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Smart AutoCare

851 International Pkwy STE 100, Richardson, Texas, United States, 75081-2846

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Smart Autocare is supposed to reimburse for all my costs related to service repairs but they refuse to pay the sales tax.
On claim number XXXX-XXXX, I had work approved to repair 4 scuffed rims and replace one tire. In the past, smart auto care has paid the dealer directly. This time, they wanted to reimburse me instead of paying the dealer. I complained about this on the basis that I feared they would not pay for all my costs. Representative Amber assured me repeatedly this would not happen and that all my costs would be reimbursed. I called today for reimbursement and I was informed I would not be reimbursed for the sales tax I paid because I am in NY. This is exactly what I was assured would not happen. Not only that, NY specifically states insurers MUST pay any auto-repair related sales tax. The sales tax is in the amount of $73.13 on services of $826.50 for a total of $899.63. I would like smart-auto care to fulfill their obligation and pay ALL of my costs.

Desired Outcome

I want them to refund me the sales tax amount, for a total refund of $899.63. To avoid this from happening again, I want them to agree to pay dealers/car shops directly whenever I use the policy in the future.

Smart AutoCare Response time Jun 02, 2020


We are in receipt of case XXXXXXXX.

Customer Complaint #1
Customer has stated "Smart Autocare is supposed to reimburse for all my costs related to service repairs but they refuse to pay the sales tax."

Please refer to your service agreement under:

Flat tire and wheel/rim repair or replacement when tire is damaged beyond repair as a direct result of a: (a) covered road hazard (debris on the road surface
such as nails, glass, potholes, rocks, tree limbs or any other object or hazard not normally found in the roadway); (b) damage of tire or rim due to impact
with curb or sidewall damage; (c) Cosmetic coverage which includes coverage on anything that alters the normal appearance of the wheel/rim; (d) tires
must have at least 3/32 inch tread depth remaining. Mounting, balancing, valve stem and disposal fees will be covered. Applicable sales tax will be covered.

Payment of tax is based on the tax laws set by the individual states. In NY we do not cover the tax under code 20 CRR-NY 527.5NY-CRR of the RULES AND REGULATIONS OF THE STATE OF NEW YORK TITLE 20. DEPARTMENT OF TAXATION AND FINANCE

Customer Complaint #2
Customer has stated "In the past, smart auto care has paid the dealer directly. This time, they wanted to reimburse me instead of paying the dealer."
Please find in section D
2. The following documents will be requested prior to authorization of payment: (A) Copy of this contract; (B) copy of sales invoice for replacement tire
and/or wheel with authorization number written on invoice; (C) Tread depth of damaged tire must be shown on sales invoice. All paperwork must be
submitted within 60 days of claim authorization. When a claim is filed, ADMINISTRATOR will verify the validity of the contract and contract owner information, then verify the failure with the Repair Facility, verify coverage and cost of repair/replacement, then authorize repair of covered parts. The Repair Facility will be provided with an authorization code and payment will be by credit card to the Repair Facility or by contract holder reimbursement.

As stated in section D. How to file a claim: The Repair Facility will be provided with an authorization code and payment will be by credit card to the Repair Facility or by contract holder reimbursement.

Please contact our claims department at XXX-XXX-XXXX if you have any further questions regarding your claim,

Thank you

Both 877 phone numbers on this listing belong to other corporations. One of them is ours. We receive daily calls from confused senior citizens.
I've tried calling all number listed with no success. Our company has the first 877 number and we receive calls from senior citizens who believe their auto insurance has been canceled but they can't reach the company.

Desired Outcome

The phone numbers removed from this record

Smart AutoCare Response time May 21, 2020


We are in receipt of complaint XXXXXXXX.

We have updated the company profile to remove the 877 numbers.

Thank you

Refund is wrong
On June 4, 2019 I purchased a 2018 Ford Edge Titanium vehicle from Gaithersburg Ford in Gaithersburg, Maryland. At that time I took out an extended warrant as suggested to me by the dealer. I recently got the vehicle refinanced and was told to cancel my warranties, which I have two. I was sent a refund statement from Tammy *** of Gaithersburg Ford showing my refund of $835.12. I contacted a lady in warranty refunds Dept and she informed me to contact Gaithersburg Ford. I asked her how I was being charged with using 53% of my warranty when I only had the vehicle 9 months? She said I was being charged based on the total mileage on vehicle at time of cancellation. I told her the vehicle already had 35,000 miles on it when I purchased the warranty. I actually put 18,000 miles on the vehicle not 53818 miles.

The dealership told me when I took warranty that I had 100,000 miles or 3 yrs whichever came first, exclusive of the 35,000 that was already used by someone else. Autocare is telling me that I'm being charged for the entire mileage.

It also shows on the refund statement that Autocare gets $50.00 processing fees and the dealer gets $276.44 out of the $1665.00 that I'm paying for.

How is the dealer receiving anything from my warranty?
This was not stated in my contract at time of purchase.

Desired Outcome

I want a refund based on the actual mileage and usage I actually put on the vehicle. I put 18,000 miles on the vehicle, not 53818. The dealership Gaithersburg Ford should not be receiving any portion of my refund. The $276.44 I want to be included in my refund from Autocare.

Smart AutoCare Response time Mar 12, 2020

We are in receipt of Case 91522356.

I have sent an email to the address listed in the complaint requesting the VIN number of the vehicle, or contract numbers, as I'm having trouble locating the contracts in our system under the complaint holder name.

Once the information is received I will look into the matter in its entirety

Customer Response time Mar 13, 2020

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I just received an email from the company and sent the VIN number back to them. This matter is being looked into further. I will update as soon as company gets back to me.

Smart AutoCare Response time Apr 08, 2020


After searching our records, we cannot locate the customer in our system.

On 3/18/20 I had sent an email to the customer advising the following:

Thank you for providing the VIN number as requested.

Unfortunately the VIN number provided does not appear in our system, and the selling dealership is not on record as dealer that sells our Vehicle Service Contracts

Do you have the contract numbers or copies of the contracts?

I do apologize for the inconvenience

Please give me a call to discuss,

To verify that the contract is though our company please provide a copy of the contract(s)

Customer Response time Apr 09, 2020

(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)
I was told to take up my complaint with the auto dealer. However the auto dealer should have advised me that they were the ones to make my complaint with. My apologies to Autocare company.

When I took my car to be repaired they said my policy was cancelled so I had to pay for repairs out of pocket. Policy actually, not cancelled.
New Years eve 2019 my car had an under-boost problem. I took it in to Tom Bell Cheverolet and was set up with service writer, ***
He reached out to SAC, they told him my policy had been cancelled in 2017, mind you I have not missed a payment.So now I couldn't rent a car for work and had to pay $1872.08 out of pocket. Fast forward about a week after repairs I had made an initial inquiry as to why my policy has been cancelled if I'm still paying it, I was told my policy was actually good...for 40,000 more miles. Sounded like just a bad misunderstanding, so they gave me a place to send hard copies of paperwork and a note explaining what happened, signed to which they denied (Literally a month after repairs, finally denied...) saying, "Authorization is required prior to the commencement of all repairs!"
Well what about when you guys said my policy was cancelled? Now that I'm in contact they are giving my every runaround saying that they have no logs of calls from that dealer or inquiries based on my VIN
I had to really push for them to even contact the service writer that spoke with them. Now he has a voicemail from them and this has still gone nowhere.

CEO *** said, "Smart Autocare is a family. Here, we're all taking care of one another, and that means taking care of the customer too.You'll never have to worry about sudden emergencies again."

Desired Outcome

I just want reimbursement

Smart AutoCare Response time Feb 28, 2020


We are in receipt of Case XXXXXXXX.

The Smart AutoCare Vehicle Service Contract that was purchased on 5/13/2017 with an odometer reading of 30,844 is current and inforce until 5/13/2023 or when the vehicles odometer reaches 110,844 miles (whichever occurs first)

Please email me a copy of the final repair order to *** or fax to XXX-XXX-XXXX so that I may review the claim for possible reimbursement

Thank you

refusing to refund me for a part that was replaced on my vehicle when it is a covered part under the contract and for rental due to their error
My dealer replaced a part on my vehicle and when I submitted to warranty they denied me because it wasn't authorized first but it was a covered part and I was told by one of their managers to submit for reimbursement due to it being a covered item under my warranty. They are also refusing to pay for my full 2 weeks of rental due to their error on not returning my dealers phones calls. They falsified records stating my dealer didn't return calls when my dealer was in touch with me every day to let me know what was going on. When I spoke with Jerimah who denied my reimbursement his response was "those parts didn't fix the problem so it doesn't matter we're not paying you back" but in order for my dealer to fix the underlying problem Smart AutoCare made them do all these steps first. The camshaft and crankshaft sensor needed to be replaced either way because that was a code that was coming up on the diagnostic test. Due to them making them do all these steps I was out of my vehicle for 3 weeks.

Desired Outcome

I would like to be reimbursed for the parts that I had to pay out of pocket that we're a covered part under my warranty

Smart AutoCare Response time Nov 08, 2019


We are in receipt of Case# XXXXXXXX.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

I have reached out to the customer directly with an offer for reimbursement.

Please contact me if you have any questions

Customer Response time Nov 21, 2019

Case has not been solved. Smart Autocare did not hold up to their portion of the agreement.

Smart AutoCare Response time Nov 25, 2019


On Fri, Nov 8, 2019 I had reached out to our customer and had offered

Parts: $144.49
Labor: $370.00
Subtotal: $514.49
Rental: $87.00 (29 x 3 as billed for)
Total $601.49

The check for $514.49 had been cashed on 11/20/19

Checking through my records an additional $87.00 is to be reimbursed for additional rental, and have found that that check had not been sent out as of today 11/25/19.

I will speak with my payments department and will have that check sent out today

I apologize for the delay, as I hoped both checks would have been sent simultaneously

I will have the check in the mail today

Customer Response time Nov 26, 2019

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
This company knew that the check had not been sent out I have sent them several emails that were all ignored.

I keep receiving calls from this company even though I have told them multiple times that I am not interested and to stop calling. I am on the Do Not Call List, so I shouldn't have even received a first call from them.

Smart AutoCare Response time Oct 30, 2019

AutoCare has not actively marketed to the public since June 2017. We did make this call.

Regarding the unfair denial of a comprehensive service warranty claim for a vehicle repair.
My initial claim for vehicle VIN # ***AXXXXXXX, for a seized engine (due to the engine COMPLETELY consuming all of the oil, inside of the required service period), was opened on March 25th or 26th, initially denied, reopened, and then dragged on for a month before a second "final" decision was made. The first claim denial was based on falsely assumed information. I believe that the final claim denial based on the fine print (damage caused by lack of fluids or lubricants will not be covered), is unjust because the lack of lubricants was not due to lack of improper maintenance or servicing; but rather the lack of lubricants (which caused the engine issue) was initially caused BY an engine issue which then led to THE engine issue that the claim was opened for.

My claim management agent was *** and when he was not present (repeatedly) there was no directives given to help process my case to any other individuals.

I still have not received a written claim denial and the claim was closed by Autocare on April 26th.

I believe the denial was unfairly founded and the excessive length of time was a hardship for both me and the auto repair shop. These hardships included time, labor, transportation, and storage. The out-of-pocket cost to satisfy the necessary labor and parts was $7509.96, which I paid by credit card (now I have interest on top of the initial charges).

Desired Outcome

I would like a complete refund to cover the out-of -pocket costs.

Smart AutoCare Response time Jun 06, 2019

Here are the facts: The contract was purchased from Nissan of *** not Auto Care, it is an advantage care VSC, dated 7/17/2018 with 69,797 miles. It is an 84 month or 80,000 mile total exclusionary coverage. Expires on 7/17/2025 or at 149,797 miles, whichever comes first. The claim was reported on 3/25/19 with 82,191 miles. Vehicle was driven 8 months and 12,394 miles since contract purchase. Oil change requirements are every 6 months or 7,500 miles per GM, whichever occurs first, so one oil change was due during this time frame. The customer provided a computer-generated Wal-*** receipt summary that included oil and an oil filter dated 12/22/18, and a note that said "Oil change supplies were purchased at Wal-Mart on December 22nd 2018 and an oil change service was performed at 76,884 miles on December 30th 2018. Does not say where, or by whom. Based on the note, we believe it was self performed. The customer contract states under section G, YOUR RESPONSIBILITIES: "You must keep all fluids at proper levels and have Your Vehicle checked and serviced in accordance to the manufacturer's recommendations, as outlined in the owner's manual for Your Vehicle. If You do not have an owner's manual for Your Vehicle, You may contact Us and the servicing recommendations will be provided to You. Your owner's manual lists different servicing recommendations based on Your individual driving habits and climate conditions. You are required to follow the normal or severe maintenance schedule that applies to Your driving habits and conditions. If You do not follow these recommendations and such failure causes a Breakdown, further damage or unnecessary repairs, coverage under this Agreement will be denied or reduced. You must retain all sales receipts, invoices, or work orders showing the date, odometer mileage, a description of Your Vehicle, the vehicle identification number (VIN), and the maintenance services performed, including parts and fluids used to complete these services. Maintenance services necessary to meet the requirements of this Agreement must be performed at a commercial service facility that is not owned or operated by You. Handwritten receipts, invoices, or work orders will not be accepted. You must take reasonable precaution to protect Your Vehicle from damage or further damage. If You notice a problem with Your Vehicle (e.g., change in engine temperature, unusual noises, leaking fluids, shaking, unusual shifting, etc.) it is Your responsibility to take appropriate action immediately. If You do not take reasonable precaution to protect Your Vehicle from damage or further damage, coverage under this Agreement will be denied or reduced." And under section F.3. CONDITIONS NOT COVERED, Subsections (j) and (k) "(j) A breakdown caused by negligence, misuse, improper servicing or failure by You to perform manufacturer required/recommended maintenance services. (k) A breakdown caused by the lack of proper and necessary amounts of coolants or lubricants or caused by sludge buildup, contaminant(s), or foreign object(s). "We also sent an independent inspector to confirm status, that report is available for review, if requested.
The original complaint we were told the vehicle was towed in with a seized engine, when the inspector arrived, it was discovered the vehicle was driven in, and the engine was running. It was NOT towed, and the engine was NOT seized. What was discovered is that the oil was so low it did not read on the dipstick, there were no signs of leakage to show where the oil was lost.
Based on the combination of incorrect initial complaint, and oil being so low it would not read on the dipstick (means at the least was 2 quarts low, if not more) and the inspection findings, this failure would not be covered by the contract, per the terms and conditions of the contract as stated above.
We have performed per the terms and conditions of the contract.

Customer Response time Jun 10, 2019

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
The major complaint is not solely the decision outcome; but primarily the inefficiency, lack of communication, and the overall ineptness of the complete process. A few weeks after being opened, the claim was originally denied on a completely incompetent non-researched and fabricated false statement (directly from AutoCare). I had to reopen the claim for another few weeks to get the "actual" claim denial reason. I also have a completely unprofessional email from my claim manager telling me "I hope you don't want that *** soon". If this process was handled properly the timeline would have been understandable and the major inconvenience would not have been present.

Smart AutoCare Response time Jun 12, 2019

We stand by our decision on this non covered condition. The customer told us the vehicle died, locked up and towed in. The inspection report showed it was driven in and still ran. The issue was the oil was so low it did not read on the dipstick, meaning more than 2 quarts low. The only proof of maintenance supplied was a scan of a walmart receipt indicating purchase of oil and a filter. The contract is very clear about maintenance requirements, and the inspection report upheld the lack of oil and maintenance was the direct cause of the failure. As to the additional damage to the body, that would be the responsibility of the dealer/repair shop it happened at. We can supply a copy of the inspection report, but do not want to attach to this reply dude to the confidential information about the customer being on it, but it is available upon request, and the customer did get a copy of it. There is no coverage on this failure due to lack of oil and required maintenance.

Customer Response time Jun 13, 2019

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Final decision may be valid regarding final cause of denial. Very dissatisfied with customer service and unprofessionalism. Why was the valid (fine print disclaimer) reason not the cause of the initial denial, why was a fabricated/false claim the cause of the first denial? Also, the vehicle WAS towed in (on a Sunday and dropped off) by C H C Motors of Stroudsburg, PA (about 50 miles) from when/where the vehicle stalled and failed to run (receipt available if necessary).

They are not covering my a parking Harness and sensors.
A manager will not return my call and never available to talk. Refusing to talk to me.
In section F. what is not covered
Graphic equalizers, DVD players, VHS players, speakers, visual and other electronic equipment (including game systems), telephones, radar detectors and GPS equipment (unless factory installed), and electronic transmitting/receiving devices.

How do they go from DVD plays TV to considering a Parking sensor a Electronic transmitting device?

Regarding Claim XXXX-XXXX

Desired Outcome

Pay for the repair

Smart AutoCare Response time Sep 04, 2018

Hi and sorry for the dissatisfactions. Yes, electronic transmitting devices are not covered like back up sensors (beep beep) and anything that transmits a electronic signal.Sorry for any confusion.

I have a total loss vehicle
I purchased a vehicle protection plan from auto care paid 3019 dollars just took it for the first time for repair and was informed that it has no coverage because it was declared a total loss vehicle I purchased the coverage on 11/18/2015 they did not inform me that they do not cover this type of vehicle but took my 3019 dollars for coverage I just want to be reimbursed for this they should have told me the vehicle was a total loss prior to the coverage they should of never accepted the contract now I am out the money plus no extended coverage I try calling many times but I keep getting a recording

Desired Outcome

just refund my 3019 dollars

Smart AutoCare Response time Aug 27, 2018

We will be glad to take care of the total loss cancellation.Please contact cancellations at XXX-XXX-XXXX.Thanks

I cannot reach Customer service! I need a copy of my contract for Auto Care Warrenty. Help !
I need to speak to someone about my warranty contract. I cannot seem to reach them by phone and I get a website error message. It seems they are not a licensed company for my Honda van.

Desired Outcome


Smart AutoCare Response time Jul 26, 2018

Please contact cancellations at XXX-XXX-XXXX and press 4 for cancellations.

This company is refusing to honor its commitment in a prompt or satisfactory way.
Against our better judgement we purchased an extended warranty on our 2010 Mercury Mariner on 07/03/15. We purchased the 60 month full coverage Omega care plan for $2,955.00. Last month it was determined that we needed a new condenser to fix our air conditioning. Our local car dealership repair shop contacted Auto Care to let them know what our car needed and to get approval. After much effort and determination, including numerous phone calls involving 45 minute wait times, Auto Care finally agreed to pay for a new condenser. However, they insisted on shipping their own part. It was supposed to arrive within the next two days. It's now been over a week and the part still has not arrived. What's more, Auto Care refused to give any sort of shopping/tracking information. Our patient service repairmen have tried to follow up more than once, only to face more 45 minute wait times. When they finally reached a human, they were told, "we will look into it." So at this point, we have no idea if the condenser has even shipped. It's very frustrating, unprofessional and just plain wrong. If this is not resolved quickly, I plan to post negative reviews of Auto Care plans anywhere I can as I feel like it's the only recourse left.

Desired Outcome

All we want is immediate delivery of our condenser!

Smart AutoCare Response time Jul 13, 2018

Claim was authorized on June 29th and condenser ordered. Due to the July 4th holiday and rural Idaho town, it was not delivered till July 10th. We are waiting on final invoice to pay the shop, but believe it to be done. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Customer Response time Jul 16, 2018

(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)Yes, we did finally receive the part, after 12 days. Our repair service department expected it in about 3 days. The 4th of July holiday shouldn't have delayed it more than a day or so. So even though we did finally receive the part, we feel it took an excessively long time to arrive.

Purchase extended warranty by phone X-XXX-XXX-XXXX in December 2016,Needed car repair in May of 2018 found out from dealership there was no warranty
December 2016, Jim the floor manger of Autocare contacted me by phone X-XXX-XXX-XXXX and offer me extended car warranty for my 2014 Nissan, which included coverage available until 2021, up to additional 100,000 miles and major breakdowns including (A/c unit repair). He set up payment installments of 18 payments of 154. 72 with a start up fee of $160.00 starting in January 7, 2017. Payments were taking out every month from my checking account from Omnisure XXX-XXX-XXXX. In May 2018 I need my A/c unit fixed, so I try contacting AutoCare by phone to see how much of my warranty I could used and get full details of my warranty that pertains to the A/c unit repairs, but I kept getting a dial tone and busy signal. Took my car to the Nissan dealership on May 29, 2018 to fix my A/c unit in my car. The mechanic financial advisor named Austin, also tried contacting Autocare, but receive a busy signal as well. Austin told me he believed it was a fraud and thats when I contacted my bank to stop payments immediately.I was not inform or updated by Autocare nor Omnisure with any information regarding my car warranty.

Desired Outcome

I would like a full refund.

Smart AutoCare Response time Jun 05, 2018

Hi,I believe the problem here is very possibly Ms. was calling the AutoCr right when it was being switched to us for claims administration. We are sorry for the confusion and will gladly cancel the contract, and refund her money.Please let us know if she would like it cancelled and refunded.thanks

Customer Response time Jun 13, 2018

I have receive the business response by in this matter with Autocare. My response to this matter, is I would like a full refund and to cancel my contract with Autocare. They have failed to provide me with a paper contract,providing information about my car warranty along with monthly billing statements. My desired to this resolution is to received a full refund, your cooperation is greatly appreciate.

They claim that my contract was terminated on December 2014, but it expires on September 2018. On January X XXXX they processed a claim for $593.75

I bought this warranty policy on 9/14/13 and I paid the full amount of 2,306. The contract expires on 9/14/18. I need some repairs for my car but they declined the service because they said the contract was terminated December 2014. This is not true because on 1/9/18 they processed a claim for $593.75 for car repair. I have the bill to prove it. I have tried to reach out to them but with no success. They keep giving me the run around. My account number is ACT-XXXXXX. Additional contract information:
-Expiration miles: 90,000 (which I have not reached)
-Sales person: Tim ***
I would really appreciate any help that you can give me.
Thank you.

Desired Outcome

I would like them to uphold the contract and pay for my car repair.

Smart AutoCare Response time Feb 26, 2018

Hi,This contract was on a payment program financed by Omnisure and in October 2014 the contract was cancelled by Omnisure for non payment. We were contacted to cancel contract in December 2014. The sad thing for us, good for this customer, is that we did not record this contract as cancelled and the customer has been able to submit claims, that we have paid, on a cancelled contract! there is no issue here....contract is cancelled.

Refusal to remove from their calling list
This company continues to call my number which is registered with the Do Not Call registry. When I told "Mike" today he violated THE DNC he just hung up on me. I have asked several times to be removed from their call list and they continue to call. I tried to call the 1-800 number listed for the company and to no surprise its not working.

Desired Outcome

Remove me from their call list and screen numbers theu the Do Not Call registry database before calling

Smart AutoCare Response time Feb 14, 2018

We are sorry for the contact and have alerted the people that are running off this block of business to remove all contact information from our data base. Please accept this apology.

Denial of warranty claim for negligence on the owners part.
Purchased extended warranty for my 2007 Ford F150,coming home one day I noticed oil coming out from my transmission all day my driveway. There was NO WARNING! No slippage, no indicator lights, no sounds, no slipping, no signs of any trouble. My denial was for "neglect and improper care of the transmission." I recently had my truck serviced with my mechanic and nothing was brought to his attention while the vehicle was on the lift. I also called Ford Motor Company and spoke with a specialized technician assuring me that an indicator light would have come on if I was negligent to the maintenance of my truck.

Desired Outcome

Repair my truck. Don't give a generic" neglect and improper care of vehicle. My truck has been dealer serviced since it was purchased. I have all receipts to prove it. This company is a classic example of Consumer Fraud. There is no recourse since a clause is added waiving your right to arbitration/lawsuit.

Smart AutoCare Response

We have looked into complaint and we could not approve any claim in regards based on leaking transmission and negligence.Here is the inspector's notes:Failed Components/Extent of DamageVehicle was towed in. I was dealing with shop owner Roberto. I verified forward, direct and intermediate clutch packs are burned. Drums were ok (forward drum is not cracked). He showed me the snap ring for the over drive servo piston. Snap ring had broken when removing. Inside of pan had minimal debris. During the inspection he showed me the pump with the torque converter seal missing. He said seal had popped out when he removed torque converter. It was also noted that customer had been adding fluid. I verified 2 empty quarts of ATF and a transmission funnel in bed. This could explain why the fluid looks pretty good. It is possible that the clutch failure is a result of running it low on fluid. I checked under carriage and saw some blow back on and exhaust cross over. Vehicle has after market cold air intake and cat back exhaust. Also has a strange receiver hitch mounted under front end.We have to adhere to the contract that clearly states:F.3. CONDITIONS NOT COVEREDThis Agreement does NOT provide coverage under any of the following circumstances/conditionsm) Damage caused by Your failure to take reasonable precautions to prevent damage when an apparent problem exists (e.g., change in engine temperature condition, unusual noises, leaking fluids, shaking, unusual shifting, etc)

I purchased an auto warranty from a company called auto care which turned out to be a complete scam. On October 16th I noticed my car was not running well and took it to a shop the next morning. My mechanic said that one of the coils was not firing and that I would need a whole new engine, which was supposed to be covered by the warranty. My mechanic called in the claim and right from the beginning they were looking for any reason to deny the claim. First they said that they would not do the repair without seeing a record of oil changes, even though what was wrong with the engine had nothing to do with changing the oil. So I sent them 14 oil change receipts from a 2 year period. Then they demanded that my mechanic take the entire engine apart, which was completely unnecessary because he knew exactly what was wrong with it. So he took it apart, which took him 6 hours, and sent them pictures of it. They then said that was not sufficient and he needed to expose the pistons in the engine. He did that and an adjuster came to look at it. After all that, they denied the claim because they said there was carbon build up in the pistons. This was a lame excuse not to pay. They obviously had no intention of ever honoring the claim, they were just making it as difficult as possible hoping we would give up. They used a company called Independent Dealer Group to deny the claim. Their number is XXX-XXX-XXXX. The person who denied my claim is named Anthony. They claim that the two companies are separate, yet they have the same address. These people are extremely dishonest and should not be in business anymore.
Product_Or_Service: warranty
Account_Number: ACE-XXXXXX

Desired Outcome

Refund I paid $2500 for this policy and would like my money back because they never had any intention of paying me for anything. In addition this whole claim process took three weeks, during which time I had to use a rental car which cost me $1600. Also I had to pay my mechanic $850 for the time he spent taking the engine apart. I would like to be reimbursed for all of these things.

Smart AutoCare Response

We are sorry for the dissatisfaction with the claim. Inspector's notes:
Failed Components/Extent of Damage
The shop has the #1 piston removed. the oil rings are carbon stuck to the piston. the rings are not broken or failed, they're just stuck from carbon build-up. there is some normal wear to the piston skirt for time and miles. the cylinder walls are not scored. the shop did not remove any other pistons.

Cause of Failure
Cylinder #1 carbon build up on rings causing rings to stick and oil to bypass.

We have to adhere to the contract language which states:
F.3. CONDITIONS NOT COVEREDThis Agreement does NOT provide coverage under any of the following circumstances/condition

(k) A breakdown caused by the lack of proper and necessary amounts of coolants or lubricants or caused by sludge buildup, contaminant(s), or foreign object(s).

Notes from claims states that one of our claims adjudicators spoke with customer. Notes:
customer called in about claim denial, advised him failures to piston caused by carbon build-up, advised him carbon contamination is not covered, customer got upset and started using profanity and states he wants to take legal actions, advised him I could not stay on the phone listening to his profanity, advised if he wants denial letter I would notify manager, he states he wants denial letter, advised I would advised manager to send one.
At this point, the best we could do to satisfy customer is to cancel contract.
If customer would like to cancel, he can call in to customer service cancellations and we will handle. thanks

Customer Response

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
They make it sound like you could just wipe the pistons clean and the engine will magically work again. The engine is shot because its old, which my mechanic told them, the carbon build-up is a lame excuse not to pay. Anyway they were going to deny this claim no matter what was found. What makes me so angry about all of this is that they dragged this whole process out for three weeks knowing full well they were never going to pay. They made my mechanic perform countless hours of unnecessary work and made me pay for a rental car for all that time. If they had said that they weren't going to pay from day one I wouldn't be so upset. My mechanic said from the first time he called in the claim they were extremely rude and confrontational with him on the phone. They then made one ridiculous request after another for three weeks as a stall tactic not to pay. No sane person would think it should take three weeks just to diagnose a claim. Even if they paid the claim the amount of time the process took was absurdly long. What good is a policy like this if it causes a person to be without their car for almost a month? These people are scam artists, just look at reviews on Google and Yelp, I'm far from the only one to complain. They should be put out of business.

Smart AutoCare Response

Again, it seems at this point the only way to rectify any of this is to cancel the policy and get back the monies to the customer. Please have customer contact our cancellations line so we can cancel contract.

Customer Response

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I will accept it if they give me my money back for what is left on my contract. I'm covered until September of 2018. What are they willing to give me back?

I paid for this extended warranty for a BMW 645ci convertible which is only driven 2 months out of the year - no coverage until 1,000 miles used.
I received a card in the mail with regard to extended warranty for our 2005 BMW 645ci (convertible). I called and spoke to a salesman and on July 31, 2014 I purchased an extended warranty for $4,343. The contract ends in August, 2018. I never filed a claim before and on September 28, 2017, we had our dealership call and were denied coverage because Auto Care said we had to have the warranty in effect for 30 days AND 1,000 miles on the car. This car is in storage and only driven 2 months out of the year - I have 896 miles on it so far from date of purchase of warranty - I WOULD HAVE NEVER PURCHASED A CONTRACT knowing this information - I didn't even receive a hard copy of my warranty information - I had to go online to get it.

Desired Outcome

I would like a refund of my contract or the service performed.

Smart AutoCare Response

We are sorry for your inconvenience and would like to make things right. Your contract clearly states that it has a 30 day/ and 1000 mile wait/validation period. We would be happy to refund your monies and cancel your contract. Please accept this and our apologies for your inconvenience.

Customer Response

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I have no idea what the refund amount is - before I accept anything, I would like to know the amount and then contemplate the offer.

Smart AutoCare Response

So, after digging more into the claims on Ms. vehicle, we found we made a mistake and paid for a claim in 2014 well within the validation period and have authorized over $1000 in claims on her vehicle. Based on time of over 3 years of having the contract and the claims paid, if we were to cancel the contract, there would be no refund. Her statements of denial are false.

Customer Response

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This business has never made over $1,000 in claims - As a matter of fact AutoCare has falsely claimed that I made over 7 claims and said they denied them to our service technician. I just recently submitted a claim (November 3) that they tried to deny at first until my service technician showed that it was in their contract to cover. I have never dealt with a more deceitful company.

Company refuses to honor full repair covered under my warranty. Gave 2 different reasons why.
Car had coolant leak which caused engine to over heat and fuel line to melt. Coolant manifold is covered and since IT caused car to overheat all repairs should be covered. first company said no then I explained how it over heated they said I didnt bring it in in time, repair shop confirms I did. they are now saying they dont cover damage due to overheating. BUT overheating was caused by damage they do cover and the warranty says fuel line is covered.

Desired Outcome

They need to cover ALL associated repairs. Contact the repair shop and advise they will be covering.

Smart AutoCare Response

This complaint with Ms. was addressed and fixed by our claims department and customer is satisfied.

I purchased an extended warranty from AutoCare. I have never filed a claim. The first time I do, I am given the run around. They denied it.
I purchased an extended warranty for $3,831.00 on January 21, 2015. It is still in effect. My vehicle is a 2010 BMW, 5 SERIES. I was informed that the turbo needs to be repaired and it is covered by the warranty. However, the company denied the claim stating that I do not have records of my oil changes. My mechanic provided them with copies of the oil changes. They are stating that the time between oil changes is too long. I dispute their rationale, my vehicle uses synthetic oil and I have never missed an oil change. I asked to speak with a manager but none will speak with me to discuss the issue. They have ripped me off. It appears this business is a fraud and is only interested in taking people's money. The individual I spoke with told me no manager is available. He put me on hold and went to speak with a manager. He came back and said he was able to speak with Jason but he refused to transfer me or allow me to speak with Jason.

Desired Outcome

I would like to have my money refunded or would like for them to honor the vehicle repair warranty just as I purchased and expected them to do so.

Smart AutoCare Response

On July 18th we spoke with Mr. and said we would have to not progress with claim due to inadequate oil change history and proof. We could reopen and look at it again if we had the correct and proof of oil changes.
This is what we received from shop and customer, which is way to long between oil change intervals:
06/07/XX XXX,513 Oil change
01/21/XX XXX,102 warranty ISD
07/05/15 no miles oil change
08/06/XX XXX,089 CARFAX entry- no oil change-BMW Macon
01/14/XX XXX,086 oil change interval from last reported mileage 20,997
Maintenance records DNQ

Suggest customer get us ALL service records for review and possible reopen of claim.

Customer Response

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I sent them additional proof of oil change. They were spoken to on at least five times and forwarded a copy of oil change by mechanic. They refused to honor warranty and as of today still has not honored the warranty which costs me thousands. I want my money back or for them to reimburse me for t(3 thousands I paid out of pocket for a part that was supposed to be covered under the warranty I purchased from their company. They are fraudulent

Smart AutoCare Response

Refund has been processed and is going into the mail to consumer 12.11.17. sorry for any delay

Customer Response

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Will accept full refund.

I bought a 2013 Mini Cooper March 6, 2016. I traded it in to Car-Max on July 11, 2017 for a Nissan Frontier King Cab pickup truck. I purchased an extended maintenance contract for the Mini on July 16, 2016. I canceled that contract on July 13, 2017 and purchased a new extended maintenance plan to cover the Nissan Frontier King Cab truck on the same day, July 13, 2017.
Played phone tag a bit, but got the job done once we connected the two parties.

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