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Slate Legal Group

100 Hartsfield Center Pkwy STE 500, Atlanta, Georgia, United States, 30354-1377

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• May 03, 2021

Scam Artists!!
This company preys on people who are in a bad situation and only makes things worse! I paid in almost $16,000 and they never settled a single account. They did not bother to respond to legal correspondence which put us in default. Their fees are hidden behind other legal content and are completely exorbitant. When trying to get my money back, they tell you to either sign the waiver and take what you get or get nothing at all. The only work that was ever done with my accounts was for them to send our POA's. Complete scam artists who should be forced to cease these type of business practices. They are definitely not even worth one star. Consumers beware!

• Oct 06, 2020

Incompetent Business! Wish I would have read the reviews before enrolling....

• Sep 19, 2020

This company is nothing but. A scam. I pay 1015. A month for credit card debt relief and NOTHING NOTHING has been Done. These people should be in jail.

• Sep 16, 2020

This company doesn't even deserve 1 star. I've paid thousand of dollars to this company and haven't had any results. My credit is worse than ever because of them. They are a total scam and you will lose thousands of dollars if you go with this company. I cancelled with my representative, only to find out he never put the cancellation in. I had to call Global Solutions which is the firm that handles the money, another thing that doesn't make sense. I get several emails about what name will show up on bank statement of who pulls the money, but never any communication on what is going on with my creditors.
TOTAL SCAM!!!! Run don't walk away from them.

• Sep 02, 2020

This company has not done a darn thing for me. I have spend over 4000 dollars and they have not settled any credit card debt or have taken care of my creditors. I have cancelled payment with them and have asked for my money back - good luck to me!! All they do is ask for more money and they wont even give their client a written documentation showing where this money has gone to...they are a sham!

• Aug 25, 2020

They never contacted any of my creditors except for a credit card that only had $1000 on the balance. I continued to get calls from creditors because they never received the power of attorney from them. My credit score went from 630 to 400 in a matter of two months. 6 months later nothing changed, they did absolutely nothing for me. I canceled the program and still have not received the 6 months of payments I sent them.

• Jul 28, 2020

Slate Legal group promised to pay my creditors to help me lower my debts,they will pay my credit card payment while I pay them 534.83 twice a month
I made 7 payments of $534.83 when the Covid-19 pandemic didn't allow me to continue to pay that payment. I spoke to a representative of Slate three months after I signed with them because I did not see any payments to my accounts, They said that it wiould take six onths to see a result and in the meantime I should stop making payments and allow the account to go into non-payment status. I did not think that was wise for me to have missed payments on my credit report when I need my scores to go up, after another month, I couldn't afford to make payments because my financial status had changed. I called them to explaint he situation and the representative told me they would reimburse me the money I had put in the program, At this point I had put in $3743.81 into the program. I was very happy to get that money back, which I taught meant that I would have enough money to pay my electrical bill and other essentials for my home. I received a check for $467.17 only as a refund. I called them to asked what happened, they said that $3276.64 was for their fee. I was shock to hear that this large sum of money was just for fees, they did not pay any of my bill, they did not do anything to help me with my payments or credit, yet they took all that money from me for nothing? So many people are struggling to make ends meet, struggling to make payments on their creddit cards and paying household bills, while Slate legal group is taking money away from desperate people to enrich themselves, that is not fair and that is cruel.

Desired Outcome

I just want my money back, they did nothing for me, nothing at all.

Slate Legal Group Response time Aug 12, 2020

We have resolved this matter to the clients satisfaction.

• Jul 01, 2020

these folks filed a phony power of attorney on several credit cards that my wife has , but my wife's cards are in good standing and she never contacted anybody to give power o attorney or to help her with any kind of collections, so my wife has been arguing with the Credit Card Company, OK I will give the name , *** and she has been arguing with them for two hours now, about freeing her accounts, remove this power of attorney and investigate or give it to somebody that can investigate, because this is plain fraud , they provide a phony toll free number on the letter , with the so called power of attorney, *** cannot produce a signed power of attorney letter with my wife's signature and yet they are struggling about helping my wife out, I am not only *** of this company which I need to report somewhere and I am also *** at *** and I personally have two accounts with

• Jun 16, 2020

This company preys on people who are against a wall financially and feel they have no way out.
Several months ago I was a victim of a huge fraud which put me into a huge debt. I applied for what I thought was a loan to get out of it and this company responded. They agreed to help me get reduction of a certain percentage of my debt which they said would cost me 18% of the total debt ONCE A SETTLEMENT WAS REACHED. I paid them $1200 pm every month until the Covid crash and my wife lost her job, and my income was cut by half. I emailed them to explain and to ask to cancel and refund since I could not afford to continue. A week later I had no response. I went onto the web site to see what I could do to cancel. There was no way to do that. I tried to stop the latest auto draft and there was no way to do that either so we waited for it to post and disputed it with our bank.
Today I was able to call the company to find out why they had not responded to my email, and to cancel and request a refund. I was told that I could cancel and that out of the approximately $5000 I had paid them they will refund me $612. The rest of the funds are up front fees.
I might add that as of today no settlement service has been provided and the calls from my creditors have escalated. BE VERY CAREFUL! READ ALL THE SMALL PRINT AND DON'T BE CONNED WITH A FALSE SENSE OF SECURITY AS I WAS!
After paying $1200 per month

• Jun 16, 2020

Scam! Put $1,300 in per month for debt resolutions, after there "fees" were taken out left us with $200 a month to negotiate debt. What? Questioned company where money was going, they said it was put into another account, that we knew nothing about. Called to quit after 4 months, and now they won't reimburse us our money + now our credit card companies are *** off because we ignored their calls (slate told us to do), and slate never gave these credit card companies proper information for getting a hold of them. Bad deal when company scams you when you're trying to debt settled.

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Address: 100 Hartsfield Center Pkwy STE 500, Atlanta, Georgia, United States, 30354-1377


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