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Sonny's Camp-N-Travel

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• Sep 14, 2023

KP from service department went above and beyond to ensure the warranty company covered the replacement of our refrigerator which has caused us problems for over a year. KP would make a good lawyer. He didn't take no for an answer from Easy Care extended warranty company. Thanks again KP.

• Jan 07, 2023

Christmas Story
Our review with Sonny’s goes down as the nightmare before Christmas. We made reservations for a camping Christmas with our family six months prior to the holiday. Two weeks before we were to leave, we discovered something was wrong with our heater, this concerned us because all the weather reports predicted below normal temps and needed to make sure the underbelly was protected from the freezing temps. We purchased our camper trailer from another dealership two years prior but were unhappy with the rudeness of how we were treated by the service department any time we had something which needed to be fixed. My husband vowed not to ever deal with them again. We heard good things about Sonny’s and called them. They said they could get us in to check out the problem right away. They discovered it was the ignitor and within a couple days we had our camper back at home. A day later, we discovered the heater was not operating and once again that afternoon took it back to Sonny’s. After some head scratching and troubleshooting with the manufacturer, and the experience of a tech of an outside source, they narrowed it down that we needed a new motor and had to order the parts. This was three days before we were supposed to leave. Two days later, not having the camper packed and both my husband and me chomping at the bit for having to cancel a few days of the reservation, they called the night before we needed to leave and said it was ready for pick up the next morning. Well…at this point, we figured we were going to be handed a repair bill that would have shocked anyone or would have been taken advantage of because it was a rush job at one of the most hectic times of the year, so you can understand our nightmare.
Now, let me paint the rest of this story. It does have a happy ending. The genuine sincerity by the service writer, the service manager, and the crew who worked to make our Christmas another memorable one was some of the finest, and most understanding professionals we have ever dealt with. Not only did they fix everything, but they went above and beyond with some extra services at no charge for the inconvenience we incurred. I cannot begin to applaud their efforts enough. In these times, when you think the whole concept of “customer service” is a thing of the past, it’s not at Sonny’s Camp-n-Travel. We were at the Greenville Camper Show yesterday and was treated very well by Sonny’s staff who answered many of our questions. We were truly blessed this Christmas to be shown there are businesses out there who do not treat you as a number, but as a valued customer. Bravo, service department, you will have our continued business. Thank you again.

First of all Sonny's has always and will always strive to give the customer the best experience of buying an RV, saying that the customer is  combing both deals when it comes to what he is asking for, at no time did the customer not have any idea    about ALL the figures   we gave him, after the first deal with the [redacted] the customer  CALLED and ASKED  if we could  help him out by trading to  a different RV  he skipped over a salesperson and talked about trading with the SALES  Mgr.   to get the best deal  possible, and the whole  purpose of the trade  was to  provide customer satisfaction, at  any  time did the customer   bring up anything as far as any kind of refund, he just wanted to  trade to another camper, and we didn't just take it like another customer trading a camper we wanted to help  him out by giving him a $[redacted] store credit to our parts store, swapped over is hitch work and no charge. The $[redacted] he is  refer to  is  the sales  tax from the first camper he bought from us, which every customer has to pay sales tax,  and the $[redacted] is what is charge  for tag and title work. The [redacted] was sales tax  on the second camper that the customer traded for and again every deal  has to  be charged sales tax. The range cover is something the CUSTOMER  wanted to add on to his first camper, the hitch ball was bent when the customer came to trade the second time with us, ,the battery as previous stated was under warranty and  any Interstate dealer would have replaced it, the CUSTOMER  decided to go to a [redacted] and get a battery. The  $[redacted] is the trade difference between the first camper and the second camper, but the [redacted] includes sales tax tag and title. The last thing that the customer mentioned when he was finished up with the service tech on the [redacted] was that he was HAPPY and Satisfied with the Camper, and at no time did the CUSTOMER mentioned any kind of disagreement with the DEAL  OR THE NEW CAMPER.

As expected the [redacted] at Sonny's Camp 'n Travel have absolutely NO problem distorting the truth, telling outright lies and being deceitful solely for the purpose of stealing an extra few thousand "in God we trust" dollars from unsuspecting customers. Attempting to make irrelevant statements to distract from the real issue will NOT work. Here is the issue in a nutshell;1. Your salesman, [redacted], wilfully and fraudulently and with managements blessing sold me a factory reject [redacted] 261 as new without revealing its status as a factory reject. Although [redacted] and the prep guy, [redacted], knew of all the latent defects neither of them disclosed such defects to me. Everybody at Sonny's was on board in perpetrating this fraud.      i. Why did [redacted] deliberately choose NOT to show me the [redacted] 261, which had passed factory inspection and was hidden from sight on a rear lot?              ii. [redacted], as the prep guy, was intimately familiar with every aspect of the [redacted] 261. Why did he choose NOT to point these flaws out to me? Of course, he was following managements instructions and are still employed at Sonny's. [redacted]2. A number of the latent defects COULD NOT be repaired and both Sonny's and [redacted] kept on dragging their feet thereby forcing me to either accept the [redacted] 261 AS IS or get rid of it by trading it in, a practice which both parties are very familiar with.Finally, I suffered a loss of $[redacted] as a result of the fraudulent actions of Sonny's employees.

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