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Review: [redacted] CEO & sole CSR @ Sorcery Mfg. responded to my question about my delivery status in a disrespectful manner weeks after my purchase.

I had purchsed some items from Sorcery Mfg.'s website It took a couple days for me to get an order confirmation. Then still a couple more and no shipping confirmation. So I sent an email asking what was taking so long, because I usually get my items processed immediately and shipped the next day when shopping online. A few weeks went by I had gotten the package and forgotten all about my question. Until yesterday when Mr. [redacted] finally responded. I will copy and paste the correspondence from [redacted] to me below. Date ordered Nov. 20..processed Nov. 22

Response Dec.5 10:57p.m.

JG:"The comments for your order are

Your order has been updated to the following status.

New status: Delivered"

I thought it was automated and replied

Me:"Ya thanks for the speedy response. Lol sarcasm"

JG:"Your not welcome, face palm, yeah sadly we don't jump the childish impatience and ignorance of most Americans. Moving to

India puts ones priorities in their proper order, too busy helping old people here find medical care."

Me:"Wow that is extremely unprofessional. I was half way expecting this to be automated with your lack of care in customer service and absence of anything in you belated response. How dare you call me ignorant or juxtapose my patience or lack of too that of a child. Patience is a relative quality in America things move a lot faster than India I am sure, however I was expecting the contact emails of this English speaking, magic selling, capatilist establishment to have similar values and respond in kind and with respect considering I had options in my online shopping and I chose to do business with you. I will not make that mistake again. I recommend that you focus your attention on business that matters to you like health care for elderly Indians if that is your thing. I also recommend that you seek some of that deep esoteric wisdom that can be found there. With it you will learn respect not just for elderly helpless Indians but for us ignorant Americans as well. It seems obvious you have none. I will be sure to let the other childish Americans know that you don't have time to handle customer relations like an actual business.



JG:"But not unprofessional for you to treat other humans as your slaves. Sorry, I don't play your games, I have out grown them.

Move along now, I don't serve your kind here."

I was very offended by these remarks especially after I have given this man business and was content to forget about the slow service until he began insulting me saying I only think it is slow because of my childish American impatience. I know that there is probably little I can do about this but I want people to know my experience. I want people to be able to see the attitude of this man towards his own customers @ I feel that this man has discriminated against me for simply being a customer I was called "a childish and impatient American", told my priorities are not in there proper order, that I treat people like slaves for expecting decent service, and that he won't serve "my kind". I have never been treated so poorly as a paying customer in my life. I do not want a refund as my problem was not even with the products(which he purchases off a secondary website and ships to customers) but with the CEO of Sorcery Mfg. Mr. [redacted] himself.Desired Settlement: I would like an apology for the disrespect I recieved after giving this man some business. I expected nothing less than a man deserves when he chooses to do business with a retail store, however for simply asking a question I was talked down to and treated as if I am less than this man. If I do not get a simple apology I will see just how far I can take this. I want this apology in voice via the phone @ [redacted] since he is in "India" personal would not be feasible. He can leave a voicemail if I do not answer.

That is all.

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