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We are in receipt of the complaint submitted by Ms*** with the Revdex.comWe are in the process of fully reviewing her complaint and will respond both to the and the customer once the review has concluded, within the day time frame set forth by the you,Andrea A***Solarity Credit
UnionExecutive Assistant

Re:Case # [redacted] ComplaintSolarity Credit Union has received the complaint filed by [redacted] regarding her recent mortgage loan application with Solarity.  Upon receipt of the complaint, we initiated an internal investigation into the claims made my Ms. [redacted] and researched the history of her loan request.  This investigation included reviewing information provided by [redacted], reviewing internal Solarity email records, loan file records, and interviews with staff including the loan officer working with [redacted].In reviewing all relevant information, we have identified the following summary of events that occurred as part of her loan request:1.Ms. [redacted] made an initial inquiry with Solarity Credit Union about purchasing or building homes for her and her mother in February 2017.2.Ms. [redacted] began an on-line application for a mortgage with Solarity Credit Union on March 17th, 2017 in which she authorized her credit report be pulled.3.Ms. [redacted] completed the on-line application process on April 9th 2017.4.Communications between Ms. [redacted] and her loan officer continued from this point.  Requests for additional documentation from Ms. [redacted] were made by her loan officer in order to complete the application request.5.On May 17th, Ms. [redacted] provided the majority of the requested documents but was unable to locate certain required financial documents from 2015.6.From May to July, 2017, additional discussions between Ms. [redacted] and her loan officer occurred to address other relevant loan application issues needing to be addressed.  In addition, Ms. [redacted] inquired about other loan program options that Solarity did not offer.7.Throughout this process, Notices of Incomplete Application were sent to Ms. [redacted] in accordance with Regulation B of the Equal Credit Opportunity Act, in which missing items were identified.  The timing and verbiage of these notices coincides with regulatory requirements under the Act.8.Due to the duration of time from initial application through the discussions in July, the usability of the original credit report had expired and her loan application would be closed due to incompleteness.9.Ms. [redacted] elected to not continue with a new application, and on Friday, July 14th requested that her loan officer’s supervisor reach out to discuss her frustrations.  Her loan officer forwarded her request that evening.  While Ms. [redacted] indicates she had not received any communication from her loan officer’s supervisor, our records indicate our Vice President of Mortgage Business Development reached out to Ms. [redacted] on July 17th, July 18th and July 19th, including leaving her a detailed voice message in an attempt to assist in regards to her experience.  As of the date of this reply, no return call has been received from [redacted].Solarity Credit Union strives to provide every member a rewarding and extraordinary service experience.  In reviewing the details, timelines and communications between Ms. [redacted] and her loan officer, we have not identified any instance of material negligence or undue harm on Solarity’s behalf.  Ms. [redacted] authorized the pulling of her credit report in connection with a mortgage loan request, and we were not able to complete the request within the allotted timeline before documents began to expire.  Ms. [redacted] elected to not reapply and continue with her loan request, so we were unable to provide her with further service.Nevertheless, we understand the frustration that Ms. [redacted] experienced with the multiple issuances of incomplete application notices and how the application process and status had been communicated by her loan officer.  In reviewing this case, we have identified internal opportunities to enhance our service delivery programs around timeliness and effectiveness of communications by our staff.  In addition, we have also identified opportunities to improve our regulatory notices in order to eliminate potential confusion or frustration on the part of our members who receive them.  We do recognize her experience was not what she desired, nor was it up to the level of what Solarity strives for.  In our attempt to reach out to discuss possible resolutions upon her request, we never received a return call from [redacted] in order to attempt a resolution on her concerns.Please let me know if any additional information is needed in concluding this case.Respectfully,Chris M[redacted]Sr. Vice President – Mortgage LendingSolarity Credit Union[redacted] - phone[redacted]

Review: On February 11,2014 I checked my account balance online because I was expecting my income tax refund to be deposited the next morning. I discovered that my account was over drawn -$834.65. There were 70 charges of $1.07 from that I had never authorized. The bank told me to contact Amazon and figure out what happened. I contacted Amazon that same day and found out that there was a glitch in my kindle and it had caused these 70 charges to be authorized. My credit card information was on file because my daughter and I have bought things from them before. They sent me an email apologizing for the huge inconvenience and immediately refunded the 70 unauthorized charges. Well, these charges had ended up overdrawing my checking account and the bank charged me 28 over draft fees of $25 equaling $700! Once the original charges from Amazon were credited back to my account, I went into the bank and spoke to the bank manager (at the [redacted]). She told me that they were only willing to credit my account back $300 of the $700 they took from me!! I was extremely upset! I have since spoken to many friends and family members (a lot of them are current members of [redacted]) and they all agree that since the charges were done in error, due to a computer glitch,and that Amazon has already acknowledged this and refunded my money, then the bank needs to do so as well. There are no longer any charges for them to charge me an overdraft fee ON! I have been dealing with the bank since then and today I told by the bank manager (at the [redacted] location) that I needed to fill out a dispute and file a report with the police! How do you file a police report against a Kindle!!?? This is just the bank wasting more of my time and keeping my money in their accounts longer. A credit union is supposed to be not for profit and for the people and this is not what they did to me. This is extremely unethical.Desired Settlement: Due to a lot of persistence, on my part, I have gotten the bank to refund $300 of the $700 they took from me. I want my remaining $400 applied back to my account. Since there are no longer any Amazon charges on my account they have nothing to charge me for. Therefore, I feel that they are blatantly stealing from me. I have enjoyed being a member of Solarity, as do my two kids and my family, but it is unacceptable to treat your customers like this!



We have attached a response letter to Complaint IC [redacted]. While the transactions that initiated [redacted] complaint were not caused by any error on the credit union's part, we are refunding the requested amount to her account.

Solarity Credit Union



[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business' response. If you wish, you may update it before sending it.],

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.


Review: I was charged $150.00 in negative fees with my actual balance only being negative 38.64. My balance now is negative 188.64. I was charged $25.00 5 times before my account was negative. I only had one purchase amount that was less then $40. Every time I try talking to them they tell me I was negative because of pending charges that haven't come out yet. But I could see the pending charges and was not negative for 5 of my purchases.Desired Settlement: I realize that my account was overdrawn but it was only overdrawn from one purchase. I am wanting 5 of the 6 negative balance fees dropped and I will pay my negative balance including one negative fee. And I will close my account with Solarity credit union

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Address: 110 N 5th Ave  North Fifth Ave Branch, Yakima, Washington, United States, 98902


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