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SS Auto Chrome, Inc.

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this company employs the rudest phone person I have ever dealt with before in my lifeI called for information on headers ,sorry I was already upset about e mail responses so I was loud but the phone person went off cussing with remarks about ferguson and the n word and other choice words this stalking went on for a half hourThen the emails started in this company is the rudest I have ever encounteredI am in business too but I know professional phone skills which this company employee had none

I purchased a set of headers from XS-Power ( aka SSAutoChrome?) Their product claimed to fit my vehicles application. It does not.The rear header does not fit. I contacted XS-Power and explained my issue. They claimed I put them in wrong. I explained that I had a professional shop put them in and they should me while on the lift that they do not fit. I took a picture o fthe problem part of the product and attached it to the email. They then they asked afor the picture o fthe part that did fit. I sent both pictures as they requested. I expressed to the company to simply send me another raer header piece to correct the problem - no response. I asked to have them send me a whole new set - no response. They have not offered a refund or exchange but just keep having me send pictures and basically saying it's something I'm doing. With that said this item unknowingly is manufactured in [redacted] and direct shipped to the customer and the vendor never sees it. The part I recieved it not the part pictured on their website - ie. the rear tube that is problematic is cut welded into place where as the website photo show the part is bent to fit with no cut welds. Payment was CC and amount was $260.00Problem date was 5/13/14[redacted] They do not answer the number provided or returm vm's left. They randomly reply to emails , but do not provide any information of who it is that is providing this information.Desired SettlementI would prefer a replacement that actually fits. However, if they can not provide that or do not want to due to shipping costs then I want a refund. I have already spent more on having this item attempted to be installed and then having my original parts re-installed then the item itself.sincerely,[redacted]Business Response Contact Name and Title: [redacted] Contact Phone: XXXXXXXXXXContact Email: [redacted]@ssautochrome.comTHE FUNNY THING IS - THE CLIENT LEFT OUT SOME IMPORTANT INFORMATIONDATE OF PURCHASEHIS DATE OF PURCHASE WAS ..( DRUM ROLL PLEASE ) .....ANYONE ? CRICKETS .....NOT 2014 ...NOT 2013.... 2012 !!AND HE OPENS UP A CASE TODAY !!!YES LADIES AND GENTLEMANYOU KNOW WHY ? GO TO [redacted] AND FIND OUTHE IS PAST THE 30, 60 .. AND EVEN EXTENDED 90 DAY GRACE TIME BY OVER .. ? HOW MANY YEARS?THANKS AND PLEASE ADD " PURCHASE DATE " THANKS SO MUCH !

this company employs the rudest phone person I have ever dealt with before in my life. I called for information on headers ,sorry I was already upset about e mail responses so I was loud but the phone person went off cussing with remarks about ferguson and the n word and other choice words this stalking went on for a half hour. Then the emails started in this company is the rudest I have ever encountered. I am in business too but I know professional phone skills which this company employee had none","neg-1

I received defective headers. I have requested a rma and a refund. Seller has refused 4 times. This product is unuseable through no fault of my ownI ordered stainless steel headers and side pipes for a c3 corvette. Product was received about 1 week after the order was placed. Order was placed on Jan 2,2014 and paid for at the same time through [redacted]. I began installation on Jan 16, 2014 and realized that things were not fitting correctly. I then began a long series of emails with [redacted] at [redacted] Products and ssautochrome. I tried taking the parts to a machine shop for repair. The machine shop refused to do the work and at his point I decided to return the parts. Requests for a return authorization number have gone unanswered. Request for a refund have been denied. This company has a long history of neglecting the customers. I thought they were legitimate at the time I ordered by soon found out about all the problems associated with [redacted] and SSAUTOCHROMEI was willing to make the effort to get things to work, but it soon became apparent that repair was beyond my capabilities in my shop, thus the trip to the machine shop. Below is the product webside.http://[redacted].com/corvette-headers-2.htm$1250 Below are emails from the last few days.[redacted] AccountTo MeFeb 11 at 7:19 PMOkYou did a disputeWe can work it out on [redacted].THANKSYOU GOT YOUR MONEY BACK NOWTHANKS FOR NOTHINGTHANKS FOR LOOKING AT [redacted] FEEDBACK FROM 2003Omg !!!!Thankshttp://[redacted].com/ [redacted].comSent: Sunday, February 09, 2014 11:49 PMTo: [redacted] AccountSubject: Re: Update today[redacted] and [redacted], I have done extensive research on your company and its history. I am very concerned about losing themoney on my investment. What you are essentially doing is asking someone else to assume the responsibility of the defective parts withthe promise of being reimbursed. I want to work with you for resolution. However, at this point I am taking all the risk. So I have 3 solutionsto the problem: 1) Send me a return authorization number and the full amount to my [redacted] account in the amount of $1250 I will ship everything back. Paid to my [redacted] account in advance. 2) Send $800 to my [redacted] account and I will keep the side pipes and send the headers back. Paid to my [redacted] account in advance. 3) Send $600 to my [redacted] account and I will take the headers to another shop for repair. If the repair works out, I will send you any balance after my expenses for repair. If they also refuse see number 2 Payment to be made to my [redacted] account in advance.If you do not agree to any of the above proposals, I will be forced to take an alternative course of action. All I amasking for is what I paid for. I have asked to return the headers 3 times now. Lets work it out. Keep in mind the carhas been down for 5 weeks . Also, I was offered $250 to write a favorable review, so take that amount into consideration when you make a decision. I will not write any review if we settle amicably.If I do not hear from you on Feb 10, 2014, I will have to seek other means of compensation. These would include the,[redacted] County Sheriffs office in [redacted] an attorney and small claims court.Before you get upset, please look at everything from my point of view. My decision is based on the attachment.[redacted]On Sunday, February 9, 2014 8:40 PM, [redacted] Account wrote:OkSo. What are they in business for?What other shops can do it?Muffler?We are willing to pay for the fix.Thankshttp://[redacted].com/ have more emails to prove my claims.Desired Settlement$1250 plus return shipping if required. Also $25 formissing manifold gaskets and $50 for 100 miles to take parts to and from machine shop. I just want to be made whole. Nothing more nothing less. Right now I am $1325 in expense and have nothing I can use. I have filed a claim with [redacted] and [redacted] for a chargeback. My car is down and unuseable due to the fitment issues. [redacted]Business Response Contact Name and Title: HEADHONCHOContact Phone: XXXXXXXXXXContact Email: [redacted]@SSAUTOCHROME.COMTotally untruecustomer knows the true storywe are responding to the [redacted] case and we can deal with it THEREcustomer chose to go the [redacted] DISPUTE WAY

Purchased product that stated no modifications needed and that was false. "Manifold replaces the OEM cast turbo manifold with no need for any more modifications in order to install it." ^ This is stated right under the product. The product does not work and does need modified to work.http://www.[redacted].com/audi-turbo-manifolds-12.htmThis company is also called SSAUTOCHROME and both ssautochrome and [redacted] have all the same information.Date purchased - Jan. 31st Model - KO3 KO4 TIG ART STYLE TURBO MANIFOLD Order number- #XXXXXXPayment amount - $223.01Payment method - [redacted]I tried emailing the company for tracking information and other questions about the product and did not receive any emails till I got the product in the mail. No tracking information was listed. My [redacted] order status says in process still on (2/10/14) after receiving the product. Desired SettlementI would just like a refund to pay for cost of fixing the issue with the product. Business Response Contact Name and Title: [redacted]Contact Phone: XXXXXXXXXContact Email: [redacted]@SSAUTOCHROME.COMthat is not accurate at all.Number 1what does not fit?client says MANIFOLD DOES NOT FITTHERE ARE MULTIPLE WEB FORUMS where we have it fitted with install picsHERE IS ONE FOR EXAMPLE HAS NOT EMAILEDHE HAS NOT STATED WHAT IS WRONGHE HAS NOT CONTACTED USTHE MANIFOLD FITSHE NEEDS TO TAKE IT TO A QUALIFIED MECHANIC - NOT HIMSELF IF HE CANNOT DO ITFinal Consumer Response I searched all over the web for any info on this product and found maybe two people talking about the fitment issues like I had. The funny thing in the company's response is they answered my email....That they never received. If you look in my complaint I never stated anything about "Have you ever installed this product before". I did ask them that question in a email I sent. Also on the Facebook page they supplied in the response even shows how there is a fitment issue with the one bolt. 16 people like the facebook page. 1 person likes each photo..We modified the manifold to get it to work. I don't want anything to do with this company. They make good products for other vehicles but this manifold needs a small modification to work perfect. am not worried about getting anything from this company. Thanks for the info.Final Business Response YOU DONT NEED TO MODIFY ANYTHINGYOU NEED A " SPANNER " WRENCHORYOU NEED TO TAKE A BOLT AND GET THE SAME BOLT AND TURN IT SLOWLY WITH ITS FINGERSTHIS GUY IS REFERENCE THE LIKES ON A " INTERNATIONAL" WEB SITE ON A PICTURE?SERIOUS?

Trubo manifold for AE86 dose not fit the motor I ordred a turbo manifold for my AE86 toyota Corolla, and the manifold dose not fit, three of the five bolt holes line up the other two not even close. this was listed for a 4age motor, and it seems as it may have a flange for another type of motor. Desired Settlementi am not looking for anything but getting my car done now that being said I would like a manifold that fits the car Business Response Contact Name and Title: [redacted]Contact Phone: XXXXXXXXXXContact Email: [redacted]@ssautochrome.comWE SENT WHAT THE CUSTOMER ORDERED.THE CLIENT ORDERED A 20 VALVE TURBO MANIFOLDTHE CLIENT HAS NO CLUE WHAT ENGINE HE HASI ASKED FOR PICS OF THE GASKET AND HE SHOWED AN UPSIDE DOWN 16 VALVE GASKETConsumer Response Nowhere on the site did it say that that manifold was for a 20v head, I went back and duble checked. The website states "4ag t25 turbo manifold" and as the 20 V was never avalible in the us I thought that was for the motor (4ag) that came in my corollaI have decided not to turbo my car at this point I would like an RMA and a full refund.

Purchased an exhaust kit and the workmanship is horrible. I have emailed to no reply from the company. Purchased a Exhaust for my [redacted] The exhaust was purchased online and was not in stock. I was told they would have to make one and it would take 2-3 weeks. once I received the exhaust I had to wait a few weeks to install. Once it was installed it was brought to my attention that it was welded in-correctly and was banding against my firewall in the car, causing a safety concern with a possible fire. I notified the company and they send out 3 new exhaust pieces for me to try. Again when the 3 items arrived I was busy and it took me two weeks to get the time to install it. Once again when I installed the items they where also welded incorrectly causing a issue with one part of the exhaust hitting the firewall and causing a safety concern and making a lot of noise. I am not 3 months into this ordeal and the company does not reply to my emails nor have they helped with a replacement. At this time I would like a full refund. I would be happy to send the exhaust back. However the company will need to provide the boxes and a pre-paid label to send it back. The exhaust was purchased on 8-6-15Desired SettlementI would like a full refund and for them to send me boxes along with a pre-paid label to send the unit backBusiness Response Contact Name and Title: [redacted]Contact Email: [redacted]The first communication that [redacted] sent us was on September 30th indicating that he had some fitment issues - We REPLIED back to him asking for his name , address, city state and zip and purchase date etc. On 10/1 we then asked which exhaust did he order because he did not include that in the original email. The very last email that came thru the sales inbox was this RE: HelloSales AccountSent: Thursday, October 01, 2015 7:46 PMTo:[redacted]Cc:[redacted]What was the issue with the fitmentCan you send me the pics again to this email [redacted]I know you did some videos for us on [redacted]Can you email me and let me knowMaybe mark the pictures showing what the situation is?We told him to contact the above email address which is the owners personal email and no longer in the sales inbox. I will contact the owner to see if there is any additional information but in terms of no communication by us is a False.

I received the wrong item despite spelling out EXACTLY what I wanted 4 times. Then after sending the items back, no returned phone calls or emails.I called SSAutochrome and left a voicemail asking about headers for a [redacted] with a 4.7L V8. I received a text message the next day stating that they do have those in stock, and they sell them for $210 shipped. I called their number again, hoping to speak with a human being so there was no confusion as to what I wanted and what make/model I had. I got another text message later the next day stating the same information as the previous message, then the texter asked why I was so worried, and inquired as to wether I had any mods to the engine or anything of that nature that would prevent standard 4.7L V78 headers from fitting. After a brief but seemingly jovial text conversation, I sent the money on Oct 20, 2014 via [redacted] (transaction ID [redacted]) with my information so that they could reference my previous conversation and connect the two. I texted him, saying the payment had been sent, along with the transaction ID so that he could find it. He asked me to email my information such as shipping address(despite it being in the ntoes of the [redacted] payment) so I obliged. I also run a business so I know how difficult it can be to keep track of orders. I received the headers on October 25,2014 and they looked perfect. I lined them up with gaskets I had ordered from another site, and they did not line up. I sent him (the original texter) pictures of the two, and he blamed the gasket. After a few more messages he cursed at me, telling me he was 'tired of this dude' and to 'just install the d**n headers!' He then gave me the number to his partner, [redacted]. I called [redacted], and spoke with him on the phone (like a legitimate business should be doing, speaking with customers) and after explaining my gasket problems, he said they accidentally sent headers for the 5.7V8 instead of the 4.7V8. He told me to check the bottom of the box for a sticker that says so, and when I did, sure enough it said '[redacted] 5.7 V8'. He told me to send them back, and to let him know the tracking number. On 11/05 (it had taken a few days to find time to mail them) I mailed the package via [redacted], tracking number [redacted], which says that it was delivered on 11/10/14 at 2:56 PM. Since then, I have emailed, called, texted, and left voicemails at every number I have for them. [redacted] has not returned any of my calls or voicemails, SSAutochrome has not returned calls or texts(their preferred method of communication apparently), but has answered my original email from ovember 12, 2014 with all pertinent information by asking 'Hello, what is your [redacted] ID and what is the original amount of purchase?'. I have replied, but have received nothing from them. This is absolutely ridiculous. I understand that things take time, and schedules get hectic and I would have no problem being patient had they been transparent and communicated. If they would've told me that it would take some time, or that they had alot going on and it would be a few days before they got around to it, that would all have been acceptable. I am not a difficult person to deal with, but this is outright theft. They have their items back, but also still have my money, plus the $40 I spent to send it back. Desired SettlementRefund of original $210 paid plus return shipping cost ($40). Refund should be in the amount of $250. Final Consumer Response Refund received in the full amount of $250.

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Description: Auto Part Suppliers

Address: 817 Beaver Dam Rd, Creedmoor, North Carolina, United States, 27522-7107


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