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In response to [redacted] complaint about the gas cap and radio: The vehicle has been in times for the radio where we could not duplicate the Problem or we updated the software On 05/14/our Service dept told Mr [redacted] that we had ordered a new radio for the vehicle and for some reason [redacted] cancelled that order We said we would check out why it was cancelled, reorder it, and call when it came in Mr [redacted] was fine with that.In response to the gas cap door not fitting properly We sent it out to [redacted] *** To paint and fix it When husband came in to pick up vehicle, he said that it fit much better but the paint looked like it had a run in it We told him no problem it could be fixed and If he wanted to take it to [redacted] at his convenience he could.We will be calling customer when radio comes in and at that time we can also take The vehicle back to [redacted] to have paint rubbed out Sliman’s strives to satisfy all the needs of our customers This just may have been a communication misunderstanding.Sincerely, [redacted] Service DirectorSliman’s Sales & Service I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.Regardless of what MrZ [redacted] stated he told me three different times during our conversation that my credit would no be ran there was no way I would have given my consent because of my credit the last thing I asked him when he took my information was that my credit would not be ran and they just wanted to add my income to her application I called several times before he responded to my message and calls and that was only because I talked with the special finance officer I'm not happy with the outcome because I received several denial letters from lenders because of this and I was in the process of trying to get my own car refinance through my company now I have more inquires on my report which will stay on for two more years, [To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, we would like to know your view on the matter.] Regards, [redacted] ***

Company handwritten response has been transposed by staff- [redacted] brought in her [redacted] in the harsh shift on June 29, It was checked out! Determined the transmission needed rebuiltShe returned on July 8, for the repair, mileage on the vehicle 136,milesShe returned Sept 21, with a complaint of a hard shift which we were unable to duplicate (mileage 138,992) Her next visit came on July 9th, with 153,miles with a complaint of shift hard going into gear and it was diagnosed with a bad valve booy, Valve Booy was replaced she returned again on July 25th For Trans Hesitates and hard shifting technician found the valve booy that was installed was defective and it was replaced under warranty [redacted] returned on Aug 11th, with 154,miles for harsh shift from 1st-2nd gearTechnician found on 1st start up there was a slight hesitation between 1st & 2nd gear, only does it on 1st shift and will not repeat until car sits for a long period of time then repeats only on 1st time shifting, through diagnostics he has determined it is being caused by them PCM, [redacted] was informed but refused the repairThis is a year old vehicle with 155,miles on it and things are wearing out/transmission is still under warranty but is not what’s failing [redacted] asked if we would buy her [redacted] but she denied our offer

November 7, 2016Revdex.comThe transmission was rebuilt 7-15-at miles.The valve body was not replaced because it was not bad The [redacted] would not have shiftedFor the last year if it was bad, and a veteran technician know this The trans was rebuilt properlyOr would not still be shifting properly as it is today The wires the customer keeps referringTo, I think are the transmission lines? None of the veteran technician know what the wiresWould be(No such thing) The reason they suspected the lines were because of the aftermarketFittings (not installed here) Thought there may be some obstruction in lines but they were okAgain, the reason the [redacted] was here so long was customer did not want to spend any more money toRepair which I understand This [redacted] shifts fine except for a quick shutter when 1st startingOff after sitting for long period of time Runs and shifts great all other time.The dealership understood her frustration and wanted to help and that is why they offeredHer $for an eleven year old [redacted] with a lot of rust and 160,miles on it I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me. Regards, [redacted]

May 2, Euclid Ave., 4th Floor Cleveland, Ohio 44115- Re: Complaint ID [redacted] In response to [redacted] complaint [redacted] visited the dealership on 03/07/wanting to finance a vehicleThe banks met us with resistance because of her limited income and backgroundWe gave her the options we had available for her without a co-signer as well as with a co-signer [redacted] stated her mother [redacted] may co-sign for herOn 03/09/Bob Z [redacted] called [redacted] *** to see if she would co-sign for her daughter While she did alert us that her credit was bad, *** did give Bob all of her personal information and did not say anything about not pulling her credit to himHaving over years sales experience, MrZ [redacted] knows that both parties credit is reviewed by the lenders and did inform [redacted] *** of that Ultimately a lender did accept a loan in [redacted] ’s name only, without her mother’s need to co-sign At this time, Sliman’s does not feel that we mislead anyone in any way and had been honest and professional with both [redacted] *** and her mother ***

Thank you for giving me some time to review the letter and claim infoAfter I read the info supplied I can tell you the employees involved in the sale and purchase by the complainant were handled in a professional and thoughtful mannerThe worksheet and the buyers order utilized and signed by the complainant both state in print the trade in value as $The complainant agreed to a monthly payment of $a month before we sent the application to the lenderAfter lender approval, she signed a bank contract at $monthly and drove her new van homeAt no time in the negotiation of the sale did a statement or promise of $for her Chrysler come into playI have never had an issue with the salesman involved in this transaction as wellI also was the manager that approved the sale structure that eveningThere were no issues or pressure that day for her and at no point did the complainant ever state to the salesman or myself she was unhappyThe complainant has refused to speak directly to the salesman and myself on the beliefs she has to what happened that nightAll after sale communication by her has solely been by her threatening texts to the salesman and an email to the dealershipThankfully, it is very rare I need to defend our sales practices here on the basis someone was unhappy with their purchaseUnfortunately, I also do not see the complainant's memory ever being satisfied by the dealership at this point in timeWe did not deceive or lie to her at any point in this transaction and she willfully signed a legal purchase agreement [redacted] Sales Manager

Please see attached letter from [redacted] Mark [redacted] .August 18, 2017Revdex.comEuclid Ave., 4th Fl.Cleveland, Ohio 44115-2408RE: ID# [redacted] To whom it may concern;Our [redacted] , Mark [redacted] called and spoke with [redacted] and discussed the series of events She was upset we told her she neededan alignment and was told by [redacted] it was just a broken belt in the tire.We originally told her the van shouldn’t be driven off the lot, but had a hardtime getting us to put on spare She had no money so she hat to go to [redacted] to use her [redacted] cardMain reason she was upset was we did not call back.I explained that I was on vacation and apologized for the poor customer service.I told her I would get more information from tech and call her back.Left message at 430pm yesterday and have not heard back.Mark [redacted] Sliman’s Sales & Service

SLIMAN'S SALES & SERVICE, INC. 7498 LEAVITT RD. AMHERST, OHIO 44001 [redacted] In response to complaint, this vehicle originally came in on May 12, 2017 with transmission concerns. At that time there were no codes, no check engine light on and no duplication of any transmission... issues. No repairs were warranted at that time and mileage was 68830. Vehicle came back on November 27, 2017 with transmission slipping & clunking noise and check engine light coming on and then going off. Technician determined through diagnosis the transmission needed replaced. Mileage was 74827. Mr. [redacted] had a 5 year or 100000 mile warranty which ended on September 27, 2017. Mr. [redacted] was advised to call Chrysler for assistance and as a goodwill gesture Chrysler agreed to pay for half the repair. Vehicle was completed and customer was called to pick up and bring back loaner vehicle. When we were finally able to reach Mr. [redacted] , he had informed us he had been in the hospital. Mr. [redacted] informed us of how busy he was so we offered to deliver his vehicle to him and pick up the loaner we were giving him free of charge. Mr. [redacted] asked if we could call when we were coming, we did call, no answer and drove The vehicle to his house and delivered it to him. We understand that his vehicle not starting the next morning was an inconvenience for Mr. [redacted] but we had no idea it would not have started since we drove it there for him And everything was working. We at Sliman's strive to ensure that each and every customer is satisfied with the service They are given. This was an unfortunate situation.

In response to complaint# [redacted] At this time Sliman's does not feel as though they did anything wrong and will not be offering any refund or reimbursement at this time

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