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Review: At the mall a few days ago, a older lady approached me from the Spa White- White Ice kiosk to give me a "free" sample of a teeth whitening product. I had thought about getting my teeth whitened before, so I thought about trying it. [redacted](the employee who serviced me), explained to me that with their product, I can get my teeth guaranteed 8 shades lighter. She showed me a color chart and showed me what shade I was and what shade I would be after the treatment. I was excited because I had just had surgery and felt like getting my teeth whitening would lift my spirits a bit. [redacted] then explained to me that I would have to purchase the White Ice Stick to use under the LED light and it was part of the treatment. I paid with my debit card and then went to do the treatment. I sat under the LED 3 separate time. Once with the White Ice Stick, and twice with a whitening gel. At the end of the treatment, my gums were irritated and teeth were still the same color... no difference. I complained to [redacted] and even another customer said that my teeth didn't look white. She told me to give it an hour and come back. When I came back, she wanted to give me another treatment which I denied because my gums were irritated. I asked for a refund and [redacted] and the assistant manager ([redacted]) told me I would have to come back a few days later when the manager, [redacted], was there to get my refund. I went back a few days later, and [redacted] continued to give me the run around and offered me a free treatment. At that point, I just wanted my money back and leave. They gave me the run around and [redacted] told me he wasn't in charge of the refund. So who was? He attempted to give me a number to a store in Hong Kong! He then told me he would call his boss named [redacted] and get back to me. I called him today and he said he would call me back in 30 mins and then never heard from him. Tried calling back only to be sent to his voicemail. The White Ice stick wasn't even a necessity for the treatment. they definitely scammed me out my money!Desired Settlement: My before and after pictures showed no difference in color after I was GUARANTEED 8 shades lighter. I was tricked and conned into buying a product that wasn't even needed for the treatment. I would like a full refund of the $163.34 that I paid for the service. My teeth didn't get whiter and I was left with irritated gums. The employee,assistant manager & manager all gave me the run around. I just want my money back since I didn't get the results that I was guaranteed & a product I wont be using



Thank you for providing me the opportunity to respond. I have owned this kiosk in the Queens Plaza mall for over five years and during that time without incident have had the privilege of selling product and providing teeth whitening services to over 15,000 customers. It is not by accident that I have never received a complaint before. I come from a retailing family and believe in the principals that the customer is always right. However, that being said it is also important for the retailer to defend its integrity when they have been falsely accused,

[redacted] approached my teeth whitening kiosk and I carefully explained to her what the realistic expectations she could consider. I also informed [redacted] that just like every other cosmetic teeth whitening does not last forever and that it would be in her interest to purchase our award winning maintenance product called White Ice. She agreed.

When [redacted] finished her treatment she left my kiosk content without any complaint at all. Later she returned and mentioned that she was not satisfied with the teeth whitening results. I offered her at my expense and she accepted an additional treatment at no charge. I did this even though I believe her teeth responded.

[redacted] still complained and I returned her money for the two treatments I gave her. The only thing she was charged for was the White Ice maintenance product which she agreed that she would need regardless.

I regret that customers can cause hard working retailers to have to defend a business practice where not only did we return her money but we also took a loss on her account because we gave her an additional free service

Thank you for your consideration


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Address: 19 West 44th Street, Jean, Nevada, United States, 89019


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