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Please find attached the signed contract by Mr***, and his slab selection sheet choosing the Black Galaxy. This was done via email by Mr*** and I have attached his emails alsoPlease call me with any questionsBest Regards,Mark Zografos/ President

In regards to our complaint against Italian Marble and Granite, please see the email exchange below on May 12th.Their employee Kathy M*** noted in the email that the 3cm option was a typo.Unfortunately, I never had them send me a new order form, I took her wordApparently, they are now telling me that there is an up charge for the color granite that we selected.Why would they not list that in the total?? was not an option for us...that was the color we selected and we were never told that the color we selected was an optionAfter I paid the $4,in full, I thought that was it, until the surprise call a few weeks backAlso, when they came out to our home to install the granite on the bar top, they measured incorrectly.When the installers came out with the actual granite to install (one week after the measure), the dimensions were all wrong*** the installer called the owner Mark (as he was there trying to install the wrong granite) and he wanted *** to blame that on us.....I didn't use their fancy $3,laser to measure, I just watched*** the installer even attested that this has happened beforeMark the owner sent out his daughter to measure, she seemed to have a difficult time measuring it.I even had to give her a step stool so she can see the top of her tripod, on which her fancy measuring device sat. If you ask the installers, they CLEARLY said this happens a lot, they measure wrongHence, the granite was not installed.I sent them an email explaining how upset we were that the owner blamed the measure on us.What customer measures their own granite....ridiculous!!!! I did give them a suggestion on how it could be corrected without throwing away all of that graniteWho even does that!!!!!!!...customers are not to offer solutions for an installers mistakes.My wife was furious with me that I even offered up a solution to their error.My wife wanted them to start over, and I didn't want them to waste all that material.My suggested solution, was ACTUALLY what they used to finally install the granite on our bar top. NOW we feel that they want to charge us more because of their error, and since they never actually corrected the original invoice....Now they want to stick us with another $bill???What do we do now?Hopefully you can help.I have heard from other customers that they have done this type of billing practice beforeWhere they add in a line item for an option, but don't total it in the grand total.I have spoke to two other granite vendors and showed them this bill...they BOTH (without hesitation) said "Mark is notorious for that"We definitely feel that we are being cheated and he is trying to re-coop money for their mistakeWe just received a letter from their attorney stating they will file a lien again our homeCould they actually do that? Should I contact that attorney, or is that something you do?the attorney for Italian Marble and Granite is *** *** *** *** *** *** ** *** *** ***Please advise.Sincerely,*** *** ***

Mr. [redacted] always had a proposal with thecorrect pricing.  All our proposals are priced out as a Category “A” granite, which is entry level pricing. We do this so the customers have a starting point when they are not sure of which color they might want. All other colors are clearly noted asoptions. Sometimes we may have 2 or 3 options.  Mr. [redacted] clearly knew what his pricing option was. He’s just trying to get something for nothing.  As for the measurements being incorrect, they were not. Mr. [redacted] went over the numbers and wrote them on top of the walls and that is what he received. Unfortunately Mr. [redacted] did not account for the cultured stone thickness he was cladding the walls with, thus he did not have enough overhang. Furthermore he built the lower bar top ¾” out of square. IMG had made the top longer to cover up his poor craftsmanship.  In addition the entire front bar was ½” out of level. I told Mr. [redacted] to fix it but he didn’t know how. IMG shimmed & adjusted the tops so the top would sit correctly on the sub-top. This normally does not have to be done if the contractor does his job correctly. IMG did remake the rear bar top as a courtesy to satisfy the client. By remaking the rear top 3/4” longer we moved the return top outward to cover his cultured stone that he never accounted for in thickness. As for the thickness confusion, that is only because Mr. [redacted] didn’t know that 3cm is1 1/8” thickness not ¾”.  The fireplace was done in ¾” thick material so the hearth could  fit under his fireplace. Fortunately we had ¾”: material in stock that matched. Normally¾” thick material is not in stock and must be special ordered. At this point Mr. [redacted]’s accusations are all clouded because he’s only telling half of a story. Mr. [redacted] signed off two times selecting the Black Galaxy granite as his choice of color. This is all a smoke screen not to pay the balance of his bill. I have turned over Mr. [redacted]’s account to collection and next week we will be putting a lien on his house if his balance is not satisfied in full.  Best Regard,  Mark K. Zografos President

The entire time I communicated with this company the amount referred to was $4,495   They never explained what the $735 amount was. We feel that this is their practice and they try to slide something by the customer.That's not how you do business.

Mark called to respond. He stated: This has...

been handed over to our attorney for collection as  page 2 of the proposal is clearly signed twice by Mr. [redacted] and it clearly states he ordered Black Galaxy Granite which is clearly the upgrade price on the proposal. Installation was corrected even though he is the one who provided the wrong overhang information.

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