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S&J Residential Maintenance

P.O. Box.18191, Knoxville, Tennessee, United States, 37929

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This business was hired to replace our Central Heat & Air unit with the same type of unit. I specifically told (the owner) when he did the estimate we wanted a heat pump like we had. He came installed a knock off unit that the thermostat was not working properly on and the unit was not kicking on outside. He sent a repair man a retired H&A repair man to switch out the thermostat, which still does not work properly. We asked why the unit was not kicking on outside informed us it was AC unit only not heat pump. I immediately called (the owner) while was still in my home, as it was to be a heat pump. He informed me it was a mistake he would contact his insurance. We exchanged calls and texts over the next few days and he informed me his insurance company would be in touch With me that he would switch out the units costing us extra $400 since he would not be able to sell the unit as new that he would be removing from our home. The United States then went into stay at home and I had not heard from or his insurance company. I called him today May 5, 2020 and he told me to never to contact him again or he would get me for harassment that I could take him to court.

Desired Outcome

Exchange I want the central Heat and Air unit (heat pump) that we told him we wanted when he came to do the estimate or a refund of all my money so I can get the correct one installed by another heat and air company

S&J Residential Maintenance Response • Jul 28, 2020

She got what she order an sign receipt after we were done she knew what we put in but 3 months later she want me to replace with heat pump. She said if I didn't she would take me to court I told she's needs to show her attorney what she sign off on as far as I am case close

Customer Response • Jul 28, 2020

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That is incorrect information, we ordered a heat pump the day of the estimate March 8,2020. He installed March 9, 2020, the thermostat was not working and unit outside was not kicking on with heat, took until March 12, 2020 he sent someone different to fix, informed us it was not a heat pump. I immediately called Sonny and he said it was a misunderstanding and would get back to me. He told me on March 13,2020 via text that his insurance would be contacting me to do the claim so he could switch the units and us pay $400 more. They never contacted me, his company closed due to Coronavirus per his VM at that time. Once he opened back up I contacted him and he told me if I contacted him again he would sue me for harassment. He is the one who told me to take him to court, he was not going to fix his mistake. I have texts and call logs.

Air Conditioners were not installed properly and offered a refund which was never granted.
He installed a 2 Ton Goodman Spit Unit Heatpump 10 kw heat strip with a 10 year warranty. T He charged $3,500 on 4/25/18. A new tenant moved in on 5/1/18. June 26th he sent a text that he bought a new air handler so he could install it. On June 27th he offer to send a refund of $300 to an address given. I sent him the address same day via text. I sent a different HVAC specialist out and they told me the air handler was never changed. I asked S & J about this. They said it shouldn't cost more then $1,000. Said for me to "send him the bill" Bill is $3,200 to get it fixed. Sonny asked for an address again and amount to send a check on July 18th. I responded same day with the same address and $1,000 since that is what he agreed to send. Still no check and I sent a text "just following up" it shows as read but I did not get a response.

Desired Outcome

I would like a refund for the full amount since I am having to pay someone to install a new HVAC system. He billed me for a new air handler but never installed one and just left the old one.

S&J Residential Maintenance Response • Aug 05, 2020

This guy is telling you a lie that's all I to said see you in court

Customer Response • Aug 05, 2020

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I still have all text and receipts. He never fixed the problem or paid a full refund.

S&J Residential Maintenance Response • Aug 06, 2020

You got what you pay for

We bought a 2ton Heat pump and AC unit it was installed and worked great while it was cooling the house when the nights got colder it would not heat we called *** the owner of the business and he came and told us we had the wrong thermostat and tried to sell my wife an old used one for $50 and another $50 to install had it been new there would have been no issue she took a photo of it and when she refused to buy the OLD thermostat at this price he told her how he hated her kind of people (she is *** and told her for us to never call again we have a 10 yr warranty with this man on the unit and now he will not answer or return any calls.
Product_Or_Service: 2 ton Goodman Heat pump

Desired Outcome

Finish the job I want heat in my home I have small children and the nights are getting colder and for him to honor the contract we have for the warranty

S&J Residential Maintenance Response

when I got to Mr *** home I notice the unit was open I look inside unit to see what was going on an the wireing had been cut an the fuse had been blow an his wife came around the side of house an I ask her what had happen she told me he try to put in a new thermostat an it stop working so I went inside an look at the new thermostat I told her it wouldnt work he had the worug one but I had a used one or a new one the use one $50 an the new one was $100 she starting saying because she was *** I was trying to rip them off an calling me names I told her I don't deal with people who talk to me like that an she follow me to truck getting very loud an I got in truck an she starting hitting my truck window so I left I don't know why she was so mad I save them 100s on this unit an I told them to get another company to fix what he tore up.all companys will work on it

Customer Response

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
In accuracy's in the response the unit was never opened by anyone in my family and no wires were cut by us the thermostat that I changed was in the home and unrelated to the unit outside I have no knowledge of wiring so would not touch it in fears of electrocution the inside wiring was easy because the thermostat came with instructions. Bought NEW thermostat at Home Depot for $34.95 plus so selling my wife a used one for $50 is still ripping her off. The rude way in which he treated my wife in front of my girls is inacceptable as far as my chasing him and hitting his window she tells me never happened. The unit has been fixed since this and have no further need in this company.

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Address: P.O. Box.18191, Knoxville, Tennessee, United States, 37929


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