunately we did not have what was needed in his van nor was there a compliant one at our local hardware store so Mr*** had to drive into Victorville to Fergusons to get the replacement and yes it did take a while...initially checking out our hardware store as stated and then having to drive into town, get the part and then drive back...this does take time since we are located in the High Desert between Victorville and BarstowWe try to keep both of vehicles well stocked with parts needed but depending on the work for the week sometimes we do run out of parts before our weekly replenishmentOnce Mr*** did however come our knowledge to this day....everything was fineAs for Ms***'s statement that after Mr*** returned to finish the work that he had a breakdown of sorts and started "yelling at the top of his lungs" about being a liberal and a buddhist....I find this hard to be believe as Mr*** is very soft spokenYes he has certain beliefs but he only voices them if he is approached on the matter and his first priority anyway was to get the job doneIf there was a discussion and I am not saying there wasn't it would have been after the work was complete and I am sorry that it even occurredI have instructed Mr*** to cease with such discussions and to leave this to his personal life after work....that we are to perform our duties as needed and to keep the customer happy at all timesSilver Lakes Plumbing has a great reputation here in Helendale/Silver Lakes for doing honest good work at reasonable pricesI am sorry Ms*** feels the way she does but both times when we sent our techs out she was happy with the end results "at the time"As for a refund that she is requesting for $as stated this was for the cartridge that did not break...the part that broke was the handle which she was told to replace but she chose not to....leaving instead for the "new owners to deal with"We are sorry that Ms*** feels she had such a bad experience with our company (which did surprise us after the first complaint as I stated she was quite happy) and are sad to lose her as a customerWe wish her well though in spite of it all!!
Office Manager/Silver Lakes Plumbing

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Address: P.O. Box 11149, Helendale, California, United States, 92342


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