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South Sound Private Investigations

PO Box 8193, Lacey, Washington, United States, 98509-8193

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I hired Clint to investigate my father's death almost a year went by and I heard nothing after several emails and texts he finally called me said he was sorry he had dropped the ball on my case and would send me back my $1,000 after a week I received an envelope with a bunch of crap from online printing only had nothing to do with me Annabelle for the thousand dollars I would never use any of his companies as he is a thief

I hired South Sound Private Investigation (SSPI) to do a background check and look into court records for a specific individual on March 22, 2019. According to the contract and the conversation we had on the phone on March 21, 2019, SSPI would find out why the individual uses many alias's and find divorce/child custody records. I was to be given 8 hours of time and a full report of his findings. This request was detailed in both phone conversations and email's from me. After I paid SSPI/Clint C $1,000, I had a very hard time reaching him. Many attempts for updates were made with no success. Finally on April 25, SSPI called me and we spoke for 35 minutes. SSPI made polite conversation, mostly about traffic issues and other cases he was working on, but did not provide an update on my case. I requested info on my case and he promised to email me. After many more requests, he finally emailed me an update on June 4, 2019, but the update only verified information I provided him during our first conversation - there was no new information. He also told me that court records had been ordered, and he was just waiting for them to come in. In addition, he said that there was plenty of time left on my account. In July I began asking for updates again, and again, he refused to send me anything. I requested updates in writing because he only makes small talk and doesn't provide actual information on the phone. The only responses I received were ones telling me that he promises he will email me an update, but never did. This lack of communication has been going on since I hired him in March. Only after I threatened to file a formal complaint did he finally email me on August 28, stating that he cannot get court records, even though he stated he had already ordered them in June and that he will send me a report eventually. Due to his history, I do not believe he intends to send me anything.

South Sound Private Investigations Response • Sep 13, 2019

Ms. signed an “Authorization of Service” agreeing to a non-refundable retainer (ref Paragraph 2). She was told South Sound Private Investigations does not conduct “Background Investigations” as defined by the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Ms. signed the “Authorization of Service”, that South Sound Private Investigations would attempt corroboration or verification of information received from Ms.. Specifically, information pertaining to the person about whom she desired information, including any arrests, convictions or Court actions, and any pertinent and derogatory information (ref Schedule "A", Paragraph 1).
Ms. was unsatisfied the information provided her verified what she already knew. (Many clients would be relieved that what they knew about another was validated through an investigation.)
Ms. insisted upon copies of the person’s divorce and custodial records from the courts, details of which is not always publicly accessible, due to court regulations or privacy laws. It was unclear this could be accomplished without some court action.
Ms. repeatedly insisted upon the “why” a particular individual changed their name. Ms *** was verbally advised that the actions of another cannot always be explained. Although the individual used variations of their name, realistically, conjecture cannot replace what lurks in the mind of another person.
Paragraph 8 of the “Authorization of Service” states, “CLIENT [Ms ***] acknowledges that Investigators have made no guarantee regarding the successful termination of said investigation and all expressions relative thereto are matters of opinion only”.
Ms. was updated when pertinent information was obtained. Ms. dissatisfaction with information provided does not lessen its validity. Ms. insisted upon a “Report of Investigation”, which according to Schedule “A” Paragraph 2 to the “Authorization of Service” may be prepared, for an additional fee, documenting pertinent and derogatory information releasable in accordance with Federal and State Laws. However, Ms. subsequently filed a complaint effectively precluding any further action by South Sound Private Investigations.
Ms. expressed no time limit for duration of this investigation. Had she expressed a RUSH or URGENT need, a different fee schedule would be applicable. South Sound Private Investigations prides itself on being thorough and professional. Simply stated, private investigations take longer than the customary hour-long detective shows so prevalent in social media.
Company responsive to Desired Settlement:
1. Ms. agreed to a Non-refundable retainer, as indicated in the “Authorization of Service”, Paragraph 2. 2. Ms. agreed there were no guarantees expressed, as indicated in the “Authorization of Service”, Paragraph 8. 3. Ms. disregarded updates and corroborative information siting that such information verified what she already knew. (paraphrased from her text). This does not lessen the validity of the information provided.
4. Draft Report of Investigation is pending resolution.
End of responsive text.

Clint C

Customer Response • Sep 13, 2019

Complaint: 13803898

I am rejecting this response because: There are numerous inaccuracies in Mr. Cs response.

First, I was not unsatisfied with the verification of information I had provided Mr. Cs, but requested additional information based on the fact that he himself stated in an email sent Tuesday, June 4, 2019 2:54am that "Copies of court cases in Issaquah, Lakewood, Mason County, Pierce and King Counties have been ordered and yet to arrive." In addition he stated that "You have plenty of time remaining on your account..." He then stated that the information provided in this email "will be reduced to either a Declaration for Court, or a Report of Investigation. He never once states that these documents will only be provided for an additional fee. In Mr. Cs own words, the investigation was ongoing, and yet he never provided an update regarding court cases, or any other information from this date on. I did not receive an update verbally or via email (email was requested on MANY occasions) and yet Mr. Cs refused to submit any further information.

Mr. C was paid for 8 hours of time, which is the amount of time an average person puts into their job in one day. He was given 5 months before I filed a complaint. Based on the fact that he has not gathered any information since the update he provided me on June 4, then it is reasonable to believe that Mr. C still owes me time. If he has not continued to investigate, then what has he been doing with the time he owed me? If court cases could not be ordered do to legal reasons, then why did he tell me he had already ordered them and was just waiting for them to come in?

A since of urgency was expressed in both text messages and email's on my part starting in June of 2019. I can provide copies of these emails and text messages to prove my claim. Never once did Mr. C tell me that he would have to charge me more money for updates, he simply promised that he was still working on the case and that he would send me an update via email, but then failed to provide the updates.

If Mr. C could only provide with the information he sent on June 4, then I would have excepted that back in June. The information he provided me was minimal at best, but if that was the best he could do, then I would have let it go. It was he that promised further information and told me that there was still time on my account. It was also he that promised a Report of Investigation. If he actually provides me with the information he promised, then I will close my claim against him. I will not dispute that I signed a contract stating that the retainer was non-refundable. I naively signed this contract believing Mr. C was being truthful when we originally spoke on the phone, promising me information on the person in questions name change and court cases. I thought that if you provided someone with a retainer, they actually had to provide you with a service, which again, in Mr. Cs own words, was not complete as of June 4, 2019.

Please let me know if you need records of email and text conversations to validity my claims. Thank you.


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Address: PO Box 8193, Lacey, Washington, United States, 98509-8193


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