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Southside Electric Cooperative, Inc.

Electric Companies, Electric Power Distribution (NAICS: 221122)

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User Reviewer1268297

Review: I have been a customer of SEC (Southside Electric Coop) since December 2013 and I noticed from the beginning that my electric bills were a little expensive for my 880 square foot home. I emailed SEC about this and was advised that it was due to the water heater and a/c being on when I was at work. At the time I didn’t know any better and took this as acceptable. I did inquire about a budget plan and was advised that I had to be a customer for a year before I was eligible. While waiting for the year to roll around I received a bill at my address from SEC in a man’s name along with my bill. I am the only resident at my address and I did call and notify SEC of this and for a few months I didn’t get another bill for him. Then, suddenly, I again received a bill in the same man’s name along with my bill. I emailed SEC and this has stopped but it should not have happened to begin with. I continued to struggle to pay my electric bill until the year of residence was up and I called SEC to set up a budget plan. The only thing that I was advised was that the budget plan was an average of a few months and would be the same amount until everything was reviewed again. There was nothing else covered about the budget plan with me, no info on the specific ins and outs of the plan and I did not sign anything for this change. As of November 2014 I called SEC and asked to be set up on the budget plan and as of 11/24/2014 the amount I was billed for was $118.00. My prior bill (10/22/2014) was $68.87 and the bill before that (09/22/2014) was $111.65. Going forward the amounts I was billed for were as follows: 12/22/2014 $118.00, 01/22/2015 $123.00, 02/23/2015 $123.00, 03/23/2015 $123.00, 04/22/2015 $123.00, 05/22/2015 $0.00, 06/19/2015 $123.00, and 07/22/2015 $175.00. As you can see the amounts continually go up and are not consistent at all. In several cases I was paying less that what I pay on the budget plan. I have printed out information directly from my SEC account weDesired Settlement: I would like written rules for the budget program, my equipment issued by SEC looked over to verify working order and any repairs done without charge to me and I would like my bill adjusted accordingly if there are equipment issues. It is necessary due to another name being billed to my address to also verify that I am not being double charged for services and that no one else is using my electricity. There have been some issues with trespassers and things on my property have been moved around so this is necessary. A budget program should be a real budget program and have reasonable rates for the size of the home.



We have contacted Ms. [redacted] and gone over her account. We have agreed to lower her monthly budget amount to 140.00 and she has agreed to that plan. We have also offered to change her billing cycle date and have kept an open dialogue with her to provide the best possible assistance. Per her conversation with Supervisor [redacted], she seems satisfied with our actions to address her concerns.

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User Reviewer1268299

Review: 06/10/13

To Revdex.com

From [redacted]

[redacted]/Re Southside Electric

Dear Revdex.com

I trying to find out from Southside Electric why my house shows Electric (was being used) in the last service period

When all the circuit breakers were off and no one was living in the house at all and it appears a lot of electricity was used form . Billing sheet copy enclosed. And no one was in the house at all and the circuit breaker never went on at all April May June or July.

Thank you



Dear [redacted],

Per our conversation on 8/6/2013 I am providing the following information regarding [redacted] account.

SEC was contacted by [redacted] via letter in June 2013. [redacted] wanted clarification on his electric usage from April 2012-July 2012 for account # [redacted] which was active thru 3/18/2013. That information was sent via return letter on or about June 26. On July 3, 2013 [redacted] inquired about reactivating service at his location. [redacted] was informed of the cost and advised SEC he would contact us when he was ready to reconnect. On July 8, 2013 [redacted] submitted his application and on July 11 made his payment to re-establish service. On July 12 we received another letter from [redacted] questioning his usage at his location. A reply was sent that same day via return letter. On July 18, SEC received another letter from [redacted] questioning the current use at his location. That information has been turned over to our [redacted] auditor [redacted]. [redacted] should be contacting [redacted] this week to go over his usage.

Please feel free to contact me (phone/email are best) if you require any additional information.


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User Reviewer1268294

Review: This is a power company. They disconnected me today because I am past due. Fine. I get that. I paid all of the past due 403.00. Currently due is 276.00, not due until 1/16/2016. I have 3 kids in the house, the youngest is 1. They will not reconnect they say until this current bill is paid.Desired Settlement: Cut the power back on. I have 3 kids there and we paid what you asked. I have a one year old, 5 year old and teenager there.



Member was reconnected the same day (12/29). Amount to be reconnected at that time was 677.64, which included the past due bill of 402.64 and associated fees, including a 30 collection fee, a 45.00 reconnect fee and a security deposit installment of 200. As a courtesy, SEC reconnected the service for the 402.64 and agreed to bill out the associated fees. The notes on the account do not discuss payment of the current bill.

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User Reviewer1268301

Review: There was a mistaken chargeback done on this account by [redacted] Credit Card services. Once the error was discovered, [redacted] had made several attempts to send the funds back to Southside. Southside will not return phone calls or messages. I can not receive my money in any other way other than Southside accepting the funds due to the nature of the mistake. Southside will not return my calls, emails, and none of the associates seem to know why the mistake occurred or why they have not received the funds again. Furthermore, the company will not respond to [redacted] either.

Company information is ADP [redacted]Desired Settlement: Contact [redacted] and have those funds accepted and credit my account. [redacted]



May 29, 2014

The Revdex.com

RE: Complaint[redacted]

Dear [redacted],

Per our discussion yesterday regarding the payment activity

of [redacted], please accept my apology for the delay in replying to the

complaint. Your emails were being

directed into my spam folder. I have had that email routing issue corrected.

[redacted]payments were made for her mother’s ([redacted]

[redacted]) electric account. Therefore I

need to get permission from [redacted] before I can release any specific

information to the Revdex.com. However, I can give you a general background about the

situation. [redacted], made a payment in

November of 2013. In January of 2014 Southside Electric Cooperative was

notified by Merchant Services that the card holder had disputed the charge and

the funds were being returned to her card.

At that time SEC added that amount due back to [redacted] account.

In March, 2014 SEC was again notified by Merchant Services that the charge back

had been reversed. At that time, SEC applied the payment credit back to [redacted]

[redacted] account. Therefore the

amount originally paid in November was credited in March.

I talked to [redacted] yesterday to get permission to

talk about this with [redacted], unfortunately, the number that[redacted] gave me,

is not the correct number for [redacted].

Also, when I call the number that the Revdex.com has listed for [redacted]

[redacted], I get a Spanish language message and then the number goes to a

busy signal. Once I hear from[redacted]

[redacted]I will follow up with the detailed report, including dates, payment

amounts and supporting documentation. In

the mean time please let me know what else I can do to assist you with handling

this complaint.


Southside Electric Cooperative.



[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's offer. If you wish, you may update it before sending it.]

I have reviewed the offer made by the business in reference to complaint ID[redacted], and find that this resolution would be satisfactory to me. I will wait for the business to perform this action and, if it does, will consider this complaint resolved. If the company does not perform as promised I can get back to you at: [redacted]


They took care of it. Thank you

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Category: Electric Companies, Electric Power Distribution (NAICS: 221122)

Address: 2000 W. Virginia Avenue, Crewe, VA, 23930

Website: http://www.sec.coop

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