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Skillcraft Systems of Toledo, Inc.

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First, we would like to apologize to *** for the trouble this situation has caused, it certainly never our intent to cause issue with customers. *** is correct regarding the floor mats. We did not reimburse the
cost of the floor mats according to our accounting as we should have and will be sending a check out on Monday to rectify our mistake. In regards to the vehicle service agreement that was cancelled, we did cancel the agreement as requested and sent the money to *** bank who financed the loan in the amount of $3,781.99 on 2/10/to lower the balance of the loan as the bank requires being the lien holder. The amount included the price she paid plus the sales tax and no fees were charged. The total care package is a dent, ding, key, wheel and tire coverage that is separate from the above mentioned vehicle service agreement, that is still in effect, which is why the tire repair was covered. There may be some confusion regarding which agreement was being cancelled but the total care package is around $1100. Considerably less than the cost of the agreement mentioned above that was cancelled.As for the lack of return calls, we looked back into our phone records for the last days and could only find one record of a phone call on 4/28/at 1pm from any of the phone numbers we have on file for ***. We looked at the phone extension for Scott, David and even our receptionist. We also looked at the email for David and could not locate a record of an email from the email address provided. If *** can provide us with a different phone number or email records used to contact the dealership so we may correct the communication issue we would be very grateful. If not, we understand.If these reponses do not rectify the situation, David Basil would be glad to help meet with *** to resolve this. Again, our apologies for the hassle this has caused.Stacey S***, ControllerDavid Basil, New Vehicle Manager

We never told the customer we were not giving him his deposit backHe put down a $deposit using a personal check on 2/21/On 2/22/we deposited the money into our accountHe came into the dealership on 2/24/and demanded his money backWe told him our policy for refunds on
personal checks is 7-business daysDan told the customer if he brought in his bank statement showing the check cleared his account we would refund him the check that day but the customer declined to give us that information We fully intend to refund his check as soon as it clears our bank account
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint.  For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.We do not accept this response.  To reiterate, Basil called us up and told us that the brakes rotors and wheel bearings were causing the service lights and disabling of our 4 wheel drive and ABS system.  They have later identified the issue as first a wire on a wheel bearing and then a wire "further along". If they had correctly identified the cause of the initial issue (still unclear whether it is the wire on the wheel bearing or the wire "further along") the labor would have been minor and obviously there would have been no need to purchase brakes or grind rotors.  As such we are simply asking for a refund of all parts and services provided based on the initial misdiagnosis.  Basil in earlier responses has attempted to revise history by characterizing the initial diagnosis as a bearing wheel wire and suggesting that the brakes and rotors were done as "recommended maintenance".  This is a lie.  The discussion in questions was between [redacted] and Jordan the service representative.  There was no differentiation in any way between recommended service and the cause of the problem.  The wording of the phone call was something to the effect of "looks like you need a new wheel bearing, new rear brakes and new rear rotors".  This may have been an honest mistake or a failure in communication between the technician and Jordan.  Either way we were lead to believe that the brakes and rotors were a requirement in order to reactive the ABS brakes and 4 wheel drive.In addition to overpayment I would just like to state for the record one more time.  The car was serviced 4 times before it was finally fixed.  We were left for the better part of a month to drive a car in Buffalo New York in the winter without ABS braking or 4 wheel drive.  Any request for expedited service on the 2nd and 3rd attempt were denied.  Attempts to talk to management were refused until the 4th visit.  We were treated rudely by the people there when were forced to call repeatedly to get the car taken back in or to try and get any sort of answer as to what the actual issue was.  We believe this is a reflection of the way business is done in the service department at Basil GMC and something that should be a concern of the  
[redacted] [redacted]
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID 10845300, and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint.  For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.
 The sales department manager Rob told me he had straightened everything out, but then I find out I am still being charged for the wrong car and still in collections, and nothing has changed except I signed a new lease for another car.
I need this dealership to do my paperwork correctly, it's been three months. I have spent so much of my own time on this matter and I did not do anything wrong except buy a car from them. My credit score went down 100 points because of their incompetence.

We have resolved this issue with Debra Johnson. Debra had her vehicle detailed by a company of her choice and we paid for it.

Jose F[redacted] our General Sales Manager has spoken with [redacted] and the paperwork is all is straightened out. We called GM and verified they have the correct VIn number.  Mrs. [redacted] should be getting a bill for the correct amount. We are very sorry for the back and forth with the paperwork. If Mrs. [redacted] has any more concerns she can reach out to me. Thank YouStacey S[redacted]Controller716-667-2000
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint.  For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.
The response, while appreciated and illuminating in a number of ways, is not accurate nor does it address the core of the complaint.  Their response is actually the first time Basil has explained the original and subsequent issues.  We were never told that the wheel bearing wire was the initial issue and that is why the bearing was replaced.  Knowing that information my request is for a full refund of all labor charged to us and a full refund of the brake pad and rotor cost. I retract my request for reimbursement for the cost of the wheel bearing. The day after Christmas we dropped the car off to evaluate why the ABS and 4 wheel drive systems were being disabled on our GMC Terrain.  After dropping off the car, we received a call from Jordan the service coordinator saying the problem causing the ABS brakes and 4 wheel drive to be disabled was a bad wheel bearing, bad brakes and rotors and they would all have to be replaced at a cost of $950.  After expressing skepticism of the initial diagnosis since we had recently had our brakes looked at we decided to pay the price because we live in Buffalo and need the 4 wheel drive for safety and proceeded with service.  There was no distinction placed between the wheel bearing which has been subsequently identified as the core problem and the brakes and rotors which have subsequently been identified as a recommended service.  Given this information we would have replaced the bearing only.Further clarified in the Basil response is the identification initial issue was misdiagnosed and the electrical issue causing the short was not able to be identified until the 4th visit.Because the misdiagnosis and poor communication are the fault of Robert Basil GMC and not the [redacted] family I am requesting a full refund of all labor paid as well as the cost of the brake pads and rotors which were replaced under false pretense.  Furthermore I would like to mention that we were initially told the rotors were being replaced, subsequently we were told the rotors were only ground down.  At this point I am not sure what service was done on the rotors.Robert Basil utilizes service coordinators to communicate work status to customers.  However these coordinators are not knowledgeable in the mechanics of the vehicle and did not communicate any of the information detailed in the Basil response, if they had, we would not be in the position we are in today.  After the second(of four) failure to repair the vehicle we placed multiple phone calls to the service manager in order to understand what was really going on with the vehicle as the coordinator was providing almost no information.  These calls were never returned, and in fact during one call with the coordinator the service manager John Kahalen could be heard in the background refusing to take the phone saying "just get the car here".   This is obviously not how we feel a customer should be treated.  Subsequent attempts to contact management were met with no response or evation until finally Christian was contacted before the fourth appointment.  Only after 3 weeks, 3 failed appointments at least dozen phone calls and a filed complaint with GMC were we finally able to speak to management in the form of Christian.I hope this clarifies our issues and demands and hopefully we can come to peaceful resolution without legal action.  I request that the fine people at Basil give this one more look and hopefully provide us with the refund we believe we deserve for services rendered under false pretense. P.S. The free tank of gas was never provided either, the car was half empty when we picked it up. 
Kelly [redacted]

We called Mr. [redacted] and he aired his frustration out. He told us he has a better quote from another dealer. We advised him to bring us the quote from the other dealer and we would match or beat that dealers offer. He hasn't come back since that conversation with the offer. Our Assumption is he...

purchased the vehicle at another dealer.

We are in contact with the customer to resolve this claim.

Mr [redacted] brought his vehicle in with a check engine light on.  We diagnosed to be an air pump filled with water which took the air pump out which was not giving the engine proper air flow through the exhaust.  We quoted him $650 for the oil change he requested, the nysie, and the air pump...

replacement.  We took car for the after repair test drive and after car went through a proper emissions check the code for a catalytic converter came on.  Due to the fact that we have no idea how long the cel was on with Mr [redacted]'s vehicle initially, the faulty original air pump put debris down the system into the catalytic converter.  Until the system is running perfectly you can not tell a converter is bad.  We called him right away and quoted him for the converter.  Because of the age and mileage on vehicle ** and other parts manufacturers do not just sell the converter separate from the exhaust system.  He then proceeded too call the service manager and asked for assistance. Stephanie N[redacted]Servcie Mananger of Robert Basil< gave him cost on parts and cost on all labor and also no charge for oil change and no diagnosis fees.  This brought the bill from $2200.00 down to $1486.86 plus tax...way below what we quoted him. Mr [redacted] agreed to this price yesterday 9/1/2015 with the service manager and approved the work to be done at that price.  We can not do this work for $1000.  , the exhaust alone cost $1128.00 at no mark up.  We have been nothing but up front and honest with this customer and now have quoted all the work at no mark up at all.

It's unfortunate that the [redacted]s feel this way, however we are not honoring the reimbursement request.  We also provide invoices for services rendered, which state rotor resurfacing.  As far as the tank of gas, I personally offered it to her, and she made a point to decline it by stating something along the lines of: "no, don't bother, I'll handle this my own way". We also provided additional labors free of charge in an attempt to remedy Kelly [redacted]s satisfaction. Unfortunately we will have to agree to disagree.

The customer came to Robert Basil Buick GMC Cadillac on January 14, 2017. At that time the customer was advised that the rear main leaks, due to the PCV system keeps filling with water and debris. At that time we found no oil in the engine but we did check and find an oil leak from the rear...

main seal. This was due to the PCV system being frozen and causing back pressure. Please see RO attachment for full RO. At this time the customer was advised of water intrusion and how it was causing excessive pressure therefor causing the seal to leak. During this service appointment we removed and cleaned the PVC port as well as the timing chains and not the just the rear main seal. On March 14th, the customer had the vehicle towed in stating that it runs rough. After verifying that the vehicle was low on oil, we refilled it. Spoke with customer about the rear main again that it was full of water for a second time. Advised customer of what the best course of action would be to fix the vehicle. Customer declined the work. Please see GM DOC attachment for full information. The customer was advised in January and in March of what would need to be done to fix the vehicle properly.

We have been completely transparent with Mrs. [redacted] and whole-heartedly own the issue that she had to come back multiple times to have a vehicle repaired which should have been caught the first time around.  Unfortunately, the issue that plagued the ABS/Stabilitrac system was an electrical...

one, which are not always the easiest issues to repair.  The brake pads and rotor resurfacing were recommended services, due to excessive/extreme wear and corrosion to the brake pads and rotors.  Measurements are provided to the customer at the time of the recommendation.  The warning light issue was due to an electrical concern, however.  Our technician initially noted that the ABS sensor had shorted.  For this model, the ABS sensor is serviced with the wheel bearing assembly, you cannot purchase it separately.   The vehicle did unfortunately return on a couple other occasions due to this issue.  On the phone call preceding her most current visit here, we were extremely sympathetic and assured her the vehicle would not leave until we could be absolutely sure the vehicle concern had been remedied.  We had at that time scheduled an appointment for her on the next Saturday she was available, with promise of a rental vehicle for her to drive that we would not charge her for.  From the time of her drop off until the vehicle was completed, multiple employees were included in the process to ensure that the condition would be repaired.  Once we believed the vehicle to be repaired, our Service Manager had driven the vehicle extensively, over seven miles, to verify that the vehicle concern would be repaired.  It was eventually diagnosed that there was a second electrical issue, further up in the electrical system, causing a short in the ABS sensor.  When we spoke to Mrs. [redacted], she had continually brought up reimbursement of the parts and services rendered.  While we cannot offer that,  due to the vehicle actually needing the wheel bearing and sensor, and her agreement to going forward with the recommended services regarding the brake pad replacement and rotor resurfacing, it was explained to her that we did provide her with additional services, free of charge.  We were not and are not looking for any additional diagnosis fees for further looking into the faulty electrical system on her vehicle.  We are also not looking for any sort of monetary compensation for the labor to repair the newly surfaced issue, or the parts necessary to repair it.  We offered the customer a free tank of gas for her inconvenience for having to come back multiple times as well, and as previously stated, we provided her with a rental vehicle, free of charge, even though her vehicle is out of warranty.   We do apologize for Mrs. [redacted]'s inconvenience but we do believe we tried to make good on the situation at hand.

Good evening, the warranty was combined in the loan amount.
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], they are in the process of correcting the mistake but until I get the correct bill from [redacted], I will not know for sure...

if the problem is resolved. 

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