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Spa and Pool Source

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Disappointing & won't use again
The only good thing I will say about this company is they did respond to an email request. The response was unhelpful to say the least. Whoever runs this company better check into their customer service. I sure won't ever use them again

We purchased a new cover for our hot tub and several other items from this website on June 16. Unfortunately, the cover did not arrive for 31/2 week, despite them having sent notice that it was shipped 6/20. After waiting more than a week, we contacted them and they said that it arrived to their chosen delivery company in a nearby town and we should be contacted soon. After waiting another week, we contacted them and they provided us with the shipping company contact information. We contacted them and they said that they were a little short handed but they would call the next day to schedule a delivery. The call did not come, so we contacted them again. They said that they would contact us the next day to schedule- this no call, we call game went on for a few more days. During this time, we also were calling the spa pool source folks to ask for their help. They were NOT helpful. Poor communication, poor choice of shipping company, horrible follow-through. A very irresponsible business.

Review: Spa and pool source shipped to me a 120v circulation pump for my sundance spa. They refused to honor the manufacturer's warrant.

I installed this pump correctly. Although it was a 120v model, and my model spa generally use's the 240v model, I am a licensed electrician, and know very well how to connect wire a pump. the pump cycled on and off several times. I checked that there was no air lock, turned spa back on and problem continued. I contacted the co regarding this pump. They requested more info, i.e., what brand and model spa, etc. In the interim, because it was winterin the midwest, I ordered another circ pump from this company, as I needed to get my spa running to keep it from freezing the lines. This tine however I ordered the 240v pump 9installed this pump with no issue's.

Upon receiving the earlier pump, the company contaced via email and said because the pump showed signs of "beibg underwater" they were not going to honor the warraty.

I protested to the company via email again, asking exactly how it is this pump could have been submerged, and asked if they fabricate excuse's so as not to honor the warranty.

Again they contacted me via email, stating that their evidence stands, that the evudence shows the pump to have been "underwater".

They also stated that I had been "evasive" about my model of hottub, and had also ordered another pump (the 240 volt model), a short time later.

So I therefore, according to them, wired the pump wrong and "burned it up and are trying to get it replaced under warranty". If indeed I had "wired it wrong" and burned it up, why wasnt this made to be the main issue with denying me warranty replacement? It seems they could have made this accusation first if indeed this is what they believed I had done.

Following is my correspondance with the company copy and paste from my email's.

"The evidence is clear, we sent the pictures of the item as received by us from you. The pump does not have a directive drive seal and cannot fail by leakage through a seal, it uses a magnetic drive. The pump was damaged by being underwater (see pictures we sent you). This damage is not covered by warranty.

Also noticed that you purchased a 240 Volt pump on 3/29. The original pump you purchased was a 120 volt pump. When you asked for an RMA we asked for and did not get a clear answer concerning the model and year of the spa from. Since you mentioned it might be a Capri and/or Caprio (which uses a 240 Volt pump, some Caprios used a 120 Volt pump), it is not hard to see that you originally ordered the incorrect voltage, hooked it up, burnt it out, and you are attempting to get it under warranty. However the pump came back not only shorted out but from being submerged which voids any warranty. Therefore we cannot honor your warranty request.

On Fri, Apr 19, 2013 at 11:50 AM, wrote:

I installed this pump. it was in place, not working, for 1 week. If there is any evidence of this having "been underwater", it would have to have been from a faulty seal between the motor and the electronic control unit. If you mean "been underwater" as the whole pump having been submerged, you have got to be kidding me, or you are trying to come up with any excuse not to honor the manufacturer's warranty? You are implying that somehow I submerged the whole body of the pump underwater? Exactly how would one do this, giving that the pump is installed underneath of the tub shell?

If this is the level of customer service your company provides, you can consider this pump to be my last commerce with your company.

I will however be expressing my dissatisfaction with your company with the, and any and all online consumer review websites to let other's know, and make them aware to not use your buisness, lest they have a 1 week old pump that your technical staff claims to have "been underwater". You could have at least made a more credible claim of negligence on my part than purporting that the pump had "been underwater". I am personally amazed that you would purport such a dubious fact to be true. May you somehow find continued success Desired Settlement: Honor the maufacturer's warranty,or offer a refund, and apologize for treating customers like [redacted].



Business' Initial Response

You cannot hook up a 120Volt product to a 240Volt electrical hookup without damaging the item and voiding the warranty. It is clear that he did this from the pictures attached of the pump he returned to us(See JPG attachments). He also placed an order for a 240Volt pump with us after he had problems with the 120Volt pump not working (See attachment file [redacted]) showing both orders. His statement that we refused to honor the warranty in invalid because wiring the pump incorrectly pump voids the warranty. There will not be a successful resolution for him unless he gets a refund for a product that he hooked up to the wrong voltage and we are not willing to refund him for something that is clearly his fault. We cannot return it to the manufacture since it is damaged. We are not in error here and do not feel a complaint by him is even justified to be entered into our company file. Also his abusive language to us should have it declared void.

Thank you for your consideration in this matter.

Consumer's Final Response

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)

This buisness has a history of being difficult to deal with, as evidenced by researching their customer service on the WWW. I fully didnt expect them to offer any resoloution, as their modus operandi is to blame the customer, as I have seen in several instances on the web.

As to abusive language, I will cop to letting them know how I felt about the way they were treating me. I never went to parochial school, but it sure seemed like they were trying to wash over me with the Catholic guilt for somehow trying to defraud them.

This is not the forum for electrical theory, which is good, because the buisness is a parts seller and doesnt have the background to discuss it with me.

Hopefully I will save unwitting consumers and potential new customers from dealing with these parts nazi's.

They are not deserving of anybody's buisness. It is disconcerting how they adress customers complaint's. Very condescending and accusatory towards their customer. They only toned it down and tried to appear professional when they received the complaint from the

Good luck skinning your future cats ladies.

Company refused to allow return of a new $350 spa pump that failed completely within a year of purchase.

Don't buy anything from this business! You'll be sorry!

A despicable business who's customer service gets an “F” for service. Spa and Pool Source also know as Discount Spa Warehouse of Northern California, sent me the wrong filters after I called them to make sure I order the right one. They were right to tell me I should have checked the filters within their 30 day grace period. And I am wrong for trusting them to send me the right one. I ASSUME that a business with Spa in their name would know better than I about correct spa filters. This is hard to believe but they refused to switch the wrong filters for the right ones after I told them I'd pay for all the shipping! Like what am I going to do with these filters that don't fit my spa? I should have checked their reviews before ordering anything from them. As you'll find out, I'm not the first customer they've beat up. They even had the nerve to tell me their bank and business does not keep records for over 90 days. If you're in a business, you know how long one needs to store records. I hope you're getting the feeling of how they treat people, like we're stupid! Instead of making happy customer, especially when the customer is willing to pay for all shipping and no expenses out of the companies pocket, now they have made a customer with a cause. I''m telling everyone about Spa and Pool Source aka Discount Spa Warehouse.

Please for your own sake, watch out!

Mike Z, Colorado Springs

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