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I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint.  For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.
The Matter will only be resolved when Ron's Transmission admits its wrong doing in our case. The Facts of this matter are in short , Ron's charged us an amount of money to fix a problem   that they said they fixed    and they did not fix it.  Also the time frame in witch Ron's tried to handle this matter was completely unacceptable  over 2 & 1/2 months.  I also have all paperwork for all transactions in this process.  Ron's Should have given a full refund  NOT only on labor  but parts as well   from invoice 4358  specifically wiring harness with od/tcc solenoid $86.06  & Governor pressure solenoid $84.30 & Governor pressure transducer $78.74   These parts should have been refunded because they in no way fixed the coded problem p1757. Witch is what the customer paid for on invoice 4358.  Ron's should have admitted they did not know what the problem really was and that they could not fix it. Ron's should have given a full refund and suggested other alternatives to have or [redacted] fixed or at least Diagnosed.                 
 [redacted] <[email protected]>AttachmentsJul 6 (6 days ago)to me             Dear [redacted] and / or [redacted] ,                                  This is all the information  I  have regarding our involvement with Rons Transmission.  I hope you don't mind my side notes.  The date on invoice 4358 of 1-22-16 is our date of (supposed) completion   not the date we actually first dropped the [redacted] off.   We dropped the [redacted] off just before the new year around the 28th or so. Ron should have copies of the drop off papers we signed when leaving the [redacted] both times.   We were never given any paperwork when we initially dropped the [redacted] off.   We also were never given any paperwork when we took the [redacted] back because of the problem reoccurring.   Second drop off was around 2-8-16.   During this Period of time Rons never really contacted us,  when they said they would.  We always had to take it upon ourselves to contact them.    When we first contacted the We had to write up a complaint. I have a copy of this if you do not and would like it or need it. Please feel free to contact me and I can get it to you.    After all was said and done we were very upset with the way Rons handled our situation  and the condition in which our [redacted] was returned to us.  NO dipstick, NO coolant,  and both transmission and engine oil levels dangerously over filled.  I was lucky not to harm the vehicle bringing it home.  Thank you very much for your Time    Please Let us know if there is any other information you need from us  or anything else we can do.   Thank you Again !!!                                                                                                                                                            Sincerely, [redacted] & [redacted]

7/20/2016 [redacted] Ron's Transmissions, Inc. 675 Oberlin Elyria Rd. Elyria, OH 44035 2800 Euclid Ave. 4th Floor Cleveland, OH 44115.2408 Dear [redacted], This letter is in reply to complaint ID [redacted] from customer [redacted] regarding his 20011 [redacted]. Ron's Transmission does not admit to any wrong doing, because we did not do anything wrong. As. we stated in our previous reply, we went well above and beyond what was required of us. We believe the issue with complainant's vehicle is a design flaw. We obviously had nothing to do with the engineering of his vehicle. We did our best to help him at great expense to our shop. Additionally, we believe no one else could have done better. The complainant states something along the lines of he was unsure of what he paid $606.65 for. The customer was refunded $225.00 for labor. The remaining $381.65 that the complainant DID pay was for new parts, taxes, and fees. If Mr. [redacted] was so unhappy with the service he received, why did he sign the agreement we submitted to him and accept the refund we offered (see #4440)? Why did he take two months to file a complaint? Our final decision is that we will NOT be issuing the complainant a refund. We have responded to this complaint as thoroughly and as completely as we are going to. We feel that our 32 year history of excellent customer service speaks for itself.Regards, Kevin D[redacted]Shop Manager Ron’s Transmission

6/15/2016 Kevin D[redacted] Ron's Transmissions, Inc. 675 Oberlin Elyria Rd. Elyria, OH 44035 2800 Euclid Ave..4th Floor Cleveland, OH 44115-2408 Dear [redacted] Means, This letter is in response to complaint ID [redacted] from customer [redacted]...

regarding his 2000 [redacted]. Mr. [redacted] brought his vehicle in on 12128/16 with a complaint of being stuck in overdrive, noise present, and check engine light on. Customer stated at time of drop off that vehicle was worked on at another shop prior to being brought to us and still had issues. The vehicle was inspected and customer complaint verified. Scan showed P01757: Governor Zero Pressure Malfunction Present. The transmission pan drop was performed and the pan showed no excessive or concerning debris. Issues were determined to possibly be electrical in nature. Valve Body Assembly removed and wiring harness found to have wiring concerns. Our technicians determined that the internal wires in the harness were cracked and touching on another, causing governor pressure sensors to short out. Transmission pan was also found to be leaking. We replaced the Wiring Harness (with OD/TCC Solenoid), the Governor Pressure Solenoid, the Governor Pressure Transducer, and the Transmission Pan with new parts. Vehicle was rechecked after repairs. Extensive test drive and scan showed original complaint was resolved. Vehicle was released to customer on 01122/16. Customer experienced same issues and brought vehicle back on 02/08/16. Vehicle inspected and found the P01757 code present again. The pan was dropped again, and again no excessive debris was found in pan. Solenoids were again replaced, at the cost of Ron's Transmissions, to verify that a faulty part was not causing the issue to reoccur..transmission was still not working properly after solenoid was replaced. At this point, we replaced the Valve Body because it had possibly been worked on at another shop, hoping that it would correct the problem. A Valve Body was clean, inspected, and installed. This was at no cost to the customer. This still failed to correct the issue. A Pressure Gauge was installed on the Governor Feed and was found to be working correctly. All grounds and wires were cleaned and inspected by our tech and again, no issues could be found. This was free for the customer as well. Due to process of elimination, we determined that the PCM (computer) could be malfunctioning, We purchased a PC1V1 and paid to have it reprogrammed, The vehicle was rechecked and the issue was still there. Unfortunately, there was no more we could do. Keep in mind that all of this was at no cost to Mr. [redacted] and that Ron's paid for this. We informed the customer that the issue was still occurring and that there would be no charge for the second round of repairs. We also returned his original I'CM and let him keep the one we purchased and reprogrammed. We even decided to refund the labor cost of $2250 that was on the original invoice (4358) so that he could possibly put that towards diagnostics/repairs at a general repair shop. The customer agreed and acted like there were no hard feelings and even said he appreciated us doing everything that we could. The customer signed the refund (#4440) that we wrote up on 04/09/16. We released the vehicle to the customer and we thought all parties were in agreement and that the customer was satisfied. We take umbrage with the customer saying we charged him for used parts and accusing of us of not replacing parts we said we did. Ron's can prove that the parts we billed him for on the original invoice (44358) were new. We will supply the with invoicing from our supplier if necessary. We very strongly dispute the customer statement of "we only signed the paperwork on the refund so we could take the vehicle". We DO NOT hold people's vehicles hostage. He was under no obligation to sign, to get his vehicle back or for any other reason. We will not be refunding Mr. [redacted] anymore money. We went well above and beyond what was required of us. Ron's Transmisstons did everything possible to help this customer and we were more than fair in regards to compensation. For these reasons, we decline the refund. We have enclosed copies of all signed paperwork and invoicing between Ron's Transmission and Mr. [redacted] for your review. Please let us know if you have any questions or require anything further. Thank you for your time and attention to this matter. Regards, Kevin D[redacted] Shop Manager Ron's Transmissions, Inc.

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