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Sky Shuttle, Inc.

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What a nightmare and a risk of my personal safety and the one of my family!!!! First of all the driver showed at the airport 45 minutes late after my flight landed and I picked up my luggage . I call the customer service 10 times, and when they answered either they bluntly lied or just keep saying the driver will be there soon just wait. After a long flight at 11pm that's not what you want to hear after you paid more than $100 for a ride and they knew my expected arrival and flight number from the day I booked.
Not only that, the van was dirty as you can't imagine, as soon as we got home 2 and half hours later!!!! we felt the need to take a shower, it barely fitted our stuff as it was full of the driver personal things, like a kid huge car chair!
They also tried to sneak an other passenger in the ride, that would have meant a 45 minutes detour after we paid for a NON shared ride. The driver loaded the other passenger stuff and didn't care I was showing him evidences I paid for an individual ride. I had to call the traffic police to help me, as both the driver and the other passenger were getting very confrontational to me and my girlfriend!!! After 30 minutes of screaming from the driver, and the other passenger, we finally were on our way home. On top of all of this drama, we landed at 10:30pm and got home after 1 am!!!!
Third World service, third world car (I forgot to mention that all the lights on the console were lit, from oil, to brakes, engine, you name it, looked like a Christmas tre!!!) and mostly a danger to your personal safety, the driver was a terrible driver as well!!! NEVER MORE IN MY LIFE!

Sky Shuttle was directly abusive toward me as a customer, while I attempted in good faith to work with them throughout their time driving me.Ride to the airport: The driver was lost, and instead of asking me where to go, he immediately became rude, combative, and just started yelling at me about how it was my fault, and how dare I tell him I couldn't understand him. Ultimately it took him another 15 minutes to find the front door to my building because I couldn't understand him, and he didn't want to listen, just yell at me. Once I got into the car (wasn't really excited to, but had to make my flight), he spent the whole ride either yelling at me for his being lost, or muttering LOUDLY about how much he hated me. So singularly awful customer experience, and I arrived for my flight feeling genuinely abused, let alone late.Ride home last night: Not only was the driver yet again nowhere to be found, and ultimately much more than 15 minutes late (they had all my flight information, with which they did nothing, but could have, say, used to see when the flight landed, and pull up and be waiting for me, instead of making me track them down), but, additionally this time, the operator that I called, and who I tried to get to simply take down my official complaint to pass on to ownership and management hung up on me after yelling at me about their policies. I tried calling back to get her to listen, and she proceeded to hang up on me without even speaking to me. Twice. Once the driver did finally arrive, it was the SAME RUDE DRIVER. Suffice it to say, the ride home was equally abusive and awful, as I had to ask him not to try to text or type while driving, as it was both making him veer, not to mention that it is illegal. As soon as I said anything to him, he started in on the same abusive treatment I had on the trip to the airport before. When we finally got to my building, after he took wrong turns, yelled at me about them, threatened to take me back to the airport, and leave me there, he peeled away from the curb, barely missing me.Desired SettlementAt a minimum, I would like a refund, since I can not see how what I paid to be taken to and from the airport was meant to equal such a disorganized, unprofessional, and abusive experience.Business Response /[redacted]/Contact Name and Title: [redacted] / PresidentContact Phone: XXXXXXXXXXContact Email: [redacted]@skyshuttleride.comThere is customer service number and email address in our company for the complains. Dispatchers are not allowed to take complain because they have other customers need immediate help. We haven't received any complain except dispatchers note, ( She was rude to dispatcher). All customers MUST call dispatch phone number regardless we have their flight information (because flight status not updates on time, bags don't come on time, it is against the RDU airport policy to stay at the curb until passenger come) upon arrival at the airport. She has booked online by agreeing to our policies. Our policies published on the website ,And on the confirmation email It is clearly says " YOU MUST CALL DISPATCH number upon arrival. The driver has been working with the company for about 3 years ( He was an administrative officer in reputable university in another country) had no issues with customers before. As a company policy we don't refund money after receiving service, Both dispatchers and driver complained about her rudeness, impatient and didn't follow dispatchers instruction. Even though the driver refuse to take her on the return trip, dispatcher had no option because he was the only driver available immediately. Consumer Response /[redacted]/First, I did comply with all of the instructions from the website, particularly the instruction to call upon arrival, which you so adamantly referenced in your reply. None of my actions were, in any way, anything other than an attempt to simply engage successfully with either the dispatcher or the driver. If they thought I was rude, it was likely because they were not interested in listening, spoke over my questions, or took offense to my saying that I couldn't understand them - something that, in and of itself, is not a statement of offense. Without any kind of apology, you are simply underscoring your company's lack of true customer service or sympathy.When a customer is berated, threatened, and endangered, you don't yell your rules back at them. You apologize first, seek to understand second, and try to find a resolution. I am sorry, but this really is just as unprofessional an interaction as I had with your employees. Final Business Response /[redacted]/Our records indicate that this customer has called the dispatcher four times within five minutes, there were other customers also at the airport at the same time, who needed assistance from the dispatcher . This is a very frustrating situation for us to refund money after the service has been provided ( she has told the dispatcher that she will get the money back even before rides back home.) and been threatened.Final Consumer Response /[redacted]/(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)The business has not proposed a resolution they have simply repeatedly restated their policies without apology for the ultimately traumatizing service that I received. The driver, without provocation of any kind, apart from my attempting to give him directions or ask for clarification of what he was asking me, screamed at me, called me names, and threatened me. Nothing you have said makes up for this treatment, and hiding behind a rule book doesn't equal an apology for how I was made to feel while simply trying to get home.

Reservations were made for roundtrip transportation to/from [redacted]. The pickup was canceled by Sky Shuttle. They said they would pay my taxi fare.So far I have not received even an automated reply from customer service letting me know that my email has been received. Without a phone number, I do not even believe that customer service exists. My daughter called Sky Shuttle again this evening and ended up speaking to [redacted] again. She asked how long it takes for customer service to respond. He said they were busy, essentially the same grief we received yesterday. She told him that she was not messing around with the nonsense so she would be filing a complaint. At that point, [redacted] said a refund would not be given if a complaint was filed. My daughter asked if he was threatening her...he responded "yes" and hung up the phone. Needless to say, options are limited at this point. Below is a copy of the letter that my daughter sent to Sky Shuttle's customer service:My mother has received exceptionally unacceptable service from your company today. Her name is [redacted]. Her confirmation number is #[redacted]She made arrangements several days ago to be picked up at [redacted] via shuttle. When she arrived at the airport she called to be picked up. The driver (whom I was told to be [redacted] or [redacted]) spoke with her and asked if she still needed a ride because he was at home. He asked if she would just prefer a taxi instead. She replied that she did not know where she was and that she expected to be picked up since she made her travel arrangements several days in advance. In the meantime, I called the office and spoke to [redacted]. I asked what their policies were when it came to picking up passengers since the driver assigned to pick her up was clearly not ready for her arrival. When I asked [redacted] when my mother would be picked up, he said that he could call the driver. When he got back to the phone, he said that the van broke down on the way to the airport and that my mother should just take a taxi - he said that Sky Shuttle would "just send a check". He never apologized for the inconvenience or even tried to find another shuttle. Do you really only have one van?Needless to say, I called my mother to see what she had been told. No one called to let her know that she was not being picked up. When I spoke with her, I mentioned that [redacted] told me she was just supposed to take a cab and that Sky Shuttle would pay for it. She was clearly upset. When she called Sky Shuttle, she got a message that said "the number she dialed is not answering at this time". At that point, she went to the taxi cue at the airport and was described as visibly upset by the receptionist there. A taxi cab brought her to her destination.I was upset as well. I spoke to ** who seemed clearly shocked by the situation. He had not heard about this story from [redacted] when I called back several minutes later. I was pleasantly surprised by how kind and sympathetic ** seemed to be regarding the situation.I am appalled by the lack of customer service and ethics displayed by [redacted] and your driver as representatives of Sky Shuttle. Not being ready to pick up a passenger, asking a passenger with a pre-arranged appointment if they still need a ride (making them feel badly about asking for the service), and essentially cancelling the service without notifying the passenger personally is wrong on many levels.The passenger, [redacted], has a receipt from the taxi cab company. Both she and I expect this to be reimbursed fully and promptly. I need to know where a copy of the receipt should be sent.At this time, we would also like to cancel her pick-up scheduled for March 18, 2014 at 10:00am, confirmation # [redacted]I appreciate your attention to this matter,[redacted] & [redacted]Desired SettlementI am expecting a refund of $23.65, the price of the cost of the taxi that I needed to take to get from the airport to my destination.Business Response We have resolved this issue by paying to the customer

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Address: 8801 Fast Park Dr Ste 201, Raleigh, North Carolina, United States, 27617-4853


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