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I paid Speedy Nelson two separate times to repair a reoccurring problem with my refrigerator. The problem was never repaired.On April 3, I contacted Speedy Nelson to repair my refrigerator which was making a loud roaring sound and not cooling. They came out the same day and replaced the fan motor for $235. The repair person also told me I would receive a $10 check if I gave the company a review on [redacted], so I did the review. Two days later, I had to request them to come again because it was making the same loud noise. I'm unsure what the repair person did, but she did not charge me that day and the refrigerator was working properly for about 3 weeks. On April 28, I contacted them because of the same loud sound and melting ice. She told me I would need to replace the water valves and came out on May 1, charging $240. On May 4, I contacted them again because the refrigerator was exhibiting the same problems (loud noise and not cooling). They came out the same day. Again, I'm not sure what they did, but the noise stopped until June 2. I contacted them again, telling them about the loud noise and was told via text that I should just tolerate the noise and not spend any more money. I paid Speedy Nelson $475 in a month's time to repair the refrigerator, and I never got the $10 check for doing the [redacted] review. I had to get another company to come repair the refrigerator and was told by that repair person, that the previous repairs (Speedy Nelson) were not done correctly. I screw they used for the fan blade was too long and punctured a hole somewhere in the back of the refrigerator. Speedy Nelson tried to repair it using bolts, which did not fit properly and was causing rattling and the parts around it to begin wearing. Desired SettlementI would like a refund for the services, as the refrigerator was never repaired by Speedy Nelson. Business Response Based on your filing, we would like to provide our comment accordingly after our investigation on this matter. Based on your commented captured on July 14, 2015, we have found some misstatements describing the actual process and some significant information being missed out which are required to bring out the full picture of the issue. We would also like to suggest solution for us to resolve this dispute. Misstatements describing the actual process: 1. Ms.[redacted] stated that he wasn't sure of what repair the technician had done to his refrigerator on both April 5 and May 4. In fact, our technicians had explained to Ms.[redacted] the finding of the diagnosis on both dates. - On April 5, our technician had even taken and showed Ms.[redacted] the picture of the back of the refrigerator on the spot to explain the status of ice formation in the area around the fan motor. Our technician explained to Ms.[redacted] that the water valve was leaking and the ice formed from the leaking water had been hit by the fan blade, hence causing the loud noise and the blade being stuck at the end. Our technician informed Ms.[redacted] that an attempt on repairing the water valve would be done free of charge; hence, Ms.[redacted] was never billed on April 5 for that attempt. The technician has suggested so with the good intention of not replacing the water valve unless the attempt is proven not working. However, at the same time, our technician had informed Ms.[redacted] that if the leaking from the water valve continued, a replacement of the water valve would be recommended. Three weeks passed and the leaking from water valve was found continuing, hence the replacement of the water valve was suggested and done on May 1.- On May 4, our technician checked on the reported noise and non-cooling situation of the refrigerator. Given that the fan motor and the water valve had already been replaced (on April 3 and May 1 respectively), the only reason of some possible noise would be from the fan blade which is attached to fan motor itself. Hence, our technician explained to Ms.[redacted] that we would replace the blade and it was also free of charge as we didn't include that in the original diagnosis. Our technician put on a bolt to further secure the fan motor and fan blade. 2. Ms.[redacted] stated that the screw used for the fan blade was too long and punctured a hole somewhere in the back of the refrigerator. The fact is that fan motor and fan blade do not require any screw for installation. Their design is like a "socket" where they are to lock with each other. We don't understand what hole and where in the back of the refrigerator Ms.[redacted] referred to. Regardless, the refrigerator has been running and remaining cool without any issue since May 4 (the last visit by our technician). On June 2, Ms.[redacted] seemed only complaining about the "rattling" noise, not the original problem. It was then further confirmed by another company that the "rattling" noise was created by the bolt we put on since May 4 to further secure the fan motor and fan blade. In other words, our technician has fixed the original problem caused by the non-functioning fan motor and the broken water valve because the refrigerator has remained cool and the "loud" noise had stopped. Unfortunately, the bolt we put on may have caused the new "rattling" noise. Hence, Ms.[redacted]'s statement of "the problem was never repaired" is incorrect. We believe what we could have done more is to check on that bolt one more time, just to confirm that "rattling" noise. Since that bolt is placed to further secure the fan motor and fan blade, there is no other parts around it or touching it. Not sure what are the other parts that Ms.[redacted] was referring to when claiming the bolt would cause for wearing. What we can do at this stage is to reimburse Ms.[redacted] only for the cost charged by the other company to remove/fix that bolt. At the end, per our company's record, a check in the amount of $10 was mailed out on April 6, 2015 to the address of [redacted] (the XX here is just to disguise the real actual street #(in check # [redacted]). Please let us know if that is not the right address.Hope this clear up any confusion.ThanksSpeedy Nelson Home Repair ServicesConsumer Response When I contacted Speedy Nelson on June 2, the refrigerator was making the same loud noise and not cooling...the same thing it was doing when I initially contacted them in April. My tenant had to throw away the perishable items in the refrigerator. The first sign of the cooling problems always started with the loud roaring sound. I paid to have the motor and water valves replaced, but the problem was never solved. After spending $475, the same problems kept occurring between April and June. I'm not a repair technician, so I don't know what parts require screws and bolts. I only know that the problem has ceased since the new company repaired it and they reported to me that the refrigerator was improperly serviced prior to them coming. In regards to the $10 check, my address [redacted]. I do believe that I should receive at least a partial refund of services because Speedy Nelson did not repair the refrigerator. It continued to make extremely loud noises and was not cooling and melting ice. Final Business Response We understand customers always consider an electrical appliance as one unit/item, so it is either working or not working. However, for refrigerator and in fact any electrical appliances, they are components of different parts. In this perfect example, we replaced fan motor, water valve and fan blade to resolve the different issues observed, i.e. water leaking around fan motor, not cooling effect due to non functioning fan motor and the loud noise from the blade hitting the ice formed around the fan motor. We have done all the required replacements based on our diagnosis. Again, the only thing we could have done more is to check on that last ONE bolt we have put in place on May 4 to further secure the fan motor and fan blade. As confirmed by the second company that Ms.[redacted] hired, that bolt was the one causing the "rattling" noise which she complained on June 2 (please reference to her original complaint, "the noise stopped until June 2. I contacted them again, telling them about the loud noise repair it using bolts, which did not fit properly and was causing rattling". Regardless which company Ms.[redacted] hired at the first place, the broken fan motor and leaking water valve still required replacement which are what we billed Ms.[redacted] for (we didn't charge for the fan blade at all). Just put that in practical experience: From our technician's last visit at the premises on May 4 to the time Ms.[redacted] complained about the "rattling" noise on June 2, that is literally 1 month apart. It is difficult to believe the refrigerator was not cool in that whole period and it took that long for the tenants to realize the perishable items in the refrigerator had turned bad. Again, we believe the parts we replaced inside the refrigerator has been keeping it running as expected except for the noise occurred on June 2. That is why the technician from the second company commented only about the screw and bolt (again, we don't know what screw was referred here as fan motor and fan blade do not require any screw for installation).We would like to offer the reimbursement only for the cost charged by the second company to remove/fix that bolt as long as Ms.[redacted] can provide us the receipt. We would also mail another check in the amount of $10 to the address with "[redacted]." not "[redacted]."

they can not fix the refrigerator and refuse to refund the moneymy refrigerator freeze drinks month ago and I hired speedy nelson to fix it. They came replace a part and change me $120. I found that the problem was not fixed and the ice/water dispenser stop working. I contacted they again and they came back to with a different size of the same part. This time the new part did make the ice/water dispenser working again but the drinks still got freezing. The refrigerator is basically back to the stage before fixing. Because they can not fix the problem I asked my $120 back. they refuse doing it . Desired Settlementi just want my money back so I can hire other people to fix it.Business Response Our company is regretted to learn that there is some misunderstanding in the business transaction dated November 13, 2014 between the client and our technician. However, we would like to provide our comment accordingly after our due diligence into investigating the matter. Based on the description of the filed compliant, we have found some misstatements describing the actual communication between the client and our technician and some significant information missed in presenting the full picture of the issue. Misstatements describing the actual process: "Because they cannot fix the problem, I asked my $120 back. They refused doing it"-Our technician has forwarded me the actual chat record showing that our technician had agreed to return the $120 to the client when we could take back the part we ordered for customer but confirmed not fix the problem. The part ordered is called damper which is the only item we billed the client in the invoice. In other words, we did not charge any labor for the transaction at all. Since the first damper we ordered didn't help to fix the freezing problem of the refrigerator, we ordered the second damper, but it didn't work either. The $120 is for the damper only. Significant information missed out in the complaint filed:The transaction occurred on Nov 13, 2014, but the client only sent message complaining the refrigerator still freezing 3 weeks later on Dec 3, 2014 and asked for refund. We explained we only kept old and/or non-functioning parts from customer no more than 3 days. The client has confirmed the new damper is not fixing the problem. We explained we would need to take back the damper we ordered if the client wanted a refund. But the client insisted he wanted to keep the new damper and the refund of $120 at the same time. From the time we went to investigate the issue, provide estimates, installed the first damper and replaced with the second damper, we have gone back couples times to check on the situation and we have not charge any labor or even transportation cost. Our company do find the case not evidenced of any damage caused by our technician. Hope you understand our perspective on this matter. We have definitely treated all our clients with professionalism and best advice based on different circumstances.

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