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Solara Medical Supplies

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Solara Medical Supplies Reviews (21)

• Sep 15, 2023

Zero would be better. My wife has been on the phone for a week trying to get her libre 2 censors. Nothing but the run around through Associated and a supervisor.

• Jun 22, 2023


• Mar 24, 2023

Diabetic supplies
Worst company I have ever dealt with I have been trying to get my supplies since the beginning of February 2023, now last week in March and I still do not have my supplies. Again spent my morning getting moved from department to department told several different stories. Had to call my insurance company to lodge a complaint against them. Would never want to deal with them again what a nightmare. 40 years as a diabetic and never had so much trouble! BEWARE

• Mar 01, 2023

Bad in every way
Always a guessing game if your supply’s will ship or even if they are on order I have received many invitations to open an online account which I have tried many times doesn’t work I have contacted their support team which should change their name to nonsupport No one at this company has the slightest idea what they are doing if I could get my supply’s from someplace else I would

• Jan 12, 2023

I cannot believe that Solara is still in business! I have been a type 1 diabetic for over 30 YEARS and I have never had to deal with a more negligent medical supply company. The ONLY reason I had to use them was because of my insurance company which SOLARA charged for supplies that I NEVER received. For 2 years I have NEVER received my supplies on time or the amount that SOLARA billed my insurance for. I have had to go over a month without my pump waiting on SOLARA to get my supplies shipped. Everytime you call their customer service you will be told one of three different reasons for you not receiving your supplies: 1) It's already shipped and on its way (this is the one SOLARA uses the most and its complete B.S.) 2) Your prescription is out of date and they're waiting on your doctor to send prescription (Also, a lie. My doctor never received a new request but they sent a new one anyway even though my prescription on file was still good hoping this would help me get my supplies) 3) SOLARA has not received payment from your insurance company (Also, a lie. Called my insurance company and there was not any claims that had not been paid. In fact, they paid for claims from SOLARA that I have never received. SOLARA IS A SCAM AND NEEDS TO BE INVESTIGATED FOR INSURANCE FRAUD! I have paid thousands out of pocket for supplies that SOLARA has been paid for but has never shipped to me.

• Jan 12, 2023

THIS COMPANY is a poor excuse for service. A prescription was called in on November 9. I have had the same order filled for several years but somehow the order was lost. The company did not follow up and when I called to check on the order in December, it was not filled and they claimed they had no order. I had to follow up. Not one step was taken by customer service. When I got the ball rolling, the customer service did not act for over a week even though they were told to expedite as I needed the product. When I followed up a week later, NOTHING had been done. I called again and it was supposed to be expedited. I don't think the company knows the meaning of the word. It took over a day to ship out and then the order was stuck in Illinios for 4 days. Obviously this company does not know the meaning of customer service and I would not recommend them to my worse enemy.
Frank Stahl

• Nov 09, 2022

Great service!
I have had nothing but excellent service from this company. Courteous and helpful agents, on-time shipments, helpful support and always a quick response to any problem I have encountered. My only suggestion is new customers need to be aware that they need to ask their physicians to reauthorize prescription on a yearly basis.

• Nov 08, 2022

On 10/3/2022 I placed an order with Solara Medical Supplies to have my Freestyle Libre Sensors refilled. I waited several weeks with nothing. I called in the middle of the month and was told that they would be shipping. I waited a week, still no movement of my order. I placed another call and was told that my prescription had to be renewed. I was told that a call had been placed to my doctor and I placed one as well. Four days later, my order was still sitting. I called Solara and was told that my doctor did not provide the info needed by the insurance company. Both Solar and myself called my doctor and I was told by my doctors office that they were told it would ship out Tuesday, November 1st. I checked my order again, it was still sitting. I called Solara again and was told that there was a hold on my account. Solara could not give me any information as to what the hold was but I was assured that it would be removed and my supplies would be shipped. I called again November 3rd because my order was still sitting. I was assured that it would be taken care of. November 4th, supplies still sitting, called again and was promised a phone call assuring me that my order shipped. I check again November 7th, supplies still sitting. I spoke with a supervisor and was promised that the problem was taken care of an my supplies would ship. I checked again this morning, supplies still sitting. This spans the time of over a month. I am an insulin dependent diabetic that was just given different medications so it is crucial that I closely monitor my blood sugars. My last sensor ends tonight and I still have no supplies and I still cannot be told for certain that they will ship today, and this is according to a CSR at Solara. We are taking about my life. This is the third time this has happened since I have been with Solara. Changing companies is not an easy task and insurance does not offer a lot of choices. When a person’s life is dependent on monitoring a medical condition, there should be more attention paid to the customers needs. There should be HONEST communications when there is a problem.

• Sep 21, 2022

The worst
Incompetent ! Can’t send supplies on time, can’t keep track of what they send. USMed…. Seamless experience. I requested a change back to USMed. No more stress from begging for supplies! Avoid them unless you have lots of time to keep calling. My order to ve shipped 9/2. Still waiting. I switched to USMed today!


Worst ever
Apparently I cannot send this review with ZERO stars, which is what Solara deserves.
Incredibly bad service. Orders are mishandled, delayed, and lied about. Some products sent, i.e. the sensors, are defective. Absolutely no consideration for the fact that users need the Dexcom diabetes products in a timely manner to stay alive. I have been locked into this crappy provider by Medicare and my supplemental insurer. I could not be more displeased.


After countless hours on phone with Solara being switched from rep to rep and an over 2 hour time on phone 3 way with my insurance being switched to over a dozen reps, I was assured that my supplies would be sent and Solara was assured by my insurance that they would be fully paid by my insurance 100%. Solara after over 3 weeks still can not seem to process the order nor are the reps able to even see the same notes or screens as other reps and I must say they are a COMPLETE CLUSTER *** OF A COMPANY. I have never seen a company try so hard not to do business as Solara Medical Supply does! SOLARA IS ABSOLUTLY AN UNBELIEVABLY DIFFICULT COMPANY TO DEAL WITH! Also note I have not 1 penny I owe Solara nor has the insurance never paid Solara correctly in over 2 years that I have received my DEXCOM 6 supplies and this is not the first time I have had difficulties dealing with my orders with Solara Medical Supply , there is absolutely no reason besides INCOMPETENCY on Solara Medical Supplies part, that this matter has been handled so poorly PERIOD! I STRONGLY URGE anyone to avoid Solara Medical Supply and deal with a different supplier!


Dexcom .
I contacted you on 12/22/2021 and told her that I had new insurance info, which I provided her with and asked her if someone there could provide me with the cost of my Dexcom before it was ordered. She said she would. I then received my order with no prior phone call. then I get a bill for $963.90. SHOCKED, I called on 2/3/2022 and told I needed to know in ADVANCE how much my next order was going to be. I was routed around to 3 people. They can't give a price for my next order?, Said they would run a test order and see what it said (That it would not go through because it was to soon to order?) I just want to know how much my next order will be! I am shocked and CAN not afford another shocking bill. And please no one tell me it went to my deductible! I know that. If someone would please get back with me.


Worst customer service EVER!!!!!!!!!!!
I have received medical supplies for over a year. My insurance pays 100 %. The month of September has somehow not been paid. Every month I go back and forth with billing and customer service. No one seems to know why September was not covered. Every month I get the same bill for September and every month "it's being taken care of". With every month there is a delay in my supplies due to some weird mishap as they would say. I finally called the insurance company and they said they were never billed for the month of September. My insurance company phoned Solara themselves to straighten out the matter. It is time once again to reorder supplies and yet again I have to wait because I have an outstanding balance from September. How hard is it to resolve this issue? Why should I go without supplies if there has been communication between Solara and my insurance. This is so frustrating! Get it together people. My next M.D. appointment I am going to ask for a freestyle libre. I run my blood pressure up once a month when I speak to these people. I gave one star because there is not a option for zero stars.


Solara is the worst medical supplier I have delt with
I have had a DEXCOM G6 for more than a year. From the beginning I have had problems receiving supplies. This was long before they could blame COVID. My current issue is that I have been without supplies for a month. The "Customer Service" just provides excuses. I verified with my Doctor that they have blatantly lied to me. After Several calls to "Customer Support" they updated the status in TRACE from "In Processing" ( No change in status for about 2 weeks) to Processing for Delivery (5 days so far). I placed this order on OCT 8, 2020. I was already using my final sensor which failed the next day. The order still has not shipped from Solara. NOT SERVICE


Horrible Customer Service
I am a Dexcom G6 user now for over three years due to my inability to detect low blood sugar levels. My wife found me one night on the bathroom floor as I had passed out due to a low blood sugar level I did not even feel. Thus, I was prescribed the Dexcom G6 and believe you me, it has been a God send as I have had a few alarms in the middle of the night indicating a low blood sugar level. It truly is a marvelous device and far better way to mange my Type 1 Diabetes. Solara has been my Medical Supply House since I was first prescribed the Dexcom G6 and never had a problem in 3 years. Not until now, where I am going on week 3 without my much needed G6 sensors. I have made a number of phone calls, spoken to a number of customer service agents and, left a number of voice mails and even written to them via their website to no avail. My order shows on the useless Trace App as being in shipping since September 04, 2020. Today is October 12, 2020, that makes it over a month in shipping and I can't get a straight answer when I ever get to speak to a live person. I have had my Doctor office call as well and they cant get a straight answer. Horrible service and no one seems to care.


worse place I have ever dealt with, turned them in to BBB. CANT DEAL WITH THEIR REPS ANYMORE. REP GAVE ME WRONG NUM TO CORPORATE OFICE


This has got to be the worse place I have ever dealt with. they never update anything hang up on you. I finally contacted BBB I cant deal with them anymore. Said they mailed my refund feb 12 I said paper check I'm not giving them my debit card. Still to this day nothing


Mr [redacted] was referred to Solara Medical Supplies from a manufacturer of medical devices in September of After our Customer Service department spoke with Mr [redacted] and received his verbal authorization, we then collected the necessary documentation from Mr***’ treating physicianWe submitted that information to his health insurance carrier for an authorization to provide him with the prescribed medical device On November 17th of we received a written authorization from his insurance company as well as a verbal authorization from Mr [redacted] to ship his medical deviceAt that time Mr [redacted] paid his co-insurance amount for his first month’s rental segment of $This approximate amount is due for each of the months of the rental period for his prescribed medical deviceAt the end of the rental period ownership of the insulin pump is transferred to Mr*** On November 17th of Solara requested an insulin pump to be drop shipped to Mr [redacted] from the manufacturerOn 11/20/Solara was notified that the incorrect medical device was erroneously shipped to Mr ***Solara informed Mr [redacted] that a second medical device was being shipped to him and that a return shipping label was being sent to him to allow the first unit to be returnedMr [redacted] returned the initial incorrect device to the manufacturer as requested Mr [redacted] called Solara on 05/01/and 05/19/with concerns about his billA call was placed to Mr [redacted] on 05/29/to gather information regarding his billings and balancesFollcalls were placed on 06/01/& 06/02/On 06/04/we were able to speak with Mr ***; his concern was in respect to how one of his payments that he made on 11/17/was applied to his accountA detailed statement was prepared and sent to Mr [redacted] to show how that payment was applied to his account The current outstanding amount that Mr [redacted] disputes represents a rental segment for the medical device that Mr [redacted] received and currently usesWe feel that this balance is accurate and still outstandingWe respect and value our relationship with our patients; we are always willing to work with the patient should they feel that there is a discrepancy in the amount owedWe will work with Mr [redacted] and adjust his account based on the information that he can provide of the payments that he has madeWe feel that this situation has been resolved, however we are waiting for additional information from Mr [redacted] to address his concern and definitively close this issue Solara Medical Supplies

+5 I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution would be satisfactory to me I will wait for the business to perform this action and, if it does, will consider this complaint resolved Regards, [redacted]


We’re very sorry for the issues you experienced with the level of service you received at Solara Medical SuppliesWe greatly apologize for sending you incorrect supplies on your first orderWe’ve determined the cause of the error and have appropriately retrained the person who made the mistake in selecting the wrong item from our inventoryWe understand the importance of our service in enhancing quality of life for our patients and we’re sorry that your daughter’s supplies were delayed as long as they wereThis is not the level of service that we strive for and we’re very sorryIn checking our tracking information we’re happy to know that your supplies arrived the day of your complaintWe’re also happy that you were able to speak to our Director of New Business Development and that your issues have been resolved to your satisfaction We look forward to assisting you with your healthcare supplies in the futureWe hope that you don’t encounter any further issues using Solara, however you now have direct contact information for our Director of New Business DevelopmentShould any issue arise that your dissatisfied with please don’t hesitate to reach out Sincerely,Solara Medical Supplies

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