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Review: On 2/22/13 we had Sprint Van Lines move our household goods from their warehouse location to our home address in [redacted].

Upon the arrival the foreman on the delivery spoke very little English and did not understand when I asked him questions regarding the paperwork presented. I was to sign all documentation prior to them starting the unloading even though that was already taken place outside. The paperwork was in disarray and I was told to sign the papers quickly and was rushed. After the move took place and days after sorting and unpacking I noticed that I had been delivered boxes that did not belong to me but to someone else who had stored their personnel belongings at their warehouse. I notified the warehouse only to hear that these were my boxes even though the colored identification tags were a different color than mine and also referenced a different# as all of my boxes were labeled and different moving boxes. These boxes have photos, names and financial documents of this family. I have notified the company atleast on 4 separate occasions requesting that they have someone pick up these boxes and complete the delivery on the items that I am still missing only to be replied to again "these are your boxes" and "we've delivered all of your boxes".

At this point I know I am still missing my belongings as there were no clothes delivered back to us for my husband, yes no clothes! I also requested that the inventory sheet that was directly signed and marked off by me to be copied and sent to me in an email on 2/25/13 in which I still as of 3/13/13 have not received this information via mail. I was also told via email that their "scanner" was broken and they could not send me a scanned copy.

The lack of professionalism in their customer service and management is beyond belief. I would expect a professional company that I have paid up to $16,000 to store my personnel belongings at for 2 years to do everything in their power to keep their customer happy through the entire ordeal and respond quickly and often. I cannot fully review the missing boxes until I receive the actual documentation showing which boxes were not received during the move and can fully file a claim. The is undeniably the worst service I have ever received and I have moved many times being a spouse in the US Army for 13 years.Desired Settlement: I would like to have my property delivered as this was a service that we paid for to have our personal items stored at their location and paid $16,000 to have it properly stored and returned back to us.

I don't know what I would like if they cannot find our property at this point, possibly a full refund on the delivery cost.



The customer stated that when my

movers arrived she didn’t understand his questions regarding the paper work and

was rushed to sign the paper work.

On all deliveries the customer is

asked to go over the inventory with the driver and she is asked to sign that she

had received everything. The movers would not rush a customer who is paying by

the hour.

The customer did sign that she

received her items. She did email the company asking for a copy of the inventory

sheet that was directly signed and marked off by [redacted] and Sprint Van Lines

did mail to her. If she received that or not it is very simple to put the

inventory in the mail again.

Also if a customer has a claim with

the company, as a company we have a claim procedure and instead to file a claim

with the company she went to the website and filed a

complaint. We have emailed the

customer the link to our claim’s department that she will need to register and

filled out with them and we will be placing another copy of the inventory sheet

in the mail and mailing that to the customer.



Sprint Van




[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, you must give us a reason why you are rejecting the response. If no reason is received your complaint will be closed Administratively Resolved]

Review: [redacted]

I am rejecting this response because:

It's not resolved!

First: In regards to the driver or head person handling this move and I do have a witness it was rushed and he did not allow me to take my time to review the documents as they wanted to start the unloading immediately. As I was trying to review the documents movers started bringing items into our home without my consent as I am supposed to be taking inventory while items were coming off the truck and this was not happening. There were 5-6 men all pulling boxes and not worrying about ME taking inventory! I do have a witness to this happening.

Secondly: I was TOLD by the head person that I HAD to sign these documents, he could not leave until I did so, I was not given an option whether I was paying on a hourly basis or not.

Third: After two requests on receiving the original or even copies of the inventory sheets (that they couldn't fax or email due to their copier being down since FEB) I have yet to receive them. (See attachment) They should send them overnight at this point and follow up with their customer to ensure they've received them rather than the customer having to hassle the company.

Fourth: I still have 7-8 boxes that ARE NOT ours and yes I am working to track down the owner of these boxes. It's very easy to see that on my documentation it states that my tag color was ORANGE and all of these boxes clearly have a YELLOW tag and different ID# that has this persons Social Security number and personnel photos and documentation in them.

No I am not satisfied NOR have I received ANY email with a CLAIM procedure - I would like to see this email you have sent if you have it.




Dear [redacted]

We sent you the inventory copy again via mail to the address we did the delivery to. Also here is the link to the claim's Department and they will take care of the missing boxes or any damages you may to your items. Please follow the instruction and register from claim's link. Should you have further questions please contact the company and we would be more than happy to help you or answer any questions you may have. Have a great day.



Please click on the link, it is our

claim’s department, and register please. Thank you.



Sprint Van


Review: We recently moved from Northern Va to [redacted] California for grad school. Both me and my girlfriend planned our trip to the letter, as this was our first time driving cross country and we wanted it to go flawlessly. I researched several moving companies and decided to go with Sprint Van Lines primarily because of there rating. When I called [redacted] answered the phone and bragged about there rating and how they have been in business for over twenty years and still have an A+ rating which made a lot of sense to me. Initially [redacted] and I made a plan to have our thing picked up 10 days before we hit the road. We left two days after the movers, five days on the road and our things should arrive two days after we arrived in sunny [redacted]. The plan seemed pretty simple and straight forward to me so we signed on the dotted line. The mis-communication came when the person loading the truck explained the contract to me in away that was confusing. Turns out instead of leaving immediately so it could meet us out in cali , It sat in there warehouse for the entire trip while we were on the road. So needless to say we were upset but what made things worse was the audacity of [redacted] the sale rep who insulted my girlfriend on the phone and chuckled at here tears. Adding to that fact, the head guy in charge [redacted] gave us the run around for a couple of days and when we finally got him on the phone his customer service was horrible, he acted as if he had no idea what I was talking about and when I explained it to him very carefully so even a child could understand me, he quickly retracted and hid behind the obviously signed contract. As if that were not enough of a nightmare they promised us our belongings on the 23rd which is 10 business days from the signed contract date and it is now the 27th when we finally are getting our furniture.Not only did he lie to us about when we were actaully going to get our things he also refused to compensate us more that $100 dollars , even after we explained that we had spent over $500 because of this inconvenience. His attitude was indifferent and nonchalant as if we would just quietly go away after having slept on the floor with no furniture for 3 weeks. This company has displayed terrible customer service , they have insulted me and my girlfriend over the phone and the only compensation is $100 dollars off that willed be mailed to us at some point in the future he wouldn't even knock off the price at delivery . SPRINT VAN LINES DOES NOT DESERVE AN A+ and any website.Desired Settlement: We would like at least half of the total due on the contract refunded to us. A good company with great customer service would have offered that much at least. An apology for how [redacted] spoke to my girlfriend. A lower rating on the



To whom may concern:

Sprint Van lines scheduled the move for **. [redacted] on July 30th, 2013 for pick up. When [redacted] and **. [redacted] spoke, [redacted] made it clear that the 10 business days that we guaranteed him for delivery would be from his first available delivery date, NOT his pick up date Which [redacted] Clearly stated on his contract that we sent to the customer to Sign electronically before the move (see attached). When the movers arrived to his house on the pick up date which was July 30th, 2013 **. [redacted] filled out a long distance information sheet which he stated in his OWN hand writing that the first available delivery date is August 9th 2013 (see attached). Sprint Van lines never gave **. [redacted] the run around. we were 100% honest with him throughout the whole process of delivery, we even advised him the delivery might be late by a day or two and promised The customer to give $50.00 for each business day that we are late, which both the company and the customer agreed on. (see attached) The delivery arrived to [redacted] CA on August 27th, 2013 which makes us 2 business days late from the guaranteed window for arrival. Like all the other customers as well as the rules from the DOT is that we refund the customer $50.00 for each business days we are late, after the agreement was made between the customer and sprint van lines to pay $50.00 for each business day that we were late the customer received the $100.00 refund and now is complaining to the for $1014.50. We thing it is very unreasonable to ask for that amount of money for being 2 business days late. We request this to be closed to satisfactory based on the agreement between the customer and the company of $50.00 for each business day we were late. (See attached agreement between the customer and sprint van lines.)

We do not understand why the customer made an agreement withSprint Van lines to accept the $100 and then complaint about the company. We think its disrespectful for the customer and the company itself. We are willing to solve this complaint when we receive our $100 back and handle this complaint with the

Review: I hired Sprint Van Lines to perform moving services on 1/26/14. I had agreed with the company ahead of time for a specific mover, who had moved a friend of mine. Instead, a different mover showed up. The movers were extremely rough, throwing boxes, flipping furniture on unpadded surfaces, failing to use moving blankets and tracking dirt into the house. The head mover was also extremely rude, constantly telling me to "Chill out" every time the would damage something. I was then forced to sign a purported release under duress - they would not unload my stuff unless I signed and paid.Desired Settlement: I want a refund.



To whom it may concern,

We have a company policy that we can not guaranteed a specific crew, if we are able to send that crew we will but sometimes the crew requested is not available on the same day the customer wants the job done. All our crews are very professional and trained.

Regarding the Head Forman our crews are trained for customer service but if the customer is disrespectful we are not allowed to answer the customer back but we are allowed to inform the customer that we will leave the place. I spoke with the Head Foreman and he stated that he had wrapped all the items and removed the blankets at the destination and if the customer had any damages we have a great customer service for any claims and he is definitely more than welcome to contact us directly.

We do not see any complaint here and if the customer has damages he should contact us to go through our claim's department and we request this complaint to be closed as satisfactory.

I was promised my stuff would be picked up on the 14th. The people came on the 20th. They also said that it would be delivered in 6-7 days, but just for legal reasons they said it would be a maximum of 21 days. It was pretty close to the maximum, and they knew this almost immediately. I was lied to, twice.

Review: We are filing this complaint because we have been trying for almost two months to get our issues resolved with Sprint MoversOur experience with this company goes against the's Standards of Accreditation
We contacted Sprint Movers initially for an estimate to move my bedroom house from VA to WVThey told us that they had an A+ rating with the Revdex.comWe walked room by room on the phone with Kyle from SprintAfter detailing everything we had in the house, he said we had approximately sq ft of belongings and it would cost approximately $to pack up the house and moveWe called back later to add a baby grand piano, the estimate increased for this bulky item and we confirmed the move
On June 7th, when the truck showed up, we immediately could see that it was not large enough to fit all our belongingsThe mover said that he would call the office and see what our options wereHe said that it "happens a lot" that a second truck is neededAfter my husband spoke with Anjie from Sprint, she said it would be an "extra 175.00" for the second truckThere was a miscommunication here: where he heard "an extra $175.00" and didn't hear (or it wasn't said) that it was $per hourAlso, it was not mentioned that we would have a second charge for the additional truck, mileage, and crewThis serious miscalculation resulting in a second truck, could have prevented all the additional costs (fuel, mileage, and crew) if we just had the larger truck size
We had to be out of the house on June 7th for the final walk through at pmAs the crew was packing and moving, we were cleaning the houseThe crew said to [redacted], my husband, that they were done - shook hand and leftAs [redacted] continued to clean the house, he saw that one entire room had not been packed upThe contract states that it is our responsibility to do a final walk through to ensure all rooms are packedWhen was that supposed to happen? The crew left before we were told now is the time to do the walk through, or allowed to do a walk through
It was left to my husband to find boxes and pack this roomSince we sold the house, we had to find a place to store these boxes for the nightIt took hours to packWe then had to drive back the next day (hours) to pick up these boxes left behind - it was enough boxes to fill the back of a [redacted]
When the movers unpacked our belongings in the new house, we saw that the kitchen table was damaged beyond repair; and our antique baby grand piano was damagedI am filing a claim with the insurance company Sprint provided (CSI) for the kitchen table to be replaced and the piano repaired
Then when the bill was given to me to pay, the cost was $- almost twice as much as the contract statedWe had over sq ft of belongingsFor a company who has been packing and moving homes for decades, they grossly underestimated our belongings, the size of the truck, and the cost of the moveThis is a bait and switchFurthermore they missed an entire room leaving it to my husband to pack, store, and moveThey failed to complete the job we paid they to do in entiretyThen they damaged the most valuable item in the house - a fully refinished antique baby grand piano worth over $20,Finally, they have not been proactive in working with us to resolve these issuesIn fact, they have been dodging our phone calls and giving us the run around for two months
Overall I am completely dissatisfied with this company and their inability to abide by the tenants of the Revdex.comWe were quoted one amount, and ended up paying almost twice as much (bait and switch: not advertising honestly.) They did not complete the move as they had said in their contract (not being transparent and not honoring their promises)They did not provide us the time/opportunity to inspect their work before leaving - saddling us with a room to pack/store/move on our own (going against the statues of integrity and honoring promises.) They damaged valuable items during the move (incompetence.) They had not been returning our calls through numerous excuses (not being responsive.)
We appreciate the's time and support in resolving this matter
[redacted] and [redacted]Desired Settlement: This gross incompetence needs to be noted by the Revdex.comSprint currently has an "A" rating - and our service and experience was not at that level
We need compensation for the time we had to pack/store/travel for the room that was not packed up and movedUsing Sprint's same charges: hours of packing ($x = $388.00), travel time from VA to VW ($291.00) , $for the gas tank for the [redacted]$total
To make amends of the grossly incompetent quote (bait and switch) we require a refund: The movers from the second truck (hours x $= $1050.00.) fuel charge ($for the second truck) travel time ($262.00)Total of $
Total financial refund: $
After the claim is filed with CSI (the insurance company) we expect both the kitchen table to be replaced and the baby grand piano repaired to its original state and value
Dear [redacted],Here at Sprint Van Lines customer service is our top priority, that being said upon first speaking with our clients, we take the time to go over every detail regarding the estimate and your move from the very first day.After going over your complaint to the, please see the response below, as I will be addressing your complaint from the beginning to the end, in order as follows:On 5/10/2014, [redacted], requested an estimate for his daughter,[redacted], the representative that he spoke to was Kyle, who went over the estimate with [redacted]Kyle then asked [redacted] to provide him with a list of items (inventory), which was provided by [redacted] on the same day, this list was provided on the basis of [redacted] walking through the house and telling Kyle what the items to be moved wereKyle then added them to the inventory, which equaled cf.aTruck – break down of charges on move dayiguysx hrsxS194|hr = $2,500iiFuel & Mileage = $125iiiBulky Item Fee = $250ivTravel Time = $(hrs (@ $194/hr)vTOTAL = $3,On 5/10/2014, Kyle then sent the estimate with the list of items that wasprovided by [redacted], to [redacted] at [redacted] said that he would review the estimate and pass it on to his daughter, as she was in the hospitalOn 5/12/[redacted]'s wife called in and booked the move with KyleThen, on 5/28/[redacted] ([redacted]) electronically signed the estimate and called Kyle to confirm the move, but also stated that they may have to change the date of the move to 6/10/if the closing on their house DID NOT go through, [redacted] was told that this would not be a problemThe move took place on 6/7/** Per the List of items that were provided by the client, approximately cfSprint Van Lines sent a foot truck; a foot truck has the capacity to hold cf., meaning that there was ample space on the truck to hold ALL of the items that were listed in the inventory that was provided by the client,On 6/7/when the mover's arrived at the location it was plainly obvious that there was the [redacted]'s would need another truck as there were many more items than statedAgain, this is no fault of Sprint Van LinesThe foreman assigned to the move immediately called the office to let the dispatch department know what was happening[redacted] then spoke to Angie, who told her it was possible to send another truck out to them, which, at the last minute was difficult but we managed to pull it off and send [redacted] another Truck, Angie discussed the pricing for the other Truck with [redacted] and an agreement was reached, the other truck was dispatchedPlease see below for a breakdown of charges for the 2nd Truck.aTruck – break down of charges on move dayiguys x hrs x $175/hr = $1,050iiFuel & Mileage = $125iiiBulky Item Fee = $iv Travel Time=$(hts as175/h)vTOTAL = $1,Sprint Van Lines, maintains that this was no fault of ours, given that the "gross miscalculation" was on the part of the client, in that the move was planned according to the list of items that was provided by the client.Regarding the damages that were incurred, [redacted] was also advised of the standard coverage's for insurance claims and was offered the opportunity to purchase additional insurance for an additional cost, [redacted] chose NOT to purchase additional insurance and keep the standard limits of insurance that were provided FREE of charge to herAgain, this is no fault of Sprint Van LinesPer her signed contract she will receive the standard reimbursement of g/lb per item, as agreed to.Regarding the walkthrough at the end of the move, at the point when the foreman shook [redacted]'s hand and pointed out that they were finished and leaving, per the contract, as signed by the [redacted]'s, **[redacted] should have said at this point, please hold on a minute so that I can do the final walkthrough and then you can leaveThis was NOT done, again, no fault of Sprint Van Lines.Sprint Van Line's was paid to perform a service for the [redacted]'s and that service was carried out per contract as expected.**Further, please see the attached Credit Card Authorization form, signed by [redacted], authorizing payment for services rendered, in the amount of $4,265, on 6/7/2014.Sprint Van Lines apologizes for any inconvenience but cannot process a refund in the amount of $All services that have been requested of Sprint Van Lines have been rendered as per their contract.Sincerely,
[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, you must give us a reason why you are rejecting the responseIf no reason is received your complaint will be closed Administratively Resolved]
Review: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because:
In my family's experience with Spring Movers, customer
service is not their first priority
We were lured in with professionalism and courtesy, but once the haphazard and
stressful move took place, customer service went out the windowIt
took two months of both my husband and I calling on a regular basis to try and
get an answer to how to remedy our botched move
Over the past two months I have continued to outline the errors (wrong size truck, room
left behind, damaged furniture, actual price of the move being almost twice as
much as the original quote, etc.) and they dodged our phone callsTo be specific, they would set up appointment times to speak with the owner, and when we would call, they would say, "he just stepped out." Or we would be told to call and he was "out
of the office." Everytime we'd call?
Again – we walked this company room by room, explaining what
we had in our four bedroom houseTo say
that we didn't "tell them" what we have is a lieWe were honest and upfront
about what we wanted to move, and Sprint clearly gave us the wrong sized
truckWhen the movers showed up on the
day of the move, the worker clearly said, "this [needing a second truck]
happens all the time." So I wouldn't be
surprised to see more reviews on the where there are more bait and switch
scenarios occurring
The list of items that Sprint provided on the estimate is only
the furnitureIf they wanted us to itemize
every thing in our house – clothes, shoes, books, kitchen supplies, all of the things that reside
inside of the furniture that they said they are moving, they should have told
us thatThey are hiding behind their contract, not taking responsibility for their incompetence
Damaging my fully-restored antique baby grand piano? Gross ineptitudeYes, I understand that the insurance is
$0.60/poundI am already working with
the insurance companyThe workers were
rushing, sloppy, and unprofessional in their movingTape-residue still coats
furniture, and after the fact (since I wrote the first review), I continue
to find more damaged wood on my solid-wood bookcases, dining room table, and
benchesThese are the most valuable
items in my house (the piano, dining room set, kitchen set, etc.) and they are
the most marredAs I said, incompetence
As you can see – this company does not deserve it's rating
of AI see they've already been dropped
from A+ to A in their scoreI am sure
that if they continue to run their business in the manner my family experienced,
(and just as I read from so many other reviews), that they score will be F

This moving company is totally unreliable and untrustworthy. They never showed up! They were to move us at 9:30 am. We kept calling them to see when they were coming. They said they were coming but kept changing the time to later in the day. They never came . They told us that they were moving someone else. They lied to us and never told us they weren't actually coming. Sprint called me the day before to try and change our scheduled time but I told them it wasn't possible. So, they dropped us off the schedule without telling us. They took a more expensive job that day instead of moving us. Do not use this Sprint Van Lines. They are totally unreliable and untrustworthy.

Review: We chose Sprint for our move from [redacted], PA to [redacted], GA because it had an AAA rating from the The man in charge of the movers in PA advised me that the normal insurance would be fine for our move since we did not have high end electronics/TVs to move. I did not realize that the policy through Claims Service International would not cover damage to our house in PA or the one in GA. I should not have trusted his advice. However, we have moved overseas and throughout the US many times and have never had just a horrible experience.

1. There was excessive damage to furniture and small items alike and it appeared some of the packers did not have the experience I had been assured of. For example, the box with my wedding dress was bent in the middle to fit a certain packing box, although turning it in a vertical position would have solved the problem. Also bent to fit the box, were the dining room table's felt and leather pads. Cherry pits from cherries taken from my PA refrigerator were in some of the boxes. Some of the boxes were almost half full of packing paper on top (billed by volume!) and yet things packed below were hardly wrapped and many items broken. A set of Japanese tea cups that I have had since 1967 and moved around the world several times were reduced to two left undamaged. In another case wood and metal items were packed with no paper or padding between them causing major damage to the wood. (We have many wooden items from Thailand, Burma, and Indonesia.) Our Thai Spirit House was broken, a plate from Greece was broken, lampshades were squashed into boxes with no protection and smashed, and on and on it goes. The dining room table 's base was also split, but the driver from Sprint did some work to keep it together, at least temporarily.

2. Some items were missing, but fortunately an honest driver brought two boxes to us about a month later, although the boxes were completely smashed as were the contents. My mother-in-law's sterling silver set, although it was originally in its own closed leather box made for that purpose, had pieces all over loose in the packing box. Since the top of the packing box was torn open, we think we may have lost several pieces.

3. Damage to our houses: In our bedroom in our PA house, there was packing tape stuck on the wallpaper where a big hunk of wallpaper was torn off. We were assured that there would be no problem moving our piano and they had people experienced in moving pianos. However, they slid it up our GA driveway and there are still marks/dents on the cement.The hardwood floors in our entry area were seriously dented, probably by moving the piano, although it only had to come a few feet into the house since it sits in the foyer. The wood in this area flows into the living room and dining room and if re-done would have to include all of the other wood flooring as well. The carpeting to the lower level was also damaged with black marks, apparently from dragging items down the stairs.

The insurance company, [redacted], offered us $60.00 saying that the damages to the houses were not covered, nor was the damage to a big display case since some of it was not all if it was solid wood, and that all of the other damaged/destroyed items only amounted to 100 pounds at 60 cents a pound. (I can provide pictures of damaged items.)Desired Settlement: I would like monetary compensation to replace broken items (although some of them are impossible to replace) and money to repair damages.



To whom it may concern,Sprint Van Lines provides moving service with all kinds of insurance. Either the basic insurance which is $0.60 per pound per article, this is for free where the customer pays nothing additional and the other option is we have an insurance company who we work with who specialists in moving insurance and they are called [redacted] and they give the customer a price based on the customer's value of the items. Purchasing the full replacement value insurance does cost additional. We always provide the customer with both options before as well as on the move date and the customer signed on which insurance he chose. The customer did decide to take the $0.60 per pound per article policy and he did not pay anything additional on the day of the move after he had received a claim we refer him to our claim's service and they offered him the value of $0.60 per pound per article exactly what the customer chose on the contract. Regarding the missing items we have an inventory list we do for the customer on the move date when we load the job and have an inventory list we check off when receiving on delivery. If the customer is missing items, which we never heard about before, all he has to do is let us know which number item he did not receive on the delivery date (the driver needs to mark off each items as delivered). We will add to the customer's claim, out of good faith, an additional $75.00 for inconvenience. Respectfully, Sprint Van Lines

Review: I was charged for services that were never provided to me. The company charged me for 6 hours of work & only actually worked for 4 1/2 hours. I asked the Forman, when the job was actually completed if he could adjust the time on the bill & give me back some of the cash & the rest he could keep as a tip. His response to me was, " No... This is MDOT paperwork & can not be altered.". I offered to initial by the side of the adjustments. He said he couldn't allow me to do that. Then I asked for my money back again, he refused... "this is the company's money.". I was like you just told me I had to pay you before you could unload. That we had to sign out & end the contract. He told me that this is how it was done in the moving business. They also did a sleuth of other things... I've attempted to contact the company several times by phone & in writing. They always say someone will get back to me... It has been months... I have not been contacted by a Supervisior.Desired Settlement: Call... Return of what is owed to me...



To whom it may concern,

Forget about using Sprint Van Lines. They arrived over an hour late. The lead worker spent over thirty minutes trying to get me to agree to being charged double the hours that was agreed upon to do the job. I was told I was being charged from the time the truck arrived, even though more than thirty minutes was caused being scammed by the lead worker and the sales lady he called. They were supposed to break things down and put them back together at my new location. They did not. I was told they would put down blankets for my mattress. They did not. In fact my mattresses were covered with dirt and rust where they dragged them across the dirty filthy truck. They broke and damaged items of mine. They dropped things of mine outside and left them on the ground. Some of these things were important and personal. The lead worker spent almost the entire time in the truck while the other two guys did all the work. Of course this cost me much more time and money. They stopped along the way to my new location and spent about thirty minutes getting food, which I was also charged for. When we finally arrived at my new location I showed the lead worker where things should be placed in each room. I also showed him exactly where and which way I wanted the beds to be placed. They never got anything placed in the correct room, and once they were in the right room nothing was placed were I asked it to be placed. They took about forty five minutes to bring inside a large armoire they were supposed to have broken down. Although the sales lady assured it would be broken down and put back together at my new location. I told them they should bring it through the garage. They chose to bring the armoire through the front door and down the stairs. It wouldn't fit. They damaged my doors and walls, as well as my armoire. They attempted to take off the door and molding, but it still wouldn't fit. They finally used the garage entrance and the armoire actually fit that way. Of course this also coast me time and money due to their incompetence. Not to mention damaging my armoire and leaving it in shambles. I was also missing the mover blanket that I allowed them to use, and stressed to the lead worker that they must remember to return it, but to no avail. When they arrived at my new location the lead worker told me I was required to sign the “Freight Bill” before they removed anything off of the truck. Of course he had added three extra hours to the original contract. I questioned him as to how he figured it would take that long just to take everything off the truck. He told me it was the normal time it takes. It was obvious to me that they made sure they would take up that much time by how slow they went. The lead worker also had the audacity to tell me that it was customary to pay them a tip. He even suggested that a hundred dollars per guy was average. He further asked if I had the cash on me. When they were supposedly finished they drove off without saying anything. I’m still not sure if everything in the truck was delivered, as I never got to check. I called the company and explained all these problems to the company representative and was told they'd get back with me by that day or no later than the following day. I moved on the 1st of April and it's now April 24th and I'm still waiting for a reply. I will be filing complaints with the, C[redacted] A[redacted], etc.

Review: We hired Sprint Van Lines to move our belongings from one house to another less than one mile down the road. The truck they sent was to small, it sat broken down in our driveway for 4 hours, and their customer service representative was dismissing about our complaint. let alone try and correct the inconvenience it had caused our family in the process. Instead I was told to call back in one week once the owner is back from vacation.Desired Settlement: All we seek is compensation for four hours ($120 per hour or $600) for additional services provided by another vendor credited back to our credit card.



To whom it may concern,This customer hired Sprint Van Lines for the move because we did such a good job moving her father. Based on what the customer is saying on his "complaint" is that our truck broke down and the truck was too small. There is no complaint here for TWO reason's:1) We can not control that our truck broke down, we paid the movers for the 4 hours and did NOT charge the customer for the four hours. Also we sent roadside assistance out there even after the truck started (this cost for the moving company of course) just to assure this would not happen again during the move, which it did not, we completed the job. The movers worked VERY hard for the customer and did a great job for sure!2) Regarding the "small" truck, the truck was a 26 foot truck which is the biggest truck in the moving industry next to the 18 wheeler (trailer) which NO moving companies send the trailer for local moves as they are used to go cross country with like 3-5 moves on it.The customer did provide the sales rep with a list of items which calculated out to be around 9,000lbs. The 26 foot truck is holding 10,000lbs. We offered the customer to hire TWO 26 foot trucks and 6 men, the customer did not want that.We see no complaint and asked for this to be removed.Respectfully,Sprint Van Lines

Review: I used Sprint Van Lines on Friday, March 1st and I have to say those guys really did a great job. But, I feel like I was conned or suckered. I got an $474 quote from you guys. The way I budgeted was about $500 to spend. I realized that I had gotten there late (but I explained to the company that I couldn't get my keys until after 9:30am that morning). So, I was late meeting the movers. By the time they had packed up everything on the truck (I wish I had purchased more boxes/tape) because the fee for the additional products was over $250. By the time they had finished they gave me a bill over $850. I was completely shocked by the price. I have used numerous moving companies and have never ever paid anything more than $500. I had done nothing different than with any other company. $800 is ridiculous. Had my mom not been there to cover the additional charges (I'm sure they would have pulled off with all my belongs). I don’t know how on earth I would have paid that price. I am a single parent, I am in the process of getting furloughed and it’s extremely hard out here. I budgeted for $500 no more than $600. I think this is highway robbery on the customers.

I will never use Sprint Van Lines againDesired Settlement: If I had known that I'd be charged for tape and boxes, I would have went to the store and purchased my own.





On 2/19/2013 our

sales representative [redacted] had spoken and provided all the information to [redacted]. To help our sales provide the most accurate quote we ask the customer's

for a list of items and what they may need help packing and based off the

information provided from the customer we are able to quote. [redacted] was

quoted 5 hours of labor + 1 hour for travel and she stated everything would be

packed and ready to go. On 3/1/2013 we arrive in ** at 9am and had to wait for

the customer to arrive and didn't even charge her waiting. The movers at the end

of the job charged the customer for the actual time worked of 8 hours + the 1

hour of travel time. Not once in the customer's complaint did she mention that

the movers were not working or that they did not do a good job for her. The

movers worked 8 hours and not the estimated time of 5 hours because the customer

had more items to load than listed as well as needing help to pack. We charged

the customer for the packing materials needed and made her fully aware of theses

charge. (attached is the packing material price list with the customer signature

for agreeing to authorize these additional charges prior to using


We even have the

packing material price listed located directly on our website. I really do not

understand what the customer is complaining about. Everything that happen on the

move date was brought to her attention and she authorized, she even said we did

a great job. She is complaining she need to pay for the actual time and the

packing materials she authorized and she was FULLY aware of theses possible

additional charges prior to scheduling her move with us.

We please ask this

complaint is closed as satisfactory, the customer paid for the great service she

received. I do not see a complaint here.



[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, you must give us a reason why you are rejecting the response. If no reason is received your complaint will be closed Administratively Resolved]

Review: [redacted]

I am rejecting this response because: Although the guys did their job, my opionion of how they did their job was scared by the end result of the pricing. The complaint is about getting ripped off. I called twice to change my appointment for the late start on the move. I notified the company to let them know the rental office did not open up until 9:30am, therefore I wouldn't be back to my apartment til 10:00am. They insisted that I keep the 9:00am appointment time, them coming over to my place at 9:00am and to sit and wait and charge me for waiting. I was completely and fully packed. The things that the movers added/packed are items they would not move without packing them (so I had no choice but to pay for the additional packing from the movers). I have used other movers in the past and they have never insisted on putting pictures, a computer, a microwave, etc in a moving box.....if I had known this......I would have went to purchase more boxes and tape myself.

So, the complaint is about the essessive amount I was charged from the company. I personally think the service was just average. So, this is why I do not think this complaint should be closed. I want to notify customers before they sign a contract with you and what to expect with the pricing.

Customer service is shot to [redacted]....thank you Sprint Van Lines.




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